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Problem Solving And Decision Making Assignment Sample

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Problem Solving And Decision Making Assignment Sample


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Task 1

Nature and impact of the complex problem on employees and their organisations


Complex problems of the STAFF SHORTAGEhospitals and shortage of FTE staff on the hospital premises. Lack of nurses is also the complex problems that are arising in organisations. Issues in providing medicine for special and critical cases within the few geographical areas (Chan et al. 2019).. Beside this, Workforce challenges are creating hindrance for the hospital to serve their patients. The problems are related to the poor working environment, less pay and less reward (Espelandet al. 2018). 

Sn: The impact of the issues that are dealt with on the organisation where they need to extend the help from the STAFF SHORTAGE trust. The complex problem defines the “ability to approach them from multiple, sometimes competing, perspectives and which may have multiple possible solutions''. These issues are related to the shortage of workforce in the hospital. The issue is reflected in the case study where if the shortages continued in the organisation, then it can lead to closure in near future.

Slide 2: contd.

Sn: the issues that might be reflected with the cause where fewer rewards are paid to the workers. Therefore, there are many vacancies that are left behind due to a lack of cooperation and mismanagement. It also shows the “number of placed English applicants for nurse undergraduate training in 2018 was 4 per cent lower than in 2016”. This shows the ineffective terms of STAFF SHORTAGE in complying with the mentioned issues.

PESTLE analysis

Political factors (P)

Slide 3:

Brexit uncertainties have caused a major problem for STAFF SHORTAGE(Griffiths et al. 2021). Medication pieces of equipment imply high costs because of political intervention. The unemployment level has raised up to 12% in the STAFF SHORTAGE(ons.gov.uk, 2022).

Sn: Political factors of the country UK has stated numerous issues and shows huge losses in the company as well as in other economies. The staffing issue in the hospitals increased by 12%, where the vacant position of the nurses shows inefficient management to control the overheads. The government of the UK has implied norms in implying the medical equipment from the EU, which states the restriction of buying anting from the region. This causes huge charges for buying the equipment from other countries. Due to this, the economic conditions dynamically represent a situation where losses are huge compared to expenses. The political factors of UK have stated various problems and Staff shortagein the proper care, UK is one of the issues. Before some year when UK exit EU by the political factor which creates issue related to the staff in UK as well as proper care, UK.

Economical factor (E)

Slide 4:

Economic downturns have raised financial crises in the last decade (Grove et al. 2018). Financial regulations of the country hamper the free flow of services among the members of Proper care, UK. The employment rate reduced by 4% in the year 2018 (ons.gov.uk, 2022). Net flow in 2017 was more than in 2018 as the nurses shifted to the EU from STAFF SHORTAGE

Sn: economical factor shows the changes in the income and expenses flow in an economy. In the context of the hospital, the news flow was reduced after the Brexit effect. This implies a shift in the employment opportunity from STAFF SHORTAGE to EU. The lack of qualified workers in the health care system implies these economic downturns where the organisation faces the issue of fewer nurses. The rewards and salaries for the respective designation are low compared to other organisations. This shows that the increase in these regulations can attract more no. of applicants for the vacant positions.

In the economic factor, from the few years it has been seen that the unemployment rate has rapidly increased, and it can be main cause for Staff shortage in Proper care, UK.

Social factor (S)

Slide 5:

Social factor represents the changing population and culture of one region. Population change in the country is due to an increase in healthcare facilities (pestleanalysis.com, 2022). The ageing population increases the strain on STAFF SHORTAGE

Sn: changes in the livelihood and changes in the living ratio imply the effect on the social factor of the country. The changes in the ageing population imply more services for STAFF SHORTAGE, as old people have numerous health problems compared to the young population. Health issues related to “diabetes and various cancers tend to develop in later stages of life” tend to be high compared with other diseases. Therefore, the advanced solutions to control these diseases increase the efficiency of health care centres across the country. The social factor plays a crucial role in the economy and the economy of the UK is depend on the service sector. The Staff shortage can affect the performance of economy as well as social factor

Technological factor (T)

Slide 6:

Unique and innovative technology must be implemented in STAFF SHORTAGE. Improved healthcare units serve more patients and can save more lives. Better education for the medicine leaders as they can use practical pieces of equipment (yuan et al. 2021).

Sn: improved technology enhances the productivity of the organisation. In the context of STAFF SHORTAGE, advanced technologies can reduce the issues that are presented on the premises. Enhancement and developing aspects in terms of technology increase the services and increase the capability of the workers. If the advancement in hospital infrastructure increases then the vacant vacancies must be filled quickly as it will attract numerous nurses to continue their jobs. Rewards and pay-out must be increased to these terms to retain the nurses in STAFF SHORTAGEfor longer periods.

Legal factor (L)

Slide 7:

Legal factor shows the litigation in healthcare-related lawsuits. Upward trends in litigation show the changes in expenses (Hallo and Nguyen 2021). Hefty expenses on medical healthcare show the expensive legal defences to paying high taxes (Yusalet al. 2021). Attributions are taken to court if the patients are unsatisfied with the STAFF SHORTAGEservices.

Sn: the legal factors are basically related to the circumstances that hinder the proper flow of services in STAFF SHORTAGE. there are several rules and norms that are formed by the government which holds huge taxes and limitations. Retributions are taken from the court of the UK, where the unsatisfied customer has not received proper treatment. Lawsuits are implemented to provide equal treatment to the people of the country. An unbiased relationship between the doctor and the patients causes fewer issues. In order to reduce legal barriers, the attributions are adopted. In the legal factor, the rules and policies can be considered. Moreover, at the same time some government policies and rules can create the issue which create the staff’s shortage problems.

Environmental factor (E)

Slide 8:

Environmental factors show the weather, climate and geological boundaries where the STAFF SHORTAGE problem has arisen. There are no environmental factors that affect the STAFF SHORTAGE growth and expansion. The UK has many scopes to provide remittance to solve the issues mentioned above (Zaree and Nahravanian 2018). The environmental impacts are reflected through the organisation's progress and procedures. The environmental impact can be considered as the shortage of staffs in the Proper care, UK.

Sn: STAFF SHORTAGE doesn't have any environmental factors as the location and graphical area are good and it has many beneficial elements as it is located in the main city. The macro-environmental factors constitute benefits to the employees of the organisation.

Cause-and-effect analysis, using Fishbone Diagram

The Cause-and-effect analysis shows the technique to evaluate the issue in STAFF SHORTAGE. The fisher bone diagram classifies the issues among “Machine, Methods, Measurements, Materials, Manpower, and Environment”. It shows the main cause and effects of the problems that can be fixed by implementing various strategies. Effective measures to reduce the unemployment level are reflected in the below-mentioned strategies.

Sn: the following issues that are hindering the processes of the STAFF SHORTAGE must be solved by applying suitable techniques and strategies. The five parts of the fishbone analysis show the help in practices that “identify obstacles to good performance and what causes them”. This cause-effect system shows appropriate measures that the organisation can generate to increase employment opportunities. The research and informed aspect of the complex problem show each issue where the organisation is trying to reduce the unemployment levels. The scarcity of nurses in the organisation can be fulfilled by applying different methods and techniques mentioned in the above report. Alternative solutions to staff shortage

Alternative solutions to staff shortage

Alternative solution for the recruitment of staff and nurse is a basic requirement for improving the strength of STAFF SHORTAGE hospitals. A shortage of 41,000 nurses and 100,000 FTE staff would be appointed through the adoption of recruitment strategies. There are some recruitment strategies that would be followed by management.

Creating employee's brand:

The important strategies of this hospital would be developed by the addition of employee brand creation. Identification of employer's requirements would be more specific to attract employees to STAFF SHORTAGE hospitals. Employers' branding would be reflected in the organization's mission and culture. Along with barn ding of employees would be useful to attract new employees. Throughout requirements of employees and nurses would be fulfilled by developing a corporate culture in this hospital (Brouwer and Hessels, 2019). The reason to join in this hospital would be highlighted in the advertisement to a potential candidate, which would be useful to establish organisational support for new employees. Along with accommodation of current employees regarding STAFF SHORTAGE hospitals would advertise to new employees that would help to present the importance of nurses and staff to STAFF SHORTAGE hospitals.

Using of social media platforms:

Nowadays most of the population operates the internet to communicate with others, where advertising job-related posts would attract new employees. Targeting millions of people through social media would be useful to search for effective nurses and staff for STAFF SHORTAGE hospitals. Posting of jobs regarding information with current employees' feedback and retention rate presents trust of existing employees in STAFF SHORTAGE hospitals. Indirectly this positive approach through the online platform help to gain potential nurse and staff for this hospital (Guo et al. 2022). Along with that mass hiring of nurses and staff seoul be possible through social media advertisement. The cost of a job regarding advertisement would be comparatively less than other options.

Implementation of Applicant Tracking System:

Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is an effective application, which is useful to save time in the hiring of candidates. Using of ATS not only automatically improvises hiring activity without wasting the time of hiring managers. ATS management software is the tool, which is automatically processed job regarding post according to requirement and also sort out qualified talents (Moraes et al. 2021). Through one click of a job regarding information spread to a various online platform, which also helps to information mass community in a short span of time. ATS system is the best software for hiring along with less consumption of cost regarding a job posting.

Consider college recruitment practice

 As per the condition of the STAFF SHORTAGE hospital has an immediate requirement of hiring of nurses and staff. Throughout college hiring, organisations would be able to hire a mass number of employees treatment in a minimum time. Recruitment of fresh recruitment of employees through the college recruitment process help to gain a larger number of base employees’strength by college hiring practice (Webber-Ritchey et al. 2021). Exploring niche job boards for medical students would be useful to attract new employees for STAFF SHORTAGE hospitals. Along with informative information publication to new interviewees would reflect the management approach to staff which help to establish a better image of this hospital.

Task 2


In the context of the STAFF SHORTAGE, the issues in the organisations that hinders organisational work are reflected in this study. As per the view of Vordermark and Jonathan (2019), the abovementioned parts are also elaborated in this report. A plan to implement the decision and solve the complex problem is also stated in this report. The discussion of success indicators to measure the effectiveness of the decision is also shown here. The issues that are mentioned under the complex process were elaborated by parting different areas where the organisation is losing its competencies. As opined by Velikova et al. (2018), the fishbone diagram is also used to showcase the cause-and-effect relationship between the issue of the STAFF SHORTAGE. Pestle analysis is being done to show the implications which are rendered by the country to evaluate more options to decree the complexities and to increase the STAFF SHORTAGEextents.

Effects of complex issues on employees and organisations

Complex issues refer to the hindrances which stop the regular and continuous flow of work. In the STAFF SHORTAGE, the issues are related to the employment and vacant position of nurses. As per the author Singleton et al. (2022), the vacancy is risen due to a shortage of employees due to inefficient management and lack of pay cuts. Disagreement among the employee and employees creates disturbances and irregular workflows. This makes the working premises ineffective in reaching out their goals or objectives. Complexities demotivate the employees and made them inefficient in managing the resources of the organisations. Loss of wages and economic crisis and fewer funds in the organisation ensures the complexities where the workers get rigid responses and make them leave the job. As mentioned by Platt et al. (2019), in the context of organisations, the workflow in the working premises got worse affected due to mismanagement. In order to gain competence, the employees can solve the issue that directly by communicating with the authority of the organisation.

Macro-environmental factors contribute to the complex problem

Macroeconomic factors refer to the outer forces by which the organisation can get affected. As stated by Ordu et al. (2021), the external forces that affect the organisation are “inflation, fiscal policy, monetary policy, consumer spending, GDP, and employment rates”. In the context of STAFF SHORTAGE, employment rates are the main cause behind the complexities. Adult care provider in the country shows less occupancy where the organisations have facing issues in managing the nurses for the patients. As per the author Machin and Wilkinson (2021), the 1.1 million FTE jobs that are present in the country where the limits are rising to a great extent. This is because the workforce of the country is gaining a clearer view of competing with the current operation within the organisations.

There are other factors which restrict the STAFF SHORTAGEto increase the pay of the existing employees. As per the view of Klein and Crandall (2018), the factors are labour restrictions, socioeconomic issues and international challenges. These factors show the external forces that are affecting the internal segment of the organisation. These abovementioned factors implement the gaps between the employers and the employees. From the pestle analysis, it can be stated that STAFF SHORTAGEhas no environmental issues as the hospital opiates in the main city where all the resources are easily available. As stated by Lancharoenet al. (2020), from the analysis, it can be ascertained that the employment rate of 12% that is desired can be fixed by applying the stated strategies. The methods of providing jobs on the basis of the skills and qualifications enable good vacancies for the origination.

Fishbone analysis to research-informed cause-and-effect analysis of STAFF SHORTAGE organisation

The cause and effect analysis is done by using the fishbone concept where the causes and their effects are shown in brief. As narrated by Caprì et al. (2019), the cultural erosion after the Brexit effect shows the limitations where the people were more affected than the others it can be stated that the equipment and the materials that are shown in the diagram. The system that is applied in the organistions has many defaults that are Ineffective equipment, Loss of electrical materials, and Lack of preventive resources showing the inefficiency of the parts. As per the author Abolghasemi et al. (2020), the equipment modules and the materials that are coincided in the above part can be reluctant for the new segments of the origination where the nurses are appointed. There are other segments which are classified in the fishbone diagram.

The above-mentioned problems are rigid in nature where the hospital is lacking basic infrastructural changes. Solutions to these problems are listed within the organisation to make more vacancies to 41,000 nurse vacancies. As per the view of Dawoodbhoy et al. (2021), from the above image, it can be stated that “providing a structure to understand the relationships between many possible causes of a problem” can be restored by the analysis. It is the suitable framework for analysing the causes in a simple way. Inputs and outputs of the STAFF SHORTAGE organisations are briefly examined by this analysis where the owner can rectify its mistake and overcome the issues. The root causes of the issues are eventually ascertained through this analysis and then effective outcomes are drawn on the basis of the outcomes.

Fishbone diagram is kind of visualization tool for categorizing the potential root cause of the problem. In order to identify the root cause of problem this tool can be used. The Staff shortagein Proper care, UK has been illustrated by the fish bone diagram. In order, five rote causes has been identified by which the Proper care, UK has faced. The main cause is “management, material, machine, man power, and method. Lack of training and development of staffs can be reason by which the staffs are leaving the company. Proper collaboration and development is necessary in the company to mitigate the Staff shortage

Implementation of the decision

In order to solve the complex situation, identify in the above part the first step is to know the depth of the issue. As narrated by Bohmer et al. (2020), it is ascertained by the fishbone analysis where the main causes are identified to the issue raised in the organisation. The causes are equipment, materials, low cost of treatment and simple standards. Under these causes, there are other systems where the organisation can enable its searches to opt for legitimate solutions. After knowing the root cause the next step is to find the alternatives or different options where the firm can choose to be the one least factor where they can implement more proper equipment to resolve the issues. Further, the Low priority given in hospitals, must be mitigated to adjoined more facilities to draw the best possible opportunities to regain accurate positions.

There are many alternatives that the firm can apply to reduce the effect of Brexit on the STAFF SHORTAGEpremises. As per the view of Drosos et al. (2018), as the changes directly affect the individuals, “families and communities and have implications for the lives of real people”. With these, there are more objects where the firm can lead to various options, where the organisation must overdraw the selected patent barriers. It can be easily estimated that the up-gradation in the equipment and materials can solve the issues for almost 70%. After this, the analysis is effectively measured or weighted to show the clarity in which the decision is measured. Effective decision-making involves various segmentations where the firm can assure the best outcome to hence the organisational views and goals. The main aim of showing accurate decision-making is that the process which is used can be retrieved by enabling practical measures.

However effective decision-making process to reduce the unavailability of nurses in the4 hospitals, the organisations can change the following elements. The changes are listed below.

  • Increase in these salaries
  • Implementation of proper infrastructure
  • The working environment must be revised
  • Working modes must be flexible in nature
  • Effective decision-making policies

Adopting these abovelisted measures, the issues can be solved with more beneficial elements. This is because systematic procedures must be followed in the organisation to review the elements present in the formulation of policies. As per the author Zhu et al. (2021), these policies must be drawn in favour to contest the existing elements to overcome the differences. The consequences of the decision-making can be interrupted by organising while evaluating the above-mentioned strategies. The strategies are “Creating an employee's brand, using social media platforms, considering college recruitment practices and Implementation of Applicant Tracking System”. These strategies must be adopted to attract the new learner and the candidates to increase the no. of nurses.

PMI – Weighing the Pros and Cons of a decision

Effectiveness of the decisions

The effectiveness of the decisions that are made to resolve the problem crested in the STAFF SHORTAGEorganisation can be shown after the implementation process. As mentioned by Kayyali et al. (2018), the plan must be organised where the basic native must be evaluated by the owner. The motive must be clear and has strategic views to develop new resources where they can ensure that the stated plan will work accordingly. After the motive is selected then the plan must be implemented by showing the advertisement on an online platform, as it is the most suitable tool for promotion. Then the reviews and applications must be reversed with the appointment details with that the organisation can select suitable candidates for their work.

Moreover, after the selection then the interview must be taken by adopting the changes in the pay structure and working movies. As per the view of Sendlhofer et al. (2019), all that must be accurate and up to the requirement of the nurse working over there. They must be flexible to enjoy all the ethical considerations where the pay range must not be decreased due to a decrease in demand. It can be stated as they are the most conceivable apportionment where they can easily get the job by studying other requirements.

These planning segments show the effectiveness of the decisions that are taken by the owner to make an effective organization to resemble all the content to brief the same quotations. As per the author Drennan et al. (2018), there are other Strategies that can be adopted to decrease the problem to a great extent. The problems must be exaggerated by applying different motions to the activities that are planned above. The insights must be better than described in the initial stages. Hover the whole changes can decree the problems of the STAFF SHORTAGE organisation where they need to implement new things with effective results. The changes must result in care quality, potentially undermining the future sustainability of services. These services imply good health for the patients who visit the organisation to take proper treatment on regular basis. Community providers and health professionals must show the ethical spots to work in the same zones without any issues and conflicts. This is because good management can bring fruitful results to the people.

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