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Effective Leadership In Managing The Organization Assignment Sample

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Effective Leadership In Managing The Organization Assignment Sample

Chapter 1 Introduction

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1.1 Background of the study

Tata is a multinational conglomerate with operations in India. Its main businesses include Tata Steel and Tata Motors, which has now transitioned to Tata Electric Vehicles, and Tata consultancy services (TCS). Tata is facing challenges during the globalization era, and organizational improvements are obliged to implement that a corporation may compete and adapt in a rather competitive and the ever environment. To ensure that changes could be made from across company and done effectively, it's vital to have a well-thought-out transition management plan in place. Though organizational change seems to be in business, it is gathering steam in government organisations. In order to implement changes effectively and efficiently, leadership style must always be led by strong leadership. (Llewellyn, 2019).

Tata Consultancy logo

Figure 1 Tata Consultancy Logo

(Source: Home, 2022)

1.2 Aim and Objective

1.2.1 Aim

The research aims to effective leadership in managing organisation and evaluation the leadership qualities.

1.2.2 The objective of the research are as follows:

  • To analyse the concept and importance of effective leadership in managing organisation.
  • To critically evaluate the role of effective leadership in organisation.
  • To determine the factors impacting effective leadership in managing Tata Consultancy
  • To study the relationship between effective leadership and management of organization.
  • Recommendations for enhancing effective leadership in managing organisation.

1.3.1 Research questions primary research question:

Q1. To determine importance of effective leadership in managing organisation?

1.3.2 Secondary research questions

Q1. What is the relationship between effective leadership and management of organisation?

Q2. What is the strategy effective leadership in managing organisation?

1.5 Research problems

 The core concepts and practises of leadership and management have certainly remained crucial all along in choosing the best method that the current sector faces. This relation is also projected to become even more difficult as a result of something like the characteristics of 21st-century companies and the modern global financial system(Hao, &Yazdanifard, 2015)..

Figure 2 Leadership qualities

(Source: Wooll, 2021)

1.6 Rationale of the study

 Leadership qualities

Figure 2 Leadership qualities

(Source: Wooll, 2021)

This study will be useful in determining the effectiveness of both traditional and electronic marketing strategies. Organizations are unable to improve and identify marketing tactics that can assist them in achieving market effectiveness. As a result, the research here aids in the identification of appropriate marketing tactics, which are extremely important for firms in today's environment(Boyatzis et. al., 2015).

1.7 Structure of the research study

• Introduction of the chapter: The first chapter provides the awareness behind the study and actions as the base of the particular research.

• the first chapter demonstrates the awareness behind schedule the exploration and methods the base of the specific research.

• Research methodology: This segment defines the method undertaken to conduct research on effective leadership in managing the organization.

• Results: The concluding and consequences are described in this specific sector.

• Conclusions: This slice provides the details of the tata consultancy services.

Limitations of the study

The data composed in this specific research is directed by using effective leadership in managing the organization’s sources. The primary sources increases the accuracy in the leadership in the management of the organization which is not covered in this study.

Chapter 2 Literature Review

2.1 Introduction

This part contains the information gathered from multiple sources to finish and execute this study. The material was gathered from various sources, including pdfs and journals authored by diverse authors. The study's findings will aid in understanding the various Marketing methods now in use for the benefit of Tata consultancy services and to help it stand out from the competitors (Leithwood, et. al., 2020).

2.2 The concept and importance of effective leadership in managing an organisation.

As per Ghasabeh, et al., (2015), leadership is demonstrated to affect the employees' behaviour and their attitude towards the company's progress. Strong leadership abilities enable a leader to effortlessly motivate and influence the company's people and implement effective reforms. If there is a lack of effective leadership, organisational reform is a non-starter. This is due to the lack of managers who can motivate and lead the individual's knowledge while also providing clear guidance.

According to Amanchukwu, et. al., (2015), effective leadership in managing an organisation by imagining the potential. Leadership can take the supporting progressestablished concept will be adequately defined, intelligible, and achievable for both sides. Leadership should have a thorough understanding of their company's vision and mission and the operations necessary to attain objectives. Researchers should also investigate the operating philosophy of the organisation. The fingers of a director are strewn with the responsibilities of managing. Leaders help people gain the skills they need to deal with changes in the company. The conception, implementation, and management of planned change require careful attention from efficient and thorough leadership. Businesses should be more open to adapting to obtain a higher advantage with the enormous technological advancements of the twenty-first decade. They decided that top management was the only way to keep pace with the trends.

Management and Leadership

Figure 3 Management and Leadership

(Source: Llenwellyn, 2019)

In the word Sfantou, et. al., (2017), leaders help people gain the skills they need to adapt to changes in the company. The invention, implementation, and management of leading change are essential elements of successful and complete leadership. Companies should be highly flexible to change to obtain a higher advantage with the significant technical breakthroughs of the twenty-first decade. Believe the only way to keep pace with the trends is for an effective manager should change.

2.3 Evaluate the role of effective leadership in the organisation.

According to Al-Haddad, & Kotnour, (2015), the relevance of strategy formulation in businesses has risen dramatically in recent years and has been one of the most critical parts. The management expertise and core leadership responsibilities of training to distribute, preparing, organising, direct understanding, work attitudes, change adaption, and ongoing inventive concept design are all critical to the overall strategy. To achieve continuous improvement, leaders in organisations must actively encourage their team or employees, resulting in a greater engagement rate in the management process. This, in turn, is consistent with those other studies' findings. Every manager needs to improve effective leadership and managerial skills to convince employees to improve their paths. Consistent motives and instructions across the organisation must be guided by a manager or leader, as it can boost employee productivity and, as a corollary, performance management through.

According to Priest, & Gass, (2018), research findings showed that influential leaders had a favourable influence on workers' altered attitudes throughout the organisational restructuring. Individuals' willingness to accept progress has been aided by strong organisational leadership. It has increased overall efforts whenever workers are engaged in the process, but there are positive changes in the organisation due to idealised influence. Leadership was thought to be the only approach to access elevated amounts of positivity and work motivation since it can show people the genuine advantages and significance of differences.

2.4 Primary factors impacting effective leadership in managing Tata Consultancy

In the word bin Nordin, et. al., (2019), the impact of effective leadership in managing the tata consultancy success of the company is entirely defined by its leadership. It's the technique under which one researcher is constantly in control over others. Leadership is a method of influencing individuals to reach a common objective and managing a company to be more logical and trustworthy. Companies look to the leaders for practically everything else in companies in which the leadership is trusted.

(Source: Jin,2016)

According to Andriani, et. al. (2018), workers will regard leadership as helpful, attentive, and dedicated to staff well-being throughout a fast-changing world while still understanding that tough choices must be taken. Moral courage, persons who should to be a leader may acquire leadership qualities which are comes formexprience. The first is conviction and assurance in leadership, which will be measure staff thoughtstowards the company.Effective management communication to help staff learn and participate in fulfilling the organisation's business goals and exchange knowledge about the company to workers for their advantage and direction.

2.5 The relationship between effective leadership and management of organisation.

In Ghoddousi, et. al., (2015), the relationship between effective leadership and management senior leaders should assist in the changes, as per the article's essential strategies. A comprehensive governing system for changing planning and control changes is also required and top management. This would guarantee that various parties can influence the outcome, only to the extent that the function and framework are constrained by the core of the organisation and the type of changes. Furthermore, workers must have competence or aptitude in project management. The recruitment and the use of change agents within an organisation are crucial in a change because reforms that use consultants throughout an organisation are double as crucial in influencing breadth from across core areas of implementing change.

As per Liu, et. al., (2016),the company workers whose supporters or colleagues have faith in their leaders, especially concerning upcoming organisational changes, people are more inclined to follow because they think leaders will lead them along the right road for themselves to the organisation. Aside from that, leadership with excellent leadership skills will establish a positive environment in the organisation, positively affecting the actions and employees’ attitudes. Both management and workers should participate in training courses since additional knowledge can enable them to perform better. This could improve the smooth execution of change initiatives while also improving staff efficiency and quality. Leadership that wants to see substantive change in their company must enable employees to collaborate and interact with each other. However, leadership can benefit from and respect what the staff says.

2.6 Recommendations for enhancing effective leadership in managing organisation

According to Leithwood, et. al., (2020) tata consultancy services is the one of the best companies in Indian constancy. Tata consultancy services struggle to differentiate between the success of electronic and traditional marketing tactics.Prior researchers analysed the thoughts and literature on business transition in particular, as indicated inside this study. The academics additionally conducted substantial research on the topic of organizational change. The various types of organisational modernizing are 'planned against initial proposal' & 'initial round against latter round' modification. The difference between both scheduled and unscheduled transition seems to be that the planning process is a conscious strategy or strategy to progress the business, although impairment loss is a reply to external factors that influence a firm's big industry, such as rising inventions or competition. Firms must regularly interact in order to adapt to business strategy in a far more collaborative manner to meet this situation.

As per Amanchukwu, et. al., (2015). Managers can choose the most successful platform for running their businesses based on the outcomes of this studyThis paper tried to evaluate how social research methods successfully dealt handled project management throughout history as well as how Tata can address these issues while taking into account the leadership behaviors of its leadershipGlobalization also has a significant effect on technology businesses. All sectors should react favorably to contemporary situations in the recognition of ideas and efficient and productive methods. Development is a multi, continuous, and combined with the latest. First process is main suggestion, that comprises planning for change by underlining the transformation's importance and benefits. Each individual and corporation should be able to easily exit its current situation. The second step comprises the different actors developing and promoting policy acceptability.

In the word Priest, &Gass, (2018), the freeze thaw cycles stage, but at the other hand, here is that when modern management alterations or norms are widely accepted and routine. In order to accomplish additional method, the Tata consultancy requires qualified and experienced administrators who, from the other side, have understand overall controls. In order to fully implement and execute the transformational culture, they also must be prepared only with efficient leadership techniques and traits.Through using published research, the need of an effective leadership style for leading organizational transformation will be emphasised. As per prior research, competent leaders have the power to persuade staff to participate in effective implementation programmes.

2.7 Summary

In a nutshell, it concluded that tata consultancy services face unique business problems and difficulties, necessitating a tailored framework to tackle them. In order to fix problems effectively, a leader or manager should first find out the problems and then explain and persuade employees or adherents to approve change initiatives. Their commitment to trying demonstrates that the leader is a good frontrunner to identify opportunities for improvement (Leithwood, et al., 2020). To get leadership skill, one must receive instruction to improve one’s talents. This is even preferable to incorporate workers in the instruction because this will encourage them and so improve the employee's work performance.

Chapter-4 data analysis

Case scenario-1 700-800

Introduction to tata consultancy- 100 words (vision, mission, aims)

Tata consultancy always concerns about the climate and work accordingly. The business development of Tata consultancy gives a big impression to save the environment. The impactful development through green environment Tata consultancy administers the contribution of its employees and assists them economically. The chairman of Tata consultancy Natarajan chandrasekaran is non independent Board from 2017 of Tata sons working and promoting 100 companies operated by Tata and generating revenues more than $100 billion a year. The mission of the company covers the best in class counselling to the people in need and accomplishing the business goals by IT arrangements and good administration work. The values provided by Tata consultancy is upon the leading change which gives respect and encourage the working culture of the company through learning and sharing.

Tata’s consultancy -leadership positive effects

The leadership style followed by Tata consultancy is to work with authority developing the effective and positive light on society issues. The ever changing development gives stages to bring people to interrogate and Tata consultancy leadership provides cultivating lines with the joint efforts of employees. The company changed the working style by leadership innovation caring with work to draw worthy administration lines in which not for profit work serves Tata consultancy strong network base. The new era of innovation advancement offers the unique opportunity of serving legitimate problems; satisfying human needs and leadership of Tata consultancy create new development opportunities by addressing the solutions to problems.

Leadership of Tata consultancy use the ingenuity and resources of the private entrepreneurs to collect the assets of the government’s civil societies and nongovernmental organizations working to digitally empowers providing sustainable solutions.

In the financial year 2020 the Tata consultancy leaders arranged stage from Atlanta and charlotte with the help of national forum of Washington associates in order to investigate tech answers for nearby issues. The company’s leaders push the limits of development and coordinate the efforts to make the world a best place to be live with fewer problems financially and mentally. Leadership provides the representative commitments which work as motor to accomplish the efficient advancement level in Tata consultancy. From significant 15 years the leadership of Tata consultancy gives numerous business chances in positive manner. The digital empower award program recognizes the effective leadership of Tata consultancy for the technology innovation and addressing the critical community issues. The leadership also increase individual access and equality to push the boundaries to solve the local problems inside and outside the company. Tata consultancy Leadership gain tremendous edge on rivalry through levelling up the efficiency on the basis of intellectually and truly respecting the human assets. The young exploration of Tata consultancy improves the proficient human resource management with the help of leadership. 159 experts from Tata consultancy services were interviewed on the goal breaking factors of the company all considered the one statement represented impactful working of leader’s commitment which brings the outcomes of success.

How tata consultancy motive employees

Tata consultancy motivates employees by giving them opportunities to expose themselves through different work environment. The sound management frameworks in place, it becomes easy for a Tata consultancy to work effectively with a labour force of 3,35,000 to ensure its consideration and affection for representatives. The management motivates employees many times and recently by a surprising offer of a one-time bonus in April, undoubtedly one of the best management in the Indian business world. TCS set aside Rs 2,628 crore in one-time worker compensation, with each representative receiving seven days' pay for continuously completing tasks, in order to stamp ten years of service. It was energising at a time when programmers are being troubled by high rates of wear and tear.

The open door of the management, according to TCS, is worth billions of dollar s. The basic strategy of management to motivate employees is based on staying close to clients, learning their business needs, aiding them in resolving issues, and making predictions that are supposed to be relevant to clients. In light of the combination of computerised capabilities and proper guidance of management is the way towards opportunities from numerous parts, such as massive working ability in the segments of data analysis, cloud, client experience, examination, or new composite advances like the Internet of Things, hyper-localization, and 3D printing.

The Management of Tata consultancy acquired critical unmistakable quality on the back of its capacity to support industry-driving development, supported by its full-administrations ability across a wide range of market segments, solid encroachment in key enormous business sectors, and profound client commitment with the help of employees who are always motivated to put their hard work in company. The managers of Tata consultancy try to keep employees motivated by the type of work they do, by fostering a positive work environment, and by rewarding excellent performance. The human resource management Team even shift people from one commitment to the next, from one country to the next, and from one innovation to the next. Company management system designs different workouts to help people cope with anxiety of representatives. TCS has a long list of entrepreneurs operating individual speciality units worth anywhere from $500 million to two or three billion dollars. Strategies of management to motivate employees are of more modest, light-footed speciality units overseen by capable supervisors establish a number of open doors within the association.

How the company communicate with employees

Over the last four years, the global worker commitment file has climbed, with the most recent year accounting for about half of the total increase because of development of communication strategies and the use of devices to coordinate with employees. Despite a tight labour market in the United States, financial instability in Europe, and other commercial issues in many parts of the world, the global representative commitment record increased from 62 percent to 65 percent. Representatives who are drawn in are more likely to experience the benefits of the organisation and invest fully in their job when they feel connected to it is only because of good communications skills developed in Tata consultancy. Furthermore, with recent college graduates set to become the largest age group in the labour forc under Tata consultancy by 2020, there is a strong need to shift perceptions on job satisfaction. An thoughtless system that strives to eliminate voluntary exertion by regulating workers' responsibility and feelings cannot achieve genuine engagement. Workers are quick to see through such activities and can become unpleasant and disappointed as a result. Because recent college graduates and the powerful megatrend of digitization are so closely linked, Digitally Enabled Engagement will be the greatest way to communicate in Tata consultancy which measure up to the expectations of the new work force.

Versatile applications for real-time updates and enterprise through Mobile Phones - wide communication When big updates are communicated to representatives in a transparent manner, it makes a difference. Late discussions or failing to talk openly with employees can jeopardise commitment. Digitizing in Tata consultancy is communication strategy used through mobile applications, which can serve as a continuous representative commitment stage for colleagues and administration to anonymously share their ideas and critiques, will help representatives feel valued at work and will be critical to the dynamic cycle.

Case scenario-2

Blockbuster is very much an American corporation that exercises great power in the media by providing subscription services for online games and audio recorders. Originally, these organizations were promoted through vendor booths that were primarily diverse and under private ownership. Because of increasing interest and innovation, Blockbuster has consistently improved its management service and introduced new items such as DVD delivery via client communications, internet films that are frequently asked on the search, and the deployment of stalls. 

Blocbuster poor leadership

The organization arrived at its level during 2009, when it had 1,700 stores in the U.s. what's more, branches in 17 nations across the world, as per its presentation and patterns. The association's central commands are situated in McKinney, Texas. Blockbuster has been shaken by various financial emergencies because of cutthroat market, bringing about critical pay misfortunes. This came about after the organization defaulted on some loans in September 2010, driving in an offering where Dish Network was granted the obtaining for $233. Following the closeout, the organization is worked as a Dish Network auxiliary.

In the repercussions of innovation, this comment from their 2006 Annual Report to Shareholders evidently demonstrates their failure to meet client assumptions by the Leaders of organization. "We work in an exceptionally cutthroat home video and home computer game industry, which remembers for home film (i.e., dramatic film, TV series, and direct-to-video item) and game diversion essentially gave by customary (i.e., cinema, TV series, and direct-to-video item) and game amusement suppliers.

Retail shops, online retailers, link and satellite suppliers, and computerized circulation through the Internet are largely instances of "available" conveyance. Company’s leaders feel that by giving both available and online film rentals, in-store game rentals, and in-store retail items, companies have a novel situation to address their shoppers' amusement needs. Be that as it may, the rising accessibility of in-home diversion through modern dispersion channels and other relaxation exercises through the leadership has an effect.

Blockbuster kept on remaining established to their centre in-store business and permitted Netflix and others to take their piece of the pie while they watched and did hardly anything to safeguard their company. Blockbuster rushed to answer the innovation changes and client requests. Rather they kept on developing a no savvy model that was creating endlessly lower benefits every year. Blockbuster was too postponed to even think about evening contemplate changing and executing the fundamental frameworks to keep their existence. They allowed Netflix to work pretty many 10 years prior to offering an identical solution for their clients.


Blockbuster went through a progression of significant changes to achieve vital strength and recognition. Moreover, the organization was worried about making and developing solid associations with its shoppers by getting expert client care administrations from different firms, for example, Acxiom, which was instrumental in 2003. Blockbuster had the option to layout a steady client relationship with the executive's framework with Acxiom's assistance, which improved the organization's commitment to its clients by taking advantage of existing information.

This Risk taking idea additionally gave Blockbusters a benefit as far as evaluating and mining significant information, as well as permitting the showcasing division to better its administrations through an upgraded correspondence procedure with the recognition in public. It was viewed as one of the most incredible administration choices made, as it brought about the organization's remarkable improvement before very long.

Maintain transparency

Blockbuster's capacity to focus on minimising competition concerns inside the market environment was another strong transparency strategy. This time company maintain transparency by owing to the fact that the company achieved positive results despite the fact that the video rental industry is very susceptible to constant change as a result of global technological improvements.


The administration's goal to open more than 200 stores every year was a startling strategy that helped the company closes a transaction in the late 1990s. In reality, if the extension process was followed, a few observers predicted an immersion condition in the American market. As previously stated, Blockbuster's growth was aided by the development of more business locations. Furthermore, this strategy appeared to be aimed at preventing existing units from being dismantled. The company was able to leverage interest for DVDs, which was filling up on the lookout, as a result of this expansion of the customer base.


The above report concludes the essential approach to support the association in the ongoing consultant businesses is successful leadership, which is fundamental in producing change endlessly. Individuals will feel awkward as a result of progress and may even dispute the change, continuing as they are and being discarded by the wider public, as is customary. As a result, authority can be used to awaken and motivate people to make changes, as well as to push them to do so. Initiative plays a role in Tata consultancy and blockbuster to rouse and persuade representatives to change in order for the organisation to be able to support and alter the business climate, ensuring that the organisation improves and becomes more innovative.

The case of Tata Consultancy and the company Blockbuster, which went from the top to the bottom, is a good example of the dangers of failing to improve and should be remembered. Successful authority in Tata consultancy skills can assist leaders in gaining the trust of representatives, making various tasks easier to complete because representations trust their leaders. This might make certain aspects of business for executives easier as well, such as establishing a company's way of life. A positive authoritative culture may be extremely beneficial to an organisation, as it can encourage and motivate its representatives to learn, share, and collaborate with one another.

A positive company culture not only provides a pleasant working environment for employees, but it also fosters a sense of belonging among employees and increases representatives' motivation to continue working for Tata consultancy. When management encourages employees to talk to one another and share their perspectives, innovative ideas will emerge. The pioneers' initiative skills also enable them to guide their representatives in the appropriate direction, in accordance with the organization's vision and mission.


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