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Reflection On The Three Development Goals Assignment Sample

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Reflection On The Three Development Goals Assignment Sample


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This report is a reflection work and to complete this reflection one popular model is used, the name of this model is Gibbs’ Reflective Cycle. This reflective cycle has five parts: Description, Feelings, Evaluation, Conclusion, Action (Ahmed, 2020). This reflective model is used to develop academic activities, it is very useful and it helps to make sence of the situation of work. By this model the one can understand what can make the work well and reflect that particular part where the improvement is necessary. It is a framework for students to resolve their problems step by step in their assignments (Bennett et al. 2020) .
In this report all the parts discuss how academic activities can develop and what types of skill is required for a degree programme and what the employability goal is and what types of technical skill is required to develop and discusses the wellbeing goal and all the steps required to develop these goals all are discussed in this report in details.

Reflection on academic skills development activity

In my degree program I find out that to achieve a good marks in assignment need to develop some plan related to my writing skill and research skill because to develop the assignments in brief then it is very important to follow some research work, firstly I make a clear concepts about the topic then search for this topic then start to write it.

To improve my writing skills and research skills I follow SMART goals. SMART stands for S- specific, M- measurable, A- achievable, R- relevant, T- time-bound. I start with a vision and a set of SMART writing goals that is Gibbs’ Reflective Cycle help in writing projects in time (Dhaliwal et al. 2018).

Gibbs’ model cycle starts with description, firstly I describe all the assignments in detail, and make a decision from where I can start my writing and what results come from that situation.

Feelings, in this phase any thoughts or feelings can explore and how this thought impacted on my project should be determined (Sekarwinahyu et al. 2019). When I get a large project then I divide it into different parts and I am quite happy and also motivated in writing that finally I am satisfied when I take the decision on how my project should be completed.

Evaluation, When I write my project, after some time I evaluate my work and find out the part that did not work with this situation and can evaluate the positive and negative aspects of my work. This evaluation helps me to do a good quality work in a given time.

Analysis, this step is very important for me because I analyse my writing and it help me to make a sense of the situation and I also get a chance to extract the meaning from my project and focuses on the detail part of it, and make different target aspects and can analyse that the target aspects work well or poorly. These approaches save my time because when I analyse the poor part of work then I rewrite that part and also include some academic literature to make my project more presentable.

Conclusion is also a very important part of a project. I write the summary of my work and highlight my learning part and what changes could help in future for better outcome also discussed in this section.

Action plan, is the last part of this cycle, when I am working in a project then I should know about my strength and weakness then make a plan according to my strong field, that make me more comfortable to complete my work effectively and every project work learn something new and that experiences can be applicable for next projects and it also help me to make an effective plan to make my assignment well.

When I submitted my project to my tutors, my tutor gave me positive feedback. This reflective cycle helps to improve my weak parts and my tutor also marks my good and weak parts. My strong part is that I write my project in a well described manner and all the parts are well described and analysed that was required to make this project presentable.

My weak point is that my tutor says that my research skills and my thinking skills are not up to mark and that part should be improved. Some research work is needed and some innovative thinking is required to make my project more clear and beautiful and I should rectify my weak points for my next project.

Reflection on employability goal and passport points

The World Economic Forum advises us to employ necessary skills that are essential for today and in future. They mention that the top ten skills are important for employees (Teng et al. 2018). Innovative and Analytical thinking, have to solve complex problems, have the ability of critical thinking and analysis, know about active learning strategies, must be creative and have originality in their work, Emotional Intelligence, can manage time and coordinate with the team, social and leadership influence, have the ability to solve the problem and implement new ideas.
To achieve the employability goal a technical skill is a very important part to develop, for future improvement technology designing and programming is very important (Li et al. 2019). Through this skill I should know about the management of computers as well as non computer technologies and programming help to design new and innovative products. Our World is changing the perspective of life and we use technologies for our daily life. Every workplace runs with the help of different advanced technology and the company uses more advanced technology to achieve success easily in this competitive market. So technology design is a very important and necessary technical skill to develop for employees (Vázquez-Ingelmo et al. 2018).
I develop this design technology skill, in this part I learn how to develop, design, apply, managenge and implement different computer and non-computer based technologies, and the purpose of this learning skill is to make design of communicative and constructive products that help me in my career. This technology can be applied to maintenance, construction, and determination of the problems of any product. This technology should be used by the construction and maintenance industry. It helps to design many buildings. This technology makes me more confident for tomorrow's employment (Fischer et al. 2020).
The Greenwich Employability Passport (GEP), helps to recognise our extracurricular activities, this Passport helps to create an evidence portfolio of my participation in different types of employability activities. This Passport helps to make me job ready with all skills and knowledge of employment. Passport provides me with great cover letter checks with CV, support in Interview and gives valuable guidance for development of careers (Iordanoglou, 2018). They organise a process of recruitment and Careers fairs to help the students for their future. They also help to search for a job where graduate qualification is required, and provide some internship programmes as per students requirements. They organise some psychometric tests that help to evaluate progress of yourself and provide some online resources related to careers. They have their own website and it is hosted on the CareerHub system and gives free access to their website.

I have an unrelated part-time job experience which has prepared me for my career. I take my training on design technology skills. This training helped me to crack my job interview. I have a well prepared profile on Linkedin and some other Job Websites. My CV for a job interview is made from Greenwich Employability Passport, they help me to build a job related CV. In my daily life I usually spend my time with some co-curricular activities. I like music and for my personal refreshment I always prefer to listen to music. In this competitive market I have a plan to start my own business. I am interested in business strategies and follow different market strategies to start my own business. I take part in workshops and employability events in Greenwich Employability Passport. I believe that communication helps to build a good leader and leadership is a very important part in the workplace.

Reflection on Wellbeing goal

There are five ways of Wellbeing that help the people to live happily with a healthy mind. To maintain a healthy life not only physically but also mental, five steps of the goal of Wellbeing help positively (Parsons et al. 2020).
These fives steps are developed by the New Economics Foundation, these steps are:

  • Connect, connection between people is very important and one of the fundamental needs of humans. Social relationships are critical to build a wellbeing and it acts as a buffer for ill mental health of different aged people (Hanc et al. 2019). To build a strong connection, if we talk directly to the people instead of messages or emails, it helps to build a strong connection. Ask someone’s problem and try to find out the solution together and speak with new people and cooperate in the workplace. It increases the feeling and makes them happy.
  • Be Active, regular different types of physical activities that can reduce stress and anxiety (Briguglio, 2019). In our daily busy life we can not find time for our physical exercises but there are some options that can also make us healthy, if we use stairs instead of lifts, walk to the others desk when required, go for a walk in a park with friends. In this way we can organise a plan in our daily life to be happy.
  • Take Notice, always give notices on the surroundings and be aware of those things which directly affect our health and mind. We need to highlight awareness and also improve our self understanding and make ourselves positive.
  • Learn, in our life continue learning gives us positive aspects of life and it enhances our self esteem and motivates us and encourages social interaction and offers us a more active and healthy life.
  • Give, take part in community and social life to help to attract the attention of different people. Research work says that when an individual has interest in helping others they rate themselves more happy than other people.

Summary and Conclusions

In this report it is discussed that to do a successful assignment the Gibbs’ Reflective Cycle gives positive results and helps to build academic development skills. To make an employability goal in this report uses the steps of World Economic Forum guidelines and technical design skill is used for better employment. Greenwich Employability Passport viewpoints are described to build careers. This report is also reflected on a Wellbeing goal and describes five steps on how a person can be happy and maintain a healthy physical and mental life.

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