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Marketing Methods Of Two Multinational Hotel Assignment Sample

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Marketing Methods Of Two Multinational Hotel Assignment Sample


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The two chains of hotels which have been selected from Group A is Marriot International and from Group B is Premier Inn. 

Marriot International Inc. is one of the renowned American MNC which functions as permits as well as license lodging comprising of hotels as well as staying properties. Marriot is identified as one of the biggest hotel chains across the globe by both numbers and availability of suits. This hotel chain was established by John Willard Marriott in the year 1927 when both the spouses, Alice Marriott, opened a root beer stand in Washington, D.C (Inc,Marriott International, 2022).

On the other hand Premier Inn is a UK based hotel chain service which is identified as the Britain’s biggest brand name in hotels. This chain of hotels functions in different sites which includes city centres, outskirts and aerodromes. This Premier Inn was established by Whitbread in the year 1987 whose headquarter is located near Dunstable, United Kingdom (PLC,Whitbread , 2022).

One of the main reason behind selected these two chains of hotel is that they are doing quite well within their industry sector and also a lot of information is accessible in case of both the hotels. This will help in making a good essay with lots of valuable information.

Marketing Choice

  • Marriot International hotel

From the beginning of its function, the marketing choices of the Marriott hotels are always client and place centred. The hotel is known for its exceptional client services which are considered as one of the prime marketing selection. Particularly for Marriot Hotel their marketing along with promotional tactics are centred on the digitalised advertisings. This eludes that the hotel is providing its focal point on advertising their hotels by means of using company website as well as social media platforms. This recent changes have created a buzz in the market because usually after the pandemic the overall scenario of this hotel industry has changes a lot. Also, Marriot hotel receives client-created content, for example, tastefully satisfying photographs of visitors taken in their lodgings. This considers unique substance with the expanded openness as a motivating force striving for powerhouses, bloggers, and web VIPs (Softinn, 2019).

  • Premier Inn

Considering the marketing choices of Premier Inn it can be identified that the promotional related tactics of the hotel saves huge amount of fund over marketing in podiums like outdoor, transistor, print media as well as social media. Also acknowledging the current change Premier Inn is focussing on to save £20m within the advertising in this year 2022 with an explicit focal point on widening its digitalised extent. In addition to this Premier Inn embraced Google Hotel Ads to arrive at new clients and catch excellent traffic while expanding direct appointments on its site. Lodging Ads show up any place individuals are looking for inns on work area, tablet and cell phones. So, overall it can be said that the hotel is focusing on both promotional and client related to services to get additional competitive advantage in front of its competitors.

Current Market Position

Marriott International is a global chain of hospitality organisation based in the United States which has been managing and franchising a large portfolio of lodging and hotel facilities. Since the foundation of the organisation, it has grown exponentially. In 2020, the Marriott International hotel chain generated sales revenue of approximately 10.6 billion U.S. dollars (Statista, 2021). With 7,642 Marriott hotels worldwide, the organisation employs 121k individuals. 31.4% is the global occupancy rate of Marriott hotels across the globe.

Premier Inn is one of the leading hotel chains that are established in the UK. The organisation has begun its trading activities in the UK which still remains as one of the biggest market share of the company before they have been able to expand their activities into Germany and internationally (Statista, 2020). There are 817 Premier Inn hotels in the UK which makes it a 29.4% occupancy rate in 2019 and 2020. The organisation has employed 34k individuals approximately.

Marketing strategy

The organisation has a better understanding of the products and services along with understanding which of the products and services would be helpful in generating revenue. Marriott has been producing products that will be helpful in generating their maximum revenue. The pricing strategy of Marriott is to offer its customers the right and suitable product at the right price. The organisation utilises the demand and supply pricing strategy (Wu, 2021). Sometimes, they also utilise the competitive pricing strategy which portrays that the organisation sometimes determines the prices of its hotels on the basis of the behaviour of its competitions. Marriott has always been an organisation which is location specific. They have always built their hotels in such a location that will automatically attract customers and guests. The Marriott international hotels have always promoted their hotels through social media and their official website focusing on digital promotions (George, 2021).

On the other hand, Premier Inn has focused on providing the customers and guests with a good night’s sleep. Premier Inn has a good understanding of the different needs of its customers and provides value in its most useful form by confidently promising them a good night's sleep. They provide all the products such as pillows, furniture, decors of the room and beds after specifically testing and selecting them (Popsa, 2018). The pricing strategy of the organisation is quite transparent and they charge their customers on a per-room basis rather than person. They are categorised as a ‘Budget’ hotel. The organisation uses social media and email marketing in order to promote their new hotels and destinations (Nalley and Gregory, 2021).

Environmental Sustainability and Green Messaging

Marriott International has launched the Marriott Global Cleanliness Council for the purpose of elevating the standards of cleanliness and the norms of hospitality and different behaviours in order to meet the safety and new health challenges caused by the current pandemic environment. Serve 360: Doing Good in Every Direction is the sustainability and social impact platform of Marriott hotels which have helped them in guiding the commitment of the company in order to make a positive and sustainable impact on the business activities so that they can deliver value to their customers, owners, associates, communities and the environment (Mani and Mishra, 2022). The organisation has embarked on a journey in 2017 to deliver a set of 2015 Sustainability and Social Impact Goals. They have made progress, usually crossing each of the four coordinates just three years into their strategy.

Premier Inn made new bold innovations in order to look for various ways that help them in reducing, reusing and recycling the resources that they use. In order to mark the Earth Day, the organisation has been making industry-leading commitment towards sustainability which will focus on cutting down the carbon emission intensity in half by 2025 (Alvarez-Risco et al., 2020). They have shifted towards using zero gas in all their newly built hotels. They have also installed solar panels for the purpose of supporting the usage of renewable energy across their estate.

COVID-19 pandemic and marketing strategy

Marriott Hotels have focused on providing their local customers along with defending their collaborations between technology, digital partners and industry for the purpose of anticipating and meeting the needs of the locals. They have further focused on online to offline measurements that have helped them in optimising their media campaigns and driving greater ROI (Le and Phi, 2021). In order to respond to the various needs of the customer's, even if they are changing at a quick pace during the pandemic, the organisation has collaborated with the right digital partners so that they can gather data and insights in order to get a true picture of the needs of the people.

Premier Inn implemented the direct distribution model which helps them in delivering direct digital marketing in a relevant way. The organisation has continued to grow and innovate its products and services by utilising the powerful competitive advantages of its brand so that they can expand their brought customer reach while being able to capitalise the structural opportunities (Wei and Jingyi, 2021). The organisation has been able to navigate through this crisis period with the help of their unique operating model that has proven to be advantages to them in helping them to deliver b market share gains in the UK.


This report has successfully been able to establish the marketing strategies of both Marriott international hotels as well as the Premier Inn hotel. It has been able to provide a proper strategy that has been utilised by both of the hotels in order to recover them from the crisis that has been encountered by them during the covid-19 period. It has also been able to focus on the environmental sustainability and green messaging plan of both the hotels so that it can provide a deeper understanding of the action plans of these hotels towards sustainability. This report has also been able to describe and establish the current market position of the hotels. 


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