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Natural Food Packaging Business Ideas Assignment Sample

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Natural Food Packaging Business Ideas Assignment Sample


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Chapter 1: Introduction

The research study is based on the topic of launching a new business product idea that is related to the natural food packaging range, made of dried tree leaves. In this research study, the focus will be on producing the new product line with natural resources which is made of dried tree leaves. As per the analysis, the natural food packaging range is made up of paper and paperboard. This study will analyze the several types of natural food which are made up of dried tree leaves (Dobrucka and Cierpiszewski, 2014). The main focus of this research paper is to evaluate the new business product line with the use of natural food packaging with the use of dried tree leaves. In the natural food packaging range, the organization will use milk cartons, folding cartons, paper plates & cups, wrapping paper, and so on (Mane 2016). The study has shown that banana leaves are the most common natural resource. Some of the environmentally friendly food packaging have been analyzed such as food-grade stainless steel, cellulose-filled gelatin films, rice husk, and glass containers. Several studies have shown that corrugated cardboard & other forms of paper-based packaging are the most environmentally friendly & sustainable packaging (Majeed et al, 2013).

In this research study, the detailed background of the business product line for the launching of natural food packaging will be identified while identifying the aims & objectives.


In today's world, businesses have been exploiting the use of natural resources to maximize profits and to be competitive firms in the market. But, as a result, the environment and health of human beings are being compromised due to the use of raw materials other than natural resources (Mohammadian, Alizadeh?Sani and Jafari, 2020). Most organizations are using natural resources in their business but this is not fully acceptable to make an eco-friendly environment. This is the reason that this research topic has been identified to further research regarding the launching of new products of natural resources which are made with dried tree leaves.

It is important to use the natural food packaging range, mainly made with dried tree leaves for preserving food quality, reducing preservations used in food, and minimizing food wastage (Theagarajan et al, 2019). Studies have shown that food packaging is an essential function of comprising the food and protecting against physical and chemical destructive while offering important information to the customers. Studies have shown that packaging is an essential part of the response to address the key challenges of sustainable food. The use of natural food resources in packaging aims to address food waste and loss reduction by preserving food quality (Labbe, Pineau and Martin, 2013). It has been identified that the use of natural resources in good packaging helps to reduce plastic waste as well as food material resources. The major focus on food packaging is increasing rapidly because it helps to preserve the food quality & to reduce the negative impact that inedible food has on the environment (Ketelsen, Janssen and Hamm, 2020).

Several challenges have been identified in the field of food packaging and sustainability. Studies have shown that in the worldwide food packaging sector, a marketer innovated several sustainable solutions by the use of bio-based resources or biodegradable wastes. So, it can protect the environment as well as the health of human beings (Jakobek 2019). According to analysis, it has examined an important societal stake of sustainable food that needs to be developed with a wealthy research and development sector which will be proposed as a reservoir of innovative packaging technologies that will help the organization improve food packaging (Chaudhary, Fatima and Kumar, 2020). Many studies have been conducted on the development of bio-packaging solutions either from biodegradable materials or from bio-based packaging materials made from renewable resources. When it comes to a new business idea, the businessman thinks about the use of natural resources in the food packaging materials to make an eco-friendly environment (Vilela et al, 2018). The aim of this research paper is identified to evaluate the new business product line for food packaging with the use of natural resources. According to this aim, the focus of the research is on understanding the food packaging products that can be highly beneficial for the environment as well as for the organization as per the needs and demands of customers (Wróblewska-Krepsztul et al, 2018). As per the analysis, it has been identified that the adoption of eco-friendly innovative packaging solutions is currently hampered by the fact of a large majority of small and medium enterprises do not have a dedicated packaging manner. It means they do not have any knowledge regarding the sustainable and eco-friendly solutions of food packaging made with dried tree leaves. So, for the same, they need to improve their knowledge and do more research on effective food packaging which cannot harm the environment (Fahmy et al, 2020).

1.2.Problem statement

The problem statement of this research is to identify the new business product line with the use of natural resources, especially are made with dried tree leaves. Several studies, it has examined that it is essential to use natural products while launching new products. It will help the environment to be cleaned and free from exotic pollution (Chen et al, 2020). This research study is important to find out the use of natural resources in the new business ideas to make an eco-friendly environment with the new products' packaging range. Studies have shown that most of the product's packaging is made up of plastic which needs to be decreased by the use of natural resources, especially dried tree leaves. This research study will help the researcher to find out the solution to a given problem and helps in maintaining sustainable development. According to the analysis, this problem statement will be solved by the use of compostable & biodegradable solutions for the product packaging (Liu et al, 2021).

1.3.Significance of the study

This research study is very important to be considered by the researcher. This is because in today's world the customers demand more sustainable and eco-friendly products so it will help them to maintain their health and keep the environment eco-friendly. Several studies have shown that food packaging accounts for 66% of the total packaging in flow (Geueke, Groh and Muncke, 2018). Temporarily, land, water, and air pollution are listed as the biggest negative environmental caused by packaging which has to be removed by developing a new business product line made of natural resources. Several types of eco-friendly food packaging options have been identified that can be used by the organizations such as glass containers, bamboo, stainless steel, gelatin films, and rice husk. Not only because the environmental concern but also for the customer's demands, organizations need to be changed their way of food packaging with natural products. It has been identified that a quality packaging design can easily distinguish a natural product from a conventional, organic, and mass-produced product (Dilucia et al, 2020). It has been found that many organic food manufacturers have stated commitment toward environmental sustainability with the use of recyclable plastic, bio-degradable components, cardboard, paper labels, eco-friendly inks that are not toxic, plant-based PLA, or compostable plastic, and bagasse fiber.

1.4.Research aim

The aim of this research paper is to identify a new product line for the business while launching natural food packaging with the use of dried tree leaves.

1.5.Research objectives

  • To understand the new packaging idea made with natural material.
  • To evaluate the new packaging line idea related to organic material.
  • To identify the current opportunities for the new business while using new packaging made of natural resources
  • To examine the sustainability within the business while using natural packaging products made with the dried tree leaves

1.4.Research questions

  1. What do you understand by the new natural packaging which is made of natural resources with dried tree leaves?
  2. What are current business opportunities for such natural packaging in terms of internal & external environment?
  3. How will the new organic packaging help in managing sustainability?
  4. How will the research idea help in the overall development of organic packaging?


It summarizes that natural food packaging is very important to save the environment as well as the health of human beings. It helps to preserve the food quality with the use of eco-friendly products. The main objective of this research paper is to identify new business product packaging ideas which are made of natural resources, mainly dried tree leaves. The Problems statement has been identified which can be solved using eco-friendly products.

Chapter 2- Literature review 

According to Drago et al (2020), innovation in the packaging of food is represented by the intelligent and active packaging of the technologies, that focus on offering the delivery of high-quality and safe food products. da Rosa et al (2020) mentioned that active packaging is known for the incorporation of the components which are active in the package that are mainly aiming to offer the extending and maintenance of the shelf life and product quality. The systems considered intelligent also focus on offering and monitoring the conduction of the food which is packaged for providing effective information about the product quality during storage and transportation (Giacometti et al., 2018). The study review includes the emphasis on the analysis which is up to date and results in the reporting of the literature which is growing and fascinating in the research field. There are various aspects which are organized and viewed from the regulations and definitions to the technological and functions aspects concerning the technologies of manufacturing for complete overlooking of the topic. The study aimed to focus on overviewing the current innovation in the packaging of food with the clear objective of providing clear classifications and definitions of intelligent packaging and active packaging. 

According to Jafarzadeh et al (2020), the main focus was on the packaging of the biodegradable with the functions of antimicrobial which are based on the compounds that are bioactive from the by-products and tropical plants. The packaging of the biodegradable from the natural biopolymers should be enhanced further with the agents that are antioxidant and antimicrobial in forming the active packaging (Giacometti et al., 2018). The approach and scope used in the study include the emphasis on the attractive components and plant extracts for the food packaging which is biodegradable mainly owing to its functionality and natural origin. This includes the demonstration effect of the contents of bioactive by-products and tropical plants which contains promising ingredients in the fabrication of the food packaging of biopolymer (Sherif, 2018). The key findings of Jafarzadeh et al (2020) include that there are various parts of the tropical plants which include roots, seeds, flowers, and leaves which are potentially utilized in the green and new systems of packaging due to their biological nature (da Rosa et al., 2020). In the industry of food, microbial spoilage and liquid oxidation are considered the two problems which mainly reduce food products' shelf life. Jafarzadeh et al (2020) focus on the use of the agents which are bioactive agents that are potential in the biodegradable packaging in the promising strategy which will help in solving the problem and offering an effective alternative in enhancing the shelf life and traditional packaging. The main highlights of the study include that active packaging helps in enhancing the shelf life of the food and many more. 

In the views, Bhargava et al (2020), focus on the intelligent and active packaging of biodegradable films by using the waste derived from food and food with bioactive components with an effective review. The growing concern for the environment of disposal in plastic packaging has mainly led to the innovation of biopolymers biodegradable. Health concerns and human demand has the major necessitated the emergence of the intelligent and active system of packaging in monitoring the quality of the packed food. The use of chemical dyes is the main indicator in smart packaging which is not suitable for the packaging of food because of the harmful effects and high toxicity on the environment and human health. The study mainly focused on the pigments which are natural and are derived from the waste of food and plants as the indication of the substance in the packaging which is biodegradable for the food waste valorisation. The study focused on summarizing the utilization of the pigments which are food waste-based and naturally derived food with the matrices of biopolymeric for fabricating the films which are smart biodegradable for the effective monitoring of the quality and spoilage of the milk, seafood, and meat products and many more. The results of the study showcase that the material which is developed for smart packing should be developed by the pigment which is plant-based and has the major potential in replacing the packaging material which is traditional plastic. Therefore, the following packaging is considered to be of natural pigments, sensitive, non-toxic, safe, and economical which act as the indicator of quality in the systems of packaging. 

According to Giacometti et al (2018), various plants are important for the condiments of the cuisine which are the traditional Mediterranean and folk medicine remedies. There is a major consideration of the important factors for the food safety and quality, which will help in the prevention of the different factors which are deteriorative like the microbial and oxidations spoilage. The EOs mainly include the various therapeutic benefits which include the effects on the BASs which affect the sensory quality, microbiological, chemical, and nutritive quality of the foods. In addition to this, Sherif (2018) outlined that the study focused on discovering the innovations which include the wide range of substances that are involved in the identification of the optimal extractions which should be proposed in overcoming the limitations. The techniques which should be focused on include the green concept which focuses on improving the extraction of quality and reduction in the consumption of solvents and energy.

Lourenço et al (2019) focus on the antioxidants of the origins of the natural plant which include the sources to the applications of the food industry. The major interest includes the focus on the use of natural antioxidants in the products of food, which are mainly due to the studies that indicate the possible effects which are adverse and are also related to consumption of the synthetic antioxidants. The plant materials variety is known for the antioxidants natural sources which include vegetables, fruits, seeds, spices, and herbs. Sarkar and Aparna (2020) argued that the natural components that interest includes the focus on not only the biological value but on the impact on the economy which includes the extraction of the under-exploited and by-products of the plant species. The study focused on providing an overview of the knowledge which is current and the natural antioxidants which include the stabilization processes, extraction methods, and sources. The current studies of Barba et al (2018) and Nogueira et al (2020) indicate that the application in the industry of food should be addressed by the preservation in the food product which is different and the in the films which are active for the edible coating and packaging of food. Vasile and Baican (2021) outlined that there should be a major focus on the compounds which are valuable and should give the proper attention to storage and processing. There should be a focus on the compounds which are derived from sources that are natural and the application to the products of food should be considered with the effects of possible toxicology and dosages. 

According to Bouarab Chibane et al (2019), focuses on polyphenols are plant antimicrobial as food preservatives naturally. The main growing demands of the preservatives of natural food in the past decade have been promoted with the investigation of the application for the food preserving perishable. The review includes the focus on the discussion of the application of the prospective extracts of the plant by containing the isolated plant and phenolics as the food natural antimicrobials. Vasile and Baican (2021) outlined that the essential oil from the plants is mainly considered to be outside the scope of the review which includes the utilization of the activity which is food preservation and reviewed extensively. It includes the focus on the mechanism which are exact antimicrobial of the action of the phenolic compound that is not understood fully and should be acknowledged with the diverse sites of the action in the level which is cellular. The study focused on the active packaging of the food materials and edible coating which should be used as the carriers of the compounds of plant bioactive. Vasile and Baican (2021) mentioned that the material should be focused on the delivery system which is interesting in improving the stability of the food phenolics that should be improved with the perishable food shelf life. It focuses on emphasizing the current knowledge of antimicrobial activity in the plant's extracts which are rich in phenolic and also limits the focus on the exploitation of perishable food preservation. 

The views of Vasile and Baican (2021), focus on the progress in safety, food control, and food packaging which include controlling of the release antimicrobial and antioxidant packaging. Food packaging is considered to be designed to protect the food, for providing the information which is required of the food and makes the food with effective handling for distribution to the consumers. Packaging is considered to play a crucial role in the process of food safety, quality, and extension of shelf-life. The main interactions between packaging and food are considered to be important for what is concerning food safety and quality. The review also focuses on offering the picture of the major types of active packaging types which mainly emphasize the target and controlled release of the antioxidant packaging and antimicrobial that include the processing, matrix modification, and system design. The methods of testing for the performance appreciation of the active packaging of food include the kinetics and mechanisms in the active release compounds which should be summarized. It includes that the last years have been focusing on the fast advancements in the technology of packaging appeared, that includes smart and intelligent packaging which include radiofrequency identification, gas indicators, and time-temperature indicators. The study concludes that there should be a major emphasis on the procedures which focus on incorporating the compounds which are active in the packaging of the sale facilities which include unmounted migration of the additives of another packaging into the food that mainly include a biobased producing film which should be developed. 

In the beliefs of Zhang et al (2022), the focus includes the effective strategies of the retention enhancement and sustained release of the essential oils in the active films coating and food packaging. Due to the issues caused in the environment by the growing demand of the consumer and plastic packaging and food, there is a growing interest in the active antibacterial food packaging coatings/food which contains the essentials of plant oil. For the use of the active coating/films EO-incorporated, EO should focus on effective integration which should be released from the active coating/films slowly with the storage in exhibiting the effects antibacterial from the durable. The various strategies which are promising include the focus on the prosed improvement of the sustained retention and release enhancement of EO in the active coatings/films which include particle encapsulation and nano emulsion. The study focused on a review of the latest technologies which help in sustained retention and release enhancement of the strategies for encapsulation. The disadvantages and advantages of the retention enhancement and sustained release strategies with the practical applications in the preservation of food should be introduced on an effective basis. There should be a major focus on control strategies that should be related to EO in the coating/films with the enhancement of the efficiency of EO application. The study concludes that there is a huge effect on the prospects in the application for food preservation and this includes the focus on the low efficiency of food materials. 

According to Nogueira et al (2020), the focus is on the methods of the incorporation of the compounds of plant-derived bioactive into the films made with polymers that are agro-based as the food packaging with the brief review. It includes that plastic is mainly derived from sources that are non-renewable, which include the use of the materials in the packaging of food. This includes the properties of barriers which include the packaging of plastic as the rate of recycling below the accumulation and ideal in an environment that led to the issues of the environment. It includes the solutions which are approached in minimizing the impact of the development of material in food packaging which is made from polymers from sources that are renewable and also include biodegradable and considered to be edible. The various biopolymers from the renewable sources of agriculture include pectin, alginate, Kitson, starch, whey protein, and gelation. Vasile and Baican (2021) argued the interaction is mainly between the bioactive compounds and biopolymers of environment friendly have the research area which is interesting. The study mainly focuses on complaining the information on biopolymers which are agro-based and gives the methods that are used in the incorporation of the compounds that are plant-derived bioactive that are used in the bioactive film's production. The major emphasis should be on the methods which are used in the incorporation of the compounds bioactive which are derived from the plant into the films and influence the properties which are functional. 

According to Varghese et al (2020), focuses on essential oil is the agent of antimicrobial in the biopolymer-based packaging of food with comprehensive review. Food packaging mainly focuses on generating a large volume of waste materials and more than 90% of the plastic waste is landfilled. The major demand includes safe packaging and high-quality materials that mainly result in the linger food shelf life which is packed with materials that are eco-friendly. It includes the needs which are based on the natural based material for the applications of packaging that include the ingredients which are active and focusing on extending the shelf life of food materials. The development in the active packaging field is considered to be antimicrobial packaging. The agents which are antimicrobial are considered essential oil which is gaining major importance due to their high activity. The study also focused on giving insight into the developments in the packaging of active food which includes the EO. There is a various biopolymer that contains the EO that is used for the applications of food packaging. The insight includes the focus on the approaches which are recent and used for the biopolymer casting with the given EO. The EO effect includes the focus on the physical properties of the films of biopolymer that include the release and migration of agents which are active on the surface of food and the action mechanism should be highlighted. The opportunities and challenges of the EO in the industry of food packaging should be discussed. 

The views of da Rosa et al (2020), focuses on the development of films that are biodegradable with the improved properties of antioxidant and are based on the carrageenan containing the extract of the olive leaf for the applications of food packaging. The study enlightened the focus on the evaluation of the compounds bioactive from the extract of olive leaf and in developing of the films with the properties by the incorporation of the varying the concentration of the extract of olive leaf. The extract of olive leaf is mainly obtained by the solvent-free by MAE with the activity of the high antioxidant and the great potential with the use of the functional ingredient in the packaging of food. The results include the thickness of the biofilms with the major range of 0.097 to the 0.162 mm which should be shown by the significant difference. It includes the extract from the addition into the biofilm which is resulted in a slight increase in the capacity, which is stretching, also include the reduction in the tensile and the high permeability of water vapor which include biodegradable films which should be based on the carrageenan which contains the olive lead that is exhibited the good properties barrier and properties of mechanical. The antioxidant activity and phenolic compounds of the films significant should be increased with the increase in the extract of olive leaf concentration which means the process of obtaining the films and not provoking the degradation in the bio compounds. 

The views of Sarkar and Aparna (2020), focus on storage and food packaging. Food packaging is considered an important process in the industry of food that helps in maintaining the products and food quality during the distribution, transportation, and storage. The primary focus is on the order for protecting the products of food from the influences of external which include the mechanical, chemical, and biological damage in containing the food. Theagarajan et al (2020) state that food packaging is mainly done in providing the protection which is basic in the food materials from indirect and direct contaminants which include protection from flood damage, and many more. It includes aids in the storage and preservation of the food in the supply chain. The techniques of food packaging include the focus on the constant improvement in the response to food safety, quality demand, convenience, and lifestyle changes (Mane, 2016). It includes the focus on the food packaging which focuses on improving the shelf life and maintaining the properties of sensory, safe packaged food and quality with the current research which is focused on the food packaging which is integrated into environmental sustainability. Nogueira et al (2020) argued that there should be a major focus on the technologies of innovative packaging of food which should focus on benefitting the cost analysis in order and lowering the cost of products without the improvements which are affecting the food life of shelf, which should be environment friendly. 

Chapter 3: Research Methodology 

The research report inherits the focus on following the secondary collection of data. According to Ruggian and Perry (2019), secondary data mainly refers to the data which is collected by others than the users of primary. The main sources of secondary data include the information being collected from the government departments, censuses, organizational data, and records which is originally collected for the purpose of research. The research also includes the headed analysis on following the research onion for the methodology of the research. It includes that the first step includes research philosophy, and the research approach is selected in the second step. The third step includes the focus on strategy and the fourth layer helps in the identification of the time horizon. The next step includes the emphasis on the collection of the methodology identified. The benefits of the use of the research onion help in the creation of the series stage that includes the various methods of the data collection and illustration of the steps through which the research study can be defined. The data includes the major emphasis on journals, books, newspapers, magazines, and many more which include unpublished and published data. Secondary data is mainly considered as the data which has already been collected through the sources of primary and are also made reliable for the researchers in using their research. It is the data type that has already been collected in past. It includes that the data has been collected by the researcher in some projects and then made available for use by another researcher. It also includes that the data may be collected for general use or for no specific purpose. For evaluation of the new business product idea with the launching of the natural food range packaging made of the dried leaves of trees include the emphasis on the published journals which will help in gaining the knowledge and information from the authors already and also mentioning the focus on managing the entire criteria for research. 

The research includes focuses on the use of the monomethod study which focuses on using one method type which includes qualitative and is mainly the choice of the research. It includes that the mono method is used in one of the research approaches for the study given. This strategy is used for managing the entire functions of the research which helps in managing the strategies of qualitative data (Ruggiano and Perry, 2019). The qualitative research approach focuses on requiring the researchers in avoiding imposing the perception of the social phenomena respondent. It includes the main focus on the presentation of the challenges of the creation of methodology which should be framed by the respondent and by the researcher itself (Sherif 2018). 

The method of qualitative research is mainly designed in a manner that helps in revealing the perceptions and behaviour of the target audience with reference to the particular topic. There are various types of methods in qualitative research which include focus groups, in-depth interviews, research in the case study, and content analysis that are used mainly. The results of the quantitative methods are more descriptive, and inferences are drawn easily from the obtained data. The methods of qualitative research originated in behavioural and social sciences. The types of research approaches used in the following study for the qualitative data include the emphasis on the deductive and inductive approaches. The deductive approach mainly focuses on the development of the hypothesis which is based on the theory that is pre-existing and then formulating the approach of the research in testing it.

The approach is mainly considered to be the best suiting for the context in which the research project is concerned with the examination of the phenomena being observed and fitting the observations that are based on the previous research. It is also based on characterizing the development from general to the particular in which the knowledge base and theory are established forts and then the specific knowledge is being gained from the process of the research and testing against the same. The next includes the focus on the inductive approach which is mainly characterized as the move from specific to general. The following approach includes the major focus on observations which are the starting point for research and the patterns which should be looked for in the data. The method is considered to be used in qualitative research, in which the absence of the theory should be informing in the research process and should focus on benefitting the reduction of the potential research bias in the collection stage of the data. The following is also used in the positivism philosophy in which the data is first analysed and then the patterns are used in generating the results (Weston et al 2019). 

The next step includes the emphasis on research strategy which helps in carrying out the research study. The strategy includes various approaches such as action research, research based on case studies, experimental research, and a systematic review of the literature. The following study is based on the research strategy which is archival in which the research is conducted from the materials which are already existing. The research form mainly includes the systematic review of literature in which the patterns of the existing research are summed and examined to establish the knowledge summing in the specific study and examination of the applied research for the specific problems. It also refers to the research that is historical and in which the source material helps in the establishment of the results. The next step includes the time horizon which is considered the framework in which the project should be intended for completion. The two types of time horizons include longitudinal and cross-sectional studies (Lindgren et al 2020). The time horizon includes cross-sectional which is already established in which the data should be collected. It is mainly used when the investigation is with the study of the phenomena at a specific time. 

The next includes the research design which includes the description of how the process of the research should be completed. It is considered the framework that includes the considerations which lead to the appropriate methodology which should be adopted in a way that includes the selection of the respondents and how the needs need to be analysed (Ross et al 2018). There is various characteristic of research design which include exploratory, explanatory, and descriptive. Furthermore, in this research, the use of effective exploratory study is used which helps in the exploration of the issues that are taking palace and how there should be conducted of the formulaic project of the research. This research is mainly used in informing further research in the area of the subject. 

The next includes the focus on the research philosophy which is mainly considered as the set of beliefs that are concerning the real nature that needs to be investigated. It is considered the underlying definition of the knowledge nature. The assumptions which are created by the research philosophy include providing an effective justification of how the research needs to be undertaken. Research philosophies help in differing on the research goals and the best way which help in achieving the goals. The research philosophy choice is mainly defined as the type of knowledge which should be investigated in the study. Therefore, the need for understanding the philosophy of research is the process of the research and how it should best fit the methodology which is used. The two ontological frameworks which can help in informing the process of research include constructionism and positivism. In this research study, the main emphasis is on the positivism philosophy which assumes the existing reality that is independent of the thing which needs to be studied. It mainly includes that the meaning of the phenomena should be consistent between the subjects. Positivism research includes the focus on factual knowledge which should be gained through observations that are trustworthy. In the following research, positivism means that through the launching of the natural food packaging range, made of the dried tree leaves are helpful for the environment and for future generations. The following will help in managing the pollution in the environment and also lead to the effective following of the sustainable methods that will lead to effective evaluation of the new product idea being developed (Busetto et al 2020). 

Furthermore, through the following methods used in the research, there can be an effective focus on developing the idea about which research method is best and helpful for future research. The analysis and evaluation of the business ideas help in launching the range of packaging of natural food for products which should be performed by the application of content analysis. Content analysis is mainly considered the research tool which is concerned with the determination of presence which includes various themes, worlds, and concepts by using qualitative data. Content analysis help in quantifying and analysing the presence, meanings, and relationships of the business support ideas that help in understanding the business environment and taking effective decisions in making the business more successful and sustainable. The following content analysis help in effective emphasis towards the business start-ups and how they can be effective in the future by giving proper ideas of the same which include understanding the customers and value proposition by taking the decisions of the business (Liamputtong 2020). 

For analysing the data, there needs to be an effective focus on the qualitative analysis of data. Data analysis includes the technique which involves activities that are multiple that include gathering, organizing, and cleaning the data. Therefore, the data analysis will help in giving the proper idea of how the new product launch idea can be successful for the environment and the organization as a whole (Aspers and Corte 2019). The data analysis will help in giving the proper idea of how the dried tree leaves that help in reducing the use of plastic and initially develop the idea of customers using the packaging of the food in the dried tree leaves which are safe and even sustainable in the environment. For that purpose, the content analysis approach is taken into consideration. Various credible sources and publicly available data is taken into consideration.

Ethical implications 

The following are the main ethical implications that should be taken into consideration for an effective research study includes-

  • Taking proper measures that no individual or organisation is harmed or demeaned from the secondary data.
  • All the data available in the public domain is taken into account.
  • Proper disposal of the data and only reputed sources are taken into consideration


The following are the limitations in the research that should be taken into effective consideration for the research study including- 

  • Formulating the effective research aim and objectives
  • Implementing the data collection methods
  • Size of the sample and questionnaire preparation (Allan 2020)
  • Scope of the proper findings and discussions
  • Lack of past studies that should be considered in the area of research. 

Chapter 4: Data Analysis


Data analysis is an important process in research projects which includes the systematic application of Different techniques for describing and illustrating the information identified from various sources and evaluating the data with different aspects and models. The data analysis in this research project for identifying the compatibility of natural food packaging range as a product for operating and growing in the current and future market environment (Richards and Hemphill, 2018). For content analysis, different secondary sources have been analysed and information have been taken. This helps identify the different areas of competition for this business idea and a compatibility test by developing the business model Canvas.

This model is utilised by different businesspeople as it is one of the most recognised and effective approaches for understanding the external environment of businesses for addressing the possible issues that may face by a new or existing product or a business. This analysis will help in understanding the environment in which the business of natural food packaging will be operated and the possible benefits and challenges of different aspects in those areas will be helping in developing an appropriate business strategy. This model will also help in understanding consumers' p

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