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Cultural Awareness Assignment Sample

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Cultural Awareness Assignment Sample


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Task 1: Essay


Cultural awareness is the recognition of one's own and others' culture. The essay is going to highlight the ideas in the H5P which are related to culture and social identity. The project will highlight the culture of the country and its issues in a large way. In the cultures, words are the one that moves around the communities that are being merged and taken up to build the culture.

Main body

The clue exists that the conformity is larger than that of the cultures which exist. The existing cultures are different from others. The idea in their differences on culture is between the collective and the individual cultures that can lead to the gain of the idea of the cultures. As per the H5P publication, the category of every country can be in terms of the degree that can be analyzed collectively in the orientation. As cited by Chen et al (2021), the H5P mixed relationship is large in more ways and can be collective than the individual countries. The aspects of the culture include the beliefs and values, symbols, rituals and the norms of the culture. The culture plants have shared waterfront and the revitalization of the neighborhood. The plan has economic development too. The various impact was on workplace, religious places and restaurants.

The significance of the culture so that it has the intrinsic benefit. Moreover, it can improve the learning and can compel to value the skill in the upcoming future. The growing culture can evaluate and can improve the health of the adults and can also identify the information. Furthermore, the H5P the importance of the culture includes the vibrant communities which says that the culture provides with the social capital, cultural activities of the publishers. The culture can be benefited in various ways (Alnabulsi et al. 2021). This includes that the culture has greater importance as the transition of the economics and the work is also based on their physical labor which increases the knowledge and the creativity and the growth. This is based on economics that is based on knowledge. This has a positive impact as it creates contribution to tourism as well (Mightyrecruiter, 2022). As per the article it can be said that culture affects values and also helps in creating self-conception and self-perception relating to social class generation or locality having its own distinct culture.


The cultural awareness has been highlighted in ideas of the H5P and the essay has highlighted the culture and the social identity. Furthermore, the significance of the H5P has the importance of the cultural activity that includes the vibrant communities which says the cultural plan can give the idea of the social capital, cultural activities and deals with the greater importance. Moreover, the idea in their differences on culture is between the collective and the individual cultures that can lead to the gain of the idea of the cultures. The H5P publication, the category of every country can be in terms of the degree that can be analyzed collectively in the orientation.

Part 2: Example of situation where cultural differences have an organizational problem-

Cultural differences occur in many organizations which leads to loss in the value and affects creativity and innovation in a large way. It has been seen that cultural diversity in the workplace is a result of values, practices, traditions and beliefs of employees which are based on religion, race, age or gender. As mentioned by Friedland et al. (2021) The common organizational problems that readily occur from culture issues are inconsistency, poor communication and ambiguity. Hence, it can promote negativity to the organization with creating future loss in the profitability and sales position for the company. cultural differences include maintained way of socially accruing the beliefs and the values that create a greater impact on the behaviors to another. I am a resident of America and I have completed my higher studies and got placed in UK. It was my dream to be there. I have joined my office excitedly that I will make new friends there as soon as I realized it was quite difficult for me to adjust there as I have totally different culture from theirs. We had totally different language and our way of communication also created a huge impact. As opined by Lutfi et al. (2021), the organizational culture has included the problem of poor communication, consistency problem as well as the ambiguity.

The cultural problem includes various problems as well as it can cause the different language, different sighs, different ways of living, different food as well as different ways of wearing clothes also differentiated. As prescribed by Barry et al. (2021) The way we communicated was very difficult to understand, for the reason I have to suffer a lot. I have not been treated property as our languages does not matches. This affects the convers and had an impact in the decision making. The mindset of my colleagues was that they wouldn’t help me to stay there and will soon me to leave my job as I was from other country. The way in which we socialize is the only way we communicate which was not going easy for me and was damaging my mental peace. After a huge work I gave to suffer a lot here which created a greater impact on my life. Not only in offices I also have to suffer in the religious places and the restaurants. The problem which was facing by me for my whole life was not the same as compared to that which was a bit difficult for me to adjust in my organization. The cultural behaviour and educational clash have led to serious problems for the firms in dealing with its daily operation and managing day to date activities. This is how I faced the problem of cultural differences. Hence, such a situation has been also faced by me where I am dealing with cultural differences in my own organization that has led to a loss for the firm in making a better position in the market. Hence if such problems occur in future, I will try to overcome my language and cultural barriers with becoming flexible with my peers through communicating with them in a large way. 


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Mightyrecruiter, 2022. Available at: https://www.mightyrecruiter.com/recruiter-guide/hiring-glossary-a-to-z/cultural-differences/ [Assessed on 18 July 2022]

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