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Business Research Methods Assignment Sample

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Business Research Methods Assignment Sample


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Business problem

The strategic financing is dependent over different financial planning that basically bring different elements all together thus it resulted to drive respective business growth with attentiveness (Butcher, 2020). It is also being considered as program that has been used by business to appreciate and analyse about different feature and functions that directly resulted to form advance and strategic decision making with this valuable outcome are achieved with respect of building strategic partnership with banker, investors, shareholder, stakeholders, customers and many others as well. It in this Tesco, has been facing different challenge related to strategic decision making as it even get worse during the time period of pandemic.

Background to the business problem

Tesco is a multinational grocery or general merchandiser with this has diverse range of portfolio through which they are able to target maximised number of audience in all across the world. Tesco is the largest multinational retailer and in this they have been facing strategic reduction among suitable goods and services of business that is related quality maintenance along with this inability to understand about respective culture and trends of different countries also affect the productivity and profitability of organisation on direct basis. The financial error also being based on higher debt and credit card liability under which profound amount of reduction is processed within business and it is also being related to low cost strategy of business. In this it is required to implement respective strategic financing with this valuable amount of changes are altered with prefer redness (Jiles, 2020). Moreover, strategic implication also being required as with this business is able to maintain lead in profit margin with this functionality and working both get supported in organised manner.

Outline the research project’s aims and objectives

The research problem is dependent over strategic financing as it directly affects the brand awareness, business value and its correspondence with this working consequences and its respective working both get affected on direct basis. Thus the research is based on to identify the different channels, strategies, techniques and methods that have been applied by business so as to embrace and advance working consequences on direct basis.

Research aim: “To identify the significant impact of strategic financial management over productivity and profitable for business”.  A case study on Tesco

Research Objectives:

  • To examine the impact of strategic finance over business and its working.
  • To access the advantage of strategic finance over productivity and performance of Tesco.
  • To determine the significant challenges those are faced by Tesco in respect of strategic finance.
  • To address the different initiatives that has been used by Tesco to get over from challenges related to strategic financing.
  • To analyse the strategies that is used to maximise or strengthen the approach of strategic finance in Tesco.

State the limitations and scope of the proposed research

The limitation of research is based on effective understanding as it is processed with respect of effective involvement and engagement with process and ending of research with adequateness (Ahmed and Moosafintavida, 2020). The management of strategic finance is a complex and time consuming activity with this it is also being difficult to understand thus it is required that researcher must have collect each and every respective information that make respective research clear and authentic.

The scope of strategic finance in business is related to taken effective decision making over respective investment with this business is able to take appropriate actions as per requirement as it resulted to attain favourable range of benefits with effectiveness.

Literature Review

 It is related to preferred overview about information, data or facts those are already published and dependent over specific topic. It is also being referred as scholarly section with this researcher is able to demonstrate about suitable knowledge and information on direct basis.  

To examine the impact of strategic finance over business and its working

As per according to viewpoint of Barry Barnes, 2022, the fundamental success and development of business is  based on critical aspect such as alignment with external surround, careful implication, monitoring and implementation along with realistic internal review as per  related to core competence and sustainable competitive advantage. The strategic planning and decision making directly lead to develop and create possible structure and working of vision, mission and analysis of business with this possible changes are altered as per requirement.

To access the advantage of strategic finance over productivity and performance of Tesco

As per according to point of view of Bernard Marr, 2022, Tesco is an international retailers and with this they have been scale out the communication strategy as well as preferred executive with this effective and efficient changes are implement in organised manner (Yusof, 2019). For this management make use of corporate steering wheel approach and it has been used to setting out respective objectives with this performance management and its attentiveness both get structured in timely constrained. The financial perspective provides utmost clarity about maximisation of profit, growing sales and management of investment in valuable manner.

To determine the significant challenges those are faced by Tesco in respect of strategic finance

According to viewpoint of Kamal Ahmed, 2022, Tesco basically allows to process its working with respect of millions of customers under which business somehow able to lost its business reputation with concern of low price and it is also being considered as failure among leadership. The biggest supplier of Tesco is L’oreal and it is basically a cosmetic giant but it is threaten with legal action and it result to dispute the payment and it demand about £1m by Tesco.  Thus crediting of business get affected and in this CEOs and other financial subsidiary also considered that there is a need to take  responsive decision making with effectiveness so that sales and profit both get generate in balanced form.

To address the different initiatives that has been used by Tesco to get over from challenges related to strategic financing

According to point of view of James Davey, 2022, Tesco has been raise out the earning forecast and it directly resulted to unmatched the scale of store along with online operation that basically outperform and affect the expectation of business on direct basis. The British retailer basically battled with disruption of supply chain and with labour shortage as well under which sales record of business gets affected perpetually. The company also face certain increment in expectation but there are many of challenges that are affected by business and it is based on resilience of supply chain and key partnership with suppliers. 

To analyse the strategies that is used to maximise or strengthen the approach of strategic finance in Tesco

As per according to viewpoint of Robert S. Kaplan, 2022, The balance scorecard of business has been affected but with this Tesco and its management frame it in one under which respective increment on services is developed with this diversification also get processed beyond traditional approach (Alam and Raut-Roy, 2019). In this the respective usage of sophisticate techniques of financial management induces direct impact of strategic implication and advancement of business on direct basis. In addition, strategies are formulated while supportive long terms success against competitors and it lead to embrace sustainable goal with preference.

Research Methodology

Explain and justify your research approach and strategy

Research approach is related to certain methodology with this adequate planning is developed and preferable it is in form of descriptive methodology with this systematic understanding is developed about analysis, collection, gathering, interpretation and access of respective data in organised form. It is basically in form of abdutive, inductive and deductive approach of research. The deduction is used to attain ending in form of preferred testing as in this valuable assumptions are taken, in inductive approach researcher is able to generate information with consideration of preferred concept and theory and inductive approach is related to attainment surprised facts along with clear explanation. In this inductive approach is used with this possible data is collected and gathered with relevance.

The research strategy is associated with sequential planning as in this respective outcome is achieved as per basis of preferred direction and in this clear understanding is developed with this possible frame is developed to manage and analysed suitable information with effectiveness (Hennink, Hutter and Bailey, 2020). The researcher is able to make use of different research strategies such as action oriented research, systematic literature review, case study research, quantitative survey, observation, interview method and other as well. For this researcher is able to make use of survey method as it is processed with support of questionnaire and with this informed knowledge is attained and interpret in beneficial manner.

Data collection

Data collection is a process through which researcher is able to take respective gathering, collection, analysis and access of suitable information that is related to particular topic and in this different supportive techniques are used by researcher as with this reliable and authentic range of understanding is developed with prominence. It is basically based on two type of methods such as primary as secondary form of data collection method with this reliable and accurate range of information is collected so as to embrace working sufficiency (SANGWA, 2017). In this researcher make use of both get method of data collection such as primary and secondary and in terms of primary method respective information is collected from survey, interview or observation on the other hand as per basis of secondary method researcher is able to collect and gather respective information from article, book, journal, newspaper, published record etc. In this researcher is able to make effective utilisation of research with this in-depth ending is resulted with this possible gathering is resulted with effectiveness.

Population and Sampling

The research population is basically dependent over larger collection of individual as well as others with this direct focus and preferred concern is developed about scientific query. It is also being preferred as well-defined collection of individual that is preferred as similar characteristics. The population is always being preferred as bigger number of population and sample size and for this respective people of organisation is targeted and from them suitable range of information is collected that is furthermore being essential to process adequate research in better way. In addition, the sampling strategy is dependent over ability to collect and gather possible range of information under which ability to present respective outcome also get developed with prominence (Lê and Schmid, 2020). Thus, for this researcher makes use of simple random sampling under which they are able to save time as well as resource too. In this reliable range of outcome is obtained with this informed decision making is developed systematically. In this different aspects related to strategic management is analysed with this proficient amount of changes are altered as per requirement.

Data Analysis

The data analysis is a process that has been used by researcher so as to take preferred inspective, transformation, cleansing, modelling and analysis of data with this useful information is processed with respect of certain goal. In addition, it is also being supported with respective decision making under which researcher assure to process informed conclusion through which accurate ending is resulted in timely constrained. Moreover, researcher also being able to make use of both the methods of data collection such as primary as well as secondary and in this reliable information is collected that process justifiable ending in timely frame. In consideration of secondary research, researcher is able to conduct literature review and in this point of view scholar is collected with this suitable understanding is developed about topic and as per basis of primary research, researcher is able to design questionnaire and through this accurate information is collected that is completely relatable to appropriate topic. It also offers in-depth knowledge and information with this researcher is capable of to advance respective decisions with this profitable ending are resulted with perfection.

Statement of Ethics

            The ethical basis is basically provide suitable support and convenience to researcher with this they are able advance respective ability that is also being processed to get over from many of challenges in systematic manner (Suárez-Barraza and Rodríguez-González, 2019). In addition, in this researcher always being assure about the respective implications of certain set of morale, principle, ethical standards, code of conduct and other standards as well with this they are able adhere the research with appropriateness. Furthermore, as per concern of ethical basis, researcher is able to collect, analyse, gather, identify and preferred suitable data with this authenticate, validate and reliable understanding is developed with effectiveness. Moreover, there are several of ethical consideration those are considered by researcher while conducting or processing the respective study and it is as illustrate below as:

Informed consent

It is processes that usually comprised of taking active permission from many of participants with this they are able to get align the data as per requirement. In addition, in this participants also being able to make clear evaluation about respective need and demand of all as in this informed actions are taken with responsiveness. In this researcher basically process the researcher with an aim to take respective decision making by informing the participants with this active involvement is processed in strategic form. It is also being responsibility of researcher to provide specific detailing to participants with this their involvement and participation both gets resulted with adequateness.


It is a major concern of researcher and under this respective action are taken in response to attain confidential changes with this information collected by many of individual remains in confidence and it didn’t make use by other for other purpose. Along with this researcher always ensure about to identify different information and make précised decision making with this authentic interpretation is developed with effectiveness.


It induce significant changes in working and for this researcher assure that all the targeted participants are aware about the aim, topic, objective and questions of research through which valuable changes are altered as per accordance to requirement. In this researcher assure to achieve confidentiality under which major and viable changes are altered with responsiveness.


It is related to overall activity that is associated with respect of completion of respective research on direct basis along with that it is considered as essential aspect of proposal through which chronological understanding is resulted about different events (Nadkarni, Pan and Chen, 2019). In addition, it also assists the researcher so as to address clear overview and plan the respective completion of one task to other with this project receptiveness also get improvised with adequateness. It is even more essential for business as with this researcher is able to keep eye on reasonable and achievable of outcome within specific period of time along with this it also assist to process, design and execute the research and its progress with effectiveness.  

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