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The Provision And Access To Education Assignment Sample

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The Provision And Access To Education Assignment Sample


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Annotated bibliography

Private and public education institutions perceive the difference in their motivation to achieve success (Achinewhu-Nworgu 2017). The major focus of this research was to analyze the differences in the student retention strategies in public and private schools or colleges. With this research paper, it has been found that there is a difference and inequality in the education of children in public and private schools. It has been identified that the difference in both types of schools is just because of social inequality. Poverty and low-income people are the ones who can't afford high education fees for their children. This is the difference between public and private education schools. Student motivation is one of the factors that have been identified to encourage students to achieve academic success. It has been analyzed that motivation is one of the education strategies to tackle the inequalities in access to education. 

Personal & motivational factors promote learning & student success. They have identified that self-efficiency, attributes for learning, personal goals, intrinsic motivation, and characteristics of learning tasks play a significant role in the learning process (Ilie, Rose & Vignoles 2021). To address the issues of inequalities in access to education, studies have shown the four processes of retention strategy to help students in the learning process such as sorting, supporting, connecting, and transforming. With this research paper, the quality of learning & teaching was found to be more theoretical and concentrated than vocational in the private colleges as compared to the public. 

The most important influence on educational attainment is how a child performs in school and in adulthood is all dependent on the family background (Pickett and Vanderbloemen 2015). Studies have shown that children can do better if their parents support them with a higher income and level of education. Students can do better if they have been provided a place to study. Inequalities in access to education are depending on the background of the family. Studies have shown that parental experience is passed on to the children in terms of poverty of resources & time, mental illness, violence, and domestic conflicts (Pickett and Vanderbloemen 2015). Studies have shown that a decrease in educational equality is dependent on reducing social & economic inequality. It has been analyzed that there are several variables behind the unequal educational outcomes such as gender, social class, and family of origin. 

With this literature paper, it has been identified that there is a gap between educational inequalities in access to education and educational outcomes. It has been identified that the government can provide a free school which leads to failing educational achievements.

The inequality of education in some countries is discussed and it has been identified that early higher education participation is important (Ilie, Rose & Vignoles 2021). Studies have shown that inequality in access to education is the inadequate supply of academic resources such as textbooks, technology, experienced teachers, and school funding. Inequality in education contributes to inequality in society. It has been identified that social inequality affects educational access in terms of unequal economic outcomes & political empowerment. The major focus of this literature was to analyze the level of education in the countries. According to this research, children who are good in their primary school but the ones who are from poor backgrounds fall back due to a low level of income in the secondary school. This is one of the major reasons that increase the inequalities in access to education.

It has been identified that education plays a key role in the process of social progress & development. Higher access to education leads to an improvement in the quality of people while providing job opportunities to them. Studies have shown that early learning is important in forecasting future higher education participation. Educational inequality is the inadequate delivery of theoretical resources, including experienced teachers, textbooks, technology, and school funding. They have analyzed that; parents play an important role in the access to education for children (Ilie, Rose & Vignoles 2021). 

Studies have identified that there are many inequalities in the access to education that led to vast inefficiencies & squandered abilities for society and individuals. With this literature review, the most essential drivers of the education inequalities have been identified such as institutional biases, adequate housing, and differences in access to high-quality schools. Those who have suffered from inequality in society are experiencing psychological barriers to educational success (Easterbrook & Hadden 2021). With the help of this paper, it has been identified that inequality in education can be reduced by funding to educate poor people, providing academic resources to low-income families, access to literacy resources, and developing major projects and resources on education. It has been identified that educational inequality is all about the difference in access to instructive funds amongst social groups. 

Studies have identified that lower and middle level families have been provided the education facilities for their children but there is a difference between them. It has been analyzed that both types of families have differences in terms of living standards, education, health care, and reputation. It has been identified that poverty and persistent social & economic inequalities contribute to different school access and learning. Due to the unequal economic outcomes & political empowerment, lower-class families are not being able to provide enough education to their children. It has also been identified that to tackle these inequalities of education, government should take major actions to solve the social problems first. A better educational facility depends upon the economic condition of a particular country. The government has been planning to provide free resources to the students in terms of providing knowledge and education to them. So, they can get a job opportunity to improve their living standard in that particular country.

Rich Picture

Design Fiction

Design fiction is a discipline that provides an opportunity for designers to look far into the future. It offers a method to review, discover, & analyze the possible futures they embrace. With the help of design fiction, social problems can be solved while designing a new solution with a projected outcome. Education is perforated with inequality. Inequality in education upsurges inequality in society. It has been identified that education plays a significant role in economic development & better lives. Addressing educational inequalities is a key to creating a more sustainable society (Xu 2020). Which one can use the design fiction technologies to highlight the issues of inequalities in access to education? 

Digital technologies enable society to overcome social inequalities which include educational inequalities. To reduce educational inequalities, the government should introduce major projects related to providing education. These projects must apply to those people who are unable to get educational qualities due to their poverty. The project is related to providing academic resources to children who have no access to them. With the use of technologies like animation, 3D printing, and learning applications the project will be developed while projecting the future. Poverty, low-level income, and more are the reasons that have increased educational inequality (Niessen et al, 2018). The project must provide the necessary resources to all the children who are not been able to access education. Digital technologies enable the improvement of an individual learning experience which can be used by society with the help of the design fiction concept (Søndergaard and Hansen, 2018).

Digital technologies help to get innovative ideas to solve problems like inequalities in access to education. With the help of a rich picture, one can see the causes and issues of inequalities in access to education (Woolf 2020). To overcome these issues, certain strategies have also been found that have shown in the rich picture. A key to reducing inequalities in education is the motivation of students that can bring inspiration to learn something and to achieve success. However, these students are lacking access to academic resources. To solve this problem the government can develop a project with which they can offer free resources and a platform for learning (Ballard, Chappell and Kennedy, 2019).

Design fiction theory involves 4 aspects with which a society solves the problem by looking at these aspects. Such elements include looking good, virtualizable, buildable, and making sense of the proposed solution. With this theory, the solution to inequalities in education will be analyzed (Nägele, Ryöppy and Wilde, 2018). Design fiction provides the solution to a social problem while projecting future outcomes. There are several techniques that can be used to reduce the inequalities in access to education. It includes: When the social inequalities will decrease it automatically reduces an increase in the inequality in the education. Personalized learning also reduces the differences between individual students (Baumer et al, 2018). Modern tools can be applied by society to improve the experiences of students which will help them to reduce the knowledge gap among children. Tableau, Casual, Quaire, and more are examples of modern tools.

The rationale of design fiction

Design fiction is related to solving the problems of social, and economic issues while creating new prototyping. In a rich picture issues of educational inequalities have been identified with their causes. The main reason for educational inequality that has been identified is the poverty and low-level income people (McVeigh-Schultz et al, 2018). It has been identified that digital technologies help to reduce social inequalities while applying some retention strategies. Design fiction improves the current issues to secure the future of people. In this report, a social issue has been addressed related to educational inequalities which can be improved with the help of design fiction. The rich picture has identified the factors that enable them to remove educational inequalities. It has been identified that when the government throws light on the poverty of people with their lifestyle then it will enable to tackle the educational inequalities. With the help of design fiction, it has been identified that the government should introduce a project in which they must provide basic facilities to the people and must give work opportunities to them. The work opportunities will improve their life as their income will be increased (Chakravorty, Bamrah and Mehta, 2020). Educational inequalities are not in the sense of poverty of people but also related to the family ground. With the help of a rich picture, all the issues have been identified in terms of educational inequalities.

Secondary research has shown that children's education is also dependent on their family background. The good education of the students depends on the environment of the place where they are being taught. With the family ground, the level of income also matters. This is the reason that private and public schools are differentiated by their parents. The difference has been identified in the education of public and private schools. Digital technologies help to improve the learning experience of students while providing them access to academic resources. Through the project of providing educational materials, they will also provide teaching classes to the poor people.

Design fiction is connected with secondary research and a rich picture to solve the social problems in society. It has been identified that with the help of design fiction, society can overcome social problems. This is because design fiction has been planned according to the current circumstances while projecting the challenges in the future for that particular social problem. It has been analyzed that design fiction is a practice with which an individual can project the possible future by creating scenarios with different designs. According to the design fiction, resources are provided to lower and middle-level income people to reduce the inequality in access to education. It has been identified that the government is planning to make a project to provide free resources to the power-level people. Design fiction enables the society to turn out the situation in a positive result.

Critical reflection on contemporary HCI

Human-computer interaction is all about solving innovations & problems. HCI plays an important role in managing things. It makes the user's experience more enjoyable in the long term (Jürgens, Correia and Masu, 2021). HCI is a multidisciplinary topic that emphasises computer enterprises & user knowledge. It can be applied to all issues like social issues, social justice, politics of participation, or marginalized communities. The main concern of HCI is to ensure ease of use, discoverability, simplicity, and operability. HCI is very important for society as it is involved in all the phases of development. The human-computer interface involves people, technology & the communication and exchange of information between both of them. The common impact of human-computer interaction is on society. It helps to improve the life of society. It has been identified that HCI guides together competence from the computer & behavioural science, and plans to allow better interchange in the middle of machines & users.

With the help of the above image, it can be identified that HCI literature includes several examples of human-computer technology engagement with social issues. This literature review has identified the need for two main classes of impacts that have motivated these struggles to improve social issues (Corbett and Loukissas, 2019). Technological influences have a primary impact on the social issues that have led to the HCI involvement. Some of the influences or social changes that led to the HCI involvement include:

The community and family need lead to social issues in terms of inequalities in access to education. It includes all types of categories that require HCI involvement such as communication, energy conservation, gender issues, and civil society. The communities' involvement with the issue of expertise to meet the needs of the people with incapacities antedates the development of HCI. It has been identified that communities & family needs include children & education, older adults, universal usability, and social computing. 

As per the views, of Corbett and Loukissas, (2019) Social justice issues have been addressed in the field of HCI such as sustainability, homelessness, colonialism, and gender dualism. With the help of this literature review, it has been identified that gentrification or redevelopment is the expression of economic inequality and is an important matter of social justice. With this research paper, it has been identified that some of the social justice frameworks have analyzed with which an individual can learn things (Hardy, Wyche and Veinot, 2019). The framework of social justice requires human-computer interaction requires a promise to join, conflict, and politics to experience domination. Dombrowski, Harmon, and Fox's framework have six social justice dimensions such as distribution, enablement, reciprocity, enablement, transformation, and accountability. Educational inequalities are a major social issue that has been addressed with the help of HCI. With the use of contemporary HCI, social issues can be improved by making the lives of people easier.

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