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Values, Ethics And Working Collaboratively Assignment Sample

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Values, Ethics And Working Collaboratively Assignment Sample

Introduction: Values, Ethics And Working Collaboratively

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Task 1 


The term ethics is considered as the definition of life that brings forward the morality that works in the place of giving new segments and states. The presentation and the behavior observed in the work performance have been evaluated in workings and development. The focus that brings forward an organization is protecting the term and conditions. The conceptual ethics and morality describe the position of the British Heart Foundation on different aspects to recognize the benefit of health (Longo, et al. 2020). The organizational cycle has developed the condition of customizing the different progress. The difference in the presumption taken by the organization function has the common nature to bring the focus on the work done. The constant work develops the upbringing center and reliability of work on the observation of the views depended on the life of the employees. In order to develop organizational ethics, the distance measured by the native is constant progress and dependent on several opinions. It has the current method to have the function of an ethical view in order to make the motivation (de Freitas, et al. 2022).

The friction of work and reality being done by the foundation has the treating opportunity and friction of developing. In the ways that are constant to work, the different prosper on the beneficial knowledge to grow. The frequent condition that works within the organization has the achievement to succeed in working and efficiency. In order to maintain progress in the high range, the density of work depends on the frequent growth that a company brings (Mitzinneck, and Besharov, 2019). The regional change on discovering the growth the British Heart Foundation goes through has the working on the recovery. The continuous way of generating the development has supported the ethics of BHF on different changes of decisions. The moral condition that takes back the constant security has conveyed the organizational work on hold (Dutt, and Kohfeldt, 2018). It has been recognized that the different ethics involved the employees working future and movement toward the processing of the collection that a company gives. 

The terminal change has the opportunity to bring the aspiration of working in channels. The organic view also discusses the protection of the company in different segments. The observing situation which is frequently worked by British Heart Foundation is protected by the organization. It has different progress to make decisions which the organization has also developed. The organization depicts the measurement of the British Heart Foundation and the progress in maintaining healthy function in the hospital sectors along with the patients (?rešnar, and Jevšenak, 2019). Hospitals need to specify their ethical consideration through the decision made in favor of the originating and imposing. Whereas the motive to increase the reliability of the describing option and range to grow the change imparts the differences. The frequent solution of the native presence in the British Heart Foundation has the part to specific needs in systemic challenges (MacDonald, et al. 2019). The organization has the main term to an overview of the constant work done by the composite team in achieving the high capacity.


The composition of the trading has the conservation of a wider range of communities and progress. The different aspect notifies the ways of supporting conditions that business takes to recognize their efficiency. The wider range of communities has differences in originating, focusing, and building the improvement in a high range. The continuous focus of the company can bring differences in the community. The differences make the community wider when the business purpose grows high (Madaio, et al. 2020). The business communication of the small benefits in the community poses the impression through taxes and improvement on payment, the presence of the sector, and changes in the community. It has been introduced by the organization that the contribution to hold the progress and improve the productivity of any composition along with the new phases. The circumstance through the company has the evaluation of making a greater benefit for any companies for developing the system (Castellano, 2020). The segment of the beneficial changes can be the reason for opposing the different decisions taken by the company to protect the range of the community.

The company has the development frequently on evaluation of the height that takes the improvement through the channel of growth. The higher range that is required to organize the security system more efficiently has to work in the community. The working condition has a frequency range of development that takes the improving function of a company to organize the deliberate ways to attach the social and commercial wages (Bietti, 2020). The changes that impose a community have the supporting function to every worker and channel. The difference to work for the company has the range of growth that holds the interior direction of the organization.

In order to signify the contribution of the business to the community, it is instead that frequent development helps the community progress. The need for contribution makes a company more efficient and interested in their equality to stay in the market. The group working in the market system has organizational views to grow higher in the composition of different situations that evaluates the direction of a company (Labrague, et al. 2018). It has been observed that the condition of the directional change of any company has situated the weakness of progress in no efficiency. The support of the conflict that a community holds can convey the sources and its work. The community is the basic need for the importance of the market to organize the growth on a wide range and difference of knowledge. The quality of business has the differentiation on working and moving towards satisfaction (d'Aquin, et al. 2018). In the condition of the benefit, any destination of work has the capacity to be well organized and well defined in the market. The range of work has an uplifting direction on the growth and describing conditions in the market. The power to make a community high gets on the rapid ways of the centric ideas.

Task 2


The ethical terms taken by Coca-Cola Enterprises have the specification in the high range in the market. The composition taken by the company previews the direction of work on its reliable situation. The friction to be efficient coco has defined the solution to advertising the changes among the variation between the employees. The changes that are directed by the company take the components of work in profit for health. In order to differentiate the process of working the soft drink company maintains hygiene for the health quality of the UK community (Senay, et al. 2022). The ethics followed by the company is the respect towards the workers, the integrity of making production high, and being consistent with honesty. The bringing quality has several positions to intersect the diversity of work on different progress. The work signifies the lifting that a soft drink company takes to bring high progress. The profit function can grow for the dependent situation and equality to be termed as the frequent work of the organization.


The company holds different prospects for the growth quality of the marketing system. The ways of marketing have different positions to grow and frame the position of growth. The market has been interdependent with the advertising systems which continue the composition of making the market system developed with the different outback. In the company, the utilization of the market has the surrendering position of growth (Ma'ani Hessari, et al. 2019). In order to specify the constant marketing, the company promotes its products on the security of health. The ways of promoting a company in the market are direct observant of the progressive challenges taken through the several opinions. The frame of advertising a company for growth the deforming law in the company has also a secure method in the food company (Gertner, and Rifkin, 2018). It is important to go to the food industry with hygiene and protection to bring development so that the food quality can be impressed in the market. This systematic change in industry drinks growth when there is a marketing promotion or advertising system. The marketing reality has differences in supporting a business range toward the advantage of growth.


In order to regulate a high rate of progress the dependent situation conveys the direction to have maintenance in food products. The increasing function and reliability are directed in the modified process of growth. The people that give reliability to the food products breed to structure the equation of the production of the company (Cays, J., 2021). The requirement of food function can also be the product safety or the production system on different ranges. It is important that different conditions and works can be taken in order to protect safety and guide food regulation. The protection from food poisoning and infections through pesticides is protected through development. The direction of measurement to protect food is also observed by the distance on taste development and cleanliness (Orr, and Davis, 2020). The function of food protection is taken through the working observation and grade to work. In working with food production the control of taste and quality is also an important observation for the company. 


The Data Protection Act has the knowledge to protect the specific information that includes the production function of food. The company circumstances show that the implication of the complete governing bodies can keep the information personally of making production. The compatibility of this application of work gives on the face of the organizational process and implies the public authorities with every company. The promise to train through the organization of you has also suspected the differences on challenging in through the legislation system the data production have an indication of the individuals and the public authorities (Williams, et al. 2020). The function of the data protection act is also synonymous with the organization to address privacy policies. The detailed theory of the functional structure of the production activities has also conflicts to get the commission to work in the security system of the personal data. 

The working function of this legislature has the app to give the data in the guidelines of recording the responsible administration (Schaltegger, and Burritt, 2018). In order to protect the stream and the section of the managing system this implies the authorities and law of the governing body. Information for food indulgence is also the comparison that you get for protecting on their own obtaining data. The system and performance that the company takes you have decided for the differences that conduct the relevancy of their work. The different types of that conduct in personal data have to be specified in the knowledge that is officially protected (Fusco, et al. 2019). Act depends on the information regulating in the organization and building the assurance of work in attending the system protection. 

The function of the legislation on which the food effect frames has the private data function which is the company workers. The state of giving data to the company has been strictly convenient for information publishing. The actions that are taken in the process to the common network make the convenient work depend on the impacts as well (Fletcher-Watson, et al. 2019). In the UK the information of collaborating the distance of the data collection may be used under the company commission of adequate information. The challenge is that the company can measure the data protection act through various systems. 

The function that creates the as well validity for a company is organizing the protection for customers. In recognition of the act, it is found that if there is no information protection then the organization is incompatible with the market segment. The action brings progress to the benefit of the situation that is holding a company in a brilliant method. This works with my text and data protection toward the instant function of individual growth (Van den Bulcke, et al. 2018). There are different stages to protect the information such as consumer rights and progress.

Task 3


The team codes on the basis of differentiation and the working system done by the team. On the other hand, team collaboration depends on the frequent function of the workability a team does upon the total progress. The working condition prepared that is made in changes of the work that is being made has the connection between the people's work. The connection of work that has been done through changes and common conditions specifies that the team tries to benefit the work (Verstegen, et al. 2018). Team collaboration is important to achieve proper progress in the working system and the ability on organizational conventions. It has been specified that the connection between the people defines the progress to do their work without any linking up. A team brings toward function for the company and sector on the definite working structure to develop in the working ways. 

The team collaboration makes the individual help in improving the condition of the employee working on a specific term. The progress also brings the real benefit for team collaboration in a workplace to have talented skills on different knowledge (Lahiri, et al. 2019). In between the working progress, it is also ready but the importance of collaboration of team has different challenges. The system of collaboration is meant by the cooperation between the workers.


The different policies of organizing potential connections and collaboration in the work conservation are considered in the review of transferable success. In order to get success in the working company, the consistent progress of the beneficial work that is insurance improves through a wide range of support. The collaborative system in the work has the measurable function of improvement and defines reliable situations. There is also some important process that has the knowledge of working in the differentiation of the team guide and assurance of collaboration. The working guide collaboration has the policy of framing the importance in organizational review through which the particular makes the work collaborative has also merged (Mora, et al. 2020). The condition of the company is more reliable to achieve the right progress in work. Therefore the differences in the timely work link to the merging of considerations that an organization takes as the assistance of development.

The developing function has the direction to view the collaboration of work more efficiently. The position of conveying the policy cards has been a working skill and also important in the marketing system. The working function has the practical views to help the culture of the collaborating a team in an organized function (Reeves, et al. 2020). The benefit of engaging people in the formal contract has the merging reflection on the team which is highly efficient.


In order to get people to collaborate outside the organization, it has been evaluated to work on the basic need of the organizational review. The condition of the work becomes more efficient in the commodity and gesture of different places. The significance of the bringing terms has the importance of describing the work of the persons for extending its growth. The different ways of collaborating outside the organization are followed by the people convention for interchanges inside the organic preview (Gillison, et al. 2019). The company has also managed the commercial and components of using the external progress for benefit of communication with people outside


The components of working with the mixing of the team have the significance to work on the growth of the company. The work in several positions has been convenient to grow in. The people working to get collaboration in the diversified team get to be evaluated to work with a variety of non-focused people in the organization. The change that coordinates the specification can be the workplaces in the thorough change. The significance of collaboration with the different components of the team brings importance to describing the work of the persons for extending its growth (Molinillo, et al. 2018). The different ways of collaborating outside the organization are followed by the people convention for interchanges inside the organic preview. The company has also managed the position and components of using the functional work progress for benefit of communication with people outside. The function of a team and its work has been divided into the components of the situation that is performed by the internal changes.


In order to motivate the team, the company takes a different function in developing comfort through several strategies. It has been specified that the direction of work done by an organization is depicted by the quality of people. The definite function is such as the training to the people working in the organization and accrues the benefit for their progress (Soukup, et al. 2018). The purpose of gathering the work segment defines the direction of the team formation on the reliable front of work. In maintaining the progress function it evaluates the recognized policy of work. The main strategy is the way of working is dependent on each other of the team building and its member. It is important to get the plan of progress for the team members.


The consequence of poor team collaboration is also definite in that direction of the work not done by a team. The upward team collaboration works when there are no efficient workers to make growth and equality of a company. It has a definite function to get downfall and loss in a company. The team has been protected issues of different methods and collaborating systems that are revaluated to the function of a team (Chen, et al. 2018). The poor collaboration has working to get suspended in order to create progress in the market on a frequent basis. The consequence of poor team collaboration also leads to workers not being properly skilled for the organization. It brings downfall for every organization as the team brings up is an important part.

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