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Direct & Digital Marketing Strategy Bbm-6-Dms Assignment Sample

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Direct & Digital Marketing Strategy Bbm-6-Dms Assignment Sample

Introduction: Direct & Digital Marketing Strategy Bbm-6-Dms

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This report revolves around the direct and digital marketing strategy for Mexico's tourism destinations. The report has chosen direct mail as direct marketing and social media marketing as a digital marketing tool. To understand direct mail and social media tool, the report included features and functions of both with a critical analysis of how these tools are helpful to the Mexico tourism board in promotion of Mexico tourism board. Mexico officially the United Mexican States, is a country in the southern portion of North America. Mexico is structured as a federal republic consisting of 31 states and its capital is Mexico City.

The characteristics and functions of the selected direct and digital marketing tools

Direct mail as a direct promotion tool

Marketing proficient utilize direct mail promotion as a method to act together with probable clients and patrons in person by mailing written mailers, dimensional packages, unpreserved goods, promotional products, or other tangibles (Sofronov, 2019). Promoters of all stripes, counting inbound and outbound trade group, demand production teams, expansion teams, hirer, and others, utilize it in a variety of ways. To interact with forecast, leads, and customers, marketing by direct mail is an effective strategy. For the promotion of tourism destinations, it is the most suitable direct marketing tool. An effective mail includes the following features:

Individualization: A successful direct mail marketing campaign for the promotion of tourist destinations in Mexico will stand out from a dreadful one in large part due to personalization (Kamau et.al. 2015). The receiver will find direct mail related to the Visit Mexico campaign far more relevant, valuable, and actionable if the Mexican secretary of tourism includes the receiver's , customize it for different areas, and include additional unique information.

The formula 40/40/20:In terms of direct mail marketing, the 40/40/20 rule is virtually the Holy Grail. It claims that the Mexican tourism board email list will contribute 40% to the success of the visit Mexico campaign, it will account for another 40%, and the remaining 20% will be determined by design decisions, distribution options, and other elements. When developing a tourism campaign, keep this rule in mind and let it guide Mexican tourism board decisions and time management.

A Successful CTA:Any direct mail campaign must have a CTA, or call to action. This is the section of Mexican tourism board material that should prompt the reader to take some sort of action, and how the sender phrase is just as crucial as what the sender says (Gupta, 2019). Make it concise and clear, but above all, compelling, and repeat it frequently throughout the Visit Mexico campaign work.

Social media as a digital marketing tool

One of the most effective digital marketing tools is social media. Currently, 90% of young adults use social media to interact with brands, and that percentage is only anticipated to grow. As the most important marketing channel for all target groups, social media will soon surpass traditional marketing (Tuten and Solomon, 2017). Social media include Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc. Following are some key features and functions of social media:

Openness: Everything that a person says and does is in the public eye on social media. Any inconsistency, wrongdoing, or errors related to the promotion of tourist destinations are quickly pointed up by the public. Mexico's promotors must be truthful, open, and genuine because negativity can ruin a brand's online reputation among its UK and USA consumers.

  • Relationship development social media is very helpful in developing relationship between businesses and users, it include communication which is two way. Businesses must establish b relationships with their target market (Evans et.al. 2021). Online contact with real people arises in current time by diverse technologies in social media. Mexico tourism board can promote the Visit Mexico campaign much from engaging to foster relationships.
  • Community development

Social media platforms are perfect for rapidly building communities and tourist destination promotors can commune more efficiently as an outcome. Ordinary interests are present among centre of population. The online teams can inform users additional about Mexico's tourist destinations.

Critical evaluation of the Social Media marketing and Direct mail

With the option to customize a creative to a recipient and their location, addressed mail items (Direct Mail) can add a more personal touch. People have more time to read, re-read, or revisit the content provided to them when it is a physical thing (Hassan et.al. 2015). Direct mail for the travel and tourism sector is a fantastic way to raise awareness and present a sample of what the Mexican tourism board and others have to offer. This might be compelling images for a nearby attraction, information on where to go for tourism organizations or special deals for travel destinations or lodging.

Direct mail for Visit Mexico Campaign can include the following elements to attract more consumers from all over the world including UK and USA:

  • advertising deals and promotional flyers
  • brochures promoting local discounts and attractions
  • Information on the sites of restaurants or new hotels
  • Publicity campaigns for nearby tourist sites or destinations.

Social media is single key digital marketing tools for the tourism industry. The Big Three platforms of social media are Facebook, Twitter, as well as Instagram . These three are leading in almost every sector, together with voyage and tourism. Travel is very trendy subject on every channel, even though all has very distinct users.

Facebook is a huge tool used to influence users towards travel destination from a lot of social alliances. Facebook's suggestions tool can be use by consumer for sharing their personal experiences in the form of stories. It can be consumed successfully for tourism-related aims to study perception of users about Mexican tourism destinations.

Instagram is very famous and successful social media platforms for the reason that it places a well-built emphasis on visual content (Alves et.al. 2016). Using Instagram will help the Mexico tourism board draw major consumers, principally millennial generation, they are the most active generation on the platform. To boost the attractiveness of Mexican tourism destination post, the campaign can include mutually created travel hash tags.

Twitter serves as the Mexican tourism board voice, while Instagram takes over its visual content. Mexico tourism promoters can share succinct travel advice and promotions on this site. To participate in talks, the tourism board must have a functioning Twitter account.

Figure 1 Mexico on social media

Mexico on social media


Construction of a trusted brand has transformed as outcome of social media. The ear of billboards is ended for the tourism and hospitality sector. Acquiring shares on social media, favourable consumer valuation, and users’ activity which is related to their happiness on social media is vital for the promotion of tourism destinations.

The report sought to demonstrate in this piece how social media and direct mail present a significant possibility for travel businesses. The Digital and direct Agency Network can assist the tourism secretary in locating the ideal agency for Mexican tourism board tourism marketing to take advantage of its benefits.


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