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Leading Projects Assignment Sample

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Leading Projects Assignment Sample


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Project management can be defined as the utilisation of specific skills, knowledge, tools and techniques that helps in delivering something of value to individuals. Project management involves a team, schedule, a budget and a set of expectations that the team needs to meet in order to make a successful delivery of a project. This report will focus on demonstrating a range of leadership approaches along with various tools of Human Capital Management that can be applied in the organisational context to enhance the needs of the stakeholder for the purpose of achieving their buy-in to assist project leaders with the help of successful project delivery. It also helps in evaluating completing stakeholder agendas along with processing how effective communication with the stakeholders might be beneficial for them and removing barriers to change. With the help of this report, it has also been able to critically reflect on the various ethical implications of the project and the different choices that the partners made. 

Range of leadership approaches and tools of human capital management

It is very important to build a social network for the purpose of building leadership approaches that will help the leader in building a social network to gain trust that will be helpful for him in this particular scenario. It will be helpful for the leader to align his leadership style with the activities performed for the project so that they can together enable a solid value system along with enhancing the outcomes of the project. Barnard will receive several opportunities to accelerate innovation and information which will constantly help others understand the leadership style and its impact (Kerzner, 2022).

Participative leadership approach: With the help of this leadership approach, Barnard will be able to involve team members in the process of decision-making which will also allow them to feel engaged, included and motivated in the process of contributing towards developing and enhancing the outcome of the project. With the help of this process, it will help in increasing the motivation and job satisfaction of the employees along with encouraging them to utilise employee creativity. Participative leadership styles will also help in creating a b team which will enhance high levels of productivity which can be obtained by the same members in an united way (Stanitsas et al., 2021).

Delegative leadership: With the help of this approach, Barnard will be able to focus on delegating initiatives to the team members and it is one of the most effective and successful strategies because the team members are very much competent in nature. This will help all the team members take full responsibility and will engage them in an allocated individual work that will be helpful for them in improving their competence and experience along with contributing towards the project innovatively and creatively so that all the team members are being valued properly (Walker, 2015). This leadership style will help in creating a positive work environment which is required for the particular scenario.

Transformational leadership: In the transformational leadership approach, the leaders are responsible for inspiring their followers with the shared vision along with encouraging and empowering them for the purpose of achieving the same objective. This leadership style helps in placing high value on establishing corporate vision along with leading to a lower turnover rate of the employees. This leadership style can be utilised in this scenario in order to create high morals of the employees as well as providing motivation and inspiration to help her gain support of the employees (Heagney, 2016). 

With the help of Human Capital Management Software (HCM), Barnard will be able to effectively manage human resource capitals by allowing the HR and the people manager to statically operate and manage the entire life cycle of the employees working for the project. The functionality of this software will include learning and development system, resource management system, change management system, labour force automation along with various kinds of application design that will be helpful for the businesses in managing their people effectively (Armenia et al., 2019). With this software, Barnard will be able to take a step further by supporting the strategy that she has created in order to manage the workforce to enable the outcome of the project of building hospitals in the area. With the help of this software, Barnard will be able to improve the engagement of their employees and can help them in making sure that they perform their activity well enough to satisfy the stakeholders. Barnard has been able to implement different tools such as employee recognition scheme benefit programs and pulse surveys which are very much effective in terms of providing solutions to bridging the gap of engagement. These tools have also been able to effectively provide intelligence on which employees are at risk allowing her to act quickly in order to retain top talent so that she can focus on understanding the potential resource gap in the future that may occur (Clough et al., 2020). 

This will be helpful for both Barnard and Fernandez as Fernandes has b opinions on formulating various ways in which they can build a temporary hospital and manage it. She had also focused on communicating different information to Bernard and additionally told him that she has substantial funding that will help both of them assist with rebuilding the hospital which can be made available to the local individuals within days (Müller et al., 2019). Fernandes holds appropriate resources that will be helpful for both of them to increase the pace of vaccination programs on the island in order to prevent any kind of further casualties. With the help of HCM software, Bernard has been able to provide an effective learning and development program to the employees so that it is easier for him to retain and increase the capacity of the workforce. This software is Highly Effective in terms of tracking the training and development progress of an individual and also helps in ensuring that every employee has a personal progression plan that can be acted as a guidance to help them grow (Tereso et al., 2019). In addition with tracking, it also helps in providing individual growth along with various sources of information that are required for the employees on their training programs and learning opportunities so that it can help in facilitating the leader and helping them understand what kinds of necessary steps they should be taking to enhance the outcome of the project delivery. 

Organisational cultural dynamics

As Barnard has been able to understand the corporate culture of the project, it is his responsibility to try and adopt the frequency formality and type of communication that is customary in that culture. Therefore it is very important for him to proactively engage with the stakeholders in order to help them understand any kind of opportunities or issues that are taking place within this big project. Taking and reviewing the opinion, ideas, thoughts and comments from the stakeholders can be very much important and helpful for Bernard to understand the needful criteria of the project as well as helps in aligning the project to run smoothly with the help of his team members (Ika et al., 2020). 

Competing stakeholder agendas and how effective communication can help remove barriers

It is very essential to have a better understanding of the various requirements of a stakeholder along with keeping them actively updated with every find the information. In order to do so, it is important that essential interviews are being conducted whenever it is necessary. Any kind of changes to the issues taking place within the project should be communicated with the stakeholder with the help of a meeting (Richardson and Jackson, 2018). The stakeholders should be aware of every step taken by the Project leader and they should feel involved. The agenda to hold a stakeholder meeting is to discuss the project timeline, the milestone status, the milestone tracker, the issues and risks, top actions required and the next steps that will be taken by the leader of the project. Stakeholder meetings will be helpful for the leader and the entire team to add additional value to the redesigning of the project while enhancing the project planning system (Kerzner, 2022). Frequent planning of stakeholder meetings undoubtedly improves the outcome of the project along with the reserves of utilising resources in an optimal manner. It also helps in keeping the client and team informed while being able to build trust along with empowering them in order to help guide the project. It will also help in ensuring the outcome of the projects and keeping in mind the needs of the stakeholder so that they are in alignment with one another. It is important to schedule a group video call once a week in order to provide a summary of the project and to provide any kind of updates that should be necessarily made in order to to improve the outcome of the project. Having a screen to screen meeting can be one of the most effective ways in this scenario as it can help in addressing any kind of obstacles in a quick manner (Richardson and Jackson, 2018).

Effective communication with the stakeholders ensures that they are aware of the various objectives of the project and also helps in serving them to understand those who will be affected by the project. It also helps them in understanding the various ways in which they will be able to access and interpret information from the project along with being able to anticipate how stakeholders will be responding to it. Effective engagement activities with the stakeholders help the Project leader to have been understanding and identifying various groups who are in support of the project (Svejvig and Andersen, 2015). It will also be helpful for Barnard in understanding which of the following stakeholders are in support of the project and allows for an opportunity to better understand the motivations, behaviour and influences of the individuals who are in opposition. In this scenario, it will be effective for Barnard to communicate all the issues faced by the project so that the stakeholders also are able to have a clear picture of the scenario.

Ethical implications of the project

There are many ethical lines that can be crossed in managing a project. The bigger the projects, the more opportunities are there for individuals and companies to compromise their take in order to bring down the project on time and on budget. As a project manager, he has found himself in difficult ethical decisions from time to time and therefore it is very important for him to understand the PMI code of ethics in order to have a better and useful guide to ethical project management and decision making processes (Svejvig and Andersen, 2015). When any of the activities go wrong, it is human nature to avoid any kind of consequences and blame somebody else for it. In this scenario of Bernard, not only has it managed to damage careers and reputation, it has also created a huge amount of issues by considering the real source of the problem. It is the responsibility of the project managers to have a better understanding of the various significance of seeing their own mistakes along with recognising any kind of situation in which the team members or other stakeholders are attempting to transfer or ship their responsibilities for problems that are encountered by them.

Ethical Decision-Making in Project Management

On a large enterprise project such as this scenario, the stakes are very much higher as well as the pressure to get the job done. Under this kind of pressure sometimes the stakeholders tend to ignore and even consider various kinds of issues that might end up jeopardizing the health and safety of the project team members. This kind of issue has already taken place in this project; therefore it is very much necessary for the project managers to raise an alarm as they see potential hazardous situations (Richardson and Jackson, 2018). It is very important for the management and the project manager to make a workplace environment which is more respectful and includes this so that the employees and the project managers can be very much for familiar with their code of conduct and help the employees to ensure that this code of conduct is being followed for the rest of the project plan. It is also the responsibility of the project manager to focus on analysing any kind of situations where the employees are facing issues with the standards of the company. It is the responsibility of the project leader and manager to focus on improving the value delivered by the employees as a team along with understanding whether there is any kind of conflict that has taken place so that it can be mitigated in a systematic way to enhance the outcome of the project (Richardson and Jackson, 2018). All these factors should be considered by the project manager and lead Barnard in order to make ethically sound decisions which will be helpful for all the stakeholders as well as the theme to make better outcomes out of the project. 


  • All these aspects should be considered by the project lead Bernard in order to to reduce increasing agitation among the local population where they are expecting to rebuild a hospital temporarily that will be helpful for them in meeting their Medical and health needs.
  • Keeping all the ethical considerations in mind and communicating all the aspects to the stakeholders of the project will also help him in understanding significant ways of dealing with the interviews and press conferences while trying to manage the complex situation simultaneously.
  • Both Barnard and Fernandes should be able to focus on formulating suitable strategies in order to have a better understanding in the ways they will be able to increase their resources and utilise them in an optimum ways so that it can help in rebuilding the new hospital along with being able to maintain ethical standards and quality so that the local individuals can benefit from it without having to suffer from any future casualties.
  • These factors will also help both Bernard and Fernandes advocate action in a systematic manner where they do not have to encounter any kind of conflict in taking immediate or delayed action. With the help of effective communication, the stakeholders will be able to receive proper information regarding the project along with being able to understand where the project is being headed.
  • It is very important that the stakeholders feel that they are a part of the project so that they can also help in focusing and mitigating any kind of problems faced during the project deliveries. It is very important that all the stakeholders as well as their employees along with the project team focuses on establishing a proper outcome of the project so that they can suitably help the local individuals In receiving proper facilities to take care of their crisis.
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