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Business And The Business Environment Assignment Sample

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Business And The Business Environment Assignment Sample


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The topic Business and the Business environment is a collection or tally of all the external and internal factors such as customers' needs, employees and expectations, demand and supply, market trends and social trends, economic changes, and so on. The focus of this study is to understand the types and purposes, scope and size, strength and weakness, and positive and negative impacts on the macro environment of Morrison.

Explanation of types and purposes of organisations

The "Wm Morrison supermarkets" is a private supermarket chain in the UK. The purpose of this organisation is to make affordable, healthy food it can be available for everyone (Morrison’s-corporate 2022). They sell vegetables and fruits that have plenty and at low prices. They offer many healthy options and reduce the amount of sugar and salt calories in their products. They make sure that they meet their strict standards.

A joint venture is the combination of different parties that requires the development of a single enterprise for such profit. The purpose of the joint venture is to enhance accomplishment regarding specific tasks. Franchising is considered the specific marketing concept of an organisation to conduct business expansion, and its purpose is to expand the business successfully. A not-for-profit organisation is a type of organisation that does not earn profit for the business owners. Its main purpose is to develop the community's well-being at the local, national or international level (Downar, 2021). For-profit organisations can keep a b focus on increasing their financial resource. Ngo's main purpose is to provide the public benefits mainly. PLC UK is a system in which every individual organisation is registered on the London stock exchange. (Gov.UK, 2022) The private organisation refers to any corporation, partnership, agency, or person that is not handled by any public body or profit. The term Business structure also refers to the legal structure of any organisation that is allowed in the given jurisdiction. The limited company is a common method of fusion that restricts the value of undertaken liability by the shareholder's company. This also ensures the legal structure of the members of the company's liability. 

The term voluntary sector means the organisations whose primary focus is to make a social impact instead of profit. This sector is also called the third sector, not for profit or civil society. Charity is one of the types of voluntary sector defined that their work with other charities through Morrison's Foundations, their dedication to raising funds for the good causes of their champions of their community, and their efforts to reduce the wastage of food and with that helping to those who need the donations of unsold food, Morrison’s(2022). The foundation of Morrison's aims is to create a positive change in the people's lives in whales, England, and Scotland. They try to cover the activities from the hospitals, the children, and homeless shelters (funding 2022). 

Explanation of the scope and size of different types of organisations

The above statistics state that the sum of "Morrison’s grocery stores" in the financial year of the UK from the year 2009/10 to 2020/21. As of the previous year, 2021, 497 Morrison’s stores are in the UK. This is the "fourth largest supermarket", following Tesco and others in the UK (Statista, 2022). Morrison's organisation has removed 739.6 sugar tones, 9.03 billion calories, and 79.72 salt tones. There are 70 products in their range of Nourish with their specific amount of nutritional benefits. They have a direct supply from the 2,700 British farmers and growers. For Farmers range of £20m is always given back to the farmers. There is always 100% assurance with Morrison’s fresh meat, milk, eggs, and cheddar cheese (Morrison’s, 2022). According to 2021, there are 497 supermarkets across whales, England, and Scotland, and in addition, one is there in Gibraltar. Morrison’s has around 110,000 employees till February 2021, and they serve 11 million customers each week.

Explanation of relationship between different functions of organisations and how they are linked to organisational objectives and structure

Morrison's organisation's Human Resources department functions involving all managers and executives. Employees are considered an important part of the organisation, and through a skilled workforce, it is also possible to gain a high competitive edge. The all-over Business Model delivers its high standards through the help of the employees (Morrison’s-corporate 2022). Strategic Human Resources concerns implementing and monitoring strategies, ensuring that the organisation's objectives are accomplished. The organisation can provide the best customer service with the help of its trained staff to attract more customers. 

The objectives of Morrison supermarket are to maintain an affordable price structure for healthy foods for everyone. Therefore, they have "low prices" and "sell plenty of fruit and veg". They also offer the "healthier options" and reduce the level of "salt, sugar" as well as "fat and calories" in their products. In addition, they ensure that the food they sell is safe and meets strict standards. 

The Morrison is a "non profit making" and "volunteer based organisation". The company belongs to a hierarchical structure. This "hierarchical structure" helps employees better understand the "various levels of leadership". The management roles are more properly defined in this type of “pyramid structure” (Morrison’s-corporate 2022). Based on the functional structure of Morrison, both experts and leaders of each functional department are mainly assigned to work on their projects.

Identification of the positive and negative impacts the macro environment has on the business operations, supported by specific examples

The analysis of the above data states that both positive and negative impacts on the private sector. The positive impacts include their political system because their political system is stable and follows the parliamentary system, unitary state, and constitutional monarchy, and because of this the private sector flourishes. As in course of an economic factor, there is a rise in the GDP rate by 0.8% in January 2022, (ons, 2022) and the Tax rate in the UK is as follows the Starter rate is 19%, the Basic rate is 19%, Intermediate rate is 20% and Higher rate is 41%, (rsmuk 2022). This data shows clearly the positive impact on private companies. As in the technological factor due to artificial intelligence and cyber security and block chain because of these technologies companies do not invest more in labour work instead they invest in technologies to do the work fast and efficiently. As it also emphasises the legal factors such as the Pension schemes Act 2021 and Medicines and Medical devices Act 2021 by this it can be understood that their government also thinks about the benefits for the nation of the people.

Importance of Considering Political Factors When Making Business Decisions

Political factors are the effective government policies and if the government changes the policies, then it can be associated with the SWOT factor as well. As the example, focus can be provided on the recent action context of the UK government. The government has recently banned the open display of "cigarette products" to discourage individuals from excessive use. This type of aspect is a b threat as well as a weakness for the tobacco manufacturers of the UK as they are not able to advertise their products anymore. In the case of the economic factor, it has been observed that the Covid-19 has made a recession in UK's economy. As an impact, the luxurious brands of the UK are facing such threats in order to run their business smoothly in the present context. For example, the customers of the UK move from Gucci products to the LIDL and ALDL's products. "Low cost products" of both the organisations are the best areas of these brands.

Moreover, the presence of recession is considered an opportunity for these organisations. In the case of the technological aspect, the use of technological advancements by the organisations such as Amazon and educational institutions is considered an opportunity for the IT firms of the UK. Amazon can maintain a b online presence during the entire pandemic and the normal days that help the organisation run its business smoothly. 

External and internal analysis of the specific organisations in the identification of weaknesses and strengths


The major strength of Morrison's organisation is the efficient supply chain and their "own manufacturing unit". There are more than 400 stores in the UK market. It also offers low prices all over the UK market. The concerned organisation offers good quality products at low prices which are freshly made. Along with its online home delivery service, the organisation, as mentioned earlier, serves approximately 11 million online and offline customers each week (Morrison, 2022). The organisation purchases the products directly from the farmers and "fishermen". It buys "thousands of cattle and lambs" every week from farmers, making it the largest supermarket for the customers and farmers. The organisation also invests a b amount of money in setting up the core facilities (Zinecker et al., 2021). The company uses both traditional and digital marketing media, which enables it to reach out to different people via different platforms with a consistent message.

Morrison's online presence is weak, whereas the organisation mostly operates in the UK and is unable to benefit from international exposure. The organisation was ranked number 9(out of top10), showing that it needs to put a lot of work in place to improve its brand image. The UK food and grocery market is expected to grow by nearly £218.5 billion by 2023 (Morrison, 2022). This is an effective scope for Morrison to expand its business in the UK and the "international market". 

Conclusion and Recommendations

The business favouring "political stability" is that once the company gets the permits and the licenses to operate in the regions and states. Furthermore, political instability can't hurt them as their employees do not skip their work because of strikes and other protests, which do not impact the profits of the businesses negatively. 

Increasing GDP impacts Morrison with more wealth and confidence.GDP growth is also responsible for the growth of businesses of the company. However, air pollution due to rapid urbanisation and increase in population dynamics impact huge financial loss and company expenditure.

Morrison is a well-known supermarket chain with a b presence in the United Kingdom. It is the fourth-largest supermarket chain in the country. It has many opportunities to explore; it must also watch threats, particularly relentless competitive pressures from some competitors. The organisation should also make a bold online presence and meet customers' expectations levels. It also should gain a b foothold in the digital marketing and e-commerce segment. It can be recommended that to improve the organisation's profitability, they should focus on their marketing skills. Next, they can recruit some new talents to increase operational management efficiency. Finally, they should be more focused on satisfying their stakeholders to get the continued money flow of their operations. 

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