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Leadership & Leading Assignment Sample

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Leadership & Leading Assignment Sample


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The study will provide detailed information about the leader of the retail sport and the different leadership styles and approaches that are being adopted by him. It will also enhance understanding of the different aspects of leadership. On the other hand, it would also reflect knowledge about the way the leader demonstrated the leadership theories along with assessing the relationship between the traits and George's theory of authentic leadership. Moreover, it would also depict the reflection of own style of leadership against the theory of leadership. At last, it will provide a suitable conclusion about the overall lessons that had been learned from this discussion.     


Peter Cowgill is a retail sports businessman of England, born on 18 March 1953, and is currently the executive chairman of JD Sports from March 2004 onwards (DiRenzo et al., 2016). It has been identified that he finished his education at the University of Hull. On the other hand, it was because of Peter Cowgill that the JD Sports brand has grown worldwide and had also been successful in establishing an American chain in 2018 which has been considered by himself as a transformational event. Moreover, he had also been able to acquire exclusive sports goods from Adidas and Nike thereby, helping the company earn billions in revenue.       

Analysis of the two leadership theories

Transformational leadership theory

This leadership theory defines the way a leader could start, develop and execute the substantial changes in the management, production, sales, and marketing structure and function of an organization. On the other hand, it also helps the leaders in modeling the way for the changes and up-gradation along with generating inspiration through a shared goal, motivating the employees to do their job properly, and challenging the entire existing business procedure that might seem to be obsolete for them. This theory also concentrates on creating a b and long-lasting relationship between the employees and leaders or managers and generates huge concerns for the end values like justice, liberty, equality, and others (Siangchokyoo et al., 2020). Moreover, it also assists the employees to understand the value of overlooking their own self-desires for the betterment of the entire company. Thus, it can be said that transformational leadership helps a leader in enduring the innovation in an organization that would help them in sustaining and retaining their position in the market and profit shares globally. The four factors of the transformational leadership theory are inspirational motivation, idealized influence, individual consideration, and intellectual stimulation. It supports creating positive and valuable change among the employees with the final objective of transforming workers into leaders.    

George theory of authentic leadership

As per this theory, authentic leaders get driven by ethical and moral objectives and do not lose sight of their major principles and values. Authentic leaders seem to lead a team or department of an organization with complete dedication, commitment, and hearts, generate long tenure relationships, and display their excellence and expertise with the help of self-discipline. There are five major procedures for defining authentic leadership out of which the first process is knowing the objective that is determined through analyzing the things that are being done by the leader that generates values for others or employees along with the reason behind doing that thing for them. A second procedure is assessing the four crucial values of a particular leader for executing a good job along with identifying his or her decisions or actions that define their values (Johnson, 2019). The third process is underlying the reasons behind selecting a person as a leader for leading people and the way that same individual helps others in being successful as an employee or future leader. The fourth process includes analyzing the employees who are being promoted, developed, sacked, and hired by a leader along with the way they select their partners and customers. The fifth procedure defines the weaknesses of a leader and the steps that should be taken for reducing them.         

The way leader demonstrate the theory

The leader Peter Cowgill demonstrates the theory of George’s authentic leadership by undertaking all the responsibilities. Moreover, he is driven by his ethical and moral objectives and has never disobeyed its principles and values thereby, reflecting the traits that are completely matching with the authentic leader’s credentials. It has also been recognized by Arici (2018) that Peter Cowgill has assisted his own company in expanding and growing their retail sports organization worldwide and had also been successful in establishing an American chain which reflects its ability to bring changes in the business visibility of the organization thereby reflecting the relation of its leadership trait with transformation.      

Evaluation of own style of leadership against the leadership theory

My own style of leadership is the democratic leadership method which helps me in creating good and friendly relations with the employees along with making the employees participate in the decision-making process. This further enables my team members in expressing their views about our new undertakings along with conveying their own innovative ideas which further help my company in bringing transformation and adoption of new manufacturing methods. Thus, it can be said that my leadership style helps in bringing innovation to the company along with increasing the interests of employees as the freedom of expression makes them feel that they are also part of the organization.      


From the above study, it has been analyzed that leadership theory helps a leader in managing all the actions with accurate steps and practices that will sustain the market value, productivity, and profitability of a company. It has also assisted in knowing that a leader supports hugely in the skill development of workers of an organization. The above study also assisted in understanding that it was because of Peter Cowgill that the JD Sports brand has grown worldwide and had also been successful in establishing an American chain. Moreover, it has been observed that transformational leadership also emphasizes generating a close and long-lasting bonding between the workers and leaders or managers and creates huge concerns for the end values such as justice, liberty, equality, and others. It also depicted knowledge about George's theory of authentic leadership.  

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