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Dove Ad campaign Assignment Sample

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Dove Ad campaign Assignment Sample


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Dove launched a breakthrough campaign of "Real Beauty" in the year 2005. Women all across the world were prompted to reconsider their perceptions of beauty as a result of the cause-based Digital marketing campaign. The credibility of the rationale determines the campaign's impact on Dove's profit. The effectiveness of the Dove Campaign for "Real Beauty" will be evaluated in this research, both in terms of its impact on Dove sales and its purpose in all over the world.   The campaign arose from concerns about a brand in decline, It was also thought that the Dove brand was considered stale and stagnant. Dove Beauty Bar was their most popular product, which could be found in the bathrooms of the elderly folks. Dove realised that if they didn't alter the strategies of digital marketing, their brand would fade and eventually vanish from the minds of their customers(Dove, 2022). Dove wanted to appeal to a younger audience while not offending existing clients,  Introducing Digital marketing marketing.

Dove Campaigns

Figure 1 Dove Campaigns

(Source: Dove, 2022)

The younger generation is socially conscious and optimistic, believing that beneficial changes may be made everywhere in the world. They are drawn to brands that contribute to the cause by spending money to help. Women are more likely to buy from companies that they believe are doing good things. When the purpose is relevant, Digital marketing initiatives are more effective. Dove decided to target superficial images of beauty and their harmful influence on women after research revealed that only 2% of women believe they are beautiful. Women all throughout the world consider their appearance to be appealing. Dove wanted to move the discourse from the three private worlds into the public sphere in reaction to the backlash against beauty, starting an international conversation between all women(Dove, 2022).  To improve the legitimacy of Dove's dedication to the cause, the Dove Self Esteem Fund was established, with every purchase supporting the cause. The fund's self-esteem courses were created to assist young women see themselves as attractive and beautiful. The Mother Daughter workshops were created in response to consumer complaints that Dove's single focus on the news media was unsatisfactory.

In depth evaluation of the effectiveness of digital marketing

2.1 Segmentation and Targeting

As a response, the Dove family continued to expand. With the advent of Dove "Real beauty" ad campaign, the popularity of face and body washing products, skin care deodorant, and hair products for hair care increased. Dove, with its distinction in quality, is currently setting new benchmarks for the category, which is offered through any personal careor and personal health and hygiene brand(Celebre and Denton, 2014). Dove's major target market in social and digital media was women who are active on social media. Dove targeted women between the ages of 18 and 35 who wanted natural, healthy cosmetics. Naturally, "selfies" became extremely popular among these socially active and self-conscious individuals. The first reason Dove uses segmentation, which is referred to be Segmentation by demographics(Global brand Magazine, 2022). Every business caters to a specific demographic or age group. Dove "Real beauty" ad campaign focuses on ladies over the age of 18 the bulk of the time. These are women who value their appearance and take care of their skin. Their desire to use high-quality skin care products, women with a strong spending power and who belong to the upper middle class.

STP analysis

Figure 6 STP analysis

(Source: Reyareji, 2013)

Psychographic segmentation is used by Dove "Real beauty" ad campaign. Dove wants to promote in women a belief that beauty is a reflection of different ages, dimensions, body types, and sizes. "You're gorgeous just the way you are," is the Dove mantra that every woman should believe in. Dove has identified the different types of customers it serves. They need to focus. It will cater to three categories of people: babies, men, and women. They belong to the medium and upper middle income groups(Zed, 2019). The business has used a targeted approach to target customers from poor countries where appearance is important. Dove is a skin-enhancing moisturizer, beauty care, and skin-enrichment brand that helps clients feel better about them. and self-assurance, as well as displaying their genuine beauty. Dove “Real beauty” ad campaign is involved in a number of industries, including skin care, hair care, and deodorants. In terms of skincare, it offers a comprehensive range of products for both men and women(Rogers, 2021). Baby products include body washes, lotions, skin cleanser, body cream, and bars. This business sector, along with hair care items, generates the majority of the brand's revenue, and as such, they are the stars of BCG matrix.

To develop the brand's core and essence, Dove "Real Beauty" ad campaign  began engaging with stories of women with low self-esteem in order to change customers' perceptions of what makes women attractive and confident. The personal and skincare health area of Dove is growing because of increased knowledge about hygiene issues, changing customer attitudes impacted by social media sites, and individuals in underdeveloped countries becoming more self-aware. Dove "Real beauty" ad campaign  sets itself apart from the competitors with the following strategies: Dove states that its products include 1/4th moisturising cream(Hsu, 2017). Soap, body creams, body wash, and facial wash are all possibilities(Unilever, 2017). A survey was undertaken to assess the percentage of customers who want fragrance and moisturizing creams in their products. The skin-care items they purchase Consumer P

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