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Assessment 2 - Individual Report Assignment Sample

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Assessment 2 - Individual Report Assignment Sample


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The report mainly tells us techniques that are used by students to become efficient readers. It is observed from the study that university life requires a lot of learning from different sources such as books, journals, and many more. In order to improve their reading techniques, students have to follow the techniques that help them to become efficient readers. In this report, the different techniques that are required to make an efficient reader are done by taking different notes. In the previous assignment, students have followed the VARK Model that helps them to learn the different aspects of reading through visual, auditory, read, write, and kinesthetic learning.

2. Analysis and discussion of questions

2.1. Identifying important reading techniques for students to become more efficient readers 

Reading is a foundation of learning and activity for the university level. Appropriate readers can help through giving notes and additional examples that may not be covered in class. According to the research, it was found that the most frequent source of exam questions is done through the reader (Sitanggang et al. 2022). A proficient reader is one who can take practice and approach different novels, magazines, and websites to get ideas and information. The reading techniques that are followed for students to become efficient readers are:

(SQ3R) Reading Technique:

In techniques it has different steps getting the closer goal to full comprehension of the text;

Survey: it is the method by which the students implementation of quick idea about the context and the reading structure (Roberts-Tyler et al. 2021). This helps to prepare our minds for reading.

Question: it is observed that while reading the reader gets through many questions. Through the implication of these techniques, the students know how to create a question and turn that paragraph into a question. 

Read: In this step of reading in the mind of the reader different questions may arise, that help to combine the other reader techniques to work on scanning or active reading.

Recite: In this method that question that is raised in our mind we have to get an answer of those. This also helps to make sense of what you read and what has been understood. 

Review: It is the mental notes that say what the student has learned. Through the implication of these techniques, the notes or text can check what the student has retained. 


The skimming technique is used by students to know the gist of reading where the reader gets a glance over the material that they are looking for. According to Bond et al. (2019), it is stated this technique is used when students have a general idea about the text. The skim material is also obtained before going through further reading (Arvin et al. 2019). The skimming techniques are used in product reviews and the service reading, going through the speech at the last moment, doing and quick revision examination before. This technique helps saving a time lot and makes you key point awareness without reading the whole text. 


It is a technique where we simply revise the text through running our eyes on it. This technique is commonly used in daily reading techniques and non-academic reading tasks. This method is mainly used while reading the email, news articles, and food and drink menus.

Active reading:

This technique gives an extensive knowledge of understanding the text of students. This active reading technique is mainly applied when the students are going through complex parts and are required to think critically about the topic (Mizrachi et al. 2018). Active reading, students question asked through reflects on the text that part of the question. The reading activity is mainly done with difficult material that is not familiar.

Detailed reading:

It is the most labor-application and time-management technique that is followed by the students. In these techniques, the reader must analyze the meaning, and read carefully (Dost et al. 2020). this help in piecing the meaning of words in a sentence and getting a better understanding that requires time and patience. This method is mainly used in scholarly articles, medical reports, and poetic literature.


Mortimer Adler in 1940 used the method for the SEP approaches that is used for reading. The best way to read a book is by finding the structure, the author made propositions, and creating your own evaluation. In order to implement this technique of reading a student must structure to identify of the notes that creates a layout organized (Cho et al. 2018). After the formation of the layout logical propositions must be made at the layout section. Then the reader must evolve the argumentation and make proposition a conclusion of the reading. 

2.2. Discussing four methods of note-taking for students to remember new information 

The different methods of note-taking for the reminder to the student information are:

The Cornell method:

This method of taking notes is the format is systematic for shortening and arranging the notes without any heavy copying. After making the notes on the main page use the left-hand space for labeling innovative ideas and details of the keywords that are used. The method that is used while doing the notes is to rule the pair with a 2-inch margin and leave six-inch on the right to make the notes (El Soufi and See, 2019). While going through the class takes the information in a six-inch area. When the instructor moves to the next point the students must skip a few lines. After the completion of the class, complete the phases and the sentences as much as possible. 

  • The outlining method: This method of outlining is mainly used for students of physics and maths. The most general information begins at the left with the specific group that is indented to space to the right. The points are organized in a pattern based on the space indentation (Bond et al. 2020). The level of importance will be indicated from the major points of distance. The major and minor points will be indicated by the relationship space. The roman numerals and decimals are complex and the simple method that levels the indentions.
  • The mapping methods: This method is mainly used for mapping and comprehensive skills that are evolved in making the notes that are related to the facts and ideas to every other fact and idea. It is the graphical representation of the lecture (Novak et al. 2019). These methods help to increase and maximize the active participants, afford immediate knowledge and emphasize critical thinking. This method is mainly used in well-organized and in heavy lecture content.
  • The charting method: This method is used to determine the categories that are covered in the lecture. The setting up of the paper in advance with the help of columns is categorized. In order to listen to the lecture the information of record must be in words, phrases, main idea, and many more that are categorized inappropriate manner (Gamage et al. 2020). This method is focused on both facts and relationships through which the contents are heavy and fast presented. 
  • The sentence method: In this method, the new thoughts, facts, and topics are formed in separate lines. This is mainly used in heavy content that is coming fast. The implication of different points cannot be determined where they will fit. The instructor must be present in a point fashion but cannot be grouped into three related points. 


The students must be getting in-depth knowledge about the material that is read. Through the implication of reading techniques, the reader will be getting the different notes that are used for making the reader efficient. The implication of reading is important for students to get knowledge about what is told in a particular sentence (Alsubaie et al. 2019). The reading techniques will help the students to exercise their comprehension abilities and analytical abilities. It helps to fire stimulates and the memory center in the mind. These methods help to recall the information and stabilize the emotion that is within the students. 

The reading techniques will help the students to get relaxed from stress and it will help to improve their concentration power (Raupovna, 2019). The exchanging of knowledge with one another will help them to grab new things that are required for the innovative idea. The students get the information from the different journals, books, and novels that are published and help them in making the innovative idea. The different note-making method is also explained to help them to note the important things which are to be kept in mind while preparing the whole notes. It is observed that through the implication of different notes the students will get a brief idea about the subject matter.


Through the report, the different aspects that are required for the students to read are and methods that are required for not making are explained. This will help the students to know about the benefits of reading. Note-making is not just only about writing or reading. It is the idea that reviewing, connecting, and implementing the innovative idea is also important. The notes making will help the students to get active during the lecture and also understand the learning and critical thinking. 

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