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Academic and Professional Skills Assignment Sample

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Academic and Professional Skills Assignment Sample


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Laying out a college in a major city is a simple errand and necessities to consider different elements to make it an effective one. From the review it can likewise be recognized that to lay out a college three main considerations assumes a crucial part which are the wellbeing impacts, ecological effects and collective effects. The review has likewise given spotlight on what kinds of things needs to consider while making a college. Likewise the various partners who are related with development of college is additionally examined in the review and in light of that one might say that they are the principle players who will help in bringing generosity and benefits for the college.

The designing, as well as administration of the universities within an urban city, are influentially connected to municipal context along with the ideas cities offer with needed physical as well as communal infrastructure which provides an impact over its expansion. A university is usually an organization of higher studies as well as schoolwork that gives an honours degree in various fields of studies. A university characteristically provides both understudies as well as high degree programs in various colleges or faculties of knowledge.
For establishing a university in any urban city stakeholders play a major role in its success or failure. Building ventures draw in interest from different partners who show requirements along with assumptions concerning the venture. These are regularly in a struggle with one another as well as it is unlikely that every one of them might be satisfied (Olander, 2007). The important stakeholders included in generating a grad college are discussed below:
The students: For any university, students are its main asset as well as one of the main stakeholders. Students play a major role in creating both goodwill and revenue for any university in the long run.
The government: Next important stakeholder for creating a university is the government because they are the main body that will provide different approvals for constructing a university in the selected city.
Social Groups: Social group also plays an important stakeholder in establishing a new university because, in the end, they will decide if their children will get admission to the newly set up university or not.
Thus, one of the main reasons behind conducting this study is to evaluate the effects of founding a new high school or university in a big urban city. In addition to this, the study will also show the importance of various stakeholders in making a university.

Impacts of establishing a new university in a large city

The Economic Impacts

University establishment has been helpful in creating human capital and skilled workers who are more productive than unskilled workers. Productive and skilled workers can create a sense of empowerment and are capable of making better decisions when it comes to any job opportunities. Creating a University will help in providing education to the individuals which helps the government in making positive public returns at every level of education. Individuals who are educated earn more, pay higher taxes over their entire lifetime, and are less expensive for the governments in terms of social welfare and entitlements. Education helps in contributing to a greater productivity and economic growth (Valero and Van Reenen, 2019). It can be stated that human capital is at the heart of innovation which means that a more educated workforce will be able to foster innovative ideas which will lead to more and better job creation. Education has also been able to translate into greater levels of civic participation such as volunteering and voting. It has been able to help in building a safe environment and enhance the health outcomes of the people with more education. People who have higher levels of education are more likely to find employment opportunities, remain employed, have the ability to learn new skills and earn more (Eesley and Miller, 2018). Skilled workers can help in contributing towards generating more profit within an organisation and can help the organisation in achieving the operational aspects or goals formulated along with generating huge amounts of revenue. Individuals who have educational qualifications have been able to transform the economy of the country by contributing a part of their income to help the economy grow and foster. Educated individuals can also establish many universities which can foster pro-growth institutions. These institutions can be helpful in providing a platform to the students and other individuals for democratic dialogue in sharing of ideas through various publications, events or reports to policy makers. The university also helps in strengthening the university via their role to produce human capital. The relationship between institutions, human capital and growth are directly proportional to each other. It can be stated that educational facilities have been helpful for the society and economy by increasing productivity along with significantly decreasing the employment reach of the country. This has led to an increasing growth in the economy of the country along with providing it with stability (Guerrero et al., 2015).

The Environmental Impacts

The universities are the innovation drivers in Science and Technology worldwide which leads to transforming the planet to a huge extent towards the carbon neutral society. However, it can be seen that only a small number of universities are working towards collecting and publishing their carbon footprint in order to define a zero emission target. This resulted in reading a sustainable development plan by the universities from every point of view so that they can take into consideration all the contributions and the aspects that need a focus on. In order to build a University in a large city, it is very important that the stakeholders as well as the project workers have a better understanding of the various specifications they are about to produce along with the high performance materials which can be helpful in adopting new technologies for building various codes (Alaloul et al., 2020). It is very important to make sustainable opportunities for buildings and redesigning them in order to keep in mind the health of the individuals who will be using the building along with improving the productivity of the workers during the process of construction so that they can contribute to a better surrounding and work environments, protect people from noise pollution and so on. It should also be considered that any form of construction leads to creating a huge environmental pollution along with polluting the water and environment which affects the groundwater and the drinking water. According to Huggins et al., (2020), it has been showcased that the construction sector has been contributing to 23% of air pollution, 40% of drinking water pollution, 50% of the changes in climatic conditions and 50% of the waste in the landfills. Also, failing to put in place appropriate controls for the purpose of managing the environmental impacts of construction can highly lead to prosecution, environment agency investigations, unlimited fines and imprisonment. It is very important that the university construction takes into consideration the various factors of environmental liability insurance so that they can offer coverage for any kind of liabilities that have taken place from environmental damage or pollution including third party bodily injury or property damage, clean-up of pollution and so on.

The Social Impacts

With a proper establishment of a university in a large city will significantly provide the students with various opportunities in their lives that can be helpful for them leading their lives healthily, reducing the crime rate and involvement in civic activities. Education opportunities provided by the University will help in connecting individuals across borders along with forming a digital education platform that will help in facilitating programs and knowledge to individuals from other countries as well (Findler et al., 2019). This will lead in creating a cultural awareness as well as understanding the background of individuals coming from different cultures and societies. With educational opportunities, the students are also involved in going through certain assignments and discussions which end up upgrading their skill set and help them connect with others. Education facilities also help in providing the society with an increase of productivity along with averaging the increase of incomes so that there is a significant decrease in the employment rate of the country. This results in leading the society to economic growth and stability (Santos et al., 2020). A society which is truly educated will have a feeling of unity and a higher sense of promoting togetherness among all the parts of the country. Education helps in providing every individual a sense of empowerment so that they can change their own lifestyle along with the lives of the other people. It also makes them capable of making better decisions along with promoting good citizenship and involving civic activities. Education also features the differences between wrong and right along with exposing the young adults and children to various kinds of experiences of other individuals. It helps them in understanding the importance of reducing crimes after a long wait having empathy towards others. A truly educated society will lead to a decrease in the overall crime rate and gender based violence (Hale, 2019). There are also other environmental benefits such as understanding the changing climatic scenario which is an essential part of society that needs to work together in order to find ways in which the impact on earth can be significantly reduced. Educated individuals that work in well-known organisations can put their knowledge and skills together in order to formulate different policies that can help them to increase the sustainability of the environment and make space for societal benefits. An educated individual is also more aware of the different political issues that the environment and countries are facing.


So, it can be concluded from the above done study that establishing a university in a big city is an easy task and needs to consider various factors to make it a successful one. From the study it can also be identified that in order to establish a university three major factors plays a pivotal role which are the health impacts, environmental impacts and communal impacts. The study has also provided focus on what sorts of things needs to consider while creating a university. Also the different stakeholders who are associated with construction of university is also discussed in the study and based on that it can be said that they are the main players who will help in bringing goodwill and profits for the university. This study also provided its focal point on the need of adjusting grounds systems to urban areas techniques with regards to the information economy, which could vary as indicated by neighbourhood circumstances.


Based on the analysis below mentioned are few of the important recommendation that might help to form the university in a better way.

Health and safety of the students and other members

Wellbeing and Safety is a significant piece of university life and keeping the students and grown-up's protected is fundamental inside the instructing and learning conditions In order to create a healthy environment for the student it will be important for the university authority to first and foremost create an environment which will provide a hygienic environment for them. This can be done by providing proper sanitized classroom, washroom, dining area and hostel rooms. Also there must be some rules and regulations considering the Health and safety of the students and other members and that ought to be maintained by them.

Reduction in the emission of pollution

Now, taking into account the environmental impact it will be important for the college authority to keep in mind the basic laws for maintaining the environmental safety of the city where the university will be constructed. This can be done by reduction in using the elements which create pollution and focussing on green management. Also, decreasing the Greenhouse Gas Emissions might also help in improving the quality of air and will also promote goodwill of the university. Since air contamination and ozone harming substances are regularly let out of similar sources, cutting ozone harming substance emanations with an end goal to slow environmental change additionally decreases air toxins, like fine particulate elements.

Promoting Good citizenship

Last but not least, considering the communal impacts creating as well as promoting a good citizenship will be granted as an important recommendation to establish a better university in the selected urban city. Promotion of good citizenship can be done by motivating the students to read books which will open up their mind and help in thinking better. In addition to this it can also be done by making social responsibility carnation. University authority must also learn the learn he social values in order to create a better environment for the students to study there.

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