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Digital Marketing In A Precise Communications Assignment Sample

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Digital Marketing In A Precise Communications Assignment Sample


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One of the main reasons behind conducting this study is to shed light on the topic of digital marketing as well as in what manner it might be deployed in a particular communication mix for the selected company namely the Zara. Overall the study will help to know about the theoretical definition of digital marketing and what are its main elements. In addition to this the paper will also explain about the meaning of communication mix as well as will additionally describe the various advantages and disadvantages a company will go through using digital marketing within their selected communication mix.

Brief about the company

Zara is a global fashion leader and one of the biosphere's main international brands. Inditex, that is huge fashion conglomerates, owns the company. The Zara clothing company is a Spanish fashion retailer grounded in Galicia, Spain. This is the leading collection of the Tata group, the biggest fashion retailer around the globe (Bala, and Verma, 2018). Amancio Ortega founded it in 1975. Pull&Bear, Massimo Dutti, Bershka, Zara Home, and Uterqüe are in its major brands. Zara has consistently led the fast fashion revolution with its highly responsive supply chain. The firm offers a distinct biz model that encompasses layout, start manufacturing, shipment, and sales through their extensive retail and website channels.

Digital Marketing definition

In digital marketing, brands use the internet and other digital tools to communicate with potential customers to promote their products and services. As well as email, social broadcasting, and web-based promotion, text messages and multimedia messages also qualify as marketing channels (Kannan, 2017). Taking advantage of this online audience is the most important aspect of digital marketing from the point of view of digital marketers. Marketing strategies such as email marketing, mobile marketing, video streaming, and social media announcements can be used to reach people in this manner. There are different eleven types of digital marketing which are as follows: 

  • Content Marketing: Content creation is the backbone of any strategy for digital marketing. There seems to be numerous content features selection, which include blog posts, videos, images, graphs, audios, photograph levels, and ebooks.
  • Website: Websites are frequently used for digital marketing. Brands' and organizations' content is hosted on web pages and dispersed through other channels. Most online marketing activities will direct people to a website, where they will be instructed to take action, and translations will be recorded (Desai, 2019).
  • Digital Advertising: Digital advertising encompasses a wide range of online marketing strategies. CPCs and CPMs are two of the most widely used pricing/bidding strategies in internet advertising.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): SEO is regarded as a critical component of content creation and its initiatives. On-site and off-site SEO actions can boost a visibility online in results pages of search engines (SERPs) for the desired keywords.
  • Affiliate Marketing: A commission-based sales model is similar to affiliate marketing. Affiliates receive customized links from organizations. The goal of social media marketing is to be present on the platforms where users spend the most time
  • Social Media Marketing: The platform of social media marketing mainly includes Facebook, LinkedIn, Snapchat, and Instagram allow both organic and paid distribution of the content.
  • Email Marketing: An email marketing campaign involves updating a database of contacts and sending those updates about a company's products, services, and brand.
  • Online PR: The online public relations can be termed as the type of earned media for the people. Press coverage includes stories, interviews, etc., that mention the brand (Charlesworth, 2014).
  • Conversational AI: It becomes progressively significant to digital advertising as voice exploration, chatbots, and ordinal helpers develop more prevalent.
  • Mobile Marketing: Mobile marketing has enabled brands to optimize marketing strategies and reach out to users on the go.
  • Web Analytics: Analyzing, evaluating, and reporting web data is the purpose of web analytics.

Explain Communication (promotion) mix

Communication mix which is also known as the promotion mix entails the several of the tools that a company deploy to interact with the clients or with the prospective clients. Fill and Turnbull (2016), elucidate that the communication mix offers detail since to precisely in what manner a company might advertise its products and amenities. The communication mix as a result is acknowledged as associated to the 4P’s of the advertising through the promotion component (Fill, 2016). There are usually five components of communication mix which are described in detail below.

Advertising: As per Andrews and Shimp (2017), promoting explicitly alludes to paid content or elements, customarily perceived as radio or TV publicizing, yet presently bound to incorporate internet promoting and furthermore using paid forces to be reckoned with and sponsorship bargains. Promoting is usually expensive, yet its advantages are that whoever is investing for the publicizing has full oversight over the substance and a serious level of command over the channel of correspondence and the focussed business sector (Shimp, 2017).

Direct Marketing: Direct showcasing alludes to promoting correspondences that are straightforwardly introduced to a focussed business sector (Baker, 2012). In general, direct showcasing incorporates what is known as a 'source of inspiration and is a method intended to invigorate the customer to go with a buying choice.

PersonalSelling: Individual selling, likewise once in a while alluded to as face-to-face direct dealing is bound to be related to high-esteem things like vehicles or houses. As per Antczak and Sypniewska (2017), in person direct selling is likewise bound to be held in a business climate through agents who offer explicit information on specific items.

Public Relation: Public relation usually alludes to the societal image of a company within a broader business sector. Public relation might or might nor entail paid content yet in general with marketing generally entails a mass interaction medium like news narratives.

Sales Promotion: Sales promotion can be associated to both marketing as well as individual selling and illustrates a circumstance where a company generally involve in few form of costing or sale-off tactics with an intention to motivate the clients to buy.

Description of digital Marketing in the communication mix

So, by now it can be understood from the above discussed points what is the meaning of digital marketing and how it is related to the communication mix. Now in this segment of the of the study a brief discussion will be done on where digital marketing best fits inside the communication mix of Zara. As it is already identified what are the main elements of elements of communication thusly it will be easy to understand now where digital marketing will best fit. Considering the working pattern of Zara and also focusing on the current pandemic situation it has been seen that the company is more focusing on its sales promotion. As due to Covid-19 people are still afraid of doing offline shopping and focusing more on online shopping and this resulting huge stock pile up. Now, in order to clear up this stock to manufacture new products Zara is majorly focusing on sales promotion where digital marketing is playing a major role.

An organization uses an auctions advancement to upsurge curiosity or request for its goods or facilities through a provisional movement or proposal. A transactions promotion (or 'promo') may be used for many details, but boosting sales is the primary reason (Kingsnorth, 2022). By using instant messaging, Zara can attach with customers regularly about special vouchers, sales, and new product releases. Moreover, digital marketing can generate leads from Zara's latest ebook by creating a series of blog posts by promoting these blog posts on the business' social media accounts, the social media marketer may also help promote the blogs. In addition to creating an email campaign, Zara's digital marketer can send more information about the company to those who download the ebook. Additionally, digital marketing uses web-analytics to track how Zara's audiences interact with the brand, bought and earned digital spaces. Specifically for websites with an e-commerce component, web analytics will track the user's journey through digital spaces, as well as their interaction with them. With tools like Google Analytics, an individual can track the number of visitors to Zara's website, the length of time they spent on that site, and whether any of them purchased items or requested further information for Zara's overall sales promotion (Goldfarb, and Tucker, 2019). With the rise of search engine optimization and other tools that enhance a company's online presence, digital marketing has grown rapidly.

In addition, Zara event Managers have started organizing virtual events, i.e. online events, where more people are registering, which is one of the major activities of a sales promotion campaign. Webcasts of such events can reach multiple countries at the same time. Online virtual events enable people to interact in a 'virtual' environment. Zara does not require meeting in a physical location for this kind of activity (Baltes, 2015). However, this activity can be considered a virtual trade show including the education fair, virtual meet for networking along with the sales meeting, and job fair. Thus it can be understood that a digital marketing activity helps the company like Zara to grow in a positive way and develop certain strategies for considering changes based on the situtaion in the business performance. 

Benefits and Drawbacks of Digital Marketing

The various advantages and disadvantages that will be borne by Zara while using the digital marketing in their sales promotion activities are described in detail below.


So, from the overall study it can be concluded that direct marketing plays a very important role for company like and is also considered as one of the pivotal elements of communication mix itself. With the help of the study it can be also be identified the direct marketing best fir the sales promotion elements of communication mix and helps Zara in running its business through their official website also. The study has pointed out some of the important benefits and disadvantages a company usually while using the direct marketing within their business functioning.

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