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Homeostasis and Comparison and Contrast Assignment Sample

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Homeostasis and Comparison and Contrast Assignment Sample


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Task 1

Work of Body Systems to Maintain Homeostasis

To discuss how the body systems work together for the maintenance of the homeostasis it can be stated that while the human body is properly maintaining all their functions that it is called the homeostasis. In this given case study, it says about the medical condition of Mrs. Grey, who is just 29 and having the T score of -1. There are several bad habits she has which she has to quit as per her GP’s recommendation. She is also having the breakdown of her homeostasis, and an abnormal BMI which leads to her being overweight. 

Possible Causes of Mrs. Grey’s T- Score and Her GP’s Advices

Now there should be a clear outline about what this “T- Score” and what this actually means. This is nothing but it denotes the standard deviation number, and not only has that it also made the measurement units. The lower the T-score is the higher the risk of having osteoporosis which leads to having a low bone density. Very low calcium consumption leads towards the lower bone strength, premature osteoarthritis, as well as a higher risk of bone fracture (Das, 2021). Women lose bone density when they drastically reduce their dietary intake, therefore are underweight. As Mrs. Grey’s T-Score shows that she has a serious condition and this is leading towards osteoporosis, and not only that this might impact the other systems as well. These are as follows.

  • The Endocrine System: As the endocrine system works as the main communication network within the human body and also produces the required hormones for the coordination of the tissue functions all over the body’s internal systems, this health condition might lead Mrs. Grey towards a risk of imbalance in her hormones and also caused an early menopause because there are less production of the hormones like estrogen and progesterone from the ovaries. 
  • The Skeletal System: A poor T -Score is always hell responsible for the abnormality in the skeletal system. As Mrs. Grey has a poor T-Score and leading herself towards having osteoporosis this would also impact her bone density. This would also make her bones very much fragile, very weak and easily breakable. When bones are simpler to crack, they are often more difficult to repair since less bones are generated to fix underlying fractures.
  • The Cardio- Vascular System: As Mrs. Grey smokes heavily and is overweight, she might face an issue of having Cardio-vascular diseases. Along with this due to her T-score she might have an impact on her endocrine system which has a strong connection with cardio-vascular diseases. She also has a poor diet that is linked towards high cholesterol as well as high blood pressure.
  • The Digestive System: Initial incidence of this disease and thus protracted visibility to probability of developing the bone loss, especially with irritable bowel syndrome but rather gluten intolerance, nutritional deficiencies, as well as maldigestion of required nutrients for the bone strength along with maintenance, also the implications of glucocorticoids, are all different attributes of the gastro - intestinal infections linked with osteoporosis (Katzir et al. 2021).

As the GP advises, she has to follow them to maintain her good health as she is now too young to take these health issues very lightly. Oily fish consumption increases the absorption of calcium, which might assist Mrs. Grey retain her bone strength plus halt her osteoporosis development. She should start weightlifting exercises which may be therapeutic. Bones, like muscles, is a type of tissue which strengthens as a result of activity. The healthiest thing for bones is indeed weight-bearing activity which pushes her to struggle opposing gravitation. Hiking, climbing stairs, weightlifting, or even aerobics are just a few instances. Jogging, for example, is good kinds of exercise that can assist reduce risk factors.

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