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Editorial Portfolio For 3 Magazines Assignment Sample

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Editorial Portfolio For 3 Magazines Assignment Sample


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Makeup is very important to create a different look, the cosmetics designer designed to enhance the appearances of one person. The cosmetics can be used to enhance natural features, like eyelashes, eyebrows, and also add some color to the face. The cosmetics help to improve the mood and make you happy by creating a new look. The new and desired look boosts self-esteem. The makeup helps people to exhibit their style and this is a very important means of social expression. The cosmetics are designed for personal and skincare and it helps to protect the body and the skin.

Beauty (Vogue magazine)

The look is created for Vogue Magazine and this is a soft look. To create this look makeup artists use different company makeup products. To create this soft makeup the artist uses a soft pink color eyeshadow and the half portion is darkened with the soft brown color eyeshadow. To create a natural eye look the artist uses false eyelashes which define both the upper and lower lid of eyes with Maybelline Sensational lashes. After creating a natural eye the artist uses red color matte lipstick which gives a very soft and decent look. The artist uses the L’Oreal Paris lipstick and this lipstick looks very gentle and creates a very calm and beautiful look. To set the hair the artist prefers loose and curly hair and side-parted (Dennaya and Bram, 2021).
To create this beautiful and decent look the artist uses very popular and expensive brand products. This type of look targets the audience which is the medium age group, the products always try to target the primary market that is most likely going to purchase these branded products. The organization's marketing strategies, advertisement, and promotion are promoted through this makeup look on the front page of the branded magazine Vogue. The relevant brand products through this visual semiotics reconstruction analyze the way of visual image communication and give a message to the audiences (Wahyuningbyas, 2018).
The makeup artist usually has that particular skill for hairstyling and makeup with a manageable time and also saves money. The hair styler should be an active listener, manual dexterity is also very important. The most important part is to have critical thinking and make clear decisions. The artist should have a friendly manner and maintain tactful behavior. The hairstylist committedly learned the advanced technique. To learn all the modern techniques the artist should continue an education and training program. The artist should have the license to be a cosmetologist and before renewing the license they need to learn all the required technologies.
Makeup and post-production of the image are equally important for a Magazine cover page. The photographer should capture the picture of the model in manual mode and shoot in RAW format also gives the best quality picture (Nguy?n, 2019). The photographer when editing the picture always pays attention to the colors of each part of the image. The photographer moves closer to the image to strengthen the composition and fall focused on the subject. When the photographer prepares the image, the file should have creative control in the greatest range, need to balance the white and black color range and correct the exposure, brightness, and also construct. The step of pre-visualization is also important; it evolves the image and decides the way of looking. The blending after layering of the image is also important, the four categories of blending are; construct modifying, darkening, lightening, and excluding (Lee and Lee, 2019).

Collection (Bazaar magazine)

The artist creates a makeup look for a branded magazine Bazar Magazine; the artist creates soft makeup on the face by using different types of branded beauty products. The artist tries to highlight the eye with a bold brown smokey eyeshadow. To extend the size of the eyes the artist uses thick and broad eyelashes, which make the eye more attractive and dashing. The artist makes the eye bold so use a nude pink color lipstick because it makes the lips more attractive and highlighting. The artist knows that the eyes and lips both are not to be set with bright colors (Lukina, 2021).
This magazine is a monthly women’s fashion magazine of America, it was first published in New York City. The magazine targeted the audiences are the late twenties to the early sixties women and this Bazar Magazine is a leading contributor of the UK market. They targeted that particular age group because these women are culturally discerning and also enjoy traveling and also spend money on luxurious products to maintain their face and skin. The magazine offers an intelligent take on their fashion, they always update their magazine with the latest collection of designers with their authoritative coverage of culture (Van Remoortel, 2021). Their brand value increases by their fashion sense and quality of the design and depth of their content. The magazine's contributors are from abroad; some of them are also Turner Prize-winning artists. They are always published by Hearst and consider themselves to be a style resource for the women who usually like casual makeup looks.
To create a flatter eye look it is all about a particular technique, this technique is applied based on the shapes of the eyes. Firstly start the makeup with an eyeshadow primer, this primer gives a long-lasting look and creates a smooth canvas for the rest of the makeup applications. To make the eye makeup bold must brighten the area of the eye and use the light shade of eyeshadow. To make some dimension of the eye use a slightly deep color shade and blend the crease of the eye and when the artist adds shimmery eyeshadow then the look is changed. It helps to bring the eye forward, at the end of the makeup using a Curling Mascara that makes the eyes more bright and open (Johnson, 2018).
The Bazaar Magazine worked with the best photographers and stylists in their business, they focused on fashion and beauty coverage. They cover all the trends from casual to couture and fulfill their editorial mission. Their mission is to provide power to the women and help them to disguise themselves (Lyu and Wang, 2021). The photographers use all the technical steps for the post-production of their series of images. They edited their series of images for their fashion photography and they refined their means to make the fashion magazine.

Macro (Gothic beauty magazine)

The makeup artist only used highlighted lip makeup, because the artist wanted to focus on the lip and try to make the lip more attractive and gorgeous. To make the lip more bold use black color lipstick and also use an ombre effect of brown nude color inside the lip of both upper lip and lower lip. The black color of the lip indicates the dark side of that person and the person has a sense of humor and that is not to be easily amused. The Magazine always follows the fashion trends so the artist uses this black lip color to follow the trend of the present time. The darker lipstick makes the face more robust in general. The black color of the lip represents more freedom, extravagance, and self-expression (Nally, 2018).
The Gothic Beauty Magazine is a famous American Magazine and they started their journey at the end of 2000. They started their journey after the success of their Internet social Group which also has the same name. The Magazine covers different types of the underground culture of fashion, also including various types of entertainment events. They targeted the audiences who belong to the young age groups and have an interest in all types of fashion and beauty. They have a good understanding of the brand which targets women. The age group of moderate people both women and men like the magazine contents. The contents of the magazine always satisfy the demand of the audience. Their contents are their asset of magazines and it helps to increase their brand value in this competitive market (Bilyakovychet al. 2021).
To make a more attractive look with this black lip color, artists need to follow some steps such as maintaining the dark eyeliner and eyeshadow and making the eye makeup smoky. The artist highlights the lip makeup then the rest of the part should be subtle, and make sure that the black lipstick combines with nude eyeshadow and some soft makeup on the face. The black lipstick with classic cat eyes and deep color of blush makes the perfect combination (Michael, 2020).
The magazine company uses the collage technique for their art creation and primarily uses it in the visual arts. They use cinematography for their entertaining events and their brand fashion uses some advanced technology of editing for their post-production of series of their images. The photographer always uses all the post-production steps to give the best quality of the images. The photographer focuses on the subject and adjusts all the color contrast and views all their photos at 100% and gives attention to their color combination (Scheiding, 2020).

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