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Business Plan Assignment Sample

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Business Plan Assignment Sample


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  • Dragons' Den is a television programme in the UK
  • There are overall eight golden rules which have to follow by dragons and entrepreneurs (Bbc.co.uk, 2022)
  • Five venture capitalists are presented in Den for investment.
  • Entrepreneurs get three minutes to pitch their business ideas
  • Jenifer Electric Motor is the name of new business which manufacture electric cars
  • The company will be located in Banbury, Oxfordshire

Dragons' Den is a television program of the UK which was firstly launched in Japan and became an international brand in different countries. Five venture capitalists are presented in Den who is willing to invest their own money after listening to the pitch of entrepreneurs. Therefore, eight golden rules have to be followed by both dragons and entrepreneurs. Based on such a rule, a new business idea is presented by this paper which includes the manufacturing of electric motor cars namely Jenifer Electric Motor. The headquarters of this company will be located in Banbury, Oxfordshire.

Outline of the product or service idea

  • The company will manufacture electric cars
  • There is no requirement for gas as it entirely charged by the electricity
  • Electric cars will be more convenient

The products regarding electric cars are manufactured and provided by Jenifer Electric Motor. The primary benefit of this product is that it does not emit harmful gases as it requires only electricity. Moreover, electric cars are more convenient than traditional cars as it is easy to recharge.


  • Electric vehicles are three times more efficient than fuel-powered vehicles (Cano et al. 2018)
  • These electric vehicles are not cost-effective as technology developed in the UK
  • It will require low cost for maintenance as well as reduce noise pollution

There are different features of these products which means that such cars are three times more efficient than any other cars which are powered by fuel. As these types of cars are operated by only electricity, therefore, it can be stated that there will be no emission of harmful gases like fuel-powered vehicles. The UK has become a technological advancement country and, in this situation, the population of the UK are able to bear the cost of electric vehicles as it is not cost-effective. This is because it does not require excess cost rather it only requires a recharge. These electric vehicles are much quieter than fuel-powered vehicles.

Presentation of statistical data

  • Around 20% shares will be provided to the Dragons
  • 25% stake is provided by Dragon’s Den to Duncan Bannatyne for franchising their brand (Realbusiness.co.uk, 2022)
  • Dragons' Den can provide a few percentages for the franchising of this new business

It is identified that Dragons of Dragons' Den provides their own fund as an investment after hearing the business idea. Similarly, they invest in many products pitched by different entrepreneurs and in this case, dragons helped them to start their business. Jenifer Electric Motor is also a new business idea that requires an investment of a few percentages. This company will prove 20% shares to the dragons in case this company gets successful.


  • Jenifer Electric Motor require an investment of £100000
  • This company required a workforce that requires investment as well

This company requires an investment of £100000 from Dragons' Den to start their business in a significant way. Moreover, this company requires a workforce to continue the business and achieve success. In this regard, this company is willing to generate investment from the dragons of Dragons' Den. it will help them to operate their business with a maximum number workforce.

Reason for investment in this idea

  • There are several benefits in investing funds in these ideas
  • This company will provide 40% of profit to the dragons for the first two years
  • It will reduce the emission of harmful gases and carbon in the environment (Qiao et al. 2019)

All the five dragons can benefit by investing £100000 into this business idea as this company will provide 40 per cent of their profits to them for the first two years in case they achieve success. The primary benefit of this investment is that such a business will reduce the emission of carbon.


  • People can easily access the vehicle and can bear maintenance costs (Lane et al. 2018)
  • The dragons can get a positive return from an investment

As it will be operated by electricity then it can be stated that users can get benefit in accessing the vehicles as well as it will reduce the cost of maintenance. Moreover, in case this business gets a massive success then the dragons will be able to generate a positive return from their investment.

Identification of use of investment

  • The investment of £100000 can be used in building production house
  • It can be used in building brand image (Cudny et al. 2020)
  • Inauguration can be done by the money collected from an investment

It is estimated that £100000 can be collected from Dragons' Den as an investment which can be used for different purposes. Such an amount can be used in building products and manufacturing houses, inauguration as well as helping to create a brand image.


  • The investment of £100000 can be used in franchising the business
  • A few percentages of investment will be used in purchasing raw materials for the products
  • The amount of investment will be required for marketing purpose

The production and manufacturing of this product require expensive raw material and due to this reason, such an investment will be used to purchase raw materials. Moreover, for the purpose of franchising and marketing, this investment will be used.


  • Jenifer Electric Motor is a manufacturing company that will provide electric vehicles
  • This company require an investment for £100000 from Dragons' Den
  • It will help to reduce carbon emissions from the environment

This paper introduces a new business plan which includes manufacturing electric vehicles by Jenifer Electric Motor. However, for marketing, franchising, inaugurating, and many other purposes, it requires an investment of £100000 through Dragons' Den. such a new business plan will help to reduce the emission of harmful gases and will reduce the time and cost.

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