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Bms508: New Business Assignment Sample

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Bms508: New Business Assignment Sample


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A private limited company (PLC) is a business that its shareholders own. The liabilities’ structure, in this case, is a joint enterprise, which restricts a shareholder’s liability to the number of shares they possess. Learning App development business where it creates teaching aids, as it would be a most promising avenue for the learner and instructors. Further, it should have expertise in the subject matter and either outsource the technical development or self-learning courses provided inbuilt (Zhang, Hung and Zhang, 2018). An application related to general knowledge, arithmetic, and overall growth is highly sought after, and it can aid one in creating a substantial business. The report will highlight focusing on the making a business plan and the broader aspect of the marketing opportunities.


Type of business

The type of Business for Future Bright Edtech Service Pvt Ltd is e-learning and an m-learning mechanism where every learner tends to match the classroom pace and learner per their curriculum. Howe, in the case of learning apps, the learning mechanism might be highly personalized to me the price needs of every learner (Calvo Benzies, 2021). This type of business where learning has always been the frontline of opportunity and innovation. Rapid penetration of mobile technology has been a game-changer for the current learning industry.

A description of product or services offered

The top product that this learning application offers are classed by top instructors, mapped to the school curriculum, chose your class timing, personal attention, one-to-one guidance, and extra class facility. These are some of the significant products of Future Bright Edtech services(Calvo Benzies, 2021). The Classer by top instructors highlights choosing from one of these batches of scheduling days. Classes number, Booking and attending extra classes to learn a revised topic, doubt clearing session where the dedicated teacher is assigned to every student for solving queries.


Future Bright Edtech Service is an ed-tech industry millions of students from underrepresented and financially disadvantaged areas will be able to access e-learning. Learning for Everyone, the state’s second-most valuable enterprise is a humanitarian endeavor. The objective has set value for this new firm to make learning more accessible, efficient, enjoyable, and personalized for everyone (Nguyen et al., 2019). We saw a significant change in the way pupils learned. Access to the finest learning and learning personalization has always been an issue in a conventional, face-to-face learningal context.


The market for online learning business is very must have broad aspect for the learners and this firm. Learning-related applications are the most popular. The learning software producers are now witnessing substantial development potential due to a large customer base, growing awareness of learningal applications, Internet access, mobile phone use, institutes’ greater use of technology, and government subsidies. Further, it also provides maximum growth opportunities for the maker of the learning app during the forecast period. Countries like US-China, Germany, the UK, and the USA are emerging as a significant markets for learners (Callaghan and Reich, 2018). Some learning app services (Future Bright Edtech Service) are “Google Classroom, Brainly, Byjus, and Blackboard App.” 

Target market evidence

A target market is a group of people who have been identified as the most potential buyers of a company’s goods based on shared characteristics. Each organization must first establish its target audience to create and implement a successful marketing strategy (Bednarz, 2022).For example, it is an ed-tech firm. Future Bright Edtech Service targets audiences comprised of every student or learner from grade one to students trying to crack the competitive exams. The Customer segment involves students, teachers, parents, and other competitive exams. 

Operational plan

Future Bright Edtech Service has a more comprehensive operation plan that undertakes the practical document that outlines the main activities and target for the organization will commence during the period, that is manly one year. It is often linked to a funding agreement and interconnected the whole to the organization’s strategic plan (Pérez-Álvarez et al., 2018). An operation plan can be further categorized into two categories: a single-use plan that tends to address only the current period particular issue and ongoing projects that carry to a future period and changes are needed.

Strategy for growth 

Its strategies north involves remaining competitive, forcing into a complementary segment, creating better learning products, and providing applications as a firm expansion inner future. Future Bright Edtech Service is looking at the expansion across global platforms and focusing their plan to deliver their application service toward the countryside and remote places of the world for better learning service as their main motto of the mission (Pérez-Álvarez et al., 2018).

Financial performance

It is a subjective measure of how well his ed-tech app will use assets from its primary mode of buses and generate reverse. The tech service is used as a general measure of overall financial health for a given period. Their profit and shares performance are also considered.

Viability of business

The viability of the ed-tech app tends to define the situation in which the business might survive. Thus, survival is managed to link to the financial position and performance of Future Bright Edtech Service (Gama et al., 2018). So the industry is viable tight that a returning a profit that is sufficient to provide a return to the business owner will also meet its commitment to the provider or customer such as student and teachers and their parents.


Hence to conclude. Finally, online learning benefits students, tutors, and schools that offer these programs. Consequently, it is highly advised that all higher learning institutions adopt web-based learning and application-based learning approach and perform research on how to improve it. To sum up, the benefits of building a learning app include knowledge enhancement, a personalized learning experience, increased engagement, online access to study material, effective communication, and, most crucially, a remote link. Further, Learners may use teaching apps to analyze what they are learning and where it came from, picking their interest in learning more in a systematic approach that teaches them how, when, and what they tend to look. Rather than reading, this technique encourages students to learn by doing. Further, the future of “Future Bright Edtech Service” would enable the teacher and student to their learning app and add flexibility for setting the schedule for all classes for everyone’s needs

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