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Leadership refers to a variety of abilities, such as a leader's ability to marshal a team, motivate the team, and improve the environment by performing any task. For any other organization or company, leaders play an important role in continuing the betterment of the organization (Fields, et al. 2019). Leadership refers to a set of skills and abilities that are very important for the leaders who should learn them and, through learning, be able to enhance their skills. In this assignment, I will share my experience of the needs of conceptualization in leadership with my own experience, along with the action plans, the approaches in the relationships, and ability for the betterment of a leader.


To focus on the skills of leadership and the betterment of those skills, I have followed the Gibbs reflective cycle models to enhance my capability as a leader. I have followed six steps of observation with analysis through a few steps such as first characterization, feelings or emotions about the incident, and an assessment of the experience, both positive and negative. On the other hand, adopt the situation by analyzing it on your own. After the analysis is done, the conclusion is made through the learning as well as how to make things differently (Miles and Scott 2019). Last, through an action plan, after learning the situation, the best implementation for the future is determined.


First, through describing the situation, it needs to analyze the suitability of the incident that occurred. After understanding the situation, it is also necessary to understand the reason behind its occurrence (Jensen et al. 2019). After analysis of the facts, it is needed to understand the presence of the people at that time, the things that another person did as well as what I actually did myself about the situations. Then to analyze the outcome of the situation, as well as identify your presence in that situation, as well as my opinion on that.


The analysis of the situation can also help to understand that particular situation, such as the feelings experienced during the duration of that particular incident. Emotion also helps to analyze the fears of prior and subsequent situations (Tam, 2019). This also helps to identify the feelings of other people at the time when the incident has happened. After analyzing this, it also helps me feel about the particular feelings of mine that I feel due to the situation.


Evaluation can help to understand the situation better by analyzing the appropriate situation values (Gardiner, 2018). This helps by finding the facts by calculation of achievement and what not. This also helps to find the positive and negative aspects of the incident, as well as the facts of its well-being. After the final evaluation, it should be necessary to consider the contributions made by others and myself to that particular incident.


This is the heart of the whole procedure because, in this part, the parts aids help to understand the details of that particular situation (SOELTON et al. 2021). But analysis of the situation helps to find the facts about that incident, whether it worked well or not. Keep in mind that by myself, I do about the doing of what I would do if I were in that situation. With the help of other theories to understand the situation.


In conclusion, I stated the facts about the implementation that I have learned from that situation. By determining the facts to assist in resolving the situation, as well as the conclusion drawn from previous experience.

Action plan

The course of action is defined by the facts that one learns about the incident as well as the future implementation after learning from the past (Dooris, et al. 2020). In the action plans, the experience from the past is always included. Executing action plans properly is very important in the concept of leadership. Action stated the facts: the actual learning from the incident, as well as drawing on past experience, helps rectify the situation in the future if the same incident occurs. A better understanding of the situation is always required for any incident so the time of implementation always helps by learning from the situation. In my action plan, I have included the facts about what I will be doing in the future if I have come across the same incident in the future. About my skills, which need to be developed properly. The implementation plan will be created in the future after learning about the type of incident that may have occurred in the past.

Relationship approach

For the conceptualization of leadership, relationships are the most important thing that a good leader can do (Fields, et al. 2019). Learning must have quality education, encouraging as well as growing the employees in their respective departments, along with making good connections between the whole team of an organization or company.

Ability as a better leader

To become a good leader, one should have a few qualities, such as

  • A good leader must have the power of good interaction with the employees to make the team management better.
  • A good leader must have the quality of good intelligence as well as the ability to grasp power.
  • A good leader always encourages the team with motivation, increasing the health awareness of the employees (Miles and Scott 2019).
  • As a matter of fact, a good leader must have qualities such as mobility, connection, understanding, endurance, and compassion, which are all skills that may be learned.


The success of any organization depends on the good qualities of a leader who makes the organization's employees able to motivate themselves as well as work freely (Tam, 2019). A commander's capacity to mobilize an organization, guide the employees, and change the atmosphere by executing any work is referred to here as management. In every other organization or firm, executives play a crucial part in ensuring that the foundation's goals are met. To make you a good learner, first of all, there needs to be a few things, such as the power of observation. Analyze the situation appropriately before doing anything. So, through this assignment, I have shared my points of view, as well as my personal experience that a leader must have preceded. 


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