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Managing Stakeholder Engagement Assignment Sample

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Managing Stakeholder Engagement Assignment Sample


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 Task 1

Identification of the stakeholders

The stakeholders are mainly referred to as the organization and individuals who are actively involved in the project and the interest of who can be positively or negatively impact the project execution for being a successful project. The application of the principle of the stakeholders helps in properly executing the project. All of those principles have included understanding, planning, consulting, key relationships, managing all of the risks, compromising, and understanding the overall success. All of those applications help in improving the strategies for the reduction of environmental issues by proper planning and managing risks by the stakeholders (Suhaib, 2019). In this development of the environmental policies, mainly the help of the finance director must be needed for proposing the policies (Hampelet al. 2020). Due to that reason, mainly the finance director is one of the important stakeholders who can propose the policies within the organization. However, the implementation of some external and internal stakeholder engagement is also necessary for team management and project distribution (Giordano et al. 2020). Internal stakeholders have highly included owners, managers, and employees. The external stakeholders have included government, patients, service users, pressure groups, customers, and suppliers.

Expectations and needs of them concerning the project

In that case, the main statutory requirements for engaging the stakeholders have included decisions about the needs, objectives, and goals of the objectives from the philosophy of those stakeholders and their main role in this project. The design for the stakeholders is mainly involved in advising or retaining the external consultants for the organization. By changing ineffective, the stakeholders can be involved which can reduce the lack of support for this project evaluation. Due to that reason, the involvement of stakeholders is one of the effective factors for this project evaluation (de Oliveira and Rabechini, 2019). The requirements and needs of the stakeholders are helping in representing all of the views of the business at the operational level. The expectation of the stakeholders is mainly based on the overall outcomes of the business meeting. However, the stakeholders have a great influence on the overall factors that helps in stimulating sustainable development and overall growth of the infrastructure and technology which helps in developing the environmental policies.

Own analysis of the stakeholders with their expectations and needs

In the case of preparing the meeting with them, the role of the thoughts of the stakeholders is one the important things. As per my observation, the stakeholder's analysis and their expectation are one of the main aspects of achieving the success of the project. However, it is also more important for improving the overall performance of the project (Torelliet al. 2020). However, for delivering the project, the stakeholder's performance is one of the important aspects of the project. However, in the case of progressing the meeting that is based on the development of the environmental policies some of the major critical thinking needs to be gathered that can be done by the finance director of this project. As per my observation, the participation of the stakeholder helps in enhancing the effectiveness of the environmental policies by integrating the knowledge of the stakeholders into the implementation and design (Civeraet al. 2019). However, the implementation of stakeholder’s implementation in the policy implementation helps in building the support for those policies by increasing the transparency, legitimacy, and accountability of decision-making.

Evaluation of the maps and evaluation of the stakeholders' relation in the project

The role of the stakeholders is one of the important aspects that help in improving the project analysis. Due to that reason, the involvement of the stakeholders is one of the important parts through which the project development can be done (Nguyen et al. 2018). The stakeholder’s involvement helps in promoting the awareness of the environment among the people which helps in improving the project development.

Table: RACI matrix

From the above analysis, it can be stated that the stakeholders are highly responsible for the improvement and execution of the project. Mainly for this policy development project for the reduction of environmental policies, it can be stated that the project managers are highly accountable, the government are mainly consultants, and consultants are obviously consulted, and patients and service users are playing the informed role for the execution of this project.

Importance of the stakeholders and their engagement in distribution

There has a lot of importance to engaging the stakeholders. The main reasons for engaging the stakeholders are included statutory, guidance, and supporting the changes for the implications. In this project execution, it can be stated that the statutory involvement of stakeholders is highly signified for informing, consulting, and participating in the stakeholders. Guidance from the stakeholders signifies for properly executing of this project. However, stakeholders of the groups are highly beneficial to this project for influencing the changes planning for gaining success. The engagement of the stakeholders helps in involving the process of decision-making (Shackletonet al. 2019). However, it also helps in creating sustainable change that helps in forming and providing decisions with the support for long-term sustainability (Measeet al. 2018).

Task 2

Different methods for engaging the stakeholders in the case of the validation of the policies implementation

There are different other ways the engagement the stakeholders. Engagement of the important and interested stakeholders is the main aim that can make the project successful. “Stakeholders focus groups” can provide the proper information about the project to the other stakeholders as well as the team members. The other method of engagement of the stakeholders with the proper engaging skills is the main reason behind the successful completion of the project. “Surveys” help get feedback from a large number of people. Different projects have different numbers of stakeholders under a particular project which belongs to the least important group. “Newsletter and emails” are another method for engagement between the team members and the stakeholders. Stakeholders play an important role in the development of the project towards success (Forsytheet al. 2019). The project manager is playing an important role in the development of the relationships between the stakeholders and the team, members which will ultimately provide the success of the project. This is the reason Project management should focus on communications skills which will help them to engage the stakeholders in the project.

Implementation of the communication strategy for effectively engaging with the stakeholders

There are different types of communication skills are present which can be used by the project managers for the development of a good relationship between the stakeholders and the team members who are associated with the project. There are different communications strategies present in society but there are 5 strategies that are mainly used by project managers and the skills are mentioned as follows:

  1. The detailed information of the project should be represented by the project managers in a “transparent way” which is the first criterion of good communication skills in the engagement of the stakeholders in the project. The more the authenticity of the information the more engagement of the stakeholders can be observed (Fritzet al. 2018). The intention of the project should be clear to the stakeholders so, they can grow interested in the project.
  2. "Suitably communicate with the stakeholders" is the priority of a project manager who can help in the proper engagement of the stakeholders in the project. Recognition of the person or the community is based on the nature of the stakeholders and according to the communication practices finding out the proper “communication channels” is the main aim of the project manager for the engagement of the stakeholders in that particular project. “Emails, Online platforms, social media, phones, or in-person groups” are the different ways through which the proper engagement of the stakeholders can be done by the project managers (García-Sánchezet al. 2019). There are different types and varieties of available communication strategies.
  3. “Understanding of the value of the stakeholders” is the main importance in the communication skills for the engagement of the stakeholders. The values of the stakeholders are understood by the project managers in this communication skill. In this type of communication skill, an open and curious attitude is maintained by the project manager in this communication skill for the valuable engagement of the stakeholders in a particular project.
  4. “The interests and the issues of the stakeholders are4 solved in this communication activity.” Providing feedback to the stakeholders is the main aim of this communication step that helps to understand the issues and the problems of the stakeholders. Solving the problems of the stakeholders is the main target of these communication skills which helps in the engagement of the stakeholders in a particular project (Loureiroet al. 2020). Sharing the proper information about the project is the main aim of this communication skill which helps to solve the problems of the stakeholders.
  5. “Keeping the records of all aspects of stakeholder communication” is the last step of the communication strategies which helps in the development of b bonding between the stakeholders and the team members. Different kinds of misunderstandings and delays within the team which is associated with a particular project can be solved through these communication skills. There are different tools are present under a particular project and among them, a particular tool “state tracker” helps in the development of the project by managing all the communication skills which are associated with potential impacts of initiatives. 

Task 3

Evaluate a comprehensive aide-memorie that helps in explaining the intention for maintaining and building relationships with stakeholders

Moreover, it has also been stated that maintaining and maintaining the relationship of stakeholder relationships are some of the major factors that need to be applied to that help in properly executing this project. For properly executing this project, valuing the stakeholders and making the stakeholders for feeling those valued helps in maintaining the relationship with stakeholders. In contrast, appropriate timing and method of contact for maintaining the contact can be the effective path for meeting the management and the importance of the expectation of the stakeholders. However, reviewing and monitoring are the most important aspects of engaging the stakeholders. Ensuring the engagement of the process for gaining continuous support can be an effective way of engaging the stakeholders. Moreover, reviewing those policies, obtaining feedback, and changing policies can be another pathway for engaging the stakeholders.

Issues that can affect these relationships

Some of the problems which are associated with stakeholder engagement are as follows:

  • “Trying to engage different stakeholders”
  • Moreover, legal issues for implementation of those policies and political issues can make another impact on making relationships. Along with this, the social and economic impact like lack of economical and social support can be another issue for building relationships. However, physical spreading of the gorgeous of stakeholders and disengagement can be another impact on building and maintaining relationships.
  • “Breakdown in the communications”
  • Different communications skills are available in the market for the engagement of the stakeholders under a project and unclear communication among them creates chaos within the whole communication system. As a result of the “communication breakdowns,” the project can be failed or some unnecessary delays can occur (Torelli et al. 2020). This negative impact can be reduced by regular communication with the stakeholders.
  • “Stakeholders do not share proper information”
  • In some cases, stakeholders are playing a major role in the success of the project a result but if the stakeholders are not comfortable sharing all the details with the team members, it is not possible to make a relationship between the team members and the stakeholders.
  • “Resource constraints”
  • The competition for the resources has mainly occurred between the different stakeholders. Some of the details of a particular project are important for the stakeholders for their project and they can use that detail for their purpose that is the reason a particular resource can create competition among the stakeholders.
  • “Competing priorities between stakeholders”
  •  Different stakeholders carry their expectations and goals in a particular project. Some of the projects are competitive among themselves which creates a distraction among the stakeholders and this type of competition puts a negative effect on a particular project. “Competition between the different projects” sometimes creates a negative impact on the process of proper stakeholder engagement (Torelli et al. 2020).
  • Evaluation of possible ways and conflicts solutions for resolving that Evaluation of a detailed memo for some other members that helps in accessing the importance of reviewing and monitoring the engagement of stakeholders and the implementation of this in achieving a project
  • In this environmental project then there are mainly two types of stakeholders present but managing these two stakeholders are very much difficult without a proper strategy. There are different possible ways present for the proper stakeholder engagement strategy and the different ways mentioned are as follows:
  • Stakeholder mapping” is the most important part of the engagement of the stakeholders in a particular project (Saraite-Sariene et al.2019). The identification of the stakeholders who were impacted is categorized under a matrix.
  • Overall stakeholder engagement is go through the different steps which include the different stages and faults in any steps that can create a huge problem in the process of engaging the stakeholders. “Inform, Consult, Involve, collaborate and empower” are the most important steps under this engagement process which has both positive as well as negative impacts on the team members as well as on the other stakeholders. The proper strategies will help in the proper engagement of the stakeholders under a particular project that is completely based on the impact of the project.
  • Along with this, conflict can be raised between stakeholder expectations and organizational goals. As this project is based on policy making so a lot of distention in their opinion can be seen among them, which help in reducing the resource availability and stakeholders. In that case, the main resolution of this conflict situation can be done when it deals with the conflicts on a group level and individual. All of those help in improving maintaining and building relationships with the stakeholders that help in engaging them in project management.

Overall it can be concluded that the above-mentioned strategies are reflecting both positive and negative sides of the process which is helping the project manager in the proper reviewing and monitoring of the engagement process.

Task 4

Evaluation of the method will help in using elicit stakeholders for viewing the policy

Before the production of the final draft of the policy, it is also necessary for engaging the groups of stakeholders for gaining input. However, the policies help in ensuring the views are taken into account in the preparation of the draft. The finance director also helps in improving their areas. Due to that reason, some of the major methods have been used that help in eliciting the stakeholders in viewing the policies. All of those methods are included discovery requirements, requirements of the organization and classification, requirement negotiation, and prioritization and requirement specification.

Figure 2: Methods help in using elicit stakeholders for viewing the policy

(Source: frontiersin.org, 2022)

Discovery requirements

This is one of the important processes that help in gathering and inter-acting the requirements from the requirements through which the stakeholders can require the system and the system of existence (Cohen et al. 2019). However, this step also helps in resolving the problems and helps in resolving some of the apparent conflicts.

Requirements of the organization and classification

Requirements of the organization and classification are one of the main important aspects of organizing the system of the overall structure. However, this kind of evaluation also helps in putting the related requirements and helps in decomposing the system into some of the major components for relating the requirements (Vieira et al. 2020). However, this kind of evaluation also helps in identifying the decision which is most suitable for the architectural patterns of design.

Requirement negotiation and prioritization

However, prioritizing the requirements also helps in focusing on the essential and all of the core features which is most important for developing the environmental policies that help in meeting the expectation of the users (Zafra-Calvo et al. 2020). On the other hand, achieving success is a more important process that is mainly given by the priority level functions. Due to that reason, all of those functions with the priorities need some higher focus and attention that is more important for making policies. 

Evaluation of the ways for gaining stakeholders' validation and their agreement for plans and policies

The influence of stakeholders on this environment development policy planning can be immense if the management of the system is not correct. Due to that reason, this can lead to the delay of the project, drain of resources, political intervention, and termination of the project. Effective understanding, management, and identification of the stakeholders and their expectations and triggers help in improving the ability the reduction of risk factors, and mitigation of the tailor measurement, and deliver a successful project (Carolus et al. 2018). For engaging the stakeholders, some of the major ideas, opinions, and agreements need to be implemented. The agreement can be the appropriate method that helps in properly engaging the stakeholders by assigning responsibility and recording the results. By making an agreement, the stakeholder's engagement is most important for this evaluation of this project because agreement helps in making a contractual relationship in this project management that helps in engaging the stakeholder's effectiveness. For that reason, they cannot sign off and cannot leave this matter. Due to that reason, the agreement is highly significant for this development. All of those practices help in improving policy development. Due to that reason, the stakeholder engagement, and their strategic evolution help in decreasing the hazard factors issues that help in confronting the stakeholders and community for activating the management.

Stakeholder mapping

The planning of stakeholders is one of the main key factors that help in including the proximity of the project, interest in the needs, projects, expectations, and concerns, and some kinds of the previous statement of the public. However, it is also one of the most important factors for planning environmental policies because it helps in gaining the underlying of the internal stakeholders like suppliers, employees, and others (Marana et al. 2019). Moreover, mapping the internal stakeholders helps in allowing the sentiment of the project and helps in supporting though the engagement and activism of the community members against the project.

Key influence

After stakeholders mapping, the understanding level is one of the most important things for influencing the stakeholders for interacting with the project team and others aspects. The possible influence range is boarded from the positive support and sentiment (Mustafa et al. 2020). For measuring the stakeholder’s influence, mainly the level of identification is most important for scale ranking which is included low, medium, and high.

Identification of the triggers

The stakeholders also help in reacting the ways of some of the different activities of the project that can be done by the mitigation of the measurements and the identification of the triggers which can be avoided by some preventable complaints (Albertini, 2019). On the other hand, the change in the experience of the stakeholders to their environment or their overall actions within the business and their overall behaviour can be caused for the reaction. Collaborating with the stakeholders with some potential known triggers helps in estimating the impacts of the reaction that helps in improving the project strategies and their identification for targeting the mitigation, communication, and alternative solutions based on the requirements of the environmental policies.

Proactive mitigation

After analysing the stakeholders, mainly a proactive mitigation plan needs to be developed that helps in developing the outlines that help in reducing the impacts. However, it also helps in identifying the non-negotiable, and negotiable. However, some minor changes have been also included here which are included some of the mitigation of noise measurements and techniques which are most important for the development of the environmental policies (Tsai et al. 2018). On the other hand, this kind of process also helps in improving the project by measuring the ownership of the mitigation.

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