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Importance Of Health In Society Assignment Sample

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Importance Of Health In Society Assignment Sample


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Reduce extreme poverty

Poverty is an essential social determinant of health, which is directly proportional with the physical and mental health conditions of people in society. For example, in Madagascar and Central Highlands regions, over 60% of children are affected by poverty-associated chronic malnutrition and stunting (Remonja et al. 2017). As a result, those children became more prone to infections, which reduced the health status of society. Therefore, the World Bank recommended that reducing direct cost of care can help the people in poverty to manage better health (WorldBank, 2014). On the other hand, better healthcare conditions will lead to increased working efficiency of people in the society, which will reduce poverty status.

Improve quality of life

The World Health Organisation has stated that healthy status is not only associated with good physical, social and mental health in a disease-free state; rather, it is also linked with improved quality of life of people (Healthypeople, 2020). Thus, targeting improvement of the quality of life of society can also improve social health status. In contrast, a healthy society will always have proper access to high-quality health systems, which help to achieve a better healthcare status to its people (Kruk et al. 2018). It will help people to overcome different chronic health conditions, such as cardiovascular diseases, respiratory problems and others based on proper awareness and care support.

Economic growth

Social health and economic growth of the society goes hand in hand. For instance, WHO reported that a healthy society reduces productivity loss via reduced worker illness, absenteeism rates. It also helps to improve health awareness among people, which fosters learning, growth and development of the children in society (IZA, 2018). Thus, in turn, it ensures education and employment of the future generation. An example of this condition can be defined via observing England’s last 200 years economic growth, which has been triggered by the proper health and nutritional status of the society (WHO, 2020). In contrast, an unhealthy society leads to development of imperfect insurance and credit markets.


Health and longevity are two almost synonyms in public health. If better health conditions can be achieved then longevity will be its result. Thus, these two terms can be called as the cause and outcome factors. For example, if in a society, social, political, and economic conditions are well, then the condition of education, quality of care, and employment conditions will also be favourable for the people (Freeman et al. 2020). As a result, the society's people will gain better access to healthcare services and related awareness. All such conditions will improve the average life expectancy of people in future days, while reducing the rates of morbidity and mortality.

Reduce cost of treatment to NHS

Aim of the NHS is to improve the overall healthcare conditions of people across the UK. However, increasing disease prevalence in the UK is implementing a significant financial burden to the organisation. For this reason, the NHS implemented a few strategies to increase productivity and savings of around £22 billion (The King’s Fund, 2015). For instance, preventing overuse, misuse and underuse of drugs can help people to tackle inappropriate care and increase health conditions. Focusing on proper service areas and creating an environment for better quality care to people can also help the NHS to reduce costs to treat people. Overall, the social health status will be improved.

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