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Assignment Task Assignment Sample


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Advertisement is one of the most important terms or factors of sales for a company. The report will represent the benefits of the advertisement along with the location of the “BREWDOG Beer Community”. The company will generate and enhance its revenue with the help of local benefits and advertising strategies. There is a detailed discussion on the product and the sales of the company regarding the implementation of the new strategy. 

Benefits of the Location

The “BREWDOG Beer Community'' is mainly located in the heart of the UK in Scotland (brewdog, 2021). The company will face location benefits in the surrounding places of Scotland and Ohio. According to the location of the shop and the advertising technique of the company, it will achieve targeted sales and future goals. The main product of the company is the “Canal Winchester-brewed beers”  that have an effective customer response and target market. The company has expanded all over Scotland and the UK with the help of more than 100 outlets out of which 33 have grown in the current year. The company has gained sufficient distribution with the help of its partner company “Cavalier Distributing”. Based on the outcomes of the advertisement across the UK and Scotland the company has attracted more than 14% of the population as their customers making them passionate about craft beer.

At the same time, the main objective of the company is to develop the mindset of the customers regarding craft beer and it will develop them into regular and repeat customers (brewdog, 2021). Effective advertisement in Scotland will affect the sales of the company as the people on average drink more than 13 liters of pure alcohol per year. Therefore, the location is the heart of the opera costumes from Celtic culture and it will help the company to develop an effective sales and marketing strategy. On the other hand, the company will benefit from their crafted beer as it contains many health benefits for the consumers. Based on the company's advertisement and the product the consumer or most of the population will be attracted by the company and the sales volume will go up[ and up. Apart from this, the location area provided ease in getting all of the resources for making and distributing the beer. Therefore, the production and the distribution process of the company will become effectively b. According to the awareness of health and the medical benefits of the crafted beer the people of Scotland will accept the product rather than the normal beer consumption.

Benefits of the Advertisement

One of the biggest instruments of increasing the sales of the company is the marketing and the advertising strategy based on which the sales and profit of the way depend. The first and foremost factor of the company is to develop customers towards the effectiveness of the crafted beer with the help of advertisement techniques and location benefits. According to the advertisement of the “BREWDOG Beer Community,’’ they have already developed more than 100 outlet distribution units all over Scotland (Polanco-Diges and Debasa, 2020). According to the information, the company has installed 33 outlets in just 1 year. Based on effective advertising the company will achieve customer breach with the help of pestering, online ads, and some other effective processes. At the same time, it will build awareness of the customers towards the benefits of the Crafted Beer. The marketing will enhance sales, promote the significance of the company, and it will gain an advantage over the rival companies regarding sales (Al-Surmi, et al. 2020). The company also follows an effective marketing plan not to implement high budgets, high-paid actors, and some other miscellaneous expenses for marketing and advertising. The company can also follow the most significant marketing process through online marketing or social media marketing to increase the awareness and the health benefits of the Crafted beer. Therefore, the company achieved a sale value of 286 million at the end of 2021 with the help of marketing strategies. 

Cost and Strategies

According to the provided information, the company follows a simple strategy for the development of the salts in the target market. According to the strategy, the company maintains a low budget for the advertisement and strategies line direct marketing target marketing, product-based marketing, and cost-based marketing. They also advertise on the buses, as a result, daily users of the public transport will be aware of the product. At the same time, the company does not imply any high-paid actors \for the advertisements based on which the cost of the marketing stands low. 


According to the product of craft beer, the company is at the top in the UK for theCrafted beer production. “BrewDog Beer Community,'' produces more than 800000hl crafted beer per year (Schroeder, 2020). The crafted beer is more beneficial than the normal or any other category of beer. Therefore, the company will easily gather just implement the proper marketing strategies like 4P’s or the porter five forces for the betterment of the sales. At the same time, the company will get advantages over other competitors.

Increment in Sales and Profit

The product of the company is the main factor of the sales as it is better than the other beer for public health. The Crafted beer is better for the cardiovascular system along with skin tissue generation and some other medical benefits. Based on the medical benefits of the product the company has and will achieve the maximum range of customers (Zhang et al 2019). The product and the sales of the company made the valuation of 2 billion. At the end of 2021, the company has made an affecting revenue of 286 million with continuous growth of 31% from the blast effective year (Brewdog, 2021). Apart from this, the company started expanding across Scotland with 100 outlets, and one of the best partners in distribution “Cavalier Distributing” is the key factor in the effective distribution across Scotland. The internal operation of the company is one of the most effective operational management of its kind (Dodds, et al. 2019) On the other hand, the marketing and the spreading of awareness of the product need to be more diversified based on which the sales and the long-run profitability of the company depends

The effective marketing strategies in Scotland help enhance the sale and the total revenue of the company (Chaudhuri, et al 2019). Most of the population in Scotland consumes beer as a result the company will get several benefits for the development of sales and market capture. Based on the implementation of the marketing process the company has increased its sale by 31% for 2019, which was 215 million (brewdog, 2021. Therefore, the total revenue of the company increased at the top of the; apart from this, the online sale will also impact the operation and the management regarding the development.


The report has made the effectiveness of the marketing strategies and locational benefits of the “Brew Dog Beer Community”. According to the report, the sales and the marketing process regarding the medical benefits of the product are represented. The provided data is the base of the report and the company details will be the key factors of the evaluation of the product and the operations of the company along with the partner distribution company. This helps to enhance more sales volume along with profits. 

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