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Resit Assessment Assignment Sample


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Marketing is one of the most important factors for any company, which serves a better outcome for the business. One of the most important factors is that the companies must have a proper Omni-channel marketing strategy to ensure a better customer base and business success (Malhotra, 2018). It is also true for Burberry, which makes a better outcome for the company. The company has a very reputed brand that serves a better market business scenario. The marketing strategies are helpful to the company to make a better outage with a proper organisational value. It is also true for the HRM of the company who are working with a better outcome of the business plans and employee handling. However, chances for betterment are always there, and the company must follow the factors that will bring them good business success (Gigauri, 2020). This report discusses the brand analysis of Burberry along with an overview of the company. This report also discusses the marketing and HRM strategies and some recommendations for the marketing strategies to raise the organisational value of the company. Furthermore, the report also discusses the important recommendations for HRM for the same scenario.

Organizational background

Burberry is one of the most popular fashion brands operating a huge business in the UK fashion market (Orheim and Bluhme, 2019). The company has a huge business with a high reputation and good profit and serving their customers with satisfaction.

Company Overview

Looking at the company's history, the brand was founded in 1856 by Thomas Burberry. The company's founder was an apprentice at "Draper's" and had enough experience in the fashion retail business. It was the key success factor for the founder, who founded the company in Basingstoke, Hampshire, England, only at the age of twenty-one. The company achieved success within the first few years of its foundation, and its business caught pace after Thomas Burberry invented "gabardine," an advanced type of cloth that is lightweight, waterproof, and tearproof (Pardal, 2021). The cloth came got promoted in 1888 by the company, and this became a success factor for the company. Various explorers and adventurers used the product then, and the company gained huge popularity in this business.

Products and services

One of the most important factors the company always follow is the innovative and unique approach to the business. It is helpful to the company to make better brand awareness and competitive advantage in the market, and this helps the company to make a proper idea about the factors related to the fashion market. According to the reports, the company is operating with a huge number of products, and they have a good profit (Chen et al., 2021). The company has a huge business scenario using its reputation and long product list. The company's main products are outfits, jackets, quilts, and puffers. The company is having success with all their products and satisfying the customers with their quality and unique designs.

Business scenario

The company is operating a huge business with a better profit percentage with their business models and better competitive scenario. The company has a huge worldwide reputation, helping them make a better business scenario best customer base. According to the reports, the company has nearly 450 stores worldwide, helping them to make a better business scenario (Johnson, 2022). More than 9000 employees are working with the company dedicatedly, helping the company to do a better business and earn high revenue. The reports say that the company earned more than 3 billion dollars in 2021; however, they have faced a decline of 8% in revenue than 2020.

Brand Analysis

Burberry is operating a huge business with its unique and innovative approach in the market, which also serves them a competitive advantage. The company is doing a huge business worldwide, making a better revenue percentage. It can be said that the company has a good business and achieving the desired success with the help of its unique products and dedicated customers (Damangeot, 2021). One of the most important factors that the company always follows is that it maintains the business ethics and reputation with their products and customer services, which helps them make a better business scenario.

Company Branding

Looking at the factors of the business of Burberry in the market, this can be said that the company operates with three different brands- Burberry Prorsum, Burberry London, and Burberry Brits. These are operating as the company's sub-brands, making a huge business scenario for the company. It can be said that the company has a good profit percentage with these sub-brands, helping the company to develop the business (Bae, 2019). According to the reports, the brand is bly integrated into English culture. The reports also say that the "value proposition" of the company is bly focused on the English culture's functional and emotional factors, and this is serving them a better business scenario. The physical evidence of the company, like the logo and designs, is also focused on the emotional value proposition, which is making a better cultural effort for the company branding (Ceil, 2018). The key aspect of the company is to serve the customers with a special "British charm," which works as "brand awareness criteria." The important business criteria are helpful to have a better idea about the business's factors which serve the company with a better profit and customer base.

The vision of the brand

The company has taken the vision to make a firm position in "luxury fashion." The company is focused on the "most enduring and rewarding segment of the market" (Silvano, 2020). It is also a vision for the company to make sustainable growth in the market with a high and attractive return.

Value Proposition

The company has a better value employee value proposition which is helpful to the company to ensure and better business scenario with a proper and better outcome. One of the most important factors that the company always follow is that the employees of the company are served as some of the most important stakeholders of the company, which is important to serve them better (Ramaswamy, 2020). The employees are also very thankful to the company for improving the organisational culture and working environment. As the report suggests, the employees are truly motivated and have stated that they are having some "exceptional experience" working with the company (Silvano, 2020). It is very helpful to the employees to have a better working culture which enhances their quality and creative approach.

As the reports suggest, the company is continuing with its excellent value proposition with three pillars. These are as follows-


The employees have their responsibilities according to their qualities, which helps the company have a better business scenario. All the important jobs in the company are fulfilled properly, helping Burberry have a better business outcome.

Diversity and inclusion

Diversity and equality are some of the most important ethical conducts of the company. It helps the company to have a better idea about the factors of the market and treat all the customers as well as the employees with respect. It brings a better reputation for the brand and serves the company a good marketing scenario.

Learning and Development

It is very important to ensure continuous learning and development for the employees of any company, and Burberry also follows this criterion. One of the most important factors that help the employees grow is the opportunity to learn new and unique things the company serves. The outcome of this is a very high profit and long-lasting reputation. In short, the learning and development factors will help the company to make a better outcome for the business and proper growth for the employees.

Employee management of the brand

Burberry has various outlets in different locations, serving the company a better business profit. As stated before, the company has earned more than 3 billion dollars in 2021 with the help of more than 9,000 employees in all these locations. According to the reports, the company has divided the employees into a few different sections, which better handle the employees (Helal et al., 2018). The company has launched the "inspired people" strategy, which helps the employees of the company to make a better motivational approach to their job. The fully open plan of the company helps the teams of the company to make a better outcome for the business factors.

Corporate Social Responsibilities

The factors of ethical trades, community awareness programs, and investments are some of the most important activities for the company nowadays. It is helpful to the environment and the company's local society, helping them make a better reputation (Sipila et al., 2021). One of the most important factors of the company is that the company always maintains corporate social responsibility, which makes a better business scenario for the company.

Marketing Recommendations For Creating Organisational Value

The British fashion house Burberry is known for its high-end goods. For this reason, it devotes itself solely to the production of garments and other accessories. Burberry's marketing efforts, in addition to its professionalism, are a significant factor in its success. Similar to other fashion firms, Burberry has an online strategy for the generation of content. The company understands the importance of being able to stand out in a world flooded with data, particularly in light of the materials provided by competitors. And as a result, they have become well-known in the field of content marketing (Donner, Gohier, and de Vries, 2020). Even though Burberry is a well-known premium brand, its design team wasn't going to rest on its laurels. Just sitting back and hoping that success will continue to find on its own. The Burberry brand is ahead of the curve when it comes to inventiveness. And that's one of the reasons it's been able to differentiate itself from other brands.

The marketing strategy of this fashion company is based mostly on the generation of content. However, many people find it unusual that this well-known British business is investing so much in online content development. In fact, content marketing has been the most crucial aspect of this company's success. However, there's a very clear explanation for this. In addition, Burberry has recognized the importance of online and offline communication channels in enhancing a brand's reputation (Muninger, Hammedi, and Mahr, 2019). Because of this, they have shifted their attention to content marketing significantly since 2016, even though they had previously employed it. Furthermore, this has made them one of the world's most significant luxury brands.

4Ps of Marketing Mix of Burberry

  1. Product:Burberry is a well-known brand in the fashion world. Clothing, cosmetics, perfumes, eyeglasses, and other accessories for men, women, and children are among Burberry's most popular offerings. The marketing mix of a luxury fashion company comprises all of these products. Accessories have a longer shelf life than clothing, which have to be sold within four months, or they fall out of style (Del Vecchio et al., 2018). Scarves, in particular, are becoming popular as a fashion accessory. Trench coats are one of the company's most popular products. It is simpler to sell handbags and other accessories from Burberry since they don't need to be worn.
  2. Price:In order for Burberry to succeed, it must achieve the right balance between its low-cost and high-end products. The marketing strategy for Burberry does not fight with its competitors on pricing since it is a luxury brand. The essential differences are in design, durability, and client perception. In order to avoid losing customers, Burberry has mostly kept its pricing strategy the same. The pricing is established based on market demand and the competition's prices (Dyduch, 2019). According to market demand and customer willingness to pay, this company determines its prices. Before determining a product's price, Burberry's pricing advantages over its competitors are also carefully analyzed. Yearly revenues total more than $2 billion for the corporation.
  • Place:There are hundreds of Burberry stores in more than 50 countries. Located in a heavily populated area ensures that the organization has a consistent flow of money. Many of Burberry's customers reside in these locations. Cities like these have the ability to make much more money because of these factors. At future Burberry stores, customers may anticipate a more digitized shopping experience (Del Vecchio et al., 2018). A large amount of traffic originates from burberry.com, where online transactions are done by an equal number of people. Because the majority of Burberry stores are owned directly by the firm, customer satisfaction percentages are naturally high.
  1. Promotion:Burberry puts a lot of time and effort into its marketing campaigns. Marketing is the most important aspect of the clothing industry. Ads are put in high-end periodicals in order to target a certain audience. As an example, Burberry uses television, digital, print, and billboard ads in its marketing approach (Dyduch, 2019). Social media marketing has been a part of Burberry's strategy since its inception. Investments in digital marketing allowed Burberry to successfully communicate its brand message to customers.

Ansoff Matrix for Burberry

  • Market Penetration:With greater production capacity, Burberry will be able to reach more customers in the same market. Burberry must generate material that appeals to a wide range of target demographics if it is to attract a broad range of buyers. Improving supply chains and distribution networks may help increase market penetration in the same industry (Elia et al., 2020). To access previously unreachable segments of the same market, Burberry is using new and enhanced distribution strategies. As a result of these acquisitions, Burberry will be more widely available to a wider spectrum of clients in its present markets.
  • Product Development:For example, Burberry devotes a lot of resources to research and development, notably in the area of market trends and client behavior. When it comes to product debuts as well as marketing, operations, and finances, Burberry's commitment to R&D has allowed it to maintain a competitive edge. Burberry is able to take advantage of new product advancements and process improvements thanks to strategic collaborations that require little financial commitment and hence less risk on the side of Burberry (Garrido-Morenoet al., 2018). First, Burberry assesses the market reaction and acceptability of new items before going on to full-scale manufacturing of its own.
  • Market Development:It is essential that Burberry invest in research and development in order to discover new markets and client segments for its products. R&D activities should focus on market cultures, trends, and customer behavior, as well as how they differ from present markets. Consider any cultural differences that may need product or marketing adjustments or different modes of consumption when making regional development plans (Elia et al., 2020). If there are any cultural differences, the firm must be aware of them and alter its expansion strategy accordingly. Global expansion necessitates awareness of cultural differences.
  • Diversification:To put it another way, Burberry's vertical diversification means growing the company's present product lines while also launching new products under those lines. Thus, new Burberry items will be similar to old ones and will be sorted into the same categories as their predecessors. For Burberry to grow and succeed, the firm would have to investigate new business strategies and decide whether or not to develop or acquire a new company (Garrido-Moreno et al., 2018). As a means of expanding its reach into new areas and demographics, Burberry may form strategic alliances with or purchase firms that share its vision for growth.
  • HRM Recommendations for Creating Organisational Value:"Human Resource Management" is one of the most important functions of a company, and this helps to serve a better organisational culture in the company. It is a very important factor in that the HRM of Burberry is working with potential and thus helps the company to manage a better business. The factors suggested by the HRM of the company help to create a better organisational culture and working environment, which makes the company a better business scenario. These factors are helpful to the employees to work with dedication and have a proper outcome in all their jobs (Albert, 2019). However, the important scenarios that the HRM of the company suggests must be handled properly to ensure business growth. Burberry must ensure a continuous and constructive working culture in the organisation so the employees can work to their full potential. The employees from different company locations must be handled properly to succeed.

The HRM of Burberry has a very important role in ensuring growth for the company and improving organisational value. Some of the important recommendations for the HRM of Burberry are as follows-

Alignment of business strategies with external and internal factors

The external and internal factors of a business body affect the business scenario of the company the most, and this helps the company to make a better outcome for business (de Araujo et al., 2021). The HRM of Burberry is recommended to plan the business for the company so that the company's internal and external factors can be managed properly and the important factors of the organisation are also maintained. The HRM can take help from the market analysis and research outcomes, which will give them a good idea about the market trends, and they can plan the business properly.

Alignment of talents with the goal

The entire important business plan is always made, considering the company's goal. The HRM of Burberry needs to make a better outcome for the business body, ensuring that all the talents and skills of the employees are implemented properly. The HRM always has a record of the employees and the skills and competencies the employees possess (Silvano, 2020). It will be easier for the department to make a better outcome for all the jobs. Apart from that, this also helps the companies make a better organisational culture and working environment where the employees can improve their jobs.

Ensure Better productivity

Any company needs to make a better, unique, and innovative plan to ensure success for the company and also to have some competitive advantage in the market, especially in this changing society nowadays. It is a very important job for the HRM of Burberry to make a proper and unique business plan using all the talents and aspects of the company so that the company can keep a place "one step ahead" of the competitors. All the important steps related to this must be taken to ensure company growth (Silvano, 2020). The HRM must arrange training and development sessions for the employees to make a better approach to the company's success plan. The key aspect of the HRM is to enhance the employees' productivity so that they can cope with the changes in the market and the company can continue with a better business scenario by avoiding challenges and competition.

Use of tools

Business organisations are using various tools to ensure business success for their company nowadays, and they have a great outcome with this. It is very helpful to the HRM of Burberry to use the technological tools properly to make better business plans for the company. These tools will also help them monitor the company's success and the employees' growth. One of the most important factors is that the company can ensure a good, agile and authentic business scenario using the tools, which can help them do a better business with proper implementation of the plans. However, the company also must ensure that the digital technologies used by the functions of the company are up to date and properly secured to avoid any unethical use of these factors.

Proper and budget-friendly plans

Any company needs to have a proper plan to achieve business success. However, the plan must satisfy the company's budget, which is an essential factor for the company. The HRM of Burberry needs to plan the business in such a way that the company can equally benefit from inside and outside the business organisation (Silvano, 2020). It will help the company to have a better idea about the factors that are limiting the financial approaches of the company and serve them a good business scenario. One of the most important factors that the HRM of Burberry must focus on is the organisational factors of the company and ensure a proper, beneficial, developed, and budgetary business plan to ensure business success for the company avoiding the challenges in the market.

Awareness of limitations and constraints

However, Riccardo Tisci's new collections seem to have a more gradual influence than expected. In addition to the challenges of remodeling shops, Burberry's greatest sales and retail region, Asia, continue to be volatile, putting pressure on the company's gross margin. Investors should be wary of the stock because of a mix of global and micro concerns. With regards to its premium brand position, the company has struggled. In 2004, sales in the United Kingdom plummeted as the camel check got associated with people who weren't in its target demographic (Kaolawanichetal., 2020). He announced intentions to raise pricing and increase profit margins in select products in November 2017 after taking over as CEO of Marco Gobbetti. In spite of financial difficulties, Burberry has a viable method for positioning its brand in worldwide markets. Expansion into other countries, including Japan, Spain, and the United Kingdom, has been a huge success for the company.

Other markets, such as those in Asia and Africa, may benefit from a similar strategy. This strategy has the benefit of allowing Burberry to reinvest the money it makes from existing markets back into expanding the Burberry brand into new areas. The most difficult part of trying to establish a brand on the global market is convincing consumers who are learning about the company's goods for the first time that the company's products are superior to those of competitors. Burberry has a particularly difficult time with this issue (Grier, 2020). Brand positioning in new markets means convincing target customers that Burberry is a superior brand to those already on the market, and this approach already poses challenges for Burberry, which is trying to create an obsession with its brand among the target consumers in an effort to build long-term brand loyalty. An organization that wants to go worldwide confronts the challenge of finding strategies to increase its brand equity.

These challenges are much more critical for a company like Burberry that is trying to recover its brand value. Developing brand awareness tactics that are in sync with the market's cultural characteristics is the answer. However, this method may work for Burberry, but it will cost a lot of money in terms of research into cultural and other factors that help identify a specific target audience (Maazouz, 2022). For example, Burberry may have to modify some of its items if it wants to appeal to a certain market's cultural p

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