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Reflective Practice Report Assignment Sample

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Reflective Practice Report Assignment Sample


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This report is based on the self-evaluation of the learning that I have gained from the modules. I have developed professional, personal, and academic skills which will help me in my future career goals. This report will be included several skills in detail that have improved my knowledge as well as my capabilities to do things better in my personal as well as in my professional life. With the module, I have learned lots of things and gained knowledge that has also helped in building my confidence. I have developed my professional skills also like how to manage things in a corporate world to get a promotion as well as to gain a good image in the organization.


Professional Development

With the help of this module, I have learned lots of things that have helped me to build my skills and capabilities for my future career. I have learned about the Competing Values Framework which is one of the effective tools to ensure proper training and development for the employees (Dille and Røkenes, 2021). I have learned major two professional skills which need to be improved for better performance. I have upgraded many professional skills such as critical thinking, negotiation skills, presentation and communication skills, self-confidence, creativity, coaching and leadership skills, and team management. Out of these skills, the two capabilities that I have majorly improved is the negotiation skills as well as team management. With the help of these skills, I have improved my communication skills as well as self-confidence.

I have used Kolb’s reflective cycle to identify or examine professional development skills. It includes four stages of learning styles such as concrete experience, reflective observation, abstract conceptualization, and active experimentation (Idris, Din and Tajuddin, 2020). With the help of the first stage, I have encountered my experience from this module while facing practical situations in the light of new concepts. Reflective experience has helped me to reflect on my new experience based on the existing knowledge. I have applied the new learnings and concepts in my corporate world which has given me positive results. The team management skills are very important to understand the perception of the team members to get an output. Negotiation skills play an important role in the corporate world to deal with customers effectively. The module has helped me in improving my CV and interview skills. I have analyzed that for improving the negation skills to apply in a corporate world, an individual must have a b command of emotional intelligence, communication, planning skills, strategy, value creation, and strategic thinking (Mlambo, Silén and McGrath, 2021).

Personal Development

While improving professional development, I have also gained things on a personal level. The two major skills that I have improved our communication skills the self-confidence. According to the module, I have improved my emotional intelligence and self-leadership skills. I have analyzed that emotional intelligence is an ability to use, understand & manage own emotions to relieve stress, empathize with others, communicate effectively and overcome challenges (Gonot-Schoupinsky, Garip and Sheffield, 2020). I have learned the five most characteristics of emotional intelligence which include self-regulation, motivation, empathy, self-regulation, and social skills. I have examined that this module has also improved my self-leadership skills which are very essential for an individual. The self-leadership skills that I have improved include motivation, decision making, empathy, influencing skills, social skills, dedication, and self-regulation.

Academic Development

I have analyzed that I have got lots of academic knowledge in terms of models and theories which I can apply in the future. For academic development, I have focused on two major concepts, the first one is motivation and another one is teamwork. I have learned some of the motivational theories for how to inspire or guide people in their work to achieve their goals effectively (Bragg, Walsh and Heyeres, 2021). The motivational theories that I have learned include Maslow's Hierarchy of needs and Hertzberg two factor motivational theories. I have examined that these two motivational theories play a vital role in an organization motivating the employees. As it helps to clear the basic understanding and increases their level of satisfaction from a job. With the help of Maslow's hierarchy of needs theory, I have learned the five basic needs of an individual which include psychological, safety, love, esteem, and self-actualization needs. I have learned that Herzberg's two motivational theory is based on the two major factors that need to be developed by the organization within the business for better results such as motivational and hygiene factors (Gray et al, 2019). While improving these factors of motivation, performance will get increased and employee turnover will be decreased.

With the help of teamwork models and theories, I have learned how to manage the work in a team and how to lead the employees effectively. With the help of Belbin's theory of team role, I have identified 9 team roles that are important for a leader to lead a team. The most important roles include action-oriented, people-oriented, and thought-oriented roles. I have identified that Tuckman's theory of team management has identified four stages such as forming, norming, performing, and adjourning (Ranhoff et al, 2019). The author says that every team has a different perspective to give a better performance. I have learned and gained academic knowledge with the help of this module.


It concluded that this module has helped me in improving my skills and given me knowledge of various concepts. In professional development, I have improved skills that will help me in my future career goals. It has been identified that I have improved two major professional skills which include negotiation and team management skills. I have examined my learnings with the help of Kolb's reflection cycle. As a part of my personal development, I have improved several skills such as emotional intelligence and self-regulation. In terms of academic development, I have understood several theories and models of motivation and teamwork. I have identified that the module has helped me in improving my communication skills as well as self-confidence.

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