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Cultural Awareness In Workplace Assignment Sample

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Cultural Awareness In Workplace Assignment Sample


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The culture of Holland in the workplace is very b as people are very efficient at their work and want to provide a good job in their workplace. In their business culture the labor is much more efficient with their work as well as formal. In the Holland workplace people are rarely late in their workplace by which it seems the people are much more responsible for their work. In their workplace people have good communication by which the employers can provide a good job in a smaller time period. The workplace is familiar in Holland by which the employers can do any job easily.

The culture of the UK in the workplaces generally indicates that the British people basically work in a unity process. By which the workplace of the UK is run smoothly as well as the employer can identify the error and misleading in the workplace. Hence the good part in the UK workplace, before starting any bug project or work they start discussing about the topic of the work by which the worker will run through the work easily. The UK workplace provides more relaxation than other countries by which the employer can hang out outside the work and socialize with people.

2. Cultural Awareness in the Workplace Environment

Culture of Holland & UK in Workplace Environment

The huge culture of the UK workplace has maintained an effective and resolute nature by which their employees might be polite with the firm. The decision-making authority controls the leading team in the business by which the relation between the employees and the managers are run well. In business work the employers are happy to work with them as well as the employers working in a group. By which the work procedures are time consuming. The higher administrators are very skillful in their workplace by which the employers have to be formal and polite. Due to the high frequency of the meeting the work environment of the UK is calm and polite (Castaños et al.2020).

The vast culture of Holland in the business workplace indicates that the employers are proud of their work culture and they do not like to be down upon. The Holland workplace provides basically meetings in their business by which the employers can enjoy their opinion by expressing it. In their workplace the higher authority of the companies is much responsible that they pay their remuneration on time. By which the workers and staff are working with more efficiency in the company (Dalton, 2018).

Reviewing the impact of culture in multinational business

The culture of the UK convinces the business in multiple ways such as issues with language, issues with pricing and cultural collisions. There are some impacts that can harm multinational business which include difficulties of responding in foreign culture, handling various kinds of clients in other languages. Also, the company will face international challenges in everyday work by which the firm has faced many obstacles. In international companies the employee can face positive and negative impacts in their firm. Cultural impacts involve how the people think, communication process as well as the behavior of the people (Liu, 2020). The selling structure of the firm has improved with the efficiency of the employees. On the other hand, there are some issues with communication skills in multinational business such as management based working impacts, marketing as well as the sales and distribution base. On another hand, it impacts everything from what the workers manage to their workplace as well as which business is conducted. Hence, with the help of work culture the workers are able to communicate with more people in the business as well as the workers will create a group for working together in the business. Work culture has affected the employees by providing satisfaction engagement in the firm (Liu, 2020).

Hofstede's 6 dimensions of national cultural

The Hofstede model of the national culture involves six dimensions, the cultural dimension generates the p

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