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People Management Assignment Sample

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People Management Assignment Sample


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The organization’s culture affects the operations of organizations and the way of working managed by the people. In this study, there is detailed information about the three themes including innovation, leadership, and organizational change, and their importance within the business (Hoffman, and Tadelis, 2021). Further, it includes the evaluation of the themes in different national cultures. At last, it coves the identification of issues and applies theories by using the case study. The recommendations for future practice by using relevant theories for solving issues within the organization. It covers all of the themes and their importance with the theories in the workplace.

Why three themes are important for organizations and people management 

In this, we are going to discuss three themes and their importance to the business. The study includes three main themes which are as follows:

Innovation: It is the process that is considered by an individual or organization to intellectualize the new process or any ideas to approach the present procedure in a new manner. In terms of its significance to the organization, it will add value to the business and increase the level of profits. The rapid changes in the market and globalization affecting the business as there is an increase in the competition so innovation plays an important role in development and growth. Further, technology helps the business in optimization and gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace. 

Innovation also allows helping people management by developing a relationship with the different stakeholders and delivering an appropriate return. The organizations are adopting innovative ideas as it affects their management due to some outdated solutions and the need to stay ahead in the competition. Innovation is directly related to people management where it allows the business to implement ideas and it is crucial to track the details of the ideas for execution.

Leadership: It can be defined as the practical ability or a research area of a group or a business to influence others or whole organizations (Sutton, 2018). The main aim is to fulfill the mission of the organization by including certain skills with an alignment of an individual’s strength. It is a significant management function that helps in processing the resources of the organization to improve the efficiency as well as achievement of goals. The major importance of a leader is to provide clarity about the purpose, and encourage and provide guidance to the business to manage its mission. It forms a clear vision along with sharing a vision that is followed by others and giving appropriate knowledge and methods to recognize the vision. It will be highly beneficial for the organization to deal with the changing environment the company. 

In addition to this, the leadership helps to communicate the vision and mission to the employees within management. It provides direction and helps people to analyze their roles for the best skills and experiences. Communication among people motivates the leaders to act as the actualization of the performance for the people management. Further, it is important to put changes according to the leader to deal with the employee’s needs and develop a personal relationship.

Organizational Change: Organisational change is defined as a process of structural alteration of an organization. It is a necessary condition for any organization to achieve its vision, mission, and goals. The success of an organization is largely determined by the ability to adapt to changes in its environment. The changes that an organization experiences are mostly outside its control, but the organization can change and adapt to these changes that determine its future. 

Organizational change is necessary to adapt to new realities and to keep up with the ever-evolving business world. It is a necessary evil that needs to be carried out if an organization is to remain competitive. However, organizational change is not without its risks. It can be difficult to manage, and there is a propensity for employees to disengage when faced with uncertainty. Organizational change plays an important role in the people management that deals with the working environment in the business activities (Walker, 2018). This is especially true in the digital world where an organization can no longer afford to be static and must keep up with the pace of change if it is to continue to be competitive. This is why it is so important for organizations to implement organizational change.

All of the themes play an important role in organization and people management as it affects the processing of business. It creates a valuable impact on the progress of employees and works positively for the development of business. There are different theories for each theme that is associated with the practices of business. It is important to discuss the various theories and their worth within an organization. However, the themes are important for people management and consider the activities to perform better. 

Evaluation of the appropriateness of theory and practice associated with these three themes in different national cultures 

There are certain theories and practices of management, which are associated with the selected themes in the varied national cultures. In this, management theories can be termed as the collection of diverse ideas for managing the people in the workplace. Further, the scientific management theory helps the organization to allocate the resources properly so that they can maximize their profit levels. It is associated with our selected themes like innovation as it requires maximum resources for performing experiments that can work in the future. It will also help in quality management that strengthens the relationship of the employer with employees (Leroy, and et.al., 2018). This theory helps in enhancing the productivity as well as the development of employees which is directly related to innovative ideas. The new techniques and tricks help deal with issues at the workplace as it creates a source of productivity. Based on innovation, there is the diffusion of innovation theory which mainly includes the pattern of work where the new ideas as well as practices spread through a wide range of populations in different national cultures. For instance, in the UK the innovation approach is based on the establishment and maintaining the proper research by reaching the Council’s expectations. Each organization needs to accept innovation timely to manage competition in the marketplace.

The next theme is leadership, in which the leading theory is associated with the management theory that mainly focuses on supervision, group performance, and organization. This is a very effective theory where positive reinforcement is mainly a working aspect for the employees and ensures creativity and motivates them for better presentation. However, the participative theory of leadership is where the employees are directly involved in the process of decision-making procedure and manage the outcome of the organization. Sometimes, the leaders in this theory don’t get proper outcomes and face criticism as they believe in to fulfills the needs of customers (Clohessy, and Acton, 2019). Leadership themes consider an utmost imperative part of any nationality as the present study needs a discussion about it. The countries like the UK, the power theory of leadership works for the organization as the leader uses power as well as influence others to get things done. It is considered a positional power as an individual has the quality to deal with the changing environment. They also maintain a healthy relationship with employees and are highly concerned about the interactions by making a proper schedule and working on the requirements of employees (McCauley, and Palus, 2021). The mentorship from leaders provides many opportunities to enhance growth and encourage them to stay loyal to the organizations. 

The last theme is about organizational change is associated with the stage theory of organizational change that recognize different stages for promoting the strategies through different points in the change procedure. It helps to aware people of the issues and gives adequate solutions which motivates employees to take the decision and accept the levels of innovation (Sartipi, 2020). However, certain factors impact the organization’s activities, and proper research is followed during each stage of the process. It is important to understand different stages of this theory based on the given as it helps to make changes in the innovation par for the ongoing activities of the organization. For example, in the UK there is the use of different stages and models for organizational change that creates a valuable adoption of innovative ideas. Innovation and its implementation play an essential role to develop new ideas and make changes accordingly.

In addition to this, all of the themes have distinct theories and their application to varied situations which helps to understand the conditions that deal with people management. The themes and theories are evaluated with the reasons and it highly demands some major changes in the working level of employees at the workplace. It shows that all of the themes work differently in the different national cultures and it is associated with the changes in business activities. It can be stated that it shows a proportionate relationship between the theory and practice in the different national cultures and its appropriateness in the study. This helps to identify the moderating role of themes in the different perceptions and timing (Rosenbaum, More, and Steane, 2018).

Evaluating the themes, identifying relevant issues, applying theory to organizational practice, and using examples from the case studies 

In this part, we are going to discuss the identification of issues in case studies and applying theories to the practice of business. 

Innovation: In this, innovation is considered as not technically practicable as there is a demand for it and it cannot be considered at competitive prices (Thakhathi, le Roux, and Davis, 2019). As per the case study of the London Borough of Barnet Housing Department, there is a big project called future shape. The identification of the main issue includes the improvement in the quality of services and the need for some expertise to apply systems. It is important to apply management theory to the organization as it helps to consider the viewpoint of people for providing effective and efficient services. However, for implementing innovative ideas there is a requirement to involve the staff members in the decision-making process where the housing department staff along with the council members were present (CIPD, 2011). The problem can be solved among the housing service team by encouraging the staff involvement by experimenting with new methods of working. But, the organization facing many challenges in the way of people’s work and need to put efforts into redesigning services for determining the objectives of the business.

Leadership:  the evaluation of leadership mainly includes the mentorship of relationships and encouraging employees in every situation and taking chances regarding the work of new talents. As per the example of the children’s trust in Southampton towards the culture of partnership working as there is an issue that can be considered as a part of the discussion. In this, the relevant issue is about developing some arrangements through the agency boundaries for improving outcomes for young people. It is important to design an organizational structure with the help of leadership where many local authorities and agencies can deliver services to young people. However, the politically motivated people bring the change leadership as they sat with the member of the cabinet for the children’s services (Waddell, and et.al., 2019). The process of leadership helps to provide blueprints for the new construction for setting the vision and values for the trust of children. Implementing the new way of working by the leaders reflects the cultural change with a concern of learning the new aspect for making changes.

In addition to this, the changes in organizational structure are high due to the activities of leadership in the different partner agencies. The people are motivated toward work and there is an increase in the use of shared processes.

Organizational Change: Organizational change can be possible with proper clarification as well as revaluation of the objectives by collecting appropriate feedback from the employees at the workplace (By, 2021). Further, for instance, in the case of the National Police Improvement Agency and the major issue is about developing integrated services to create people growth services. Further, organizational change plays an important role in managing government priorities which lead to cost deduction for the services. The implementation of change activities by the organization mainly involves the top management team reviewing the current processing as it also includes the discussion about the stakeholders based on the past working methods. These are also affected by the management theories as it requires clear communication with the purpose and values and the organizational change (Foucart, and Li, 2021). There is a huge importance of employees and their involvement in the processing of organizational change due to the issues within the business. However, sometimes the limited communication from the top management highly affects the level of understanding and affects the quality of business. It also shows some positive outcomes from the organizational change that is based on the integrated customer-focused culture of the business.

All of the different case studies show the best example for the themes like innovation, leadership, and organizational change that is based on the management theory and its application. The relevant issues and its solution within the example help to understand the culture of the business organization and its performance in the business activities. However, the main focus is on the structure and process of an organization using innovative ideas, leadership skills, and changes in business policies to drive the work smoothly (Mansaray, 2019).

Recommendations for future practice 

This part of the report includes certain recommendations for the future practices of people management. The leadership helps to solve the issues within the organization and people should constantly use it to make appropriate decisions and take appropriate actions. The organization should use transformational leadership as it helps to make changes in most business situations. They also encourage followers to focus on the relationship between the leader and employer to motivate them for performing better in every situation. The leadership theories play a significant role to make changes and solve issues in the organization. As a leader in the company, an individual must follow certain rules as it is considered under a behavioural approach that decides the process of handling actual conditions with more perceptiveness.

Further, in terms of recommendations for future activities, the innovation theory has the potential to inform practice in several ways. First of all, it may provide the theoretical rationale for using specific organizational changes in critical situations. Secondly, it may point to some of the organizational issues which may benefit from the application of innovation theory. In this, for instance, the innovation theory has been applied to teams and collaboration which rise the practices to enhance the performance and improve the functioning of the business. There are business changes and it incorporating the theory leads to changing environment for the business. However, the company should follow a basic framework to address the issues by using the theories and managing the supply chain functions. As we see, there are many challenges faced by the organization, it is recommended to stay updated about the new technologies and grab the opportunities for delivering the best services. It helps in providing a strategic direction for the business that should be set by the team of leadership. This theory will help to tackle the issues of business and set some goals to achieve for the organization. However, the leadership teams should work hard and provide appropriate knowledge about the conditions of business to the employees.

In addition to this, the last theme is organizational change which is one of the most important parts of any business as it affects the employees as well as the whole system. The theories of organizational change are mainly set for the interrelated propositions regarding how organizations develop and how they changed. It is required to provide a framework for making sense of events that are sometimes complex, or unpredictable. Further, this theory is all about the implementation timely in the business for reaching a high level of profits . It will help to measure success and analyze some factors which might promote changes. However, people should use to design contextual interventions to promote a healthy organizational process. The company should follow a certain range of practitioners in terms of mechanisms that can sustain some particular type of social relationship. Further, the changes in the organization should be attempted for all of the theories like innovation as well as leadership as it motivates and boosts up the morale of employees to practice more work. It is recommended that work with the change management model that helps the leaders that connect to business with strategy and increase the success ratio. The company needs to empower employees through communication with a vision of power and provide clarity about the requirement of business change.

Thus, the above recommendations can be helpful for the organization and the people management by driving certain changes that help in running a successful business. The leaders must take responsibility to achieve changes in goals and interpret with the employees and the team members. There is a requirement to make changes more compelling as well as exciting for dealing with the competitors and it has a huge impact on business activities. The innovation and leadership theories help the professionals to deal with the organizational changes and consider it as a major aspect of reaching success. For future perspectives, it is important to focus on new techniques which are coming into the market and perform tasks according to the requirement of the company.


From the above study, it can be concluded that all of the themes apply to the case study and the theories help to achieve the goals. The relative advantage of innovation theory is that it manages the compatibility of business with lifestyle. Further, the issues can be resolved with the different leadership and organizational change theories and their application will help achieve set objectives. It mainly concludes that there is a healthy relationship between leaders and employees which helps to build a b base for the company to grow. However, communication is the key to any issue or problem faced by the people in a given case study ad it is important to keep clear communication among people.

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