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Technology Drivers For Manufacturing Organization Assignment Sample

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Technology Drivers For Manufacturing Organization Assignment Sample


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Technology makes the daytoday life of common people easy. With the revolutions in technology the shape of the industrious and organizations changes. The organizations emerging new technologies in order to update. Currently the fourth industry revolution is going on. This revolution of industry 4.0 changes the shape of the business forever. Industry 4.0 is the digital era of the industry. Digital technologies are included in the organization. Some of the new technologies are cloud computing and cyber security, data and analysis of data, automations and artificial Intelligence. This helps the organizations to perform their task more accurately and get the desired outcomes. In this report the benefit of the 4.0 industry in the manufacturing and production industry will also be discussed, such as the modern technology revolution in the production process and helping in the critical manufacturing.

Brief description of the manufacturing organization

The manufacturing industry is one of the oldest industries in the world. Manufacturing is basically the process to convert the raw material in the finished products with the help of various machines , human involvement with the help of others means. From the ancient era, the manufacturing process has been there (Enrique et al., 2021). People get their desired products through the process of manufacturing. But in the very beginning the manufacturing process differs from the current scenario.at the beginning the total manufacturing was done with purely human involvement. Slowly the inventions of small tools enhance the production speed and fast the process. Then the machine came to reduce human efforts. The transformation in the industry started in the late eighteenth century in Great Britain which is known as the industrial revolution 1.0. Conventional machines came to replace humans because the machine can do work very fast and accurately. The main reason for the revolution is the invention of the steam engine. This invention helps to set up big industries. First, the manufacturing went from home to factory. One of the main industries at that time was the textile industry.

The next revolution started when the internal combustion engine and electricity were invented. This helps the industry shape their structures (Zuo, 2021). The revolution 2.0 helps the company become more profitable. And new industries are developed during these revolutions of the industry. The third revolution started with the inventions of computing technology during the middle of the twentieth century. The automations is one of the very important technologies of the 3.0 revolutions. Industries start adopting the new technology and computers invented and start integrating in business. This helps in analysis and automations further decreases human involvement in the process (Bag and Pretorius, 2020). The last and the final revolution started with the invention of the internet. The internet changed the manufacturing industry forever. Various new technologies were invented with the help of the internet. Also the improvement in the artificial intelligence and machine learning helps the industries perform the operations remotely ar some time without any human interference. Some of the new edge technologies are 3D printing. Internet of things and many more. This digital era of industry enhances the growth of the industry in various ways. Optimizations of the process are possible because of the integrations of the technology. Also the digital technologies make the process very fast. The new technology includes various new analytical techniques which helps in finding critical manufacturing paths to save the process time.

Identifications of the drivers

Industry 4.0 in manufacturing increased productivity, reduced the costs, increased the products quality and improved the utilizations of the resources (Craveiroa et al., 2019). There are various drivers which are driving the industry 4.0. some of the drivers of the manufacturing industry are

Cloud computing and cyber security

Cloud computing is a new technology which is emerging in the process of manufacturing. Cloud computing can handle the process more effectively than the conventional process. So the companies are emerging computing in their process.

  • Internet of things: it is a new technology emerging in the various processes to control the process remotely. The IOT is basically a collective network between the devices through a server. This is basically an integrated computing system which does not need any human to computer interaction for communications (Prause, 2019). The internet of things helped the business process remote and automatic. The flow of the manufacturing can be tracked with the help of this technology.
  • Data and analytics: Data is the new asset for modern business. Almost every industry collects data. But studying data in a proper way is very difficult. So the revolution in the computing industry helps the business manage their data in a more organized way so that the industrious can extract more information from the data.
  • Big data: Big data is the technology currently used in the industry 4.0. This technology helps the manufacturing industries shape their process data in an organized way so that the analysis of the process can be done easily. Also the integration of big data in complex manufacturing processes helps to optimize the process. In the manufacturing industry maintaining the supply chain is a very important part so big data helps in optimizing the supply chain (Zywiolak et al., 2021). As optimization of the process is done with the help of big data, the fastest production can be done with the help of big data.
  • Data visualizations: Data visualizations are very important to run the business. Manufacturing organizations also need to process data in a visual format so that the information can be easily read. This will help the manufacturing organization be profitable in the long run.

Automation and artificial Intelligence

Upgrades automations included in the industry 4.0. Both the AI and automations included in the process of manufacturing helps the development more easily. Complicated shapes and structures are easily manufactured.

3D printing: 3D printing is the new technology emerging in the manufacturing process. The technology helps the developers to develop complicated parts to manufacture very easily. This technology is becoming more and more popular day by day (Kumari and Saini, 2021). Though 3D printing is now in its initial stage. Currently 3D printing is in its initial stage. A lot of improvement will be undertaken and this will become the future of manufacturing.

Robotics:  the industry 4.0 includes robots in the process. This involvement of robots increases the process speed. Improved the product quality and also reduced the human involvement. As the Ai integrates in the robotix so the robots are able to make decisions . including the smart sensors in the manufacturing also improves the process.and hence the productivity of the company improved.

Outline of the possible applications

The manufacturing industry is vast and huge. The automobile industry is a very important industry among all the industries. The manufacturing of a car involves various steps. And industry 4.0 is improving the manufacturing quality and also speeding up the process of manufacturing.

Applications of Automations: the whole car manufacturing process is full of automatons and robots. After the design is done all the parts are cut through computer guided machines for accuracy. The shaping is also done with the help of machines. The making of the engine includes various autonomous processes, as the automobile includes various parts so all the parts need to be assembled and for the purpose assembly line is there (Kannusamy, 2021). The assembly line is full of robots. Which are doing specific works. The company is also testing 3D printing in order to shape complex parts very easily. This modeling reduces the manufacturing cost and also reduces the scrap in the manufacturing process.

Applications of Data and analytics: Data is very important in the automobile industry as the data help in the optimizations. The process data filtered and analyzed for optimization of the process. Also to minimize the assembly time the finding of critical paths is very necessary. So the critical path finding for the assembly process dome with the help of the analysis. Big data technology helps the company to maintain its supply chain as the manufacturing of automobiles is very complicated (Wei, and Wang, 2020). Lots of components needed to build the car. So the big data and the visualization techniques help a lot in the optimization of processes.

Applications of cloud computing: Cloud computing helps to maintain the process remotely. This brings all the processes under one place so that the supervision of the process can be done easily. The internet of things helps to connect the process uner server so that the control of the process becomes very easy. As the automobile plants are large insize and sometimes have different plants so to track the process IOT plays a very important role. For remote controlling smart sensors are placed to measure various parameters.


So Industry 4.0 has a big impact in the production and manufacturing industry. The revolution brings various new technologies in manufacturing. Integrating the new technology in the manufacturing reduces the tile of predictions and the costs. Also it improves the quality of the products. Overall the new technology optimizes the manufacturing process. The automobile industry is integrating new technology. The automobile industry is very big and hundreds of processes are there and the revolutions helped a lot to shape the industry.


  • The new inventions in technology redesigned the manufacturing industry..
  • The implementations of information and communication technology in the industry are becoming popular.
  • The production lines of various industries are becoming automated.
  • The revolution mainly transformed the automobile and chemical industry.

Speakers note: The technology upgrade transforming the structure and the operations of industries forever. Modern industries are emerging with new technologies in their process in order to make the process more efficient by reducing the production cost and time and enhancing the product quality. The technologies also redesigned the production lines of various industries. Technology has a huge impact on very large industries like the Automobile industry and chemical industry.

Background of the industry

  • The automobile industry is a very old industry since the development of the IC engine.
  • Conventional way of manufacturing takes a lot of time in the process..
  • Automobile industry is a very large and vast industry.

Speakers note: Industry 4.0 in the automotive industry can surely be expanded in the future with digital transformation which includes the OEM system, financial organization, and mobile ecosystems for workers for a better working experience with the help of automated systems where the control of work will be in the censor's hand for a better creation.

Technology solution 

  • Big data and data visualization,
  • Artificial intelligence in robotics and automation,
  • Cloud computing and Internet of things.

Speakers note: In the automotive industry big data plays a very important role. As it is a file with lots of structure and unstructured data in a big size, with the traditional method which unable to process , that where the new revolution of technology helps to keep it simple end sorted while using. Sometimes artificial intelligence also helps to create and generate huge amount of technical helps with the system. Cloud computing makes the process virtual i.e. any one can control the manufacturing process remotely.

Way of working 

  • Big data helps in analyzing the process data and optimizing the process.
  • Artificial intelligence making smart robots.
  • IOT enables remote operations of the process.

Speakers note: The new technologies try to make the world industrial work in a very mannered way with the new invention methods of industry 4.0 in automotive automobile sectors. Manufactures are making various replicas with the help of various software work and electronics systems based on the technology . not only in the area of automobile parts and new functions but also in everything which is related to software.

Application of the technology solution

  • Process control
  • Advancement of the manufacturing process.
  • Self driving cars

Speakers note: The new technologies rapidly emerging in various industries. But in the automobile industry the technology has a huge impact. The analysis tools help in optimizing the process. The new technology also includes artificial intelligence based manufacturing systems. 3D printing is also the result of the industry 4.0 revolution. Integration of information and communications systems helps in building self-driving cars.

Technology solution value for the organization

  • Advance predictive simulations.
  • Intelligent automations
  • Data visualization

Speakers note: As a technological solution, based on any organization or work field there are advanced predictive simulation based software that works to get the almost accurate view to create the latest illustration and solution. Then comes the intelligent automation system where being automotive and working in automatics is an important part. That's why 4.0 is working harder to generate the accurate p;oint of view towards human resources.

Outlined plan for a proof of concept

  • Nanotechnology
  • Advance materials
  • Staying in the top of the technology

Speakers note: As an outline plan of a particular company or organization which tends to work with the new technology called 4.0 automation it's a term or blueprint of a particular work based on the automation system when technology will take the load from humans that is going to be strategized surely with a plan called outline. It is basically based on nanotechnology, advanced material used that will be on the top priority as an upcoming technology.

Success criteria for the proof of concept

  • Good planning
  • Determined and hardworking employee.
  • Selection of right technology
  • Skill development program

Speakers note: To become a successful and leading company in the automobile industry the company must focus on the planning of any product. Selection of the right process included in the process planning. To build a good and skilled employee community skill development program is very important.and the employee dedications also matters so employee empowerment program is very important. The programme will build a skilled employee team who are able to perform complicated tasks and are able to make right decisions which are good for the company.


  • Industry 4.0 made a huge impact in the manufacturing process.
  • The new technologies are changing the conventional process into a digital process.
  • The new technologies reduce the process durations of raw material westages and significantly improve the product quality.

Speakers note: Industry 4.0 is the new era of technology where anything can happen with the help of electronics technology , where software and implementation of illustration is an important part to deal with. In the 4.0 technology the whole system of working would be automotive and software based.The resources of human work will be changed for sure. All the heavy work will be concluded by the replicas that are going to be made with the help of automation and analytical help. Mainly it will be a huge change in the manufacturing process . the complete process of production and manufacturing goods will be changed, from a conventional method it will turn in to digitize methods. The new technologies reduce the process durations of raw material wastages and significantly improve the product quality. That's why the overall work will be concluded in a productive way .Which is why the invention of 4.0 technology will be great for everybody, but for it a compact logical knowledge would be required for sure in the base of software as well as in the part of hardware also.

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