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Customers Is Essential For Any Sustainable Business Assignment Sample

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Customers Is Essential For Any Sustainable Business Assignment Sample


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In this essay, readers learn about the role that digital marketing and communication play in businesses. Marketing and communication through digital channels have transformed how companies communicate with their customers and maintain relationships with them. Internet users and companies are increasingly communicating via social networks and other internet technologies, resulting in new business models based on communication between them. The essay discusses "building long-term relationships with customers for sustainable business, and it applies equally to online business elements." The essay employs evidence of a thorough research method and maybe some form of theoretical foundation to carry out this study (Ortiz?de?Mandojana, and Bansal, 2016).

Main Body


The building of long-term relationship with the customers are high important for business sustainability and this will equality apply to the online elements of the business. In many dot-coms, the failure to build relationships has come as a result of high acquisition costs. Over the past few years, direct marketing, relationship marketing and marketing for database have been combined in terms of creating new paradigm of marketing (Lüdeke-Freund, and et.al., 2018). A paradigm of this type can be referred to a customer relationship paradigm. E-mail communication assistances the business to create customer relationship in an appropriate environment and data is based on the data base for the personalized services.

Marketing by e-commerce comprises generating tactics and approaches to analyze how technology can support businesses in preserving relations with clients in a supportable manner. As far as customer relationship encounters are apprehensive, the actions that need to be executed to improve association for website competently to produce leads, using email for both online and offline deals, and endorsing a website with evidence that is relevant to the customers (Porter, and Kramer, 2019). The suggestion includes that the company should provide mass customization amenities and online performances. The organization of online facility quality for first-time buyers to make their involvement, so they are more likely to make a purchase in the future. Customers are using altered media as part of the buying progression as well as the customer life cycle, so there is a requirement for effective level control for the experience of clients across multiple networks.


Managing customer relationships online is consider a common method of retaining and acquiring customers. It is also significant to achieve different steps in the customer lifecycle for developing an online relationship effectively. When attracting new customers, the main objective of the professional is to entice eminence companies who will translate to the site along with the operational use of offline and online methods for endorsing the website, such as doorways, announcements with posters, and search engine optimization. The promotional tools highlight the website's value proposition effectively (Cosenz, Rodrigues, and Rosati, 2020). Communicating the effective range of incentives is a really effective way for businesses to grow. The business can provide one-to-one marketing services to new users using campaigns for existing direct marketing in order to provide support to new users. On the other hand, many companies are using the approach of managing the relationship at the individual aspect for the development of a segment of customers as compared to the individual.

Businesses must ensure that their websites are of high superiority and reliable so that companions recollect their interest in the website. The business provides proposals and enticements to customers on the home page to recruit one-to-one marketing. Customers will be obligated to compete for the offer by giving profile data, which can be composed on the internet commonly by the business (Hart, and et.al., 2019). It is operative to capture evidence about customers by different factors, such as branding to reassure customers and key profile fields to collect information about various segmented customers for future communication.

Building partnerships between staff and consumers can be accomplished in three ways via the Intertubes: sending follow-up emails, displaying critical information online when the client logs in and using push knowledge and experience. A phone conversation, specific visit, and a call would be included in the conversations (Constantinescu, and et.al., 2019). For example, after buyers have enumerated on the RS modules of the web page, a letter is sent to them, along with adverts plans and realizes of such login Id and password for gaining access to numerous webpages. To stay connected with consumers, the infomercial may employ a variety of mortal methods, including loyalty programs, in which people constantly check to see how many marks they have accumulated and generate them into price reductions. As an additional strategy, many businesses in the UK with a large following will establish prompt programmes that automatically remind their customers about important events and appears to offer (Andreassen, and et.al., 2018).

In the current scenario, e-mail is one of the most effective ways of communication that is personalized and based on customer preference. When deciding how responsive customers are to different communication channels, a balance between online and offline communication can be helpful. However, the business needs to minimize customer efforts and enhances the experience of managing the relationship with customers. In the same manner, the interactive nature of the web, combined with email communication, provides an ideal environment for developing better customer relationships (Brenner, 2018). In addition to providing information to strengthen the relationship, the database will enable personalized service as well as store data related to the relationship. This provides a conceptual framework for CRM, which may enhance the service with the help of customer information and deals segmented by the market at the individual level. Increasing the relationship with customers will be achieved through regular evaluations of the customer search history and their purchase history on the website. 

This helps the company to advertise the customer-specific promotion on the web by including sales items and clearance as and develop cross-selling strategies for recommending alternative products. Despite this, social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter can be used to market the company and its products and update their clients on what the company offers. Social media also facilitates the building of personal connections between customers and brands. In addition to increasing revenue, loyalty programs also cultivate effective relationships with customers (Geissdoerfer, Vladimirova, and Evans, 2018). Providing various rewards and promotions based on continued purchase and loyalty will encourage buyers to enroll in loyalty programs.


From the above study, it can be summarized that electronic customer relationship management is helpful for the business for making certain integration with different web channels. It provides a driving consistency to the business with the help of CRM strategy that is related to the customer service and support. It has been examined that various tools of promotion are beneficial for the business that helps in highlighting the value proposition of the website and advantageous for the business to make certain new communication with many initiatives. The tools and techniques of social media is effective for making b relationship with the customers and it increase the level of concern from business to the customer. Thus, the sustainable business practices highly impacts the reputation along with the brand image on the customers. It also helps to minimise the unusual costs and enhances the economy based on the level of local communities in the business environment.

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