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Future Leaders and Change Management Assignment Sample

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Future Leaders and Change Management Assignment Sample


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One of the main notions behind conducting this study is to provide focus on the function of the future leaders. In general, a leader can be defined as a human figure that might watch things and also might be able to get it better and also who encourage others to approach for a better long-term objective. This given study is related to the concept of leaders and different leadership models which will help in deciding the function of future leaders.  In doing so a company example will also provide that will discuss the future constraints that a leader might face while serving its leadership in the selected organization.

Role of a future leader

The role of a leader is not limited to a single segment only rather it has spread to many dimensions. Considering this it can be said that the present-day contemporary leaders have got different visions as compared to early age leaders. But the main focus point is to lead the team for betterment. The main function of a leader is to offer lucid as well as convincing ways. 

In addition to this, they also illustrate those standards as well philosophies that will lead to a good life ahead. Leaders additionally ought to frame themselves with followers who share those standards as well philosophies (HODGES, MARK, 2018). 

Overall the role of a can be summed up as:

  • Inspiring conviction
  • Creating a long term vision
  • Implementing tactics
  • Guiding Possible (Mohammed, 2018).

Two leadership models and role of leaders

1. Transformational Leadership and role of leaders

The notion of the transformational leadership was for the first-time launched by the headship specialist and biographer James MacGregor Burns. As per his theory this form of headship might be identified when pioneers along with the supporters create each other to promote to a maximum degree of moral as well as inspiration. Transformational leadership is a headship trait that might be helpful in inspiring constructive modifications in the individuals who go behind them. Transformational pioneers are by and large fiery, energetic, as well as enthusiastic. Not exclusively are these pioneers concerned and engaged with the cycle; they are additionally centred on assisting each individual from the gathering with prevailing also (Cherry ,Kendra , 2020).

Figure 1: Transformational leadership

The most important role of future transformational leader is that their communications skills need to be very vigilant. They need show proper guidance to their followers in such a manner so that it will help them in future development. And this can only be done if transformational leaders guide them with proper communication. In addition this next role will be to tolerate any form of risks. Risks are part of any organization and a good leader is always identified with dealing with the risks without patience.  Also good transformational leaders will also help in establishing influential relationship with the other members of the organization. Overall it can be said that transformational leader’s main role is to transform the followers to go in a good path (Birasnav, 2013).

2. Charismatic leadership and role of leaders

Charismatic leadership can be defined as a form of leadership who make deployment of their interactive aptitude, influence as well as good behaviour to motivate their followers. Charismatic pioneers provided their ability to make a connection with the followers on a deep degree as well as which provide value to the company also that are dealing with issues. Some of the examples of charismatic leaders are Martin Luther King, Adolf Hitler, Fidel Castro, Nelson Mandela and Winston Churchill. Charismatic headship imparts numerous attributes to transformational administration. While comparative, there's one significant distinction between the two which is charismatic pioneers depend on their own character work, on the other hand, transformational pioneers depend on a common long-term objective to make alterations. (Lee ,Sophia , 2020).

Figure 2: Charismatic leadership

Source: Google

The role of a future leader will more or less depend on the type of charisma they are showing. In general the main function of a charismatic leader is that they need to be very confident on what they are doing. In addition to this they need to show creativity on what they are doing so that their followers can have an impact of that trait (Miche, 2013).

Future challenge faced by ‘leaders’ in organizations

In present day most of the companies are dealing with various issues and that directly affect the potentiality of the leaders. As a god leader is identified to be as the face of a company thus they mostly face the challenges. In order to explain this point Tesco will be used as a case example and will show one challenge which the leaders of this company face on a daily basis. Tesco plc is a British global food and general product retailer located in Welwyn Garden City, England. Tesco plc is identified as the third-biggest retailer on the planet estimated by gross incomes and the 10th biggest on the planet estimated by incomes.

  • Now a days due to pandemic a lot of new age companies are prioritizing remote working but old companies like Tesco which are particularly into retail segment somehow facing challenges in managing remote working. For retail companies like Tesco they day in day out dealing with various supply and delivery related issues as they are direct client centric. And due to this issues the management of Tesco huge challenges in managing remote working.
  • Retail companies like Tesco need direct face to face monitoring which is not all possible in remote working culture. In addition to this shortage of proper flow of communication is also hindering the productivity of the Tesco while promoting remote location work. Also modern day leaders come with less experience as a result it will be difficult for them to socialise with the other employees or followers while managing remote working.
  • Also, team cohesiveness is identified to be as important part of big companies like Tesco that deals with specially offline store. And a new age leader may face difficulties in managing the team gathering while promoting Managing remote working and that might create hindrances in company performances.
  • Lack of efficiency is another major challenge of managing remote working and the future leaders might face this challenges as offline store needs more physical presence as compared to online stores (Gigauri, 2020).

Overall it can be said that remote working location will be a major challenge for the new age leaders that might affect their efficiency too in the long run.


So, it can be identified from the above done study that Pioneers of the upcoming times require to be adroit theoretical as well as tactical believers, have profound respectability in addition to scholarly receptiveness, track down better approaches to make dependability, lead progressively different and free groups over which they may not generally have direct power, and give up their own power for cooperative methodologies inside and outside the association. Also the future leaders need to be much focussed and vigilant on what they are doing so that they can not only be able to deal with modern day challenges but also be able to make the followers believes in what they are doing. This not only be help them in gaining more followers but in the long run it will also help them in dealing with the modern day challenges.


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Mohammed, R., 2018. Leadership in the organization: A Conceptual Review. : Leadership in the organization: A Conceptual ReviewTotal Quality Management Practices, 2(4), pp. 52-59.

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