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Managing Quality and Service Delivery Assignment Sample 3

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Managing Quality and Service Delivery Assignment Sample 3


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To be successful in the marketplace, every athlete endeavours to achieve. Barchester Lynde House Care Home put much effort into making sure their consumers are delighted with their goods and services. The firm has to keep up with the times in order to preserve its position in the market and achieve a competitive edge. There are currently three parts to this project. The first goal is to gather information on Barchester Lynde House Care Home excellent service quality delivery management in order to keep clients loyal to the company. Identifying and evaluating the company's many stakeholders is an integral part of this process. Various quality criteria are also discussed, as well as how they are kept track of. The second job will demonstrate how the organization can enhance quality and service delivery in the workplace.

Task 1

Individuals having ties to a company are referred to as "stakeholders." Internal or external stakeholders are the most common categories of stakeholders. In the current scenario, the organization’s internal stakeholders are the company's employees, management, and owners (shareholders), while its external stakeholders are its customers, lenders, society, suppliers, and the government, all of whom have an impact on the company's decision-making process either directly or indirectly (Pedrini, and Ferri, 2018). Depending on the kind of stakeholder, the company's expectations may be significantly different from the company. Both service and quality delivery are expected to meet a variety of standards, as outlined below:

Expectations of Internal Stakeholders

Barchester Lynde House Care Home internal stakeholders mostly anticipate getting compensation within the timeframe specified. They will be more motivated to do their tasks on time and to the best of their abilities as a result. As a result, in order to live up to this obligation, the management of the organization must prioritize the prompt payment of staff salaries. In addition, they should concentrate on providing different additional incentives for the leadership team and other associates so that company operations may be completed at the appropriate time (Xia et al., 2018).

Expectations of External Stakeholders

External stakeholders, such as customers, creditors, society, suppliers, and governments, have different expectations of the stated company. For example, customers want high-quality services such as treatment at affordable prices, as well as proper conduct from company employees when they visit. They also expect the company to treat them with respect. To ensure that their money planning does not change, creditors and suppliers anticipate that the firm should pay them their instalment money on schedule (Nguyen, Mohamed, and Panuwatwanich, 2018). The quality of their work, as well as the services they provide to consumers, are not compromised as a result of this. Barchester Lynde House Care Home, on the other hand, is expected by the government to conduct all of its economic activities in accordance with the law. In addition to this, they are also expected to satisfy quality standards while serving consumers at work.

An employee is a person who is engaged by an employer to execute specified tasks that are bundled together as a job, therefore contributing labour and knowledge to the enterprise at hand. Customers and clients are two different concepts in most contemporary economies, and the word "employ" is used to describe a connection between a person and an organization that is clearly defined. Every employee must have a higher level of expertise and education in their area of expertise. In order to provide their customers with high-quality service. Employees work in exchange for a decent salary and benefits, excellent management, and job security, but they have the option to stop working if they have a valid complaint or to look for work elsewhere because the prospects there are better. Barchester has a CEO, and a board of directors made up of individuals chosen by and from among the company's workers in the UK. Executive management has put in place an effective system for providing timely and accurate information, as well as for consulting with the workforce (de Oliveira, and Rabechini Jr, 2019).

Individuals and institutions (including corporations) that legally possess a share of stock to the public or private business are called shareholders or stockholders. Only the stockholders have ownership of the company. Depending on the kind of stock, shareholders may be entitled to additional benefits. There are a number of rights that shareholders may have, including the ability to sell their shares, vote on board nominees, and propose stockholder agreements; the right to earnings if they have been proclaimed; the correct to purchase new shares; and, if the company goes bankrupt, the right to the what assets remain. Shareholders offer financial assistance in exchange for raising the value of their investment, but they may change their stance if, indeed, the actual or expected payoff is no longer viable.

People who utilize Barchester's services, including distributors and agents, are considered customers. No matter whether they are newcomers or long-term residents, everyone at Barchester is devoted to providing the best service and information possible to all of its clients and end-users. Barchester interacts with its clients in a variety of ways, whether they are seniors with dementia, people with disabilities, or those in nursing homes (Ontita, and Kinyua, 2020). Aside from the fact that consumers in any sector give income in exchange for the advantages that possession of the service or product delivers, they are able to decline their patronage if they are not happy with the service.

Providers give goods and services in exchange for timely payment, repeat purchases, and respect, but they have the right to reject or stop providing when they feel mistreated if their contract terms of sale are not respected. To further entice distributors to promote their goods, companies provide a higher profit margin and incentive to their sales representatives in order to increase the likelihood that they will do so. From gloves and pads to aprons and even cleaning supplies vendors, Barchester has a constant touch with a wide variety of companies.

Protest and pressure organizations, and eventually regulatory authorities, may stifle a company's operations if they are deemed harmful to the community, and the society grants an operating licence in exchange for the community's benefit and adherence to ethical ideals, people and the environment. When individuals feel safe enough just to share and comfortable enough to get along, a community develops on its own. Social capital is a term that refers to a person's ability to connect with others and build social networks. Communities are built and maintained via influential group and corporate communication techniques. It can be determine whether a potential employee is a good match for the position by asking around in the neighbourhood. However, the community's primary aim is to provide a secure place for its residents (Lehtinen, Aaltonen, and Rajala, 2019). There are a number of organizations, both professional and non-governmental, that Barchester works with in order to understand better how the company's business interacts with the service user in the best possible way in the United Kingdom, such as the CQC Care Quality Commission.

The service users and consumers are not always given the best possible attention by Barchester Lynde House Care Home. An issue that affects the bottom line or profits in all kinds of enterprises and services all over the globe is a global one. The organization also has unfortunate experience of dealing with subpar customer support on a number of occasions. It is difficult to pin down the root reason for poor customer service and what aggravates people since what aggravates one person may not aggravate another (Honic et al., 2019). Product or service quality, presentation, and pricing all play a role in the phrase "poor quality product or service. It is being put on hold for an extended amount of time and being ordered to wait by an automated voice. The organization also faces issues of disinterested staff members that refuse to do their job. A long queue of individuals waiting to be served due to poor or inadequate service has been linked to poor customer service (Khan et al., 2021).

All employees, including those who lack formal training but are nevertheless performing essential duties, should get instruction. It is possible they recruit such workers only to pay people below the federal minimum wage. In the case of subpar service, the organization and its constituents suffer the most significant loss. In order to avoid this, the business should choose and train competent employees in each area such as finance, pathology department, X-ray department and emergency department. All stakeholders have a requirement to be fulfilled. An examination of the different stakeholders, their demands, and the means of meeting those needs may be accomplished via the use of stakeholder analysis (Ilinova, Cherepovitsyn, and Evseeva, 2018).

Stakeholders may ask for specific services from the organization from time to time. However, there are times when the organization need the assistance of the stakeholders. It needs to be ensured that the stakeholders or stakeholder group understands the expectations and agrees to meet them before requesting anything from them. Organizing the tasks into a work schedule where the program work plan, including all of the tasks and the people responsible for them as well as a timeline and an estimate of their time and effort needs to be included. The stakeholder group should also be examined on a regular basis to verify that stakeholders are being effectively engaged (Zwikael, and Smyrk, 2019). Update or altering of the activities if stakeholders are not as involved as the organization wants them to be. As the project develops, by Barchester Lynde House Care Home may come across additional stakeholders, and it is essential to include them in this procedure as well.

Task 2

In the context of service delivery, Quality and Quality standards refer to the service or treatment the patient receives from various organizations or facilities. Product and service quality is defined as the sum of all qualities and characteristics that affect a product or service's capacity to meet the expressed or implicit demands of its consumers. Goals must be established before anything else, and they must be in agreement with the organization's standards and policy. The performance will be assessed, and then the results needs to be compared with the targets and objectives. People who work for Barchester Lynde House Care Home should be evaluated on a regular basis in order to gauge their performance against the organization's goals and objectives (Murenga, and Njuguna, 2020). Determine the resources are a necessary steps for the organization. Quality products and services are necessary for the organization to be successful. The upper management level of the organization considers that the company should raise its quality-improvement awareness, define objectives, prioritize tasks to accomplish those goals, educate employees who have new gear or information that they believe would help the company, implement projects to address problems, and report on their progress, whether good or bad. Finally, the company should share its quality-improvement successes with the rest of the organization. "Total quality control" is the next step after quality improvement, as it enables the most cost-effective and customer-satisfying production/service levels while maintaining the highest degree of quality possible across an organization's numerous departments (Mwikali, and Bett, 2019). Customers must be completely satisfied, not only in terms of what they get but in terms of the quality of treatment and services. The three stages of quality, which he regarded as a business method: quality leadership, contemporary quality technology, and organizational commitment.

Barchester Lynde House Care Home made several advances to quality, the most significant being the overall quality perspective, companywide quality checks, and focus on the human component of quality. The organization focuses on discipline, devotion and credentials among the employees which is considered to be an excellent assets to the businesses.Another notion that came up from Barchester Lynde House Care Home regarding this excellence is "Free and Zero Defect". The quality system is based on prevention, which is a medical adage that "prevention is better than cure"; the performance appraisal system is zero defects; so long as the rules are obeyed, there is no opportunity for the employees to make a mistake or error; and the quality level is the cost of non-conformance, which does not necessitate a higher price for a defect (Kowalik, and Klimecka-Tatar, 2018).

However, all of these notions remain a concept but a great aid to the business sector; those ideas are shapeless but all-pervading awareness of how items are when they have been correctly aligned, and the organization perceive them effortlessly, without any negative responses to the experiences of the patients. This allows the organization to focus that quality is solely subjective - each individual has their own methods of judging it and no scientific means of defining and measuring whether it exists. However, the organization should not mystify this issue; in the research of quality (Prashar, and Antony, 2018). The organization may come across objective metrics that are specified by various philosophers on the topic. Barchester Lynde House Care Home needs to understand that there are methods of enhancing all, and it is done for the purpose of offering excellent goods or services. Quality management standards give a framework for a firm to govern its processes and operations. They may assist the organization in enhancing efficiency by giving a best practice blueprint that needs to be followed. To satisfy a quality assurance standard, businesses need to build up systems to enhance the core processes employed by the organization to produce goods and services.

A quality Management System enable Barchester Lynde House Care Home not only to accomplish the goals set forth in its policy and planning but also, and equally significantly, supports and expands upon them. It is vital that the leaders assume accountability for the adoption or documentation of adequate management systems in their business if they are concerned about the excellence journey. They have to concentrate on the standard of support that they have been going to deliver to the clients. It states, "it takes two to tango". The consumer will be pleased, and the company will make cash at the conclusion of the day because it provides a great product or service (Silbaugh, and El Fattal, 2021). Moreover, client happiness is critical to the success of any organization. It may guarantee that the product or service meets client expectations by adhering to industry-recognized quality management standards. To ensure that the services is always of the Highest Quality, the company should be registered with and certified by ISO. As far as quality management systems go, the ISO 9000 series is very well recognized. By doing so, it will have a leg up on the competition. Likewise, many multinational corporations and government agencies only award the contract to vendors that have achieved ISO 9001 certification (ANDIVA, 2019). A quality management plan and certification against a quality standard are explained in this document. In addition, having a system in place allows to quickly create more uniformity in the actions involved in supplying goods or services, decrease costly errors, boost efficiency by better using time and resources, and enhance customer satisfaction. Quality services also allows the organization to promote the company, explore new market segments and territories, and better manage development by making it simpler to integrate new staff.

These requirements are aimed at ensuring the well-being, safety, and dignity of service consumers. They are intended to resolve undesirable differences in treatment, care, and service standards and to improve service quality. Along with high quality service the organization also ensure that supplier's top management is committed to quality, has enough resources, employees who are competent in quality planning and product design, as well as the ability to monitor and measure the quality of its goods as well as the calibration of its measuring equipment. The organization also ensure that the supplier has systems in place to handle customer complaints. Last but not least, the supplier also keep an eye on how customers see the value of the products and services it offers (Muli, 2021).

In addition, the ISO 9000 family of standards is the most widely used collection of international standards for quality management. The most widely accepted worldwide standard for a Quality Management System, ISO 9001, is included in this package. When a company meets the standards of this standard, it may be certified. Obtaining ISO 9001 certification may lead to new business opportunities for Barchester Lynde House Care Home. In addition to helping stand out from the crowd, many big corporations and government agencies also need the ISO 9001 certification of their vendors (Veronika, and Jayathilaka, 2021). Because it is a widely acknowledged accomplishment, it might boost the company's international reputation and lead to more business.

It is important for the organization to monitor the quality standards that is implemented in the organization. Customer satisfaction should be monitored and measured. In order to deal with customer complaints, both auditors needs to gather evidence that a coherent and logical method has been followed. Complaint monitoring, technical difficulties, problem causes, and measures to remedy those reasons are often included in this kind of plan. Samples of complaints need to be collected from a variety of sources. The relationship between consumer complaints and remedial actions must also be examined. Another item to keep an eye on is the audit; the auditor's job is to acquire objective proof of conformity to determine how effective this system is working (Hutang, and Kalema, 2019). The senior manager and the supervisors of Barchester Lynde House Care Home are the process owner and they give a wealth of information on how the process works. It is the responsibility of the auditor to make sure that all of the above are in place. To ensure that each process meets the essential standards, as well as that each process is successful and displays continuous progress, will also be a part of his investigation. Finally, product testing is an integral part of monitoring. As a result, they will have to figure out how to create and implement an inspection and testing procedure to ensure that the items and materials used in the creation of the final product meet the specifications.

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