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Feature for Cosmopolitan Magazine UK Assignment Sample

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Feature for Cosmopolitan Magazine UK Assignment Sample


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This report is a feature for the fashion magazine Cosmopolitan Magazine UK. In this feature the writer would be discussing a feature and will use both the primary and secondary data for writing the Feature in an appropriate manner. The topic of the feature of " Winter Fashion 2021 in the UK".

Feature for Cosmopolitan Magazine UK

Winter Fashion 2021 in UK

During the winters also it is important for the women's to remain fashionable


Winters are here and it's time to be a little more fashionista. The season full of weekend and festivals is here and we just need to look more adorable during the time of Christmas and the new year eve. It's time to rearrange the wardrobe which can fit our winter style in an appropriate manner. In the modern times it is very important to remain fashionable in winters but it doesn't mean that one should compromise the comfort zone. Great stylish and colorful fashionable winters are being designed in the UK but it is the way the women carry the style. Winter clothes need to keep the body warm and should also look good in that. There are different fabrics such as leather, fur, denim and many more which are more commonly used to style ourselves in winters. A variety of jackets and coats are available in the market which can fit perfectly to the wardrobe of the cosmopolitan women. A coat is something which goes well with all the clothes and looks good at the same time. The long coats in the deep color is always a go to choice for all the women in the UK and at the same time the leather and the fur jackets also do not go out of fashion. One should not only wear the basic colors such as black, white and gray as the winters can be colorful as well. During the winters it is important to remain colorful so that one should not look basic. One should look forward to wearing bright colors such as maroon, yellow, purple which can look good with the accessories and bright shades.

One needs to have a modern ideology to remain fashionable during the winters. The winter trends remain changing and one needs to work with the modern trends for looking stylish during the winters. Deciding the wardrobe in Winters is something very difficult as one needs to be both fashionable and stylish at the same time in selecting the woolen appraisal to be worn in winters. During winters there are a lot of issues in selecting what to wear. The women of the UK want to remain fashionable in winters also and try to try new trends in winters. For understanding the latest trend in Winters 2020 a primary research is being conducted with two random women from a mall. The women have stated in their interview that warm coats are the most common thing which is being noticed by them during the winters in the UK. Along with this the long boots and the jackets are also the common and most fashionable things which are being worn by the women in the UK. Apart from this the women's states that black is the most common color to wear in winters. The blazers are commonly worn by the business women in Winters to look more fashionista during the winters. While layering up with multiple clothes in winters the women in the UK maintain to look smart, fashionable and stylish.

Variety of magazines had published a lot about the latest fashion trends in the UK. The long overcoats are the most common things which are seen to be worn by the women. Wearing the long coat is more comfortable and helps the women in remaining fashionable as well. Different colors of stylish long coats are being designed which can satisfy the different needs of the women. The young women are more confused in deciding what to wear for a coffee during the winters. For this the blazers can become a better choice. Different colorful blazers look good on all the women. Along with the blazers one can use the accessories for going out for dinners which can help them in feeling more comfortable. This will help you to remain protected from winter and look attractive at the same time. This fashion is not only for the women's as now it is gaining attention for the men as well. There are a large number of companies which manufacture suites, coats and blazers which can help the women in satisfying their wardrobe needs during the winters. While purchasing the women's one should always focus on going with the trend which makes it feel good and gets the attention of the people around them.

For selecting the best look during the winters one can have a look at different fashion magazines which can help them in remaining fashionable during the winters. Along with this the London fashion week sometimes includes the winter collection which can help the individuals in getting better knowledge related to the ongoing trends related to the winter wardrobe. From the views of the women interviewed above it is clear that the young women of the nation are having better knowledge related to the ongoing fashion trends in the UK. This shows that the women are up-to-date with the ongoing fashion trends in the market and manage to look fashionable as per the trends. It can be said that one needs to remain fashionable during the winters by selecting the best options for the wardrobe which can help them in looking good at different events during the winters.


The above mentioned report includes a feature on the given topic. The writer has provided detailed information related to the ongoing trend in the UK related to winter fashions. The audience of Cosmopolitan magazines is willing to get the knowledge related to the trends or the fashion trends which can help them in remaining fashionable and stylish at the same time. Thus it can be said that this feature is something which would fit well with the magazine.

Part Two: Reflection

Reflection has a major role to play in the life of every individual. Reflecting on the life incidence helps the individuals in keeping the check on their activities in understanding what they exactly learn from their life incidence. While doing this assignment and writing the feature I have gone through different things. Due to this reason it is very important to reflect on the incident. There are different types of reflective models which can be used for reflecting in an systematic manner. For reflecting on the assignment I would be making use of Kolb's reflective cycle/model which would help me in reflecting on the assignment in an appropriate manner. This was my first time when I was asked to write a feature and due to this reason it is one of the most challenging tasks for me. I was not having any of the knowledge related to the format and designing of the feature for the magazine which makes this very difficult for me.

If I was concrete about the experience then it was a new experience for me. I was very confused and one of the biggest issues was to select an appropriate topic for writing the feature. I have worked on different ideas but was not able to select the best one. At this time I have understood that one needs to have a lot of knowledge related to the different things going around us which can help us in doing the different tasks assigned to us in an appropriate manner. I can say that this experience has helped me a lot in learning something new but I have faced a lot of issues and complexities while doing this assignment. Gathering the information from the primary and the secondary source both is a challenging task for me.

If I reflect on the experience then I can say that it was quite challenging for me to understand that the ongoing trends in the fashion industry can be the best choice for writing the feature for the fashion magazine. I have tried to select one of the best topics for the feature which can help me in doing the research in an appropriate manner and writing the feature. After that I have faced issues related to the legal and ethical considerations while gathering the information. This has made me realize that it is very important to select one of the most appropriate methods for doing the research related to the topic in an appropriate manner. Along with this I have learned that I have to learn a lot of new things and develop the important skills and expand my knowledge related to the fashion industry.

If I focus on abstract conceptualization then I think that selecting the topic is quite a challenging task for me. But after reading the different fashion blogs and exploring the articles from the different fashion magazines I have understood that with season the fashion changes and this can be a better option to write a feature. Due to this reason I have selected winter fashion to be the topic for the feature. This topic is appropriate for the cosmopolitan magazine as the target audience of the magazine is the cosmopolitan women and they just want to remain fashionable all the season and prefer to look good and attractive. Apart from this I have faced issues while interviewing the women of the UK for gathering information and their ideas about the winter fashion in 2020 in the UK. Along with this I have to be very much concerned for the privacy of the data and keeping it authentic while making use of the data for writing the feature in an appropriate manner.

For active experimentation I can say that I have learned a lot of new things and have expanded my knowledge related to fashion magazines. But I have to develop the research skills and better communication skills which can help me in avoiding the issues which I have faced while conducting the interview with the women. I can say that it was a good experience and I have to learn a lot of new things which can help me in remaining effective.


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