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Operating Systems and Networks Assignment Sample

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Operating Systems and Networks Assignment Sample


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Packet Tracer is a cross-platform that mainly helps for visualization and one type of simulation tool that is designed by the Cisco system. This system mainly helps to create or build any type of various network topologies and mainly emulates any modern computer networks. Here in this report has been required an effective network system has been needed to build for any business system and made this network a wireless connectivity system and also configure the IPV4 IP address. This developed network system also provides their protocol. The Dynamic Host Configuration Protocolor DHCP is mainly one type of client/server protocol that provides the Internet protocol with their IP addresses. 


Without Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol , IP addresses for any building or creating a new networks system that are has been moved mainly from one main subnet to another subnet must be configured here in this report (Rashid et al. 2019). With help of the DHCP server has been maintained TCP/IP configuration information mainly improves the function of the developed building network system. Also this report has been built a network system with the use of correct cables and also configures the switch and makes this system as wireless connectivity and also set up the DNS server that uses a static IP address. Therefore this report in a task 2 section mainly effectively knows the function of the DHCP that has been configured or used in a developed network system. 


This report first builds a computer network system that fulfills all the needs of any office system and also configures or implements this developed system IPv4 with full connectivity. With the use of cisco packet tracer" here build a computer network system, within this system first designed the three pc that mainly had three hosts in this developed system (Islami et al. 2020). Then design or implement a switch with the number 2960. After that within this developed network system has been implemented a router with the number "2911" (Sari et al. 2018). Secondly, in this system implement another router that mainly provides an internet service. After that here designed or implement a server one server is a cloud storage and another server that mainly a DNS server within this developed system. This developed system has been choosing or implementing the correct type of cables that effectively connect all the network devices within this developed system.

In this developed computer network system has been required 2911 router and 2960 switch. Then here configure the IP address that is that effect designed or implemented in this project and configure the DNS server also that mainly works as a static IP addresses within this developed system. This developed system between two rotors implements serial connectivity. Then the major importance of this developed system is to configure the DHCP that mainly improves the function of the developed computer network system (Noor et al. 2018). To configure the DHCP within this system at first implement or configure the DHCP services then configure the IP address with the use of a Cisco packet tracer. 


First, in this report configure the IP addresses that have been that needs analysis in the report that makes this network system very effective. Then analyze the DNS server and majorly notice that the server must have been in a static IP address within this Computer network system (Alfarsi et al. 2019). Then analyze or create a serial connectivity between the two routers. Then analyze the basic configure between the router and switches with the use of a cisco packet tracer. Then analyze the benefit of using the DHCP within this developed system and the DHCP has been provided or improved function within this system firstly it needs to effectively configure the Reliable IP address configuration. 

Also, DHCP has been minimized the configuration errors within this developed system that mainly caused by the use of manual IP address configuration and provides many benefits such as:typographical errors also conflict with all addresses that have been used with the using of an IP address that provides connections more than one computer in the same time within this developed computer network system. 

Name of the device

IP address(range)

Subnet mask

Default Gateway







ISP Router

Table 1: TA finance list of components


In this result, part analyzes the whole system then effectively builds a network systems analysis the configure their IP address then build connectivity within two Reuters with this developed system. 


The overall report has been usefully analyzed or implemented a network connecting with the use of IP address that has been successfully configured and also configures the DHCP that makes this function effectively also improve the function within this system. 

Reference list

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