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Competitive Market Structure Assignment Sample

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Competitive Market Structure Assignment Sample


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Agricultural market is a completely competitive market. The market mainly creates a large number of sellers that helps to influence the supply chain. Therefore, price also can change the supply and demand curves in the market. Market size mainly signifies the extent of the situation and allows the price changes in the market. Especially the products can offer various types of high price and trendy products. There are several market techniques that can be used in different types of market situations. It also obligated the power of supply in the market. It also creates an effect in the market.

A long-standing object mainly helps to develop the agricultural market. It also helps to develop various types of countries. Competitive markets mainly create a shape to implicate the supply chain and implicate all the taxes. It also gathers some subsidies that help to consume the products. It also estimated an experimental approach that can expose the competition rate (Subash et al. 2018). It also can identify the separate market that also randomizes the market level. It is also a competition degree that also creates a difference in two types of market. It also can be called as price taker. Market price is mainly used to describe the whole market that includes the demand and supply of a market. It also can be used to raise a competitive market. It also can be affected through price and supply in the market. Through that way agricultural companies give incentives to sell their products at a low range. In a competitive market companies mainly produce almost the same quality products. Therefore, buyer and seller both have relevant information about the products that will be sold. Firms also can leave and enter a competitive market without having any restrictions. These types of markets also can be taken to give examples. Economists mainly use these to provide an example. The main thing is to make some difference to subsidize the information to have a different type of market. There are different types of parameters that also help to capture the market at different types of rates. There are also some relationships that will help to set a market price (Ovsiannikova et al. 2018). There are several things that also can create some importance to generate interlinked transactions. Therefore, two different types of strategies also can be measured to distribute the value chain.

Perfect competition market

Figure 1: Perfect competition market

(Source: https://cdn-wordpress-info.futurelearn.com/info/wp-content/uploads/b2603501-5212-47ac-b2de-7ab224a50fb8-768x521.png)

After describe the perfect competitive marketing structure, there are two different types of factors stated in the market. It also generates some key features that show a key competition on the market. As per the economical concepts there is a gap in the competitive market that helps to gather resources. In the agricultural market competitors are there to maintain their position in the market. There also a demand and supply relationship situated in the market. If demand goes high then supply rate also will be high. To maintain stability in the market the company also generates some long run and short run process. Therefore, it also can be affect the firm in future. Therefore, agricultural goods also need to focus on their competitive market.

The product efficiency is mainly the distribution of service and good products that can be operated through a company. It also generates longer additional goods that lower the level of production and is considered to achieve both of the operational and allocation efficiency. There are two different types of profits like economical and normal profit. It also can be considered as long-run and short-run profits in the agricultural market. Normal profit is mainly implicit and explicit expenses that also can develop profits. It also creates efficiency in the opportunity costs (Andrei et al. 2020). Therefore, economic profit can be earned in the short-run way. Economic profit mainly helps to attract different types of competitors. Therefore, prices will also be high and the economy slowly falls. If firms earn normal profits comes under long-term techniques. There are few factors that can influence the competitions. Information technology is mainly used to give information about the buyers and sellers in the markets. Therefore, in the production technology is mainly to check the new technology that also can avail in the market. The transportation techniques mainly allow the products to move new products worldwide. There are various types of characteristics that can create some perfect competitions. It also earns extra profits that create some innovative information. There also comes allocate efficiency that also distributes some optimize the service to consume the economy (Aronson, 2019). Therefore, the productive efficiency mainly refers to a firm that produces some additional factors.

There are few factors that can affect the firm like biological, environment and agricultural (Maradin, 2022). These factors mainly increase the production rate that can manage the irrigations. Therefore, it also justified some existing farmland that created an impact on the environment. Climate change is also affecting the agricultural systems. It also develops a key environmental challenge that provides some innovative strategies to preserve nature. Floods also affect the crops. If heavy rainfall or water logging happens in the area that also gives a negative impact on plant production. During summer time heat stress is also an important factor that also damages the growth structure of a plant. Therefore, drought also creates a bad situation while growing a plant. That happens during summer time (Galt et al. 2019). If a plant does not get an exact amount of water then this kind of situation will arise. Therefore, it also depends on the agricultural demand that can adversely affect a biotic change of temperature. Therefore, all the crops can also be observed through models that create precipitation in the environment. It also can be an example of increasing an abnormal growth of metabolism in a plant. There are different types of effects in the drought. It also can be harmful for the plant. Some crops required high ph balance and some crops required now ph balance then the soil needs to be well balanced to grow the crops. Micro organisms also can cause the decrease and it can harm the plant. Therefore, the crops need to be grown in good weather.

Different levels of excess water

Figure 2: Different levels of excess water

(Source: https://www.intechopen.com/media/chapter/70658/media/F2.png)

The product lines that can provide a variety of high-priced and trendy products There are various market methods that can be used in multiple market situations. It also compelled the market's supply power. It also has an impact on the market. It also collects some subsidies that aid in the consumption of the products. It also approximated an experimental method for revealing the competition rate. If businesses make normal profits, this falls under long-term strategies. There are only a few variables that can have an impact on the competitions. Information technology is primarily used to provide information about market buyers and sellers.

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