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Business Economics Assignment Sample

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Business Economics Assignment Sample


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Part b

Question 9

Investment in project

Patent race can be understood as the race in which the company has pressure to implement the innovation of the abatement in the most effective manner. The degree of innovation determines the level of a patent. As opined by Galambos (2019), the higher the company will be involved in the research and development programme the higher the company will be involved in the innovation of the patent. In order to get the increment in the level of the patent, the company has to integrate the level of the patent. This is important for the reason to understanding the level of the deterministic patent race. In the current situation, it can be taken as the significant factors of the deterministic patent race as in the level of investment considering the timing factors, the investment by apex in the project lead to the zenith for having an investment of 5 million in the project by zenith. The availability of the fund at the zenith is less than the apex, in this manner it can be said that the zenith is able to increase the profitability of the company. 






50 million


30 million



T = 160 - 10 R


T = 160 - 10 * 10


T =




T = 60 / 12 months


5 million

Table 1: investment by zenith

(Source: Created by the learner)

b) wining of patent race

Patent race can be identified as a tool that helps to measure the newbie inventions amongst the companies. This process majorly helps to grasp the ownership of a particular product. As stated by Thompson et al. (2020), this monopoly system also helps to evaluate the financial aspects of the company and gather a better profitable situation as well. Thereafter an estimation related to financial earning can be determined based on this factor. The patent owner can generate better incomes due to this factor. Along with this, the initial lead can be taken by the patent owner.

The patent can be degenerated due to better R&D activity in the company. Hence, this factor can be measured in terms of assuming the impact of patents on companies. As opined by Schuster et al. (2020), other than that, development in innovation can also lead to generating better performing capability in the organization. Regarding this factor, the patent competence of Appex and Zenith has been measured in this part. Moreover, if both the companies can invest at the same time Zenith can be assumed to perform better. Considering the major aspects of these companies, Zenith has highlighted the outcome of 5 million in the business. Based on this Zenith can win the patent race.

As a reason for this, Zenith has performed better in comparison with the competitive company. In order to get the innovation related to winning the race, it can be observed that the company has to invest in the research and development program and also opt for the innovation for better outcomes. In Outcomes. In the current scenario, it can be said winning the patient race is based on the strategies for the patent race. Zenith is supposed to invest in the R & D programme with 5 million. Although with this level of investment it can be said that in the case of zenith the availability of the funds impacts the level of patient and assist in having the innovation strategies for better innovation strategies. 


Apex investment


Zenith investment



T = 160 - 10 R


T = 160 - 10 *10


60 million



T = 160 - 10 *5


110 million


c) Outcomes: deterministic patent race

The outcomes of the patent race differ from company to company. The company is able to maintain its innovation strategies in order to get the required information related to the patent race. The impact of the patent race includes increases in profitability, increases in the market share, and improvement in the R & D programme. . As stated by Abadi and Pecht, (2020), the better the innovation strategy of the company will be, the better will be the outcome. In the current scenario, it can be observed that zenith may have a better innovation programme and R & These strategies determined the long-lasting impact of the business in the most effective manner. This is one of the best opportunities for them to undertake the different activities related to the business. The pricing race is determined on the basis of up-gradation in technology, and improvement in the communication chain. As opined by Tsao et al. (2021), competitors have to undertake the frequency of the innovation of the business. The innovation is significant in assuring the growth and development of the company. The patent claim is also important for the business for its effective growth and development. One of the most important strategies of their business is to engage in a consistent R & D programme for a better understanding of the impact of the innovation and patent-related issues in the business.

The deterministic patent race can evolve the overall impact on the performance of the companies. It can also lead to an estimate of a better profitable situation in the upcoming business year. Moreover, the companies can also generate better performances by making more business decisions. It can provide segregated outcomes for the companies that have implemented this factor in the business. The market share values can be developed in the current scenario that can lead to gathering and implementing values of profits. As opined by Luo et al. (2022), technological development can create better products in the companies that can assist in grasping the market for highlighting more revenue margins. Concerning this factor, Zenith has intended to implement these procedures in the business market. Hence, patent racing has impacted positively on this company. Therefore, this business has also developed its revenue margins in the business operational activities. The innovation of this company has been implemented in comparison with the performances of Apex. in association with this, the profitable situation can be better in the recent business years. Moreover, this company can emerge into a more profitable situation further.

Part C:

Profit maximization with the neoclassical model

a) This model is related to the valuation of production, pricing, and consumption of goods and services. This valuation of goods and services is going to relate to income distribution and supply, and demand analysis of the goods and services. Based on this evaluation of theory it is being referred to as the classical theory of economics there are connections along with supply and demand valuation (Sabot et al. 2020). This concrete is also related to the concept of utility valuation. This utility valuation is being segmented along with maximization and marginalization. It has been referred to as this situation determination dictation as there is the application of the cost of production theory. This theory is related to the introduction of the indifference curve and marginal utilities. Based on this, there are introduction and implementation of the imperfect competition and perfect market competition of goods and services valuation.

It is being evaluated as there is a new implementation of the Keynesian macroeconomic evaluation within neoclassical economics. Based on the evaluation, it is being segmented as this theory of the economy is boosting and evaluating the mathematical approaches regarding neoclassical synthesis. This application of the neoclassical application theory of economy is going to combine the economical evolution of goods and services (Sathish, 2019). It is being referred to as if the demand is higher than the supply of goods, it is going to be indicated as there is a higher price valuation of the company's goods and services. On the other hand, it has been segmented as this situation is going to refer as there is higher profitability of the company's goods and services.

Based on this evaluation, it has been segmented as the company's goods services demand is lower than the supply of goods, it is being created lower price valuations along with a lower profitability evolution. Based on this determination, it has been segmented as in the case of profit maximization, their inverse relation among this concept of profit maximization. It is assumed that the fundamental application of neoclassical evolution is being referred to as rational decision-making regarding the indefinable and value creation situation of the goods and services. It is being segmented as this theory is related to the utility evaluation along with the company's profit maximization. It is being briefed as this situation is related to the people’s independent act, and these acts are interconnected with each other. Based on this, it is being segmented as profit maximization being higher than the market equilibrium valuation, this market equilibrium valuation is a being point that is being created based on the intersection of price and quantity valuation (Du et al. 2019). Assume that, if there are outlined valuations among price and supply, and in this space, there are equilibrium points that are going to intersect the valuation of the demand and supply. In this aspect, if there are higher valuation than the equilibrium valuation point of the demand and supply of goods or services, it has been related to profit maximization of that particular product.

b) It is being segmented as there are two types of integration situations of the economical evaluation of neoclassical theories. Based on this vertical integration potential has advantages regarding the reduction of time transportation costs of the product and services. This situation has impeded supply chain coordination and there is increased evaluation of the control over the input and output valuation of the supply chain coordination. It is being segmented as this situation is being reacted as this evaluation of the neo classical theory is being reacted with the more opportunities with the more effective evaluation of the inputs and it is being related to the output (Niromandfam et al. 2020). There is an external evaluation of the suppliers and a varsity stage of the direct evaluation of the product development. Based on this evaluation, there are different opportunities that have been referred to as the situation is going to determine the evaluation situation of the financial and economical evolution. It has been referred to as this station segmentation is related to the coordination of the company ‘s economic situation and evaluation of the segmentation. It has been referred to this situation is being referred as there are more opportunities to improve the supply chain. Based on this evaluation it has been referred to like this situation being evaluated neoclassical sustain. This theory of economic evaluation is being retaliated with the higher profit evaluation. It is being segmented as this situation evaluation is going to regard this vertical integration situation in the company (Gazijahani and Salehi, 2018). This theory is going to help the company in evaluating the future economic development of the country.

The neoclassical approach can be dependent on the performance of the organization in the business market. Hence, the company can perform better in terms of generating a developed income in the recent year. Based on this factor, the company can also implement better evaluation of business procedures that can lead to more economical situations for executing the business further. Hence, it can also be assumed that the market competition can be better as per the implementation of this factor in the company. Other than that, the entire valuation of this business in the competitive market can provide a better and developed situation for coping with the demand of the market. Hence, market capture can be better aiming to determine more profits.

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