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Critical Reflection Assignment Sample

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Critical Reflection Assignment Sample


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Autism spectrum disorder (ADS) is a developmental disorder caused by different brain activities. In this disease children of the age group, 11 to 19 years of age are suffering from undeployed maturity or mental condition. Although, this disease has made a difference between normal children's behaviour and other children's behaviour. ADS is a disease in children that requires extra care and attention. The behavioural approach toward those children should be different and sensitive. Those activities and approaches toward those special children would be identified in this study. Although the progression of those children is slower than others, in this context study is going to highlight precautionary activities that are required for those children.

Personality and skill development

ADS problems in children face problems connected with social factors. Although combination facilities to those students are limited which makes them more introverted. As per observation, those children face issues communicating with others due to a lack of mental growth. Personality and deployment-oriented programs need to be arranged in universities. Moreover, based on observation Autism diseases make children understand that social conditions and attitudes toward others are different. Considering this situation children get nervous in university due to a lack of understanding power. According to my working experience, I have layered a positive and joyful approach toward those special students making them more comfortable in university (van’s Hof et al. 2021).

Additionally, continuous communication activity with those special children also helps to make them comfortable on university premises. Hence, communicative activity needs to be implemented to improve students' communication performance. I have observed Autism students feel inattentive in classrooms because of their shy nature, where teachers should have issues with a communication activity. Moreover, the nature of those students needs to be developed by approaching with a positive atmosphere in the classroom, which not only makes them comfortable but also provides confidence to share their emotions. I have observed students who are facing issues due to undeveloped mental growth.

Future working activities with children and families

Issues with autism make complicated situations for teachers where they get a lack of participation from students. Although, I have observed a lack of communication has taken place among students. Through, communication practice between those students makes more attractive communication practice could be possible by the positive approach of teachers. Additional activities regarding communication and teaching need to be developed by approaching progressive teaching activities. Using audio and video files in teaching activities could improvise the learning capacity of those children. I came to know that children are attracted by new learning approaches and communicative programs.

Team working activity is required for a more effective approach to learning programming of the team working. I came to know that team working is absent among those students where team working related activity could improvise their ultimate achievement (Hodges et al. 2020). Learning of accumulated activity of students also makes them improvise social communication agility. Although programming of cultural activity in university would develop their social connection with others. Furthermore, the productivity of that student could be improvised by the team working activity. I have observed students' participation in the classroom is less due to a lack of communication. Additionally, an approach with a more productive activity in the classroom regarding communication practice will be a good approach to improvise the social activity of special students. Another, a prospect I have observed there is the communication gap is being raised because of the lack of patience among teachers.

The positive approach of teachers

Teachers' participation in the classroom is important for those students because communication is both side processes. According to communication activity, students have faced difficulties in understanding learning activities in the classroom. Although communication of children is normal like other children, approaching them in a positive manner is required for the mental growth of those students. Along with that, for students who are suffering with autism disease, arrogance is a critical attitude that needs to be managed by teachers. In this condition, the mental preparation of teachers to manage those critical situations is important (Campsie et al. 2018).

The prospect of student behaviour is unexpected where the positive approach of teachers is required to manage the whole class. As per the observation of the classroom, students are struggling with a lack of understanding and teachers lost their patience with those students. According to this condition teachers, the behaviour needs to be positive to understand students' problems. As per this situation identification of efficient teachers for those students should be effective. Future working with children is needed to identify through analysis of issues faced by those students. Using of various approaches like playing games and communicating activities with others needs to be approached frequently. 

Critically consider the value of diverse childhood

Diverse childhood is meant to be a diversified approach for students to improvise their performance with diversity. Along with that, the diversity of children is presented by gender, culture, activity, and physical ability. In this context, diversity should be allocated in this university to grow communication activity with others. Although, the productivity of students could be identified by their productivity. Using of diversified activities for students' quality and disability would help to improvise the quality of teaching. I have observed that students with difficulties do not get extra attention in the classroom which leads them to adopt an introverted attitude in the classroom.

The help of diversified profiling activity will be useful to make decisions about an approach toward physically disabled students. Although quality of teaching will be identified by approaching with adopting positive manners (Grove et al. 2019). I have chrome to knowledgeable about the progress of students is not up to mark because of lacking attentive nature in university. Considering this situation teachers' initiative is important to identify each special student-oriented issues and difficulties. Adopting a diversified approach in university would help that student with extra care to improvise their mental growth. 

The application of approaches in the context of personal experience

Autism students are struggling with communicative activity and approach where a lack of attentive attitude in university creates more difficulties. According to observation quality of teaching need to improvise for a more attentive approach toward special students. Although, the approach in the classroom needs to be a positive and joyful attitude to improvise students' activity in the classroom. Although, I have observed that special students are not participating classroom activity because of their shy nature. Considering this situation teachers' proactive nature should be adopted in the teaching process.

Additionally, special children are less attentive in the classroom where team working activity should be implemented for further progress for those special students. Although, students' approach in the classroom is depending on their mental condition where teachers should be sensible to understand to students’ feelings. Although the productivity of the classroom regarding special children would be possible through cultural programming arrangements. As per my experience in the university social connection of special children is less than other children were performing social activities along with those children will help to feel comfortable with others. Furthermore, special students feel nervous being with unknown persons where social activity would help to improvise their confidence in front of other people. Based on experience cultural performance in university is required for special children's behavioural development.

Professional and personal development

Professional and personal development is required for the growth of the working approach in working place. In addition, an approach with experience not only helps to provide maximum benefits in the working place. According to professional development in the working place w\is being identified by the progress of the working approach for personal growth. The Prospect of personal development is depending on various observations, where special children's attitudes help to understand autism patient attitude toward other persons.

In society, those special children are being treated as different persons by others were approaching with positive manners could help to develop their mental condition. As per autism diseases, brain growth is not according to their sage level, which makes them different from others. Along with that special students' approach by teachers will be isolated through a productive culture of teachers that improve their personality with proper guidance.

Required activity for the development of students

Activity from special children is being depending on their attitude and personal behaviours. Although, cultural activity in the university is required for the improvisation of the student culture approach. According to behavioural issues of special children produce more effective cultural activities to gain a social connection with others. In the context of cultural and social activity, special students are facing issues communicating with other people where special students would be able to produce a more effective approach to communicating with others. Although a productive approach in teaching will be useful to guide special children regarding social communication.

Another captivity needs to be adopted by the teacher is to provide teaching with audio and video files to make education enjoyable activity following traditional teaching activities. Although, the approach toward special children will be identified by more effective teaching programming with more effective activity. Through, communication practice in the classroom also helps to make enjoyable teaching programs with others. Communicative and team working activities need to be implemented with adoption through productive culture.

The importance of interpersonal relationships in working with children

Interpersonal relationship with children is required for special children's development where students would be able to produce emotional connection with teachers. Although productive and team working culture among students would eb able to improvise productivity of special students. According to my experience, interpersonal relationships with children will be used as an effective activity to improvise student cultural and behavioural development. Additionally, emotional connection with teachers helps to make the special student comfortable and sufficient for inclusive productivity of special children.

Working culture in a university depends on a more effective approach to special students to make more effective education programming. Although the productive culture of students would be able to introduce more effective teaching activities to improvise beau\aural approach in students behaviourally development. Along with that, teachers' attitudes toward special children need to be positive and emotional to make connections with those students.

A positive approach to developing special student's behavioural enhancement

Special children required a more effective teaching culture in the educational activities. Using the positive approach of teachers toward students will help to produce a more effective interpersonal relationship with special children. Although, behavioural and cultural activity performance in university would be helpful in improvising more behavioural attitudes of special students. As per the conditional approach teachers with a more positive approach toward students will be helpful to develop special students' behavioural development. Along with a more effective communication approach in university is being organized by communication-oriented activity to improvise more effective approaches would be created by special children.

In my experience, special children need to be treated specially to improvise their personality. Also, teaching activity is needed to be developed by teachers to improvise teaching facilities for students. Using various approaches from teachers alike continuous communication and asking them to participate in the classroom will be useful to motivate those special children. Throughout personality deployment presenting facilities could be approached by the university to improvise students' learning capability. Approaching with a more productive approach in a classroom with attractive teaching process help to gain more effectiveness in teaching programming.


Based on experience and the further requirement for the development of special students would be available to proceed with more effective activities in teaching programming. Although, behavioural and communicational activity in university will be effective in more productivity in the educational activity. Oriented activity in education activity will be implemented in the university to improvise facilities for special children. As per working experience, it has produced information regarding effective teaching is important to improvise productive culture of students. Personal development through observation of special children provides the requirement for the development of those children. Based on the above reflective discussion it provides different requirements for the development of special children at the University of Northampton.

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