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Advanced Databases Assignment Sample

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Advanced Databases Assignment Sample


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Task 1


In the project assignment, there was designing and implementation in the skills sector. Then knowledge of database systems must be conveyed. There is also knowledge on ethical and data security of the database systems.


There are measured frameworks at the child's well being. To be the best well being children’s lives ought to be measured. There are many structural frameworks in the 4 dimensions. There are also life standards.

Relational schema

Child well being measured framework is one of the most essential things in the world. There are also many dimensions to monitor (Agosti, et al. 2021). There is also a child well being monitor to find out the poverty data at the measurement.

Design rationale

Child well being monitor is also a web based announcement at the front discussing machines. Child well being monitor also is very easy to use. It permits users to design and implement data.

Design considerations

There are also visualisations that can be useful if it is found out(Ataei, et al. 2021). There a software developer will enhance the power software toll named child well being monitor.

T-sql statements

There are also emotional outcomes and other accessories also.And there are also social achievements in the neighbourhoods. This will change the role of children, families and communities also. They will help children’s support and security.

Query 1: UPDATE `child well being monitor`.`table 1` SET `Name of Countries` = 'Vietnam' WHERE (`Name of Countries` = 'Vietnam1') and (`Economical value` = '$1.24 trillion') and (`Povert Percentage` = '5.8%') and (`Total people` = '9.73 crores');

UPDATE `child well being monitor`.`table 1` SET `Total people` = '3.5 crores' WHERE (`Name of Countries` = 'Peru') and (`Economical value` = '$228.989 billion') and (`Povert Percentage` = '20.2%') and (`Total people` = '3.3 crores');

Database security

This will help to give a good life to the children. This also shapes the nature of the children. In today’s world the health of the child can be monitored by observing tools. It is also easier for the patients to observe the child's health. This tool will help to analyse the poverty of the child. This will also visualize the poverty of many countries. The countries are Ethiopia,India,Peru and vietnam.

Database backup and restore strategy

This will also swap the destitution of the lower income countries. This is also a popular long term project. There are also many policies that actually harm children's well being.so here is the table for that. Childhood poverty has to be understood by us to be great human beings.

Data science

The countries have selected different kinds of issues that are actually facing the growing world. There are also some environmental surroundings that actually affect the vulnerability like floods and droughts (Bharadwaj, et al. 2022). So here is the table for 12000 children for 15 years,observers every 3-4 years. In round 2 there are also children of 5 and 12 years old. After that, in round 3 there were also the same children of 7-8 years and also 14-15 years. There are also 15 and 22 years old.

Data privacy, ethical, legal issues

It is a chart of young lives. So the table has to be implemented and designed by the sql server. Their software developer also has the reporting things to mention. There have also been fights for child rights and some policies have to be understood which are against the children’s well being. Child well being monitoring is also an essential thing to explain and understand (Dekker, 2022). This is also an innovative project to write and tables are mentioned here. This is the right project to write for the child's well being in developing countries. There is the full dataset of the young lives information archive to the different sql server database management system. in the project. There many tables have to be created at the database management project in the database. There are various kinds of tables that use T-SQL (D'silva, et al. 2018). There are various countries that will help to calculate child poverty in various countries like India, Peru, Vietnam, and Ethiopia. After that In many countries there is so much poverty in India, Ethiopia in the various countries at the database systems in the project. There are also different kinds of summarised notices.

Query 2: UPDATE `child well being monitor`.`table 2` SET `Round 3` = '7-8years and 14-15years old.' WHERE (`Round 1` = '1year old and 5 years old.') and (`Round 2` = '5 years old 12 years old.') and (`Round 3` = '7-8years and 14-15years old.') and (`Round 4` = '12 and 19years old.') and (`Round 5` = '15 and 22 years old.');


There was also a filter to announce and also included to sort the data and also included grouping and sorting at the database management system in the project. After that there have also different kinds of search facilities in the child well-being monitor. There has als o mentioned different kind of concurrency techniques at the assignment.

Task 2


The consumer has planned to start an assignment to help the children of low income families. The country's name is vietnam. After that they actually started the imbalance at the educational sector in the country of vietnam. Therefore they need to investigate the young lives like school survey, Vietnam, 2016-17 dataset.


The project has been made of low income families in the country of Vietnam. The assignment is on lower income families in the country of Vietnam. The school survey was started in 2010 at the young lives project.

Design rationale

The school survey started the young lives project in 2010. A household survey has been captured. In the project schooling experience of childrens is actually help to understand learning outcome and other things also (Farooqi, 2019).This things also helps to understand the home backgrounds, work, schools, teachers and classes etc.

Design considerations

After design rationale design considerations is one the most essential part in the project assignments. They have to build relationships and other school peer groups. Three main elements needed for the survey (Gunawan, 2020). The first one is a child questionnaire. The second one is a household questionnaire. The third one is a community questionnaire.

Query 3: UPDATE `child well being monitor`.`table 3` SET `2016-2017 dataset` = '3.5 million' WHERE (`school survey` = '1.2 million') and (`vietnam` = '6.1 million') and (`2016-2017 dataset` = '3.6 million');

T-SQL statements

After design considerations T-SQL statements are one of the most essential parts of the task in the project. It covers things like household composition and other other life assets. There are also essential services to access the data and to implement the data the project needs to design.Also microsoft excel have to be used here.

Report design

After T-SQL statements report design is one of the essential things at the database management system in the project (Helinda, et al. 2020). This needs the most usable sql server and microsoft excel to be implemented and microsoft excel should be used here as a layer. There needs many detailing approaches in the project and There have to be used here the front end design at Microsoft excel in the project.

Database security

Here, the client also needs to provide the sql statements in the projects. After that, the proposed thing in the front end design has to be provided in the excel. Also we have to supply the SQL statements with perfect comments and other necessary things also (Higginson, et al. 2022). They also need a full back database in the education system project.

Database backup and restore strategy

After that there needs to be a front end design and also needs to do the work of the T-SQL statements. There also has specific thing to follow-

They have to insert the full database of the school survey, vietnam and also 2016-2017 database to the local server database.

Data science/Business intelligent techniques

Then, We have to create all the tables including the school survey vietnam. Then there also various summarised reports have to write in the excel. All the participants need to join in the project. There are many disparities in the educational sector in vietnam. There should be a minimum of 3 reports. Also there we have to include the filtering, sorting ,grouping functions etc. There should be various charts in the vietnam project.School survey was first introduced in 2010. There is also school effectiveness (Kanani 2019). There are also cognitive and incognito skills in the school. There are also various school systems skills like cognitive and non cognitive skills in the school in the project. After that, There is also value added analysis in schooling and comparative analysis. There are also issues of Equity including gender p

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