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Legal Issues: Health And Safety In The Hotel Industry Assignment Sample

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Legal Issues: Health And Safety In The Hotel Industry Assignment Sample

Introduction: Legal Issues: Health And Safety In The Hotel Industry

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The hotels and the components of the hospitality industry are the pillars of the economic development of a country and contribute to the economic growth of the country. The attributes of Health and safety are associated with hotels and the hospitality industry. Health and safety are necessary for the occupants of the hotels and employees of the hotel to maintain and improve the image of hotels and the hospitality industry. The employees are often vulnerable to various hazardous jobs and injuries due to lifting heavy objects, chemicals, and mechanical and electrical equipment. The Health and safety of the occupants need to be ensured by providing them with clean accommodations and ensuring their security while staying at the hotel.


Health and safety issues in hotel

Health and safety need to be ensured in the hotels and hospitality industry as they are the pillars of the economic growth of a country. The hotels are associated with various risks which may compromise the Health of the employees and occupants, leading to hampering business and loss of revenue. According to Hu et al. (2021), the hotel staff's manual handling of heavy objects, chemicals and mechanical and electrical equipment often compromises their safety. Lifting these objects often causes injury leading to detrimental effects on their Health. Proper safety measures like the availability of first aid boxes and doctors are necessary to ensure their safety and well-being. As stated by Sönmez et al. (2020), hotels need to have proper fire alarm systems, which is necessary for ensuring the safety of employees and occupants. The presence and installation of fire alarm systems are necessary, and hotels are bound to install them on legal terms.

Health and safety approaches

The management of hotels needs to ensure health and safety measures to safeguard the interests of their occupants and employees. Legal procedures and methods have bounded the hotels to ensure the safety of the employees and occupants and safeguard their interests and well-being (Hse.gov.uk, 2022). As opined by French (2018), hotels are needed to ensure hygiene and the Health and safety of their occupants by maintaining hygienic conditions. Hygienic conditions such as clean rooms, and bathrooms, providing clean bed sheets, and proper food are necessary to be provided by the hotel staff. As Robina-Ramírez et al. (2021) suggested, the safety measures also include maintaining and ensuring the mental health of the employees and hotel staff. The management of hotels needs to ensure the mental and psychological well-being of the employees as they are subjected to hefty shift hours. The management needs to provide counselling sessions to ensure their staff's mental well-being and to hear their issues and demands.


The hotels are entitled to the prospective Health and safety of their occupants and employees as they are legally bound by it. The measures undertaken by the management include providing safety to employees and staff who handle various heavy objects, mechanical and electrical objects and chemicals. The hygienic conditions need to be maintained and ensured by the hotel staff to ensure the proper health of their occupants. These conditions include providing clean rooms with bathrooms, proper safe food, and clean bed sheets. Fire systems are necessary, and hotels are legally bound to install them to ensure the safety of the occupants and staff of the hotels. The management needs to conduct counselling of their employees and staff to maintain their mental health and provide them with flexible and permissible shift hours.


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