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Managing People In Organisations Assignment Sample

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Managing People In Organisations Assignment Sample


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Week 2

1.Line managers typically recruit proper talent for the job and train and coach employees to speed up their working process and make them eligible to fit in work environments. The rational approach allows line managers to recruit a workforce depending on the volume and impact of the problem an organization is facing. They start using “logic or reason” for thinking out the solutions to a problem and formulate the recruitment process, based on that (strath, 2022). This approach minimizes the “changes of assumptions and errors” for the line managers while recruiting people in the organization. Therefore, with the help of this approach line managers can successfully build up an agile work environment in an organization.

2.A job description briefly tells about all the ‘general information” about a job role whereas a person specification outlines only “important readable information” for an aspiring candidate. The approach of a person specification is sole-directed from the very start and they come with no generalized information about the job role one is applying for. A “job description and a person specification” can be differentiated depending upon “content, usefulness, measures and benefits” (cpl, 2022). For example, a job description outlines the “job summary, working environment, job title and location” whereas a job specification tells about the “required qualifications, skills, training, emotional attributes and experience”.

The encouragement and improvement of diversity during the process of recruitment can be achieved by altering a few recruitment strategies while recruiting. First, the recruiters can target “diverse candidate sources” from the very start, even before starting the recruitment process. This can allow them to ensure that the “talent pool” is filled with diverse talents from different backgrounds. The recruiters can look for places where “diverse candidates congregate” generally and then they can go for the “recruitment and selection process” (hbr, 2022). Recruiters can also encourage the existing diverse groups in the work environment to “refer their connections” from their respective backgrounds. This can allow them to encourage diversity during recruitment. Additionally, “developing a diversity-based employer brand” can also allow organizations to foster organizational diversity during the recruitment stage.

Week 3

1.The “selection interview methods” can be highly risky at times, especially when considering factors like the validity and reliability of selection within an organization. This method can be “highly time-consuming” at times which can further delay the creation of a potential agile workforce. In addition, there are potential “risks for personal bias” in the process of selection interview. Hare, people can recommend candidates and earn them relaxation while getting a job (strath, 2022). This can further impact the workforce, especially in terms of the capability of workers within an organization. The recruiters also have to judge the candidate very quickly in this selection method, which maximizes the chances of misjudgements and errors within the selection process of an organization.

2.The “competency-based framework” allows recruiters to see beyond the gothic answers of candidates and allows them to judge them depending on their employee profile. It can also allow the recruiters to compare eligible candidates, which eventually allows them to select the best candidate for a specific job role. This approach also allows recruiters to set the standard of “organizational behaviour” (Strobl et al. 2019). This can further allow them to become clear about what performance the organization is expecting from the aspiring candidates. Therefore, the candidates can set a performance standard for themselves right from the start, which eventually is going to help them build their careers well in future.

Week 4

1.In the current age of competitiveness, business environment management has become a crucial factor to check and strengthen with time. “Inclusion and diversity” are two of the cornerstones of a stable business environment that can not only earn an organization its needed boost but set a standard for the organization in the market. In the journal of Dobbin and Kalev (2016), they outlined that the “impact of diversity training” lasts only a day or two and it can “activate bias” or create “a spark of backlash” within the existing employees. Therefore, this cannot be recommended to George under any circumstances, especially when he is facing diversity-related issues within his organization. The positive effect of this training has a very low working rate and a very minimized impact on the organization (hbr, 2022). Therefore, George’s friend’s advice should not be taken into consideration, especially after reading the “Dobbin and Kalev” journal regarding “diversity training”.

2.George can restructure the “diversity management” of his workplace and can follow other strategies instead of going for the “diversity training program”. First, George can “set the diversity goals” of his organization with proper “accountability for change”. It can help business owners systematically implement changes in their organization whenever it is necessary (Koellen, 2021). Further, he can think about “diverse recruitment and selection” while creating his required workforce. He can introduce a few “diversity and inclusion policies” when recruiting, especially for building a diverse team for the organization. This mindset can allow Geroge to create an agile workforce filled with diverse talents suited for specific job roles.

Week 5

1.The “Covid-19 crisis” severely restricted the growth and development of the labour market around the world. In 2020, “adult employment” dropped down to 3.7% on a global scale and in the case of the youths, it fell by 8.7% the same year (ilo, 2022). Due to this sudden fall, the unemployment rate was extremely increased eventually fueling the “inactivity of the adult learners” during the Covid-19 crisis. The adult learners also confirmed that there was a major need for “monitoring in the labour market” in order to deal with the issues of underutilization in the market. In addition, the “quality of employment” was also compromised and it affected the employability of the adult learners the most.

2.Line managers are instructed to provide informal mentoring and coaching of the team members to prepare them for their respective job roles with utmost authenticity. The “coaching sessions” from the Line managers can help employees identify their threads of growth for their future. It can also help them “develop new and effective skills” which further can allow them to grow along with the organization successfully in future.

Induction enables the new joiners to understand the organization in detail and study their respective “roles and ways of working” within the organization (cipd, 2022). Apart from that, it also “alleviates anxiety” for new joiners which further helps them involved in the organizational working process more effectively.

Week 6

1.After a detailed performance assessment, I have developed a clear idea that my "record-keeping" skill needs to be more polished and precise for better results in my job responsibility. I have understood in my current job role, I need to be more tech-adapting for keeping records with utmost authenticity. In some cases, I have felt a disruption in providing reports immediately despite keeping them in order. In those cases, I could have been more agile with the help of supporting technologies that are currently available everywhere. Additionally, I think that I need to be more compatible with the usage of new software programmes that are effective for keeping work records more professionally.

Week 7

1.According to my learning from today's lecture, I have understood that "academic writing" is a significant way of conveying knowledge clearly and concisely. The lecture allowed me to understand that I need to be backed up by proper evidence before writing anything about a certain topic. This led to improving my "resource collection process" when working on the composition of an academic writing paper. "Resources collection" appears as an effective way of backing up evidence that can support one's claims in written statements or papers (Strobl et al. 2019). The seminar also allowed me to choose my “formal tone and style” which further is going to allow me to construct my academic writing papers with utmost authenticity.

2.Today’s lecture has allowed me to understand and formulate ways that can be effective for me to avoid plagiarism while composing my academic papers. I have understood that I have to use a “range of resources” in a rotation for avoiding “writing from a single source”. This will not only minimize the chances of plagiarism but it will make the content more reliable and valid. Additionally, I can “keep quality notes” of the topics and studies I am researching while writing an academic paper. In terms of “referencing”, I have understood that I need to “write my

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