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Making Sense Of Change Management Assignment Sample

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Making Sense Of Change Management Assignment Sample


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Journal 1

Option 1

The Edgy Catalyser

One of my favorite episodes of Simpsons is the Homer is trying to go through the gates of the pearls. In order to find the contribution that he has made, he turns to the discovery of the meal that is between breakfast and brunch. 

The leadership qualities are the edgy catalyser. This role is basically about spotting what is wrong in the situation (Cameron, and Green, 2019). It is likely to make sense of the urgency of something that needs to be changed.  It usually focuses on the discomfort. It is all about the person who sets the vision of groups, committees and the organizations. 

The Visionary Motivator: 

If the salesman has the quality to connect with the desires and needs of the people and any kind of objection in the way they see all the problems in the optimistic way and try to overcome it. The salesman does not feel discomfort and always tries to overcome it. In their own style (Carnall, 1990). The visionary motivator is one who sees the opportunity and potential in the world and works accordingly. 

The Measured Connector: The measurer connector ones who are sort of leaders. The work is to change the turbulence as they were in the situation which is calm and center as the hurricane eyes. A set of clear principles they always have with them. They usually lead by the end front not by the front but they are someone who expects to be by an example. Today's worlds are very complicated without any boundaries and parameters (Esther Cameron and Mike Green, 2012). All these parameters a heroic leader cannot deal with all this kind of the problem like outsourcing, multi-agency working and strategic partnership. 

The Tenacious Implementer: The person or a leader who is tenacious leader many times turns to the initiatives that they have started The managing the project in the manner that they hold people on the account and always find out the need of the projects through the end and taking it to the end .The way of their working quite may not be as sexy end as everyone wants to end their project. 

The Thoughtful Architect: This quality of the leadership is basically the person who is getting to the balcony of the project to scan the physical environment of the project work and the winds 


Directions. After watching the organization's physical environment they look down and see their organizations to see whether all the conditions of the physical environment are suitable for the meeting of the purpose and also mastering the challenges ahead in the project process. 

The most important leadership qualities which relate the most are the Thoughtful Architect. This type of leadership qualities I like the most because the leader is not all about leading the team from the front (Esther Cameron and Mike Green, 2012). The thoughtful architect is one who makes plans and strategies for what has to be done in the project for the achievement of the goal (Bridges, 1991).This type of quality not someone have this is the rare quality that some have with them. 

Journal 2

The Change Agent: The change agent is the person who is making the change in the organizations. They always look inside the managements what the change is necessary and what has to be change like decisions, thoughts, feelings and any other kind of the change 

Leadership models: They are basically senior executives or the leader who is in the top positions of the organizations. They innately sponsor the strategies that have been going to be changed in the organizations for the far reaching and the transformational nature of the organization's perspective.

Management Models: Change managers are basically a middle level of the managers. They are related to the specialists of the functional. They usually carry forward, adapt and build support in the strategies of the changes that have to be taken and what changes are necessary.

Consultancy Models: They are as internal and external consultants of the organization. They operate operational strategies, process levels of tasks which are related to the organization (Esther Cameron and Mike Green, 2012). The main function of these leaders is providing advice, organization, expertise, management of the project, any kind of the change program.   

Team Models: They are considered as a team who helps in operating at the strategies, tasks, operations and process level within the organizations.

I don't think there should be any kind of missing module. All four modules of change management are sufficient in their own way (Love et al. 2019). They all are complete and sufficient in making any changes in the organizations. All the modules are workers like the guidance in the organizations. If some change was going to happen in the organization all these three modules has going to help in implementing the change effectively. 

One change in experienced in my working life that organizations managers is changing the work procedures in the organization. At this time I have to change my working procedure according to the change that has happened in my organization.

Journal 3

Metaphor is mask hat molds wear’s face. We hear and speech metaphors in our every day’s life. Here is one metaphor that is change metaphor of time. Observe nature go outside and experience the entire natural thing by yourselves. 

Mainly we all have an assumptions about the how organization work and developing through a combinations of education and expenses. In this term use of metaphor plays an important role in the way which we express and assume. Metaphor in the organization gives the opportunity to expand our thinking and also deepen our understanding power. Therefore they allowing to see things in a new way and also act in a new way. There are some organizational metaphor

Machines, Culture, Political system, Brains and Organism. 

Lewin three step model: (Kurt Lewin, 1951) developed his three step model about the organizational change. Lewin suggested the way for looking at all over process of making change in organization. He proposed the organization has three step of change. The first is aboutr the current affairs, the second is about the moving to a new state last one is about the refreezing and stabilizing the new affairs by the policy settings. 

How the change might be managed or implemented

  • Change in the organization can be managed by the introduction to the change to everyone because the change is not easy to accept by everyone. 
  • Identifying why this change is important to the organizations prospective. 
  • Planned for the change that has been going too happened in the organization by setting the clear goal.
  • Managing the employees of the organizations through a period of change takes.

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