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E-Portfolio Assignment Sample


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The cultural and behavioral expectations of studying

Cultural expectation is a massage that can be initiated about what is acceptable and what is not acceptable. Most of the time people who are not aware of their presence and their behavior and cultural expectations develop some standards of behavior and cultural norms in the social system. Behavior is the most common and most important aspect of society which helps to develop some behavior standards that most people need to follow. Humans are social animals and they live in a society where social groups come in many forms, including families, friends, communities, affinity groups, and workplaces (Talentlyft, 2022). Cultural behavior generally indicates the behaviors of the general people in the society and most students need to fulfill cultural and behavioral expectations. Cultural behaviors are important in the workplace as well to maintain an ethical environment for the employees. Business management studies generally focus on the business and organizations. Most of the time office workers do not behave properly in the workplace and they need to learn office ethics to survive in the company. Cultural expectation is more common nowadays and most companies are adopting a diverse culture in the office.

Currently, diversity is the most important and most common work ethic that most companies practice to improve their business. Innovation levels are going high when companies implement diversity in the workplace. Decision-making is part of the business and cultural expectations increase the diversity level in the company, which increases the company’s overall performance and also helps the stakeholders of the company in their decision-making process. Cultural and behavioral expectations are important in the studies to work in the real world and it is also important for a degree in business management. Bilingualism is the most popular style that helps to implement cultural and behavior standards in the classroom. Many students come from different cultures and they also have different beliefs.

Future Implementation

Schools and workplaces need to develop some standards that can fulfill the cultural and behavioral expectations in the studies. Balancing fluent bilingualism could be a better option that can increase the cultural diversity in the school and workplaces. Students need to enhance their learning experiences and develop their learning through teamwork. Implementation of the Bilingualism process in the school is important in the study and it increases the cultural diversity in the classroom. Bilingualism sets standards in the classroom.

According to Bilingualism, every student needs to know a minimum of two languages including English and it can increase the communication level in the classroom (Antoniou, 2022). Language loss is a common issue that most foreign students experience while studying abroad and bilingualism reduces the process of language loss. Increasing the communication process can help the students in the future and it can increase the cultural and behavioral expectations in the study for a degree in business management.


Students can develop teamwork by using cultural and behavioral studies. Students can increase their communication skills while developing the cultural and behavioral expectations of studies and it can help the students to get a degree in business management. Practicing the new culture and developing new skills may increase the cultural and behavioral expectations of studying. Using the appropriate entrance may increase behavioral and cultural expectations. Because of that reason behavioral and cultural expectation is important in the study. Students get their primary education from schools and schools need to run some motivational seminars for the students to increase their communication skills. Other than that, schools can develop ethical classes for the student that enhances their behavioral issue. Schools should start community diversity programs in the school and it can reduce the cultural and behavioral problems of the students. Students can develop new skills that may help them in the future and it can increase their efficiency level of the students.

2. The importance of peer-to-peer support and team working to enhance the learning experience

Team workings are important in the study and they increase the learning experience of the students. Most of the students come from different backgrounds and they have cultural differences which can increase the quality of work in the classroom as well as the workplace. Peer-to-peer support is important and it's defined as the support given by a person who belongs to the same group and shares the same thoughts (Ncbi, 2022). Most of the time students are facing the same issue and there is a related experience in college and the workplace. Peer-to-peer support enhances learning and also increases the learning experience of the students.

3. impact of learning

By using peer to peer support, students can get several benefits and it also increases the quality of the work. Students develop feedback loops regarding their studies and it increases their communication level with the students. Every other student can give feedback to the other students on the basis of their work which can enhance the learning experience of the students. Peer-to-Peer support and team working is connected to each other which generally increases the learning experience (Audrain-Pontevia et al. 2019). Team learning increases the pooling of knowledge of the students. Every student has their own expertise and teamwork can enhance the knowledge level of the students. Other than that, peer to peer support and teamwork can increase problem-solving abilities (Ditchthattextbook, 2022). According to the current study, teamwork has been shown to improve individual learning and academic success. Group projects are the most common teamwork that most students go through. Communication skills are increased during teamwork and it can increase the productivity level of the individuals. Teamwork and peer-to-peer support increase the professional development of the students which can help them to get a degree in business management. Teamwork makes the work more efficient and it increases the efficiency level of the employees and students as well.

4. practice and implementation

Peer to support is the ecosystem that generally helps the students to increase their professionality level. Education is moving online and new technologies are coming and peer-to-peer support increases work efficiency, which can help the students to develop new skills that may help them in the near future. Peer-to-peer support can develop the communication skills of the students and it is a most important aspect of the business management study. Peer-to-peer learning and teamwork can develop cultural diversity in the school and workplace as well (Sin et al. 2019). Peer-to-peer support can give students as much control of their learning and it can enhance their learning experience. On the other hand, teamwork can help the students become adept at learning new tools which may help them in their future studies. Peer-to-peer learning and teamwork can put students in situations where they must communicate and it can enhance their communication level. Teamwork and peer to peer support connect the students globally and it can enhance the learning outcome.


Students can attend some motivational seminars that can help them in the learning procedure. Most teenagers are suffering from depreciation and mental illness which can be reduced by developing motivational seminars. Schools can divide students into groups that can increase their communication level which is the most important aspect of the business management study (O’Leary et al. 2019). Practicing the diverse community program may help the students to enhance their quality of work and it can increase the cultural diversity in the classroom. Academic success is connected to peer-to-peer learning and teamwork can enhance the learning of the students which can increase their efficiency level.

5. A personal audit presented as a SWOT analysis


The case study has discussed the wide variety of setting fields. These are the majority of studies in the workplace that affect the research design. The dimension of diversity often includes the different varieties of data that include the knowledge of theoretical perspectives. The correction of the dimension of diversity may be accurately attributed. This helps by increasing the concentration on religious study. These may also form the corporation between internal and external strengthening the character of education.


The organization may face the issue of character development programs for the students as There may be a rise in competition between the other educational institutions in terms of qualitative and quantitative programs (Benzaghta et al. 2021). There may be the issue of making evaluation teams with different characters for different effective and efficient programs.


The organization may hold innovative and productive activities by the co-workers or managers. The organization may participate in the various elements that can increase their communication skills. Communication skills can be increased by using the peer-to-peer support. Efficiency level will be increased after a period of time and it is the most important aspect of the business management study.


The intensive efforts of the researcher may measure the predicted outcomes and diversity in the workplace. Therefore, there may be the occurrence of a lack of a common paradigm that made it difficult to accumulate comparable findings. The context of organizational and cultural climate includes the competitive strategy, social segregation segment, and various types of conditions in the workplace. The presence of specific practices for the purpose of managing different diversity may create intergroup conflict within the classroom and between economic, and societal conditions.

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