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Practice Evidence Based: Healthcare Assignment Sample

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Practice Evidence Based: Healthcare Assignment Sample


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The research contains a better understanding of the professional healthcare profession. The impact of digitalisation and incorporating digital technologies to monitor the condition of the patients will be discussed in this matter. The validity of the hypothesis will also be evaluated with the help of academic literature in that accordance.

LO1- Role of research in evidence-based practice

P1-Purpose of research

Evidence-based practice in health social care needs to be justified and that can be gained through the help of the researcher accordingly. With the help of evidence-based practice, researchers can deal with new problems and can find solutions based upon those to improve the whole scenario of healthcare professions. In this way, changes to healthcare treatments and policies accordingly. In the required situation, to provide high-quality care, this evidence-based practice would help a lot. There are several processes related to conducting evidence-based research. Apart from this, the gaps can be identified easily and researchers can work through this for mitigating these gaps. Through the research, the problems can be found and diseases can be diagnosed more easily. The pattern of care can be changed and the healthcare cost can be altered along the way as well. The background data is also collected to enhance accuracy.

P2- Required skills

In order to develop the research, the researcher needs some of the skills which will be described below. Some of the skills are- the ability to think critically, observe the minute details, the process of decision making, and the ability to think rationally. The ability to discover the things that would be useful in prospects is needed as well. Tolerance power and the ability to judge the situation is also required in this aspect.

M1- Analysis of current skills

I have well-developed skills in critical thinking and can remain calm in a critical situation. The critical situation of healthcare demands calm nature and as I have it, hence it will be considered as an area of advantage for me.

D1- Evaluation of ethical consideration

It is important to take ethics into a valuable range of consideration to avoid any harm to the specific individual. Apart from this while conducting the research, the anonymity of the participants has been maintained accordingly and any manipulation has not been done. The participants must participate voluntarily without any threat and they need to make vocal decisions about their opinions as well (Arifin, 2018). Collaboration with the patients’ needs to take place and these collaborative skills need to be there as well.

LO2- literature review of improvement in care practice

P3-Adopting more digital technology in healthcare in covid-19 pandemic

In the current situation of a global pandemic due to the covid-19 pandemic, health care professionals are more likely to adopt digital technologies for maintaining the safety of the patients. In order to implement the best practice, digital technologies can work like magic and can save the cost of the treatments accordingly and in this way, the moment of energy can be handled as well. Beyond the video visit, the patient’s health can be improved easily (Jadhav and Moosafintavida, 2020). Remote consultation can be done and diagnostic tools using Artificial intelligence can also be incorporated. Along with that, smartwatches, oxygen monitors can be used too for monitoring and evaluating the patient’s health. Engagement with the patients can further increase with the help of these technologies.

P4- Summary of the literature

The literature discusses the vast area of professional health care and the contribution of digital technologies in monitoring the health condition of the patients. In order to summarise the content of this literature, the main ideas need to be looked upon. With the health of technologies, the diagnosis can be observed accordingly (Golinelli et al. 2020). Big data have been easy to analyse and the internet of things has helped the process thoroughly in this context as well. Mechanical tools, wearable devices, sensors, telemedicine have helped the digital process as well. Patients nowadays feel comfortable with using these technologies and are keen to move towards this as the covid-19 is still threatening the health system.

M2- Evaluating reliability of own literature

The validity and reliability of this research need to be performed for evaluating this piece of research. The source of this literature is reliable and does not contain any sense of biases in it. The literature was originally published in 2020 and that was the time of the rising of the coronavirus and hence it makes the literature relevant to the circumstances accordingly. The information is clear and authentic and there are no errors found in the grammatical aspect and along with that, the vocabulary is correct. The sources use secondary data which are qualitative in nature.

LO3- Developing project proposal

P5- Benefits of using evidence-based practice

Utilising the new technologies which are an invention in the field of the medical brings huge developmental changes. The invention of the glucose meter helps diabetes patients to check the glucose level in their body, which is done with a single click (Francis et al. 2020). The invention of modem technologies in smartphone software, which detect and monitor the movement activities of the human body. The big suggestion from the consultant is that every individual needs proper sleep. Detection of the quality of sleep their invention of the smart health bands, which helps to monitor the sleeping qualities of every individual. Online doctors’ consultants help the patients to take a better treatment by sitting at home.

P6- Proposed research project

Aim-The main aim of the research is to investigate the importance of technologies in the medical field.


  • To find out the benefits of the patients using the new technologies
  • To determine the impact of technologies in the medical field

Literature review -In the country UK, there are many people who are using digital technologies in the use of the medical field. During the covid -19 pandemic, there are many people who take advantage of the digital platform, which helps in the consultant to the doctors (Shepherd and Burton, 2019. The research is mainly an investigation of the benefits of the utilise of digital technologies in the medical field. The invention of the oximeters helps in monitoring the measure of the oxygen level in the body. The patients get better benefits from this new technological invention.

M3- Rationale of the study

The rationale of this research is the effect of digital technologies in order to gain an advantage in patient’s health care. Patients are at a higher risk of infection in the crisis of covid-19 and with the help of various digital technologies, the risks of infections can be eliminated further. After the covid-10 pandemic, there are many people who are more hesitant to get outside their homes. Especially for not going to the hospitals, the consultants utilise the benefits of the online treatments (Trish et al. 2017). Online video conference helps older patients to make connections with their respective consultant all the time. The invention of digital medical measurement instruments, which helps the patients to track their health parameters in their homes only.

D2- Strengths and weaknesses of the proposed study

Clinical and serological data are required for the diagnosis of the diseases in the early stage and this cannot be gained through the digital process. AI-powered tools are not based upon the CT scan data and hence it is hard to measure the accurate stage of the disease. These can be considered as the weakness of this literature. However, the academic piece has a various number of strengths as well. Patients are not needed to go outside in the crowd with the help of these digital technologies.

LO4- Influencing positive changes in healthcare practice

P7- Contribution of this literature review in evidence-based health care

The current research areas have been identified with the help of this literature review. In the evidence-based health care system, the collection of evidence is prioritised mostly with the highest consideration. This is a systematic review and hence clear objectives can be drawn with the help of these. Important decisions regarding the health care of the patients must be evidence-based as it is more practical and more reliable in nature.

P8- How recent research has positive impacts

The outcome of this research has an important opinion about the patient’s care in this scenario of covid-19. The organisation should deliver the appropriate service to ensure the patient’s health and, in this way, healthcare professionals should cooperate with the whole process as well. This literature consists of important information based upon the usage of digital technologies and their contribution towards patient care in the crisis of the covid-19 global pandemic. The knowledge of relevant fields can also be expanded from the end of the health care professionals.

M4- own learning practice in the workplace

As a healthcare professional, I have witnessed the different advantages and disadvantages in the daily life of patients. The after-pandemic situation of patients has become evident for their implementation of different technology in health care. Different technologies like oximeter, telemedicine have become evident in the pandemic situation. I practically face the advantages of implementation of certain medical technologies which have innovated the new journey of medical practitioners. However, there are certain issues in this aspect that I have faced such as technical problems in these mechanisms that may interrupt the health care treatment.

D3- Evaluation of own journey in care delivery

As a medical practitioner, I have witnessed lots of situations that negatively impact my mind. The implementation of technological aspects has emerged the situation more extensively in care delivery. My objectives have been fulfilled by my own evaluation of care delivery. The considerable outcome in this aspect is a clinical improvement of the patient. I have faced different study programs related to the practice, intervention, or considerable initiatives in this aspect. I have critically encountered my own experience and convinced it to the care delivery aspect by the implementation of different technologies.


It has been concluded that evidence-based practice in healthcare has developed high accuracy to prevent illness so that better professional cures can be attributed to the patients. Throughout the study, benefits such as integrating high-quality techniques to the illness with clinical evidence via systematic research have been provided. 

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