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Personal Leadership and Management Development Assignment Sample

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Personal Leadership and Management Development Assignment Sample


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Leadership abilities are those that one employ while working with others to achieve a common objective. To be an effective leader, one must be able to inspire people to accomplish a set of goals on time, whether they are in a managerial role or heading a project (Sobratee and Bodhanya, 2018). Among the most important characteristics of an effective leader is the ability to instil a sense of camaraderie and cooperation amongst the people under his or her charge while also fostering an atmosphere that fosters creativity and innovation. It's important for them to cultivate strong interpersonal ties and concentrate on learning about their team members' talents and shortcomings, as well as complimenting and supporting them when they need it. To be a successful leader, one need more than just the technical know-how to get the job done (Figueroa et al., 2019). An unmotivated team might result when a manager lacks sufficient people management abilities. People management and performance evaluation are not the only aspects of team management. Effectiveness in leading and managing others is dependent on having strong abilities in these two areas. People may arrange their days more successfully and effectively if the team leader has great decision-making talents and can impart sound judgement on those decisions.

The team will be much more inclined to follow a leader's lead if the leader is exercising sound judgement, since they will be confident that the choice, they are making is right for everyone involved. When a competent leader gets to know his or her team and builds connections with them, he or she is better able to see problems (Park and Kim, 2018). Empathy and compassion may be shown to an employee who is going with personal or professional hardships by easing their burden or assisting them in staying focused. There are two parts to this study, the first of which focuses on leadership and management and its application in businesses, as well as the personal leadership and management abilities that are necessary to support the success of an organization's objectives. It is the second section of the research that analyses the capacity to manage the growth of one's own personal and managerial skills in order to assist the attainment of organisational goals,

Task 1

Leadership and management and their application in organisations

To ensure that work gets done, both managers and leaders have vital responsibilities to play in today's workforce. Each leader or manager brings a unique set of skills to the table. Policy is what motivates and drives leaders (Alqatawenh, 2018). Managers are more hands-on and task-oriented. Having a better grasp of each other's capabilities can help the company achieve its objectives. With the support of good leadership, individuals and groups may accomplish their objectives by paying attention to the group's maintenance and task demands ("the need for the group to make progress toward attaining the goal”). 

To develop one's leadership abilities, one must undergo training. More so than any other skill, emotional intelligence and the ability to influence others may help professionals at all levels get a better understanding of themselves and others. Real leaders strive to empower their followers (Capper, 2018). Empowerment offers workers the authority to make their own decisions and the freedom to act without the consent of their supervisors. It is the goal of leaders to encourage their subordinates to think for themselves, come up with fresh ideas, and not be afraid of losing their position. Leaders are much more willing to take risks and identify opportunities that others miss. For leaders, these paths may be perceived as possibilities for advantage, and they are willing to breach norms in order to get the job done.

As a managerial role, leadership is key in directing an organization's resources toward greater efficiency and success. A clear sense of perspective, motivation, and guidance are the hallmarks of effective leadership. Among the most important characteristics of an effective leader is the ability to instil a sense of camaraderie and cooperation amongst the people under his or her charge while also fostering an atmosphere that fosters creativity and innovation (Clark and Harrison, 2018). It's important for them to cultivate strong interpersonal ties and concentrate on learning about their team members' talents and shortcomings, as well as complimenting and supporting them when they need it.

 Leadership seems to have a direct impact on an organization's ability to compete in a competitive market. It is typical for leaders to introduce new values and a new culture into a company, which helps the firm implement essential changes and achieve its goals (Bush, 2008). Long-term goals are defined as those that help leaders fulfil their stated objectives as part of an organization's mission. Leadership and management positions are directly influenced by the organization's goals. As an instance, Asda plc's goal is to provide high-quality goods and services at cheaper costs. The purpose of leadership is to reduce waste and ensure product recycling, that will decrease the product's price (Fredman, 2022). In contrast, Asda plc's goal is to grow sales of its goods by 20% in order to meet this goal. The management and leadership job will ensure the formulation of successful marketing plans, allowing them to grow sales by up to 20 per cent.

In addition, the culture of a company has an effect on the leadership and management roles. The company's culture plays a critical part in developing a healthy work environment that encourages both employees and customers to get high-quality service. Adaptive culture just at Asda plc will enable the company's management and workers embrace external changes inside the structure, and that this will help them provide better services and goods to their consumers as a result (Koka et al., 2021). As a result, a company's adaptable organisational culture aids executives in accepting change and encourages employee behaviour toward the achievement of the objective.

In addition, the ethical principles and beliefs of the company have an influence on the management and leadership role in carrying out operations effectively. Fair pay and health and safety regulations must be implemented for Asda workers using ethical ideals as a guide (Dunn, 2020). As a result, fostering an atmosphere of fairness will be made easier for management and other leaders when ethical ideals are in place.

The leadership and management skills required to support the achievement of organizational objectives

Asda plc is a well-known American retailer that offers a broad range of food items and services to its consumers. Stores of Asda plc are located all over the globe and cater to clients from various markets by offering high-quality products. Consumers' everyday needs are met by the grocery chain's goods and services. Various leadership and management abilities, such as decision-making, communication, and team building, are critical to the success of an organisation (Sousa and Rocha, 2019). Management should have these abilities because they are the ones that steer and lead Asda plc's workers and staff toward the achievement of the company's objectives. Quality goods and services at fair and accessible pricing are the goals of Asda plc, which wants to become a major participant in the retail industry. There are a variety of abilities that a retail organisation leader or manager must possess in order to effectively achieve the company's goals.

Decision making skills: To meet Asda Plc's goals, managers must be able to make sound choices under pressure, which means being able to weigh up all of the options and come up with the best course of action for the company as a whole. This ability, on the other hand, is largely concerned with making sound business decisions in the highly competitive retail market (Hensel et al., 2021).

Communication skills: Asda plc's CEO has great interpersonal and verbal communication abilities, which will help the company accomplish its objectives. The ability to communicate effectively with their employees, who directly serve consumers in the market, is essential to achieving their goals (Kyaw et al., 2019). Communication between both the Asda plc boss and his or her employees may help strengthen their relationship and improve collaboration on the premises.

Assisting a fast-paced group: It's easier for customers to feel at ease at a business that has a positive team spirit. Retail organisations like ASDA rely on the performance of its many teams working together in order to be successful.

Customer Service: Almost all retail jobs require good communication and interpersonal skills. In order to assist consumers in making purchases and resolving any challenges they have while shopping, retail staff in particular need a pleasant and helpful demeanour(Sousa and Rocha, 2019). The ASDA staff is committed to providing exceptional customer service, and this contributes to the company's ability to outperform its rivals.

Interpersonal Skills: Working in retail necessitates the cultivation of strong interpersonal skills because of the continuous exposure to a wide range of people, including customers, colleagues, managers, and other buyers. They have to be patient and polite while dealing with consumers who are impatient or irritated.

Task 2

Assessing personal leadership and management skills and identifying the personal development required to achieve organizational goals.

I may examine my own skills and identify what more training I need to assist Asda plc in achieving its goals in a number of different ways. I can gauge and identify my leadership and management abilities through a variety of methods, including the following:

Personal development plan (PDP): With the aid of a personal development plan (PDP), I may evaluate my leadership and management abilities. As a result of my strengths and abilities, I can build an action strategy that will allow me improve my talents and skills in the workplace. This strategy enables me to step back and reflect on the abilities and knowledge I've accumulated in a systematic manner (Bally, 2007). The below PDP reflects my managent and leadership skills: 

Inviting feedbacks: To gauge my leadership and management abilities, I may get input from my superiors and colleagues. Using a 30-degree strategy, I'm able to get input from a variety of employees and workers that provide services to my clients. Peer, co-worker, and supervisor feedback will help me perform better at Asda plc and help the company do better in the UK market (Jensen, Bearman, and Boud, 2021). As a result of the negative criticism, I've received from customers and co-workers, I'm able to identify my weaknesses and work on improving them.

Personal Skill Audit: It can be said personal skill audit is another method for evaluating individual leadership and management skills.  While the questionnaire has structured questions on my current competencies and abilities and the talents, I aim to improve in the future for a variety of Asda plc activities and tasks, it's not a type of interview (Marwa,  2021). It is possible for me to acquire the necessary abilities to meet my goals and objectives, however, if I have access to high-quality training and development opportunities.

Personal SWOT: 

The below personal SWOT analysis reveals my personal strengths and weaknesses:



So many things drew on what I saw as my greatest assets. Firstly, I have enough assurance to achieve anything in any field. I have understood how to regulate all the items what I have picked for my carrier. I'm struggling to focus on anything in particular right now. I'm also a creative person who enjoys coming up with fresh ideas. In light of these characteristics, I believe that my current mode of transportation is a good fit for me. Due to this fact that in the field of fashion design, a creative spirit is essential. As a result, I believe my thoughts can be simply transferred to this device.

There seem to be a number of brittle components of my personality that show themselves to be a source of vulnerability for me. Calculation is not my strong suit. I've been nervous on more than one occasion when standing on an unwavering platform. Now that everything is out of the way, it's evident that I have a problem with numbers (Trought, 2017). Another issue is that my ability to effectively communicate is woefully lacking. My inability to communicate well with others is a major problem for me when it comes to expressing my ideas and viewpoints. However, in the sales and marketing field, excellent communication skills and a high level of intelligence are essential. The ability to communicate effectively is essential to personal growth. As a result, several aspects of fashion design may be impacted by these factors.



In my personality, I have a variety of advantages. The quality of the evidence suggests that I have sufficient confidence in my abilities to make an informed decision about my career. In addition, I see a lot of potential in my current way of thinking about innovation. Ideas that are novel may simply be incorporated into a career in fashion design. In order to succeed in this line of work, you'll need a mind that can think beyond the box.

According to the assessment of my weaknesses, a lack of confidence in a certain unwavering circumstance is seen as a major danger. Peculiar behaviour is sometimes a result of poor communication skills. As a result, this specific characteristic of nature is seen as a major danger by me since I have chosen to carry it.

Set objectives to meet personal development needs identified in your audit to support achievement of organisational objectives 

It is to meet the set objectives for personal development for ASDA Plc the skill that was developed in PDP where I would like to the first objective which is to enhance team working skills. I would like to state that for this objective effective collaboration is needed when they work collaboratively. I would also rather say that for supporting the organizational objectives that are the decision-making skills for ASDA plc. Nex the set objectives I would tend to recommend that is to enhance my communications skills are the listen well as  I would also likely to be a good communicator and also to listen well. I should; also, be assertive and always use my body language as my strength towards a positive attitude towards any effective communication (Gabriel Biriowu, and Dagogo, 2020). Further, I would need to meet the set objective where is necessary to be able to speak, write, and listen well to successfully communicate.  Thus, in support of the organizational skills for ASDA plc where communications skill plays a vital role over the interpersonal and verbal skill for communication abilities as I would say that this skill will profoundly enhance the set objective for this firm to meet the personal development needs. Next, to meet the set objective that to develop my time management skills, I would likely resemble that prioritization would help me to overcome this issue if I am having the prioritization skills. Forbiddingly, I would also say that planning as being able to assess the tasks for a set or setting the task would help me to develop a schedule; for their completion is important. Further, I also evaluated effective time management needs to have strong planning skills to ensure and develop to apply the organized responsibilities (Langberg Dvorsky and Molitor, 2020). Further, to support for organizational skills customer service provide these I would need to develop time management skill to provide the customer of ASDA plc with the type of service effectively over managing my time. Lastly, the set objectives for  I would have been to improve my problem-solving skills were focusing on the solution would be an effective solution, and simplifying the things would also matter. Besides these problem-solving skills would enable them to focus on how to handle the customer over the ASDA plc where they needed some service regarding anything. I believe that problem solving is vital due to all the decisions to make and life better.

Identify and explain the opportunities you will utilise to meet the objectives set 

 Objectives Set

To enhance my team working Skill.

Your workers, whether you believe it or not, truly want to be a part of a successful team. When people and members of a successful team, I feel pleased and accomplished. There’s much to be said for collaborating with others rather than working alone. Being a member of the team has its own set of benefits. Several people will join a team since fresh opportunities are provided to them. As I would also say that there are a few possibilities which are the ability to form bonds with others around shared interests that make them feel good about themselves (Brimhall and Mor Barak, 2018). According to the responders, the opportunity to do something important is the chance to learn new skills or improve one’s present models. They are capable of completing their jobs and also me.

To enhance my communication.

It is that enhancing the communications ability will outcome for a better chance of promotion as I would say that technical skills include with good communications sill will ear more and those who are weak communicator will suffer. It is that if there is one skill that is needed for success in this industry it is communications. Next, the opportunities would be the training the worker for ASDA plc for the communications to be improved for the profitability. Further, I would say that opportunities for effective communication would help to strengthen the connection between the firm and all of its stakeholders and the advantages of the trade-in in many ways. I believe that making strong decisions and solving the problem with earlier warning of potentials issues and increased productive and steadier workflow for the worker and the firm with have better results.

To develop my time management skills.


At times, it may be tough to perform all of the responsibilities that have been assigned to you. I may also choose to do everything at once (Hatthakijphong and Ting, 2019). Prioritization, on the other hand, is required to finish the most important tasks in a logical order.


Scheduling is necessary because some jobs must be accomplished at specific times. Scheduling has an impact on my “daily, weekly, and monthly productivity”, as well as the productivity of others.

Task Administration

To-do lists (that have been prioritized and included in your calendar) are a great method to keep track of important things. It is also an excellent method to avoid thinking about all of the things you have to accomplish during the day.

To further improve my problem-solving skills.

The foremost outcome problem-solving opportunity for me is to figure out the issues and the type of issue and find out the root cause of the problem in the organization. What was the crux of the issue. (Melander Bowden, 2019)  After we have described the present issue clearly, the following step is to dig a little deeper to find the root cause or history of the problem?

Here are some things to think about we should keep in mind:

  • When and where did the uncertain block, delinquent, or issue initially appear?
  • What triggered the issue in the first place?
  • What exactly went wrong?
  • What caused the shambles in the first place?

Prepare a personal development plan to develop own leadership and management skills to support organisational objectives 

Carry out and record appropriate personal development activities you have undertaken in accordance with the plan to develop skills identified in the audit. You must include evidence to support the record produced.

The types of the record achievement It is that any sort of personal development and achievement will come with a formal certificate which can be any degrees for instance or the other qualification, it is that any certificate from the course must be always be kept safely somewhere where you will able to ponder the situation and will be needed in life to achieve the success (Zelko and Maslo, 2021). The personal development activities will the different skill sets I am having such as enhancing my team working skills, also to enhance the communications which sit h most important PDA that needs to be kept as the record, and slowly developing the skills within me. Next, in the record, the of achievement developing time management skills and pondering the skill that is generated in managing the time during any apprenticeship infirm would help me to develop my set skills as it would help me to foster my recorded achievements as an added advantaged which convincible. Lastly, the record of my achievement can also be done on the basis to improve my problem-solving skill where many training that would match during my course would help to foster these skill sets. The certificate of achievement for the records over problem-solving skills. The capacity of a leader to solve problems is a key quality. Leaders must have this trait to get things done in difficult conditions. Because this is a skill that can be learned via practice, I would like to be trained or taught to learn it (Guzmán et al., 2020). With enough time and experience, I’ll be able to address problems that will help improve departmental production efficiency by allowing for quicker decisions. As a result, these abilities may aid the board in achieving the firm's goal and vision while also enhancing personal development. Thus, to record any progress concerning the personal development activities review the goals, and make an honest assessment of the progress we made towards the set objectives needed to be clearly understood. Next, the record achievement for the set objective skill can be reviewed over the period.

When you have completed the activities in the plan, review progress and outcomes of the personal development against the objectives set.

 The progress for review of the plan for set objectives for enhancing the team working skills is that is it would help me to better solve the problem, also it will have an increased potential for the innovation, team working outcome progress would make the less burnout during the working hours. The outcome of teamwork would be a productivity boost which is when the workload is shared equally by the member of the team and the task is allocated according to the strength and skill of each team member (Lacerenza et al.,2018). Next, the progress and the outcomes for the communication skills would be Students will gain knowledge, skills, and judgment in the field of human communication, enhancing their capacity to collaborate with others. Effective communication talents include handling conflicts, detecting small group dynamics, listening skills, and accurate self-disclosure. Further, the outcome for communication skills can also be improved by enabling not only minimization the preventable losses but also maximizing the business opportunities and satisfaction of the client and the satisfaction of workers which will intend to increase the organization's bottom-line outcome up in all the fronts (Farashahi and Tajeddin, 2018). Further, better time management skills will enhance. If I have strong time management abilities, I can be more productive and do more tasks. Stress reduction and time prioritization are aided by schedule management abilities. Multitasking is an efficient way to set your goals and prioritize your less important tasks. As a result, you'll have more chances to achieve bigger, bolder objectives. Moreover, the outcomes of the problem solving would determine and define the problems that develop as a result of the main problem such as

  • Data from a variety of sources is used to research and analyze issues.
  • To solve problems effectively and creatively, choose and use thoughts and techniques from some disciplines (Khoiriyah and Husamah, 2018).
  • Make cross-disciplinary links between many sources of data and techniques.
  • Choose and use appropriate technology for problem-solving, investigation, and presentation.
  • Recognize the importance of teamwork, risk-taking, interdisciplinary knowledge, and innovation in problem-solving.
  • Based on your findings, make a decision and take action (Richetti, Baião and Campos, 2019).
  • In “written, visual, auditory, and spoken modes, comprehend or communicate mathematical ideas effectively”.
  • To successfully express replies to difficulties, you must be able to grasp and use textual, quantitative, and graphical data.


Hence to conclude, when it comes to a company's evolution, management and leadership responsibilities may take on multiple shapes while remaining the same. The administration would've been ineffectual without the government's efforts as a foundation of values. Without the efforts of leadership as a foundation of ideas, management would be useless. The administration would be worthless without leadership's efforts as the basis of principles. Leadership is nothing if it does not give a system a technological management plan, and the admin would be useless without the government's work as the foundation of principles. Thus, different Personal development objectives and activities with their progress and outcome are being significantly concluded.

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