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Developing Skills for Business Leadership Assignment Sample

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Developing Skills for Business Leadership Assignment Sample


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PART 1: Continuing Professional Development Action Plan

Action plan for “people skills” focused on building effective working relationships




People skills are sometimes also called interpersonal skills that are utilized to communicate and interact with others effectively. The importance of people skills in the business leadership approach is that good leaders need good people skills. There must be a risk of poorer communication from the leaders that must be avoided at any cost (Dong, Jong, and King, 2020). A person having good people skills, the society, and working cultural environment in an organization will more likely be able to relate to you as a stronger person. Eventually, it will lead to a stronger relationship that is being created and trust being improved in the organization.

People skills in an organization

Fig: People skills in an organization

Source (Dong, Jong and King, 2020)

In the development of generating effective people skill in the workplace, prior knowledge provides students more in working memory to acquire more new knowledge to increase their listening engagement (Dong, Jong, and King, 2020). The role of learning engagement in the knowledge of people in the workplace is viewed as a complex concept having two-dimension such as behavioral engagement, consideration, and effort of students directed into learning activities or tasks. Cognitive engagement mainly focuses on strategies of learning and self-regulation and level of interest over learning.

 The different prior learning activities that the student possess over their young minds are the “image brainstorming”, “KWL chart”, “picture books”, “ABC brainstorming”, and “Class Brainstorming web” etc (Bhattacharyya and Eizamly, 2021). Student prior experience, interest, and throughs process might influence the learning of current area of concepts because of their “prior experiences”, “stress”, “perceptions”, and “attitudes” which solely interferes with and distort resources. Nevertheless, learning cannot occur without having prior knowledge due to this it provides a foundation for which it needs to figure. The relationship between the earlier experiences, the interest of the student, and current learning activities that we draw over previous experiences and memories when we achieve further to learn and gain.

Challenges and Barriers- Both personally and professionally

Challenges of Conflict Handling

Major challenges that are faced by people in the workplace are the for-Conflict handling are

  • The stress of employees, frustration, and loss of sleep
  • Strained relationships, increases in turnover are rare.
  • Productivity loss.
  • Higher client complaints.
  • A decreased absenteeism.

Barriers of a Conflict handling

Poorer planning process workplace

An organization that has no formal mediation or conflict resolution technique in place runs the risk of having and discussion fall separately (). Failure of the stage with each party of induvial basis before the mediation will eventually act as a confirmable barrier for conflict handling.

Lack in communication

Conflict handling sessions to be effective all the parties should be willing to listen to the other party over the point of view without any trouble (Mahmoud,  Hinson and Adika, 2018). Failure of mediator tries to maintain control of exchange and restate or recapitulate the point has outcome in chaos.

The difference in philosophical ideas

An arguing colleague can find no middle ground of agreement. Suppose if two co-workers are fighting about any religious symbolism, then their belief system might stop them from agreeing to disagree over the matter

Challenges of Teamwork

  • There would be a lack of clarity and trust issue
  • Inorganization personnel might have a conflict over the personality
  • Lack of communication
  • Interior competition

Barrier of Teamwork

Ineffective leadership

The team working together effectively needs leaders who can guide them and offer their understandings and encourage collaboration over a constant basis.

Confusion in their gaols

A successful collaboration is typically initiated with the establishment of share opportunity goals for which the team members can work together.

Challenges of feedback

  • Making the feedback too personal
  • Making the feedback very impersonal
  • Sandwiching the feedback in a negative aspect
  • Postponing the feedback
  • Setting up of vague expectation

Barrier of feedback

Insufficient communications

Employees who are unable to communicate with each other because of many motives can discourage the sharing of feedback that results into decrease productivity and problem-solving ability.

Priorities are unclear

Person or employees might not be able to provide effective feedback when the priorities of the organization are not clear (Krancher, Luther, and Jost, 2018). There is a lack of clarity in the policy or process.

Challenges of leadership

  • Providing inspiration
  • Developing other
  • Leading the change in organizations
  • And managing team

Barrier of leadership

Ignoring the usefulness of mistakes

Mistakes are typically necessary for growth. It is generally a signpost on the learning journey of people to develop their skills over constant processes (Hesbol, 2019).

Not letting the team do its work

Micromanaging, control freak and inability to delegate are some of the important barrier aspects of leadership that are seen quite considerably.

Identify how these may be minimised 240

Conflict handling strategies

 It can be minimized by resolution training, that is to minimize the negative impacts of conflict by helping employees for developing the skill the personal need to successfully resolve the conflicts (Dirks, 2019). It can also be done by better communications skills training that is the employee can increase their ability to communicate effectively with a diverse range of individuals and learn and manage the communication problems as a skill set for prior learning experiences.

Teamwork strategies

Teamwork skills can be improved by knowing the goals. People in the teams working with common goals are readily managed by setting standards. All should know the goals and what they are responsible for the task. Clarifying personal roles is another way of identifying teamwork and to improve it every team should understand their responsibilities (Dirks, 2019). A positive mindset will also be very helpful to build teamwork it can rather foster a caring and supportive environment for promoting positive aspects of learning process organizations.

 Teamwork Strategies

Fig: Teamwork Strategies

Source (Dirks, 2019)

Leadership strategies

The disciplinary practice would help a good leader to become effective. Thus, developing discipline in professional and personal life is a must to be an effective leader. At both professional and personal levels leaders must be disciplined in nature (Vaskinn et al., 2021). At the professional level leadership should have the ability to take more projects as it will help to develop leadership skills and be more responsible towards the work.

Feedback strategies

It can be identified by making the assessment, monitoring, questioner, survey over the provided task (Matcha et al., 2019). Moreover, on both personal and professional levels, constructive feedback can be done with a proper recommendation can be provided.

Corrective Feedback Strategies

Fig: Corrective Feedback Strategies

Source (Matcha et al., 2019)

Part 2: Reflective Account

Overall, being a Post Graduate student, I would harmoniously share my development experiences during my college days,  I would like to consider that the learning experiences for the development of my skills over my well-being had helped me to grow for achieve my success and also to work in an organization with full of achievements. For me learning from past experiences means that when we start something new and it was very important for me to understand and reference the previous experiences. I might presently think it in a more informed way for achieving success. The different skills of people that are mainly focused on building effective working connections such as “conflict handling”, “leadership”, “feedback mechanism”, and “teamwork” as an action plan development had eventually made me learn new insight. Most people skills development has helped me to grow my career during my learning process. During my first year of graduation, there was a curriculum over the people skills development process. The development program in my college was routinely followed over an entire curriculum week. Different sets of leadership skills and organizational behavior with management lessons were eventually taught to us. Once every week there was the instructor who organizes a play for our development process for getting built. The play was eventually on the topic of different learning abilities like “systematic problem solving”, “experimentation with new approaches”, “learning from the best practices”, “teamwork managing”, “learning development”, and many other people skills that are needed for the development.

Furthermore, during the curriculum, the four main features of learning organization were also done, where I was skilled to learn the new activities to sustain during my job days. Important features that I had learned was the having a collaborative learning culture that is also known as system thinking,  should have a lifelong learning mindset which is known as a personal command, a person should always have for innovation making which is suitably known as mental models, Finally, the feature also contains the how-to move forward-thinking leadership process called the vison approach. Following these features of a learning organization and during my curriculum, I had also learned more about some key elements of learning for my development from past experiences that are thinking in a systematic way or learning, team learning, and sharing learning as n core for many organizations behavioral skills. Eventually, I also understood how learning organizations is important as the report suggests that employee engagement and retention rates are higher than other organization that follows the perfect way of organizational behavioral skills. Furthermore, I found that different developmental activities are strategies to gain knowledge, skills, or abilities and for me, it can be specific actions, connection tasks, or program the employee follows during the working schedule. Next, when was I was in my last year of post-graduation curriculum it followed the future aspect of the developmental learning approach.  I found that learning would help me and others to become more open to change, it will eventually develop in personal mindset and believe in learning new things that will be more adaptable to evenly associate and it’s happening in the organization or the professional. I tried to figure out why organizations need learning and development for the people as I was very mesmerized that learning and development would help me or other workers to improve skills and become more flexible and adaptable to changes related to technology and innovations challenges.

Thus, I believed that continuous learning is mainly supported for the completing to values and also assist them to boost their morale and engaging teamwork in the organization. Moreover, to improve the future or learning process my instructor and other members have strongly recommended that to know some important techniques of the developmental process and that knowing what I would develop towards, the program would strategically focus on the area that can bring a considerable value of the business are going to be only better. Next, I would find an appropriate training provider that would decide where areas I want the acts to develop or as persons, I would develop is an important indication for me. It is an organizational resource that should be taken as priority consideration for a better future.

Moreover, for me, my future would readily be secured when I would also follow how an employee shapes the developmental plans that learning new things would take them lots of motivation from the person doing so. I find that employees might struggle to find if they are bounds into developmental programs that are not provided with proper guidance. Moreover,   I would suggest that giving chances to staff would shape what they do has also proved a boon for their engagement in many developmental programs. Lastly,  it emphasized that people earn in the way that works bests for them and it is an effective process. The best engagement forms the people in their programs that are helpful to them over how they learn through their mechanism of learning.

Mostly, I  considered that guidance and proper learning prospects will open many doors for the people to develop their skill sets, interpersonal skills and learning abilities would also help them to grow in the coming future.  During my last month of the curriculum in post-graduation, I was very much thought that whatever I learn and practice from the developmental program run by the college for me was eventually better and as excellent, my instructor was also very helpful during my learning period. I would remember what my instructor told me during my course curriculum that learning from everything that comes to me with positive nature and gaining knowledge from wherever possible is a constant process. Thus, developmental activities that are learned from past experiences would help me cater and create my identity in the organization, and also it would help me to grow my abilities and skills that can be given to origination in the most positive way possible. Lastly, I would like to say that opportunity to learn from past mistakes will help me to understand many reasons why people might behave in their way and help me to make effective informed decisions in the future.

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