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Development Of Self Assignment Sample

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Development Of Self Assignment Sample


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Self-development is simply the process of discovering new skills and developing new skills-skills that assist us to improve our chances of success, attaining our objectives, and realizing our ambitions (Davis, 2020). This report mainly covers the discussion and evaluation of theories, approaches, and strategies for effectively managing and leading teams to achieve success. Further, it also includes the tools and techniques to assess and develop present and future team capabilities along with the balance of skills and experience. Lastly, it includes reflection on own core ethical values-based a leader and manager. 

Main Body

Evaluate theories, approaches, and strategies for managing multiple and remote teams for achieving success 

In this part, we are going to discuss the theories, approaches, and strategies for effective management of individuals, multiple teams, and remote teams for achieving success. Every aspect of life necessitates management. Similarly, a team must be efficiently managed to demand the best from its members. The team leader performs an important role (Dyachkova, Novgorodtseva, and Tomyuk, 2020). Further, the present discussion helps to understand the evaluation of the theories, approaches, and strategies for managing individuals, multiple teams, and remote teams for attaining goals.



Contingency Management Theory

For effective management of an individual, the contingency management theory helps to achieve success in the workplace.The fundamental thrust of this idea is that no single management technique is appropriate for every firm. According to Fiedler, a leader's personality attributes are strongly tied to how well they lead their team. He claims that there are leadership qualities that apply in all situations and that a leader must be adaptable to a changing environment (Simplilearn, 2022).


Take control of communication-

For managing an individual, the approach of managing communication plays a significant role in achieving success. Check in with your team, both as a group and individually, to see how they're doing and encourage open communication as a form of problem-solving.

Allow Flexibility

Allowing an individual more latitude in areas like dress code and how they arrange their personal space might help them enjoy their work and be more productive. Encourage your staff to personalize their work processes to make the workplace more enjoyable. People are more inclined to take instruction and accomplish their best work when they believe someone in a leadership position cares about their well-being.


Recognize hard work

Reward a member of your team that goes above and above with a bonus, a modest trophy, or even simply a verbal commendation. Do it in front of the group; it will make the intended recipient happy and demonstrate to the rest of the team that hard effort pays off. The one exception is that you must be consistent in your awards to avoid being accused of favoritism.

Multiple Teams


Scientific Management theory

The scientific method, rather than the leader's judgment or the personal discretion of team members, should be employed to complete duties in the workplace, according to Taylor's principles. His worldview highlighted the importance of making employees in multiple teams work hard to create the most productive workplace possible. Instead, he advocated for task simplification to boost productivity. Leaders should allocate team members to occupations that best match their strengths, train them effectively, and supervise them to ensure they are effective in their roles, according to him.


Use an Employee management system

When you're dealing with many sites and more personnel, keeping track of schedules is more difficult than ever. As a result, it's critical that you use a scheduling and management system that's easy to use for both you and your employees, keeps everything organized, and allows you to make changes quickly and easily across all locations. When I Work is a simple app that simplifies employee scheduling and provides notifications and reminders directly to their phones, ensuring that they are quickly notified of any changes or messages regarding their shifts, as well as the location where each shift is taking place.


Manage time wisely

In multiple teams there is an impression that there are never enough hours in the day, making efficient time management critical. A part of your team management plan should be to avoid time-consuming activities such as too many meetings, too much social media use, too many phone calls, and so on. Maintain your team's priorities for them to maintain their productivity and performance.

Remote teams


Theory X

This theory is based on the traditional management method, which holds that employees who do not want to work should be regulated, supervised, motivated, and penalized based on their performance. Only downward communication is possible. This philosophy takes a pessimistic perspective of human nature, implying an autocratic management style.

Theory Y

 Management merely needs to create an adequate environment for employees when executing theory Y in remote work. Managers should assist individuals in achieving their ambitions, which will eventually lead to the attainment of organizational goals.

Although there are always arguments for and against each management style, it is clear that theory Y is more appropriate in light of modern management styles as well as the new culture of remote work.


Take advantage of technology

This approach is a digital transformation and after Covid-19 this has been one of the most important things for effective management and achieving success. 

To develop the rule of engagement

When managers set expectations for their teams' communication frequency, means, and optimal timing, remote work becomes more efficient and rewarding (Lacerenza, and et.al., 2018).


Identify and delegate responsibilities

For effective management, the first strategy is to identify the work and delegate it to those who have a good understanding based on the ongoing performance. Further, break the work into small tasks by setting clear goals for completing the work. Proper communication with the employees by scheduling meetings and monitoring the performance.

Set precise standards for remote work productivity

Setting the timeframe which could be daily weekly or monthly, is their choice. For example, the content writer wants to submit the work weekly as per the word count.

Important to ensure the right tools are accessible

When members of your team work remotely, they may not have access to the same toolkits as they would in a traditional office setting (Ismailov, and Laurier, 2022). Depending on your industry and their tasks, they will require different tools. It can be considered a major aspect of achieving success.

Thus, theories and strategies for effectively managing the teams at the workplace help to achieve success in an organization.

Techniques for assessing current and future team capabilities along with requirements and balance of skills

Team self-assessment

This technique is a structured procedure for teams to investigate how they collaborate. The tight structure encourages team members to be candid and forthright in their evaluations. It will help to assess and develop present as well as future team capabilities as people give their real approaches and find areas to develop their skills. 

The requirement of this technique mainly includes that it gives several benefits regarding the employee’s self-assessment and it shows the abilities so employees on a large scale. They draw attention to any misunderstandings or arguments between the boss and the employee. Self-assessment is used to help an individual understand the scope of his abilities and how to enhance them without the help of a performance appraiser. It entails asking questions like, "What are my strengths?" and "What are my obstacles?" Allows an employee to reflect on their previous achievements and faults (Checa, and Bustillo, 2020). An employee develops a better understanding of their position in the workplace by honestly appraising their accomplishments and failings.

In addition to this, the team self-assessment helps employees to manage the balance of skills including their power to identify their strengths and weaknesses. The need for problem-solving ability along with the reliability and responsibilities to handle any situation. However, the experience of team members helps them to deal with future capabilities and tackle hurdles precisely. It also gives your boss an idea of how you see yourself your co-workers and the firm at large. Simply explained, self-assessments have numerous advantages (Akramova, 2020).

Training and development tools

Customize training based on the individual's current skill sets and talents to ensure that they understand how to succeed in their present function at your organization. Then, to build on their experience and shape their competencies for a future career, continue to offer more development tools, classes, pieces of training, and tasks.

The training and development technique is required for managing current and future team capabilities and dealing with the changing environment. Upskilling is required frequently in today's ever-changing technologies, and training and development programs provide that opportunity. These initiatives promote innovation and a willingness to take risks to enhance procedures — with less monitoring required. Teams can target the knowledge and skills they want their employees to acquire by giving training and development to them. To boost productivity, training and development programs can teach team members new skills or provide updates on old ones (Armstrong, and et.al., 2018). Teams who have participated in training and development programs, as well as their managers, will have higher confidence in their knowledge and talents. This self-assurance breeds excitement and responsibility for job outcomes. 

Plan for growth

As important as it is to keep your employees together and running smoothly, it is also your responsibility to ensure that you are grooming people to rise to the next level of leadership. Not everyone on your team has the talent or wants to advance. However, for those who do, concentrate on giving them challenging work, evaluating the problems and expectations they'll face at the next level, and tracking their development. When they're ready to progress, do them be scared to let go (Ahl, and et.al., 2019). Many managers make the mistake of nurturing "nearly there" employees and then never allowing them to go on because it upsets the team. Be proud of their accomplishments and happy that you were a part of them. It is a never-ending process of development.

It is highly required for the team capabilities to create a plan for growth and development and encourage the team members for handling the different situations in the future. The experience of employees helps to develop a plan for growth and development which is essential for managing the conditions at the workplace. It will encourage all team members to enhance the team’s capabilities by putting more effort into understanding the needs of the business. Employee satisfaction in their job is best measured through discussions. This is also the greatest way to figure out what kind of training employees require, what they want to learn, and how they want to acquire it (Vasilieva, 2018). Your team needs to know that they can put their faith in you. Treat them with dignity and respect, and let them know how important they are. They will value your growth feedback and reward you with the effort of improvement if they sense their success is important to you. 

Reflect own core values as an ethical and values-based leader for future

In terms of reflection on own core values as an ethical and value-based leader and manager of the future. As an ethical and values-based leader, I have a great desire to make a difference in the lives of my people. I am aware of the fact that I am just a leader of people. Therefore, I should always strive to make a difference in the lives of my people. I have learned that I should always put the people first, and I should always be considerate towards my people. I should always think about the needs of the people and their feelings the people. I should always respect the people and the culture of my people. I should always have the same values, morals, and ethics as my people. I should always work for the well-being of my people. I should always put my people’s well-being as my priority. I should always be aware of my people’s needs and desires. I need to have an ability to analyze and reflect on what we are stands for and the values which things matter most to the leaders and managers. I am committed to being an ethical and values-based leader and manager of the future. I seek to understand the values and ethics of the future workplace and to act in a manner that reflects those values and ethics. I am committed to continual learning and development to better understand the changing workplace and to respond to the ever-evolving needs of my team, organization, and society. I seek to understand the interplay of ethics and values in the workplace and to act in a manner that is consistent with my core values and that of my organization.

As a value-based leader, I have to look into some self-reflection as well as an increase in the self-awareness process.I must balance the situation and the ability to see the situation from various angles and perspectives due to differing opinions. I have to put the effort into dealing with the changes in situations and balance out the activities. I recognize my strength which helps to strive for improvement and keep working on boosting my self-confidence. By considering my self-confidence, there is always some chance of accomplishment and success by putting ethical aspects to the activities. As a value-based leader, I also recognize my personal and professional values and establish some values. However, the past few months have been challenging as I have worked to understand the complex role of a leader in a rapidly evolving workplace. I have been struck by how much of what I had been taught about leadership was based on the past — a past that is increasingly difficult to apply to the future. I have also been inspired by the future leaders I have met, who are operating in new ways and tackling new challenges. Thus, I need to understand the perception of people and work according to the requirement of the team members by considering future perspectives. I follow ethical values as we know the need for ethics in the workplace is the foremost priority to work with the people and handle the environment.


From the above study, it can be concluded that the team management of an individual or multiple or remote can be easily handled with proper implementation theories and strategies as well as approaches for achieving success. It helps to assess the ability of an individual or team by considering a task of the workforce. Further, the tools and techniques discussed in the report provide detailed information about the development of current and future team capabilities with the balance of skills and its requirement in the process of work. Thus, it reflects my core values as an ethical as well as value-based leader and manager of the future.

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