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Management Of Care Assignment Sample

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Management Of Care Assignment Sample


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Question 1: Critically evaluate the process of clinical governance and identify how it impacts upon the delivery of healthcare services and patient care

The different types of health-associated services have been provided by this organization for main patients from the UK. Therefore, the services and policies are more or less adequately involved with creating significant care management aspects. The National Health Service was established in 1948 to serve the main purpose of delivering health services to patients (Nhs.uk, 2022). This organization has been achieved a significant 4th in the case of global rating prospects for providing health care services to the patients. Sexual health services, accident and emergency services, and other chronic diseases services have been provided by this organization (Nhs.uk, 2022). The divisional development of care and treatment for the different types of vulnerable groups has been influenced by policies in existing departments. Therefore, in the UK, health services are mainly regulated by NHS services prospects. Thus, the Covid-19 impact on the UK's health sector has been the worst. Moreover, the expenditure has increased by rate over the last ten years. Thus, health deliverables and services' potential growth and development have been stated. The NHS has played a significant role in the case of the UK's health services and patient care management aspect for long term healthy sustainability.

The official website is the best and most authentic site that takes major information about the organization at present and past developmental aspects. Therefore, the significant care and services are mainly related to childcare to mental health support is commonly implemented prospects of this organization. According to Wickham et al. (2020), the NHS developmental programs and services management mainly focus on patient care services development with sustainable development. Hence, associated challenges have been developed simultaneously. The key factors are recognized from time to time with significant research and reports are shortage of staff, investment, ageing population, cost of treatment, choice reduction, cleanliness, poor safety, lower quality of treatment, and lengthy waiting (Beukes et al. 2018). These are some common and developing issues related to health sectors in the UK. The highlighted portion of this study has accumulated information about the teamwork effectiveness for the patient as well as the organization performance development. The most reflective issues related to mismanagement and lower quality of deliverables from health care sectors with about 56% reduction of patients of appropriate care due to the poor and lower number of staff (Nhs.uk, 2022). Therefore, the present medical staff numbers and their performance are majorly identified with about 123.8k doctors and 309.6k nurses in England in 2021 (Statista.com, 2022). 

The financial reports and statements from the last three or five years are highlighted with major development and reduction of risks and opportunities. The major affinities and attribution towards the budgeting and deficit have been recognized with 130.9 bn GBP, and 62 depict in 2019/20 (Nhs.uk, 2022). The government care expenditure is being recognized at 10.43%, with a forecasted development of about 147.8bn (Rowland et al. 2020). However, the patient satisfaction with services management and care facilities is reported with 71% satisfaction, while the individual's statistics faction with NHS running strategy is being identified with 53% (Gemine et al. 2021). The services and management have been influenced by the financial profiles and investment for the development. The present issue for thi9s organizations with the impact of covid-19 influence is being identified as the reduction of investment which is directly influencing the quality and management services for individual satisfaction. 

The NHS has depicted patient management care and services management for long term and short term care deliverables. Patient safety strategy and the act of equality in 2010 both have been incorporated by the organization to deliver safety as well as equality in health services (Nhs.uk, 2022). The social and economic discrimination during health services is being removed by the implementation of this significant act and policy. The organizational culture for providing major health services and clinical risk score estimation are common advanced rating systems to provide specific health-related services (Morrison, 2018). The retroscopic safety measures and services are commonly changed with time and feedback from the patients. Real-time control and warning processes have been included in their services and care deliverables (Baxter et al., 2018). The recognition of scale, type and nature of the severity are being added within the organizational services (Li et al. 2020). Therefore, the mental health Act has been incorporated to reduce self-harm and patient treatment development with psychological measures as well. 

NHS has been involved with major health public health properties and the development of health at the national level. The deliverables with significant issues are common restrictions for organization work full-fledged. The workplace management and decision developers centralized the quality and services effectiveness for patients. The care and management of patients have been identified with 71% satisfaction from a global rating (Dnis.org, 2022). Moreover, the patients and their families for the betterment of health have adopted the services delivered by this organization in the UK. 

Question 2: Critically evaluate the role that team work plays in the delivery and management of patient care

Patient care and management process have controlled and promoted by the government at national and international levels. Therefore, the policies and management decisions are being created with significant development of advanced interventions. The present study has accumulated major three questions and their appropriate evaluation for the patient management care services. The teamwork management for different management activities has been effective and evident for the performance and project competence. The several industries with different management teams and their members' functional states to sustain the overall organizational performance are significant. Therefore, the team management has been accelerated with the collective movement for the goals to reach prospects. According to Rosen et al. (2018), in the healthcare sectors and services deliverables, teamwork is required to be imposed at the central part of services. Thus, the management has a major role in accumulating and making decisions about the workplace designing and patient management design. Teamwork for an organization associated with health-related services means working along with several doctors, nurses, medical staff, testing staff, medical staff, and other workers for cleanliness maintenance aspects. All are required to be work efficiently and accordingly. 

The environment of organization for the patient and patient families are needed to be structured and sufficient to deliver maximum hygiene and services in an emergency. In the case of the NHS, teamwork has been recognized with equipment and desirable quality deliverables for the patients at the all-time services (Fernandez et al. 2020). The development of patients and their safety at hospitals are the main institutions to provide significant services (Aburayya et al., 2020). The staff's well-being and a sustainable environment for medical staff and patients are two major segments to be implemented. Therefore, teamwork is crucial to do so. The teamwork by clinical nurses and other staff related to the medical particles commonly work together to proceed with the significant operation and emergency patient care management. Moreover, the team care management and psychologist prospects associated with the patient management and care process are effective to be tested. 

The application and advantages of using teamwork in the case of health sectors related to patient management and care prospects are mainly obtained as the developer of safety and high-quality care (Lacerenza et al. 2018). The interventions of different technology and advanced digital tools for the patient care and monitoring aspect have required adequate teamwork and professional interventions. Therefore, the other associated effective outcomes have been identified from the teamwork development and application in a healthcare organization. As per followed- teamwork and multilevel extraction of effectiveness, behaviors of team members for patient care development, integrated practices, competencies development, and potential development performances. 

The significance of using this teamwork approach and the application is crucial due to the several important impacts on the patient to organizational performance. According to Hunt et al. (2021), the safety and quality of patient care are the two most effective parts of this teamwork implementation and maintenance. However, future medical care and patient management theories and scientific intervention can be easily extracted with teamwork applications. The major issues organizations face without effective teamwork are mainly associated with patients' falls, diagnosis errors, surgical errors, and infections acquired by the hospitals (World Health Organization, 2018). Patient management and care with communication at an advanced level are required to be implemented. The loss of collaboration and communication are commonly identified threats for the organization to significant patient mismanagement (Aburayya et al. 2020). The doses, time, and medicine list are needed to be conveyed to the other staff in a respectful and responsible position. 

Learning, listening, speaking and adapting are major elements of a team to collaborate at every time in case of managing and caring for individual patients. The report has been estimated that 60% of domestic healthcare facilities and services have more or less failed to achieve the expected monitoring due to chronic disease monitoring issues (Dnis.org, 2022). This type of issue is mainly associated with insufficient teamwork. Mainly the communication and integrated working experience lacking among the members. The framework of IPEC and STEPPS has been introduced to promote the major teamwork competencies and education related to clinical approaches (Lacerenza et al., 2018). The teamwork development with STEPPS with the Big Five model measures skill, communication, mutual support, monitoring situation and leadership (Baxter et al. 2018). The main point of delivering leadership for the competencies of the proposed function has been significant. For instance, formal leadership has been imposed within every organization segment with the collaborative approach. 

The therapeutic services and clinical services are highly reflective of the different departments of the organization. The activities and performance basis are commonly involved with significant interventions of members according to systemic responses. In the UK, the services of healthcare organizations are being compliant with IEC development. The hierarchy construction and management decision about the deliverables and outcomes of the service commonly involve teamwork. NHS has been involved with staff and other employees' management with team deliverables estimations. 

Question 3: Critically evaluate the role that team work plays in the delivery and management of patient care.

The Mental health act in 2010 in NHS policy development has been incorporated to provide and develop health care services. The public health interventions and interventions of clinical persons are crucial for significant treatment. The care delivery is being associated with physiologic and psychologist services management. The behavioral aspect and biomedical aspect of the organization have been identified as the new approach to be incorporated with each other (Zhou et al., 2021). The bio-psychological approach in the case of health sectors from the UK has been applied to develop patient care and management (Gutenbrunner et al. 2021). The behavioral health of an individual has been tested and monitored with clinical interception, and interpretations have provided significant evidence to proceed with advanced patient care. The healthcare sector and their management of patients is the key element to measure effectiveness. The knowledge about care management through highlighting roles and impacts of clinical governance, teamwork and health psychology inpatient care management are important. Therefore, the significant interpretation and evaluation of different approaches and services of this present organization (NHS) is significant. The highlighted portion of this study has accumulated information about the teamwork effectiveness for the patient as well as the organization performance development. The health of community, health of nation and health local are the major interest NHS.

Behavioral medicine has become an advanced and effective approach to cognitive testing of patients. Therefore, the lifestyle, health-related beliefs and stress at the individual level have been affecting the health of an individual. Thus, the medical professionals using adequate tools for testing behavioral and mental states are crucial for physiological health as well. Social relationships, family relations and cultural influence over health are required to examine with medical interpretations (Hunt et al., 2021). Psychological intervention by the professional is significant with description and testing of the mental and behavioral perspectives (Plasse, 2021). NHS has been proposed major collaboration with mental health and behavioral approaches implications for patient development. Cognitive testing, awareness of self-treatment and knowledge of behavioral processes are being delivered. The application of health psychology to the organization associated with patient management and care has been identified with evaluating the influence of behavioral, social and biological factors influences (Ho et al., 2021). Personality, motivation and emotional aspects of an individual or a patient have been tested. 

Different psychological health approaches have been developed to examine and take care of patients with specific knowledge and interventions. The major identifiable and application approaches are clinical psychology, medical psychology, clinical neuropsychology, counseling psychology, rehabilitation psychology, pediatric psychology, community psychology (De Raeve Paul and Andrease, 2021). Therefore, the services are mainly developed with major three distinctions such as primary care, secondary care, and tertiary care to the patients. In the UK, the services for patients with mental and behavioral issues are more or less started with primary at the initial stage of development or completion. The p

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