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MSc Programmes Assignment Sample

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MSc Programmes Assignment Sample


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Topic: Impact of Human Resource Management on Organizational Performance in the post-COVID-19 era

Preliminary literature review

“Human Resource Management (HRM)” plays a significant role in the upliftment and improvement of organizational performance, especially within a competitive market. The growing demands for retail services have made the global retail industry extremely competitive in current times. So, the intervention of HRM appears as a major tool for managing the organizational environment as well as organizational performance on a broader scale. Global retail organizations like Tesco, Sainsbury’s, ASDA etc are constantly investing in the development of HRM within the organizations in order to boost their performance in the global market, especially after the covid-19 pandemic impacted their business. These organizations are constantly including “performance management programmes”, “work simplification” and “employee training programmes” for boosting organisational performance successfully (Anwar and Abdullah, 2021). After covid-19 hit the global business, HRM has set the bar of performance for organizations and enabled them to monitor and deliver the best performance in the domestic and global markets.

Requirements of the review

HRM assures an authentic and effective process of “recruitment and selection”, “employee management” and “feedback processes” within an organization. It takes “employee satisfaction, business productivity and performance” into consideration and constantly upgrades it, according to the changing standards of the market (Hamza et al. 2021). A detailed review of the “impact of HRM on boosting the performance of organizations, especially after the covid pandemic” can be effective to outline the way HRM enables global organizations to maintain their market positions over time. Additionally, the review can outline the “improvements in HRM by bigger retail organizations all over the world” which eventually is going to concretize the way “HRM impacts organizational performance after covid-19”.


The growing impact of proper HRM has made this the preliminary issue of the research, especially after global retail organizations have started to put stress on it more with time. The changes in the HRM of Tesco earned the company a business growth up to GBP 56 billion, even after the fierce impact of the global pandemic (statista, 2022). Sainsbury’s, on the other hand, earned GBP 29.46 billion in FY2021, due to its subtle yet impactful changes in its HRM. This makes “the impact of HRM on organizational performance” a research-worthy topic, especially considering its impact in the current business scenario of the retail industry on both domestic and international scales.

Boundary of the topic

HRM is a vast field in global business, especially while measuring its impact on the development and growth of an organization in multiple aspects. The vastness of this topic makes it complex for collecting country-specific or company-specific data regarding the main area of the research. In addition, this research requires some specific data about the impact of the pandemic, which is not available in a bigger volume for studying and doing research based on them. This can be a major constraint for the research, especially while outlining the quantitative impact of the pandemic on organizational performance.

Links to the sector

The retail industry already has a deep-rooted connection with the involvement of HRM as it has proved its impact multiple times on the business performance of the industry. Especially, after the pandemic shattered the global business industry, a few changes in the HRM allowed many retail organisations to recover most of their businesses in the post-pandemic era.

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