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Principles Of Management Assignment Sample

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Principles Of Management Assignment Sample


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Principles of management refer to rules of thumb that are always beneficial in a proper situation to undertake appropriate solutions, which are always helpful for organizations (Lokshin et al. 2019). These particular principles always help the managers to take appropriate decisions by understanding the situations. This assignment is based on the topic “Principles of management”, this assignment is based on the framework of what I learned throughout the six weeks with its outcomes.

Week 1

At the beginning of the first week, the topic was "good management, as well as appropriate qualities that a manager should possess." As the topic is very interesting from the first week of class, I have to learn lots of things, such as

Qualities of a good management

  • Good management refers to a positive ambience in any organization where each and every employee is able to utilize their skills to make the organization successful (Terziev et al. 2018).
  • Managers play the most important role in ensuring organizational success by creating a positive environment, such as motivating employees in their work and so on.

Positive qualities that a manager should proceed

  • The most important quality that good managers should have is the ability to be a good listener. A good manager always allows others to speak, as well as gives priority to others so that they can also share their thoughts.
  • On the other hand, good managers should know how to motivate others as well as make good strategic plans and so on.

Week 2

The second week's learning taught me a lot of information in detail, such as the main role of good management, the key skills to managing an organization, different perspectives of management, key management responsibilities, and the ambience of the internal and external managing situation.

Role of good management

  • Management refers to the techniques through which it is possible to achieve the goal of an organization. Proper management skills are required to run an organization (Okafor, et al. 2020).

The key skills to managing an organization

  • To get success for any organization, it is a preliminary part of the planning to make a management system that can help the organization fulfill its objectives by achieving success. The main skills needed to make a company prosperous are the art of management and making connections with the people of the organization.

Different perspectives of management

  • As the definition of management suggests, it is an appropriate process of designing, organizing, exciting, and regulating that is carried out to investigate and achieve the aims through the utilization of people as well as other resources that are able to help the organization succeed.

Key management responsibilities

  • The key responsibility of the management is to manage employees in the organization by motivating them, giving them targets that are achievable, and providing them with a chance to express their own views (Perik, et al. 2020).

The ambience for the internal and external managing.

  • For any organization, it is necessary to take appropriate steps to make the internal and external environments conducive. The internal environment, such as the ambience of the company, and the external environment, such as the collection of all extrinsic influences that can have an impact on an employer's operations, competitiveness, as well as usefulness.

Week 3

In week three, I have learned more about the management system, such as the work of the management system regarding its functions, such as implementing various plans, making the plans organized manner, using an appropriate approach to leading tasks, and maintaining proper control over the projects.

About the practice management

  • Plan implementation by doing four things: making plans that are achievable, creating an atmosphere to make the task workable, and keeping the project under control.

Task and responsibilities

  • Make an appropriate ambience for work where people can work peacefully by providing their utmost effort.
  • Capable of meeting the employee's needs in order to motivate them to work (Poperwi, 2018).

The ambience of the internal and externals

  • It is vital for each organization to take the required efforts to make the international and domestic surroundings receptive. The internal factors, such as the film’s atmosphere, and the outer layers, include all extrinsic forces that can affect a company's activities, productivity, and applicability.

Week 4

In week four, I learned about various models of management, such as rational goal models, the model of the internal system, models of human relationships, and the models of open systems.

Rational goal model

  • This model is very important for any organization. Through this model, it is able to help the organization achieve its goal and meet the expectations of its objectives.
  • This method has a good structure and has been proven scientifically (Gómez-Ríos et al. 2019).

To provide a feedback on the formative assessment of quiz done in the fourth week, it ca be said that I gained knowledge and a clear perspective on classical and contemporary management skills. The inclusion of the models of Rational Goal Model, Internal process model, human relations model provided an insight on the needful of benefits an drawbacks of significant management theories taught to me.

Week 5

The concept of the models has been cleared for use with the advantages of the models such as rational goal models, internal process models, human relations models, as well as open system models.

  • The models of human relations help the organization to provide participants with cooperation as well as moral commitment.
  • Internal process models help an organization to provide appropriate help in the documentation of its management. However, it is able to provide stability of control.
  • Rational models help the organization achieve its objectives as well as provide appropriate products for the organization.
  • Open systems models help the organization to provide innovative approaches to growth (Smalley, 2018).

Week 6

In week six, I learned more about the mode of the open system.

  • Open system models greatly assist organizational management in providing appropriate innovation while also assisting the organization in achieving its goals.
  • This model plan has a very important role in the growth of the organization (Abdusalomova, 2020).


The term "management principles" refers to a set of guidelines that are always useful in a given context for implementing acceptable solutions that are always advantageous to businesses. These specific concepts always assist managers in making the best judgments possible by gaining a thorough awareness of the scenario (Abdusalomova, 2020). I've learned a lot in the last six weeks, including management principles and objectives that a manager should follow. On the other hand, I've learned a lot about numerous management tasks, obligations, and duties. In addition, I was able to learn more about other areas through this coursework, such as management practice and the external as well as internal environment.


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